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Vol. XVI No. I

• _ IAB& P , _ .. u ..................... oil ....... c.pUoI 01 Is 7 .. IS

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K. A. j OHSUS A!~I. Ed ilor

Office 6 12 South Second Street, Springfield, IUinois

STAFF j. L. C ... Ulnus, Editur

Fl!.M'K F. SCHarK" Ant. Editor


t>bnaging Edi",. amI ExtCUl i"e Sl"C.t lary


CARUONI>ALE ;\1 ... x nURC1ETT. P res. JOllS 1\1 £1.1'0", V. I'HS. (i .WI.OS SMtTn. R~c. S(C. Rrw H ... U1S, Fin. Sec. R",' RUCH .\C~F.R. Trtu. 808 ZIEB,I, SHg.· al-Arrn' OAY~ YEHI.ISO, Trus!. ( Chair.

mun ) FRAS" l\ IA YlUL1. , Tru~t. VEIISOS KUPEL. Tru.1. LOfTr)" ATNIP, JR .. I>i •. ('JlUTU lhGu, All. ni,. RoB M CCou.IICK, Ali. Oi •. H. C, 1\:£11.\\'11 '111, ,4,sW(. Rn,.

~lan . \\lIl'!. I" )! Snl t . ~t IS, ~hg. Ed.

EFI' I :-<(;I I A~ 1

JACK E. FRASK, P rh. F.OIIARD R. (fIl.ElnU, \ ', Pr.,~. ROREkT F_ Po" ELl., Sec. ROSS E. SECltlEST, Tre.3!. AI ."s Tn'O", Oi •. PIIIl, I.IP J. Z.ICC'.UI , Serg.·al '

..... ms F. Ro" tl uel , Trust . RoGU :"I UD. "I' ru.t. !\..u·snH Lo,,(;\\'tl.l., T 'LS!. 1\1.\UII.!C£ R. Tor£l. Tru ". Jml" 1>. SILU. T ru,!.,at·La'j;:;e

NOTICE The opinion. e"pr .... d In thia

maqadne 0 .. not neculorlly the .. I.w. of the I.A,H.E,

Llu,' Uurrus, Secrela.y DOI;.Ilfl E, \'· .IGGOSER, T.ea_urn


CHI CAGO (;tIUI.t> II0PI'esIIATfl. Pre ~.

LL'lTEII J)ICIi:~SS(JN . \I. Pre •. 1)0 ...... 1.0 ll UDK.\. Sec. HIIUN KLlrrn. T.~a~. GF.OIIG~ SNOP£K, Fill. S.c. HOWARD \\'ESTPII.\l, Tru, t . H oI"s P F.ITF.RSEN, T.u"l. ARTHl,.'1t BltHIING. Trust. JOSHH 1'1101. ... , DiT. K . A JOHNSON, Oi •. fRin JASI'I'1.:II , Alt . Dir, L ... wIUSCJo: P . GI ... SSFITI,

:\11. I)i •.


J ,I)IU E. SISI .U., P'H. P . L DOUGHI:ITl' , V, P re •. ) . A. S El'L, J Il., Sec. n . E. Lou ... T'.t;u,. T re.h. j . I.. CoIl.llnUN, Dir. 11.0" A. RELL, Oi •. XEI1. M o'-1'01', AIt, nir. AIlTHt:R :\ . RUDEl , A IL Uir. n . s. P l.lat.IHl. A ........ F.d ..

Mag. D. P. FRIEIIIlICH. As,oc. Bu!.

M~Tl., :\lal{.

niXON ROIlERT E. CUVES'. Prr~ .. jOlls R. Ross, V. Pres. R ,II.l'1t O. D ,WIS, Sr('. Jons \V. RA s1'£IlK, T.eu, FUNK F. SCIIO'1· .. .... OiT. TUIn' R. R1 SItO/, ... o,lt . Dir. ROIlr.n R. CUIlRHSS . .. h~oc. Ed.

or!'l\ \\. i\ D!.\~· FOLTz , P res. ROOER COSC.UVE, \'. rru. ROLF DOtrIl.L. Sec. OISNY Ru"co, T.eas. OI'tN QtOM IN, Dir. \\' ,WN~ K ~&z ... , Di • . RM.I'H CUIADO, :\11 . Oi •. OICK OU",,"YAN, I'". Oi •. RUl" HI )II), 'I'ru.l . JON IioURI<E, Trust. Gll KF.RT S\\IFT, T ru_I, C LAUDE II flSlHY, T.u~1. H eIlMA" Ll IUITZ. Tru~r. HU.l1· HI I'D • .-o,ssoc. Ed, :and

BIli!. :\l3n. " 'Il.l.1 \)1 ~'I.~ \. M~",. ("tim

M. C. KstJ1'SO..:. :\Iem. Com. ROKFIlT I.r('n~, "Itm. Com. A. 1:.. RJ.,,:uJo:snu,r., ~ I em. C.,m.

PEORI :\ LUTER!.. RIPKA, Pre .. JOltS E. IIAl L"' ~'O, Alt. nir, KfNNETH W'AGONEil. V. P .e.. JOSEf ~I AURfIt., TrUtl. R08£IT E. McCUMIlER. Src, LESTER L. NELSOS, Trust , \Vn, 8 uR F. SAM/'. T rc3!. " 'A1.TIIl KIIlSI, AlfOC. Ed. ElWIS S. HUSUHR. Dir. JnSPopH V~.sPA, A •• oc, !iu •. Ed. L~\\'IlENCE \V. DU'nos, ni.. R,II.PH D. SUTH~IJ.A"D. f\~SllIt-H ENR\' C. R ... NKIE, JR .• Alt. Oi.. Bu>. Ed.

E .. \ST ST. LOUI S CoLfS H . S.\ \\"I'ER. P ru. ROllnT \V. ORliM~lOKD. V , P.e,. FJ.F,llF,lICIi: \V. H .IRnI..Btt:l'lM,

Co., Sec. CtlUI.F-S R, BuS$, Fin. S~C. OSl~AR N. l. ,\ttSfK. Trt~_. LA UlF.I. O. Rf.R(;ER. 0; •. L. ('\J.I. $01l,05$£l. Oir. /{ICfl un L. BROWS •• 0\ It. Di r.

PARIS G wu; E. L.\SE . P .es. J. D. R£"Yllo< , \', Prn. C. O.I.I'I1IUI. Sec. T.ca!. J, \\'. W ITTERS, Dir. U O\'AI.O E. \\'AGOOS£R, DiT. \\' . ~1. K tsswy. TrU<I. \\'. A, XEII1..lS , 1'ru,l. ,\. C. FOkSTEl, T ru>L FUD K. ST.lU~, .... s'uc. Ed. C. \\'. KIRBI', A.soc. Ku~. Mall. 'V. E. TUll.E\'. Assoc. Bus. Mall.

SPRI!\GFIEI.D :\. l.1 , K ... T-" Pr~ '

L " '. ~IAl.llilT. V. I' res. C, G. CoI'ESH AI'ER, Rec. Sec. 0, C. DEu. Fin. Sec. H. \\'. ~()UUtu, Treas. R, C. BROUO, SUI(. a! AI'm~ ~r. II.uKlss. 'I'ruol. j. E"DU, Trust. \\t. Buo:.:s, Tru~t. C. M . H.UH.\\\''\\·. Oi •. J. E. HEl.L, Oir. e E. JOIISSIlN. Oir . M. E. Snits. Oi.,

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"The nhjects uf this jbsociatiOIl shall he tn promote fellowship and co-operatioJl among iB members; w ent:(IlITn,ge tilt profe;;sional imp rovement and advancement of it~ members: to promote the weia! and economic welfare of its members; to advance the professional filting of H ighway F.n0nt:ers; to pru­

mote the professiona l rcplltati,)n of the Illinois H i~hwa~' i:: ngineers, O}' the intcrdlange of techn ical knowledg"c in Hi~hway Engineering and by the foster ing of True F.nginerring cthi(~; anu tv promute the public inn-rest as affectell by the services of H ighway I::ngineer~."

It seems appropriate, for several re;lsons, to he<ld this rditorial with O I1JEC T S of our Association !IS stated in Artidc [I of the Constitution.

F irst. our membership now con tain~ a very small minorit) of founder~ and dwrter lUembers of the A~5()C ia tion.

Younger men are no\\' runn ing the LA.H.E. T he purpose and the (lhje~·.t s (I f the 1.A.H .E. rem:lin the same as olLtlined in 1936 when the Aswciation was f<lr1nt:d. As the yt'ars flow hr. r (llll1g :mtl old members need an occasional rerninder of th e intentiuns of the fuunders of LA . H. E.

Se\;und, another step has been taken in the life of our Associiltion. An E:n~cutive Secretary has been emplo}'eti to help promote the O B,J [eTS of the LA . H.E. His name is Larry Goddard. H e will need the active support of every member to perform tht task~ assigned to him. Each Chapter will be visited br M r. Godda rd as soon a~

pr{]per :lrrangements can he made. \Vi th the OBJECTS of the As.'ociatioll in mind , it i~ hoped that l",lch Chap ter will be able to aid in tht prumotion of one (If more of the precepts mentiunl"d in Article I [ of the Constitution.

Third. a~ (l lle reads the OBJECTS of the Association . memory calls our ;lttention to many leaders who performed outstanding servit.:t1l for the Association and for the nlaga7.ine. It is difficult to ei te names for fear thnt someone will he omitted. H owever, it does seem reasonable to mention a few names of members \\"ho h,l ve given

more than the usual amount of time and energy to the l.A. H. E. and to this magazine. R. H. Lonier immediatelr l:omes tu mind. He has been t\vice Chairman of the Bo~rd of Di reerors, Chairman of the committee which introdul:cd the first ~al~ry bill fur engi neers into the Statt legislature in 1957 and he has served as editor of this magazine for 1+ }' car~. He has aided in the promotion ni the I.A. H. E. in many other W;l}'~ . H e certainl y de5erveo a vote of appreciation ior his years of dedicated servicc to th e I.A. H .E. and to the Ulinois D ivision of H ighways. ]I.-ut mallY mcmbers of our A~sociation know that Earl i'd. ilastian, Associate Rusine;;;; .Manager fo r many r ears for the Dixon Chapter , llndouhtt:dly worked harder and consistently obtained more individual advertisers for the magazine rh,\!l any other

member of our Association. Dan Branigan, original Adv ertising ~1anagcr of the magazine frOlll Dixon and E. N. \Vyman who replacrd Dan in 19- also are relllcmwel.l for their cOlllmcndabl r servit·e. All of t hese men han' contributed extra time and energy for a m nsiderable number of years toward anainll1cnl of OIl]EC'TS as stated in Article 11 of the Consti tution.-

Finally, it is hoped that each membrr of the LA. H.E. will seriously c()ngider :111 of the OHJ ECT S of his Association and cooper~te with his fellow members in the new prugram full owing th e precepts listed in th e Constitution.

The picture of the Capitol building of the State of Illinois i$ symbolic oi a permanent address fo r the I.A.H .E.

and the I. A. H.i::. maga7.ine finally estab lished in Springfield at 6 12 South Second Street .

• Th e men mentioned are noll' happily ( ?) retir l-d from the Illinois Division of Highll"ars. Th ere are, of ,'<l ll rse, other outstanding ret irees and this magazine will be glad to give their name.; in future i 5S uc ~.

The JUinoi~ High .... ·ay Eni"ineer is publishe d Quarter ly by the lIIinoi ~ Assodation of Hig hway Engi­neers. Inc .. a t 612 South Second Street. Springfield. I lllnois . P hone 217---544_2101. SubscrIption rate~ :

$2.00 per year to members. Single copies. 00 cents. Special issues. $1 .00. P ostage p/l ld at Springfie ld. D1lno IS. Application to mall at Second Class PO!Ol<lge rates is IH!ndlng at Springfie:d. I111no!.s.


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SOt" Anniversllry 01 Illinois Hig"wllY Engineering Conlerence At Urllllnll

Sel'er:11 hundred cl1gineer~ attend­ing the 50rh annual [liino i ~ H ighwar b:ngineering Confen'ncc .March 3-,) at the Univeni tr of Illino i~, Ur­hana, heard disClIssiOllS of the latest dt:vdopment, in higll\\'ay enginee ring and had :1 look hack and a look ahead at highll"a} development in Illinois.

The meeting was foll owed on M ar.:ll ,-6 hI' the 16 th annu,,\ lllinDi~ Traffic Enginn'ring Conference.

Of con, iJcrablc inten:st at til<;'

.\ian.:h .) gene,-:!l Sl'~~iun was .J. D. l ,ind,ay's revicw uf ; 'Con till IHH j ~l y Reinforced COna,'t(' Pavement,," in l11inoi"

The "~ rhythmic rhump-thump" of C:l.r~ on th~ highw:lY ,'an he l'lim­inated through lise of of contin\lou~J} reinforced panmcnt. lie said.

Lindsav ~aid this t\' p~ of paving eliminat{~ the frequ~nt trnns\'t: r ~e joints of ord inary higliwa)~ an,l l.:un­lrol, curl inK anll warping. thus !,;ut­t'ing down all thumps and bump~ .

H e dCS<.~rib~c! it as pa\Tm~nt in which steel r~infurceillent in long sec­tions is m:lde continuous by lapping.

In addition to providing better riding ~ urface 1 2-to-25-r~ar tests show that continuo.lsly reinforced --- -

pavement ha~ a n:btivel y lung sl' rvicl' life which requi res minimulll maintc­nance becau,e there arc no jl) ints to seal and maint;'\in.

·' High";I.I' t:n~,'i neers now ha\'e the knoll'il'dgc to de~ign and conStruct continuously reinfor c ed pavements Wllidl \\'ill havc longer seTvite life. n'quire It:~~ surface mainten:lIlcr.. and ll;"e bt'ttcr ~t:rviL-c at a luwer :lIIrlual n'~t th an ()tha typ<$ ()f pavement he·ing built." I.in risay addc(L

In anotheT talk , Rufus H. (~arner . R ur~au of Design. IlliTlllis division of higllllays, Springfield, 5aid a com­[1IIttT i~ being llsed to help schcdule l"(mstruc tion of new highwa~·s.

Called "Critical Path :Vlerimds." it wa~ u~ed to hurry the O:ln Ryan E,"pressl'":'I}, to nllllpl~tino un $ched­llle and i~ being llsed til g:~t the South­west E.,"pre;:;~way np('lled hy its t:nget date. ~o\'. I. 196-+.

Realizing that , in the next 10 \·ear~ . the State of Illinois will he ~esPOTlSible fur completion of its por· tiOIl uf the interST:ne Svstcm. V. E. Staff. chief high\\·ay rngineer. di­n'cted a complete switch-over to C PiVl in :'Ill llistricts.

CP M is a computcrized planning

"" IAHf Sl~~ri"g Commi"~e : 1. to R., se<oled: 1(, A. jolln\~n , Jom .. E. 8e ll , J . l. ing: lorry O~"on, Fronk Scholko, ond Ed Brookl.


and ~hedli ling W,:hn;tIUe that chartg time and cost uf all project:; , and en­ables thQ!;e in dlarge to keep tr:lck of :'III parts of the work.

" The use of CPiVI for job contrul giv~s the SlaTe an entirely nell and reliable sys le1l1 for spotting job Trou ­bit' within liavs in~tead of months," Garner saiJ . . A diagram which i~ n ba~;e part of the sy~tem "will show rhe status (jf the project at any t ilne and will inJiGltc which activities can he ~tarted and will piop(lint the Ci\u;;e

of the delay." The ;\ Iarch -+ general sessiun was

,levoted to an evalu,ltion of IIlinuis' highway progress by state, local and fed Hal authorities.

COltllt1emoratinl! its "50 vear,; of ~er\'i("t· tu the hig-hll":Jv indu~trv and the puhlic,' · the Port la·nd Ceme;u As­sociation Ilmtntt:d a plaque, mounTed on a SO-HaT-old concrete slab re­moved fn;m SA Rout(, II ncar Pun­tiac, to the U. of I. eil·il engineering dt:partmenT.

The plaque was accepted on behalf of the dqlilrtmt:m bl· Conference Di­rec tor r:Uis Dann~r. The plaque will he placed in the nell' eE build­inl!. noll' under construaion.

The u~l.Jal group meetings ,,·(·re hel,l during rhe aftl·rnoon se;;sion$. High light uf the annual banquet on !\larch .f was a di i'ClIssion of the new Univers ity of Illinois Chicago CUIl­

pus. nOI' under ,:onstructioll. and the Urhana-ChamJ);tign expanding cam­pus h.1 S ranl~y C. Robinson. dean, division of Un i \' er~ ily Extension, U. of L . followed hy mlniu!) pictures ,;hl)w ing 111inui,; winning the Rose RIllI"i foo thilll game in Califurnia.

At tht"' _\l a rch -+ gen~ral session. lIIinois' A,,"~i~ t ,mt Chid H ighway Engineer T ed .\l ori said, "l'I'1oTe than an}·thinj!: else, highways are the mark o f t' il'i1i"'.a tion."

I-I e ildded th;lt complrtion of the 158 I-mile im erstllte nU\I"ork in 1972 will not he an fnd, in itself, with hath t raffic rt{]ui re1l1ents and I)ub! ic opinion mll,uln t;nJ:: cun~tnH:t ion of addi t ional frce\\"a}'s.

!\lorf shnwed a map, emphasizing" that it had no offi cia l ~ta tus , dt'pic1inl! principal traffi c corridurs where Illi­nois may in [11(' future build another 2500 mil('S o f multi-lane rOlltes.

He S3.id tha t 361)Cr Cf.nt of 1lIinoi ~' rC" II ;1tu , d 1>" /lag' 8)


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Asphalt Institute Research Engineer Bernard F. Kallas reports on significant test results.

One advantage of Deep-Strength Asphalt pavements known \0 street and highway engineers all across the country is the re­markable resistance Asphalt surfaces have to damage from de-icing salts. While tbe scaling act ion of such salts can do serious damage to slab-type pavements, Asphalt

curbs and pavements are not affected. Now, laboratory confirmation orjuS! how strongly Asphalt

curbs and pavements resist de-icing salt damage may be found in the results of a speciallcst recently completed by Asphalt I n­stitutc research cngineen;. In this te~l, typil.:ul ~ampl~ of As­phalt pavement wcrecovered with a O.2-inch layer ofwalcr, re­peatedly frozen and then thawed by de-icing salt applications.

Research Engineer Bernard F. Kallas rcPOrlS the results: " I t was found that as many as 100 daily applications of a mix­ture of sodium chloride and calcium ch loride sailS 10 melt iec from the surfaces ofpu\'emem specimens htld no significtlnt ef-


fecI on the specimens. The stabilities of the specimens were not affected, and no loss of aggregate or scaling occurred. Test properties of asphalt recovered from thc specimcns were not affected by the de-icing salts."·

A duplicate lest-series using ammonium sulfate and nilrate dc-icing salts was also conducted, with s imilar findings.

In addition to resisting dc-icing sal t damage, Deep-Strength Asphalt pavementS have many other advtlntages for the state, county and city road-builder. Multi-layer Asphalt construction -Asphalt surface on Asphalt base- eliminatcs "spring-thaw" problems, and provides a stronger, more durable pavement that is also safcr, smoother-riding, and easier and faster to build, with lower anllllal cOSt, ineiliding maintenallce_ Inch for inch, Deep-Strength Asphalt pavements arc your soundest road investmetll_

'Po, a oompkte cq><>rt or thi •• ignificanl 'e ....... Highway Re.surch Reco'" No. 24. pu blilOhed by Ihe Hl8~way lI, e>earcb Board. ~lnd Annual Meeting. 196J.

THE ASPHALT INSTITUTE 1951 University Avenue, 51. Paul, Minnesota 55 104

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HDW Engineering HighwlIY Resellrch

Clln Ret/uce Trllilic DestructiDn

A one ami one lwlf percent ~hare of the Federal allocation of highway fu nds distributed to the v:lrious st:ltcs of the nation is directeulOwarcls high­II·a}' research. To iIlustra[~ how tllese funds arc lISC!\ it might be of inter­est to outline the actil' it ies uf the Hlinois Division of Highways ill th e rcst:l.Tch field.

The Stale of U1inoi~ pursues high­way re;ean:h in se\'cni \\'ays: through tht: sptciali:r.ed efforts of engineers of the Bureau of Research and Planlling within the D il' ision of H ighwars; dlrough assignment of projects to II ni,'cn;:ities and other research organi­zations; and throll~h joint effortS with the Bureau of Puhlic Roads 011

('{)ulX'rativc projects of nation-wille scope.

[n the discu;;.~ion that follows it will be convenient to divide the vast fidd of highway research into three gencral categories: Ph}sicai Research ( the study of m;ltl'rillls lIscli in 11igl1-w;ly l-omtruct ion), Function;ll Re­search (the study 01 the ut iliz;ltion of highways ill' "chicles and their drivers) , and Economic or Adminis­tnui"t Research (" Ilil;h studies high way and tmnsportat ion ~rstel1ls and their :ulministr:lti"t 11rohle1l1s).

All highway rCSt'arch is directed toward providing facilitil'S which will movc highway traffic in a safe. al\d t~l)t~'\\()\l'ii mannu ° '\~\\'n me tx­ception perhaps of phrsical research, all highway research is conducted

Bp .\ h C11.\EI. J. H AR1'IGAS"

with rontinll'JUS and conscientious emphasis on the gOlfe!y of "ehicu!;,r lIow.

T he "a~t scope of functional re­search can be best illustratcl\ hy the need fo r si:-.teell pages in the current issue of Traffic Safety magazine to partially li~t (in fine print) rc;;e:u.,:h now in progress in this cumplex field, E .\ample, of projectS being pursued br tile SUte of Tll inois might illus­trate how the safety of hi~lm'ay traffic is receiving jlaramOll nt t'onsideration in till" re~rarch process.

T he relationship of spted to traffiC accidenrs nnJ the techniques of specil zoning have ,J\\"ars bttn prominent in safety discmsion!i. The State has und{°rt:lken a l.·ovperati,'e study with the Unil'tOrsitl' of Illinois to Jevelop anJ evaluate a theory of ~peed re)!;\!­!arion :lnd its practical application­the optimizarion of speed and safe(r in vehicu lar t ravel.

The State is also spol\~oring at the Un iver~it) of llJi nois a comprehen , sive s tudy of street and highway medians. This project is analyzing the ne"irable function~ of medians and will attC';mpt to ~p«j(}' Ilh~~ical types which will hest satisfy thelle fll naions. Again, in the prngress of this smdy safl.:ty is the pri1l1ary con­siderariort.

Tht Oi\'ision o~ H i~hwa)"s i.s uti.­\\',:mg tne mtmbcts 0\ \\s sta~ 'In a ~tudr of vehicular tral'e1 through intersections and interchanges in an

effort to estahli~h wl lich types uf de­sign geulllttr) ,\flUid aSSli re smooth Aow and safc operatiun.

St::'-eral prujel'ts w hich loo L:. at spe­cific featurcs of streets ~nll highways in g-re;uer lletail have been as~igned by the St:lte to Northwestern Uni­\ersity. Tline projects include a study of left hand un :1 1111 (Iff ramps on cxpres..;;wa}s, "slip ramps" between divided expressway t raffic hInes an,1 research on rnultiple tllrning lancs un surface streets.

Ill inois ha~ joined the other States in a mas.~ive nation-wide anah'sis be­ing made by the Bureau of - Public Rna&i Qf expresswa~' accidents and their cause~. In this study the States are prDl·jding the hasie layouts of thr:ir expre;~\I'arS , detailed account~ of traffic movements and reports of :Ill aeciden"'o T he Bureau of P liblic Rualls is asscmblinJ:! and analp.ing this data in :111 attempt to correlate accidents wi th traffic volume, \'ari-0115 aspect~ of highw<lY i;lyuut , etc. Recolllmendations can be anticipated which will point to specific manners in which cwr~\\"ay accident exper­ience can he reduced.

All of the above projects indllde a thorollKh STudy of accident patterns as weI[ as careful study of I'ehicubr hcha"ior as it relate;; to accident po­tenti.aL

Otne.r st~ments o~ our research in operations, too numerous to mention here, involve projects obliquely re-


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latell to highway safety such as th e stud I of i~ and snow rernolal. high­wlIy' lij!hting, the improvement of ca· p .. citi~s in existing roads, etc.

T lil' EX!1rc~s\\'a}' Survcillant(· ~tlld) in Chicago a~ an "ngiretri n~ research function had tWO In:lj o r gila Is ( I) "smouthing tl\lt" of Aow on the "x­pressw;!} and ( 2 ) thl~ location of t r:dlic i !llp('diml·nt~ wt.ich indUlle I'C'

hidl:JI ~ toppe,1 for ,W) reason Oil the fJ'I'e\\'ar. \ Vi th regarJ til the lattl'r puin t, till" ~;I{('t}' asptXt i$ illlllwdia t('l) arl~a~fnt beeall~t ~talled \'chic.irs re · 1l1~IIl1!lg ti ll an l'xpr~~,lI'a)' fl~vt:nll' n t

nlll~titute 1m t'"t rtme and dirt: ha·I,. ard. T ht- former point, that is, "~mooth ing out" traffi,' flo\\. may not be so irlHlIediatdr al'parf!lt frOIll :!

~afetr ~t~nrl!1!1int. H O\\'tl'er, til!' smouth AUII of !r~ ffi !': faid\' well dr­note,: the al",ence of l'OnRicrs I\·hidl :lrc l'hieAr responsible for accident~,

T he Clricag" Surnill:tnce l'roj~n has sct Uli t tn ftach the.~c gOllis hy r:,tablishin,!! :1 pilOT surveillance sys· tt'm lin five miles uf The IH'ST IIr out· houlltl roat!II':I~ of Con~ress Srreet E-.:prcssway fllr extensi" e expcrilllrn­t lltiun, netet" tor~ were dis t ribu lrd :tlOI1~ This test section cOl1ne!,:te,! b} t('it l)hone Jin" tI) the projecT head­quarters w ht're the impulses frOIll The decte\'tllrs :m' run throllgh variou~ trp c.~ I) f compo ters.

In prest:rH lill) surl'l'illance tech­ni(jllcs, mo:<t llisturha:'lC~ to cxp re~~· \l'lt y traffic flo\\' ;tre ilCTl'ctrd by rill' eres of a pcrsun in a police l:ar fir "tlu'r trpe of patrul "ehieleo 11 ' e De­t roit 5urv('illance Project improved on this tcclmi(\lItO to the extent of bringing: all views of the expr~"'\'ar into a crntra! office by mean~ of :t

r.:!osrd (:ir<,uit T V, Tn cithn tedl' ni(jue tbe IISC (If tyl"ii and I'ersvna l j u,lgment is involved.

In Chicago wc :tre ;lttrmpting in· stead to determine the Sl1loothm:ss nf HoI\' bl' direct mea~Ure!l\l'llt. In otht'r words: the t:omhinatillll of c1ectrOIlit: ,i<'tectors and COlll1l \l li"r~ can o f it-oelf tlet~ct dist urbant:rs ill traffic 110\\'. n" matter w itH! tbe C~uSl', if nne merel y tcll5 :t cumpu!er what level of l>ervice is desired. This Clln he carrir:d one ~tep further by letting the l'Ompu ter continue un the jud.e:menr process if the criteri,l for judgment ~r{' ;ll ready gil'rn the l·Ol1lputeT,

T hlls ,Ie have in electronic fvolt hoth a simplified detect ion s~stem and a :otart tnward8 a co,lntmi ~rstt'm th at WI.' have hopI'S can mai ntai n sm'H)th flo\\" at:111 time.'o

A lI'p ica! ~-.:;lt nple of tllI~ \l'ork of the projr.n i>= that of metering ranlll input to the exprc~swar l~ne5 :It UIl!" poi nt in our ~yStem. The criteria


est~bli~hed for the smoothness of Hull' in thi~ e.\l)eri1l1entation is the nle;lS­urement of gaps existing betwt"("n vc­hick. on [he npressway. 1 n other II ords, if I:onsidt'r:)ble gaps uo exist t!tne is an indiGltil~n that sp:lI'c e,\is ts for ,-ehicks to he fed nil to the n­prt'*:>II':1I frum the ramp. On the "ther haml, if traffic i~ huncht'll ,lIld ~ I'at:es hctll"("I'n l'l'hides do not rxist to any c\'ttJU, tor r;nnp £hould not be ff'elling whidCll from tire r:Ullp, \Ve ha ve alre:lIl} found that if "e­hidt's arc kd frvm a ramp undrr tight!} .:n ng-esteil conditiuns, /lIIW not onl}' on lhe ramp but also 011 e-.:press­II:li elclltuall} ceaS<.'s.

T his r:llllp metl'Tin)! e.-.:perillll'nt h:ls Iwen C;lrri,od un to the 10xterll that lIT hal' I' .<tnral rlifft'Tt:nt II'vris IIf jwlj!nwllt pi;l('rd in Ihe CVnlJlutr r~, Fur t'\,lunplr , when the expn"SSllal is runnilll! full~ free I\'e permit tr~ffic 10 ('nflor tht! T~mp at rates of 10 or evcn mure vehicles per minute :lnd the~e \ ehides rnt,'r the rxpr!"SS\\'al (lne at a time. As tilt: spacing o'f \'ehicl('~ rtlluces so that thtOre is :tp­proxirll~tl'lr flJut vrhides spat:es oc­tll'('tO I1 vehicles this r:lte of input from Ihe rmnp i~ retluced to ~c\'rn IWt minnte, This r:ttl' is prol!res.,ireh further red uctd as tilt sp;tcing in th~ ('xprf$;\I'a)' I!ets tighter.

U~e of this "rstrm h:t~ IHt'Hluccd sel"Cral interesting r('Sllit5. \Vc h:l~e practicaily rcdll("ed cungrstion un !mth the r;llnp ;ulIl free\\':!) a t this point with hllt fell' cxceptivnso \Vr. han no t ict'd that frce way traffic g('ncrally sct:ms \\"i!1inl! m give wa~' fl,r indio \' illual \"i°hides but resists when SCI·­eral \'('hidci arc atte1l1p tin~ to entrr a cnncentrated s tTl':llll, \Vc have not n;ducerl lhe volume rntr at t hi ~ Ilt,int. Ami, mo.<t interesting tn you pcr~on­ally, is tbe fact tha t liurinj! the meter­ing homs (rush huurs ) lI e h:lV(' nO[ h;'ld a ~ingle ao:ident during th,· ~ev' eral lI"eek$ thar the I:xpcritlllont has b('l'n in progre:<s.

Before dosing a word i lwuld bl: said for rhe rdationship of rill' thir.l type uf high way rN-l::trt:h, .!::conomic RC$t'HTCh, to t rallie s:lkt.I', A~ II":lS said before, this dass ,'If rest'arch in­\'olves the srudy of transp((f{ation systems, the highWAY network which is so impOrtant It part of ;tny such transpllrt;ltioll system, the placin~ of r('spon~ihiliIY for the hil!IHI' ~~' nrf work ant! the allministratioTl o f this nr{work, This :lrea of n::;('areh is where tht long r:lnj!e ~ ttaek on traffic accid('l1t~ e~n be made. ;\[ o·t impm­t:mtly, it is the Ollll' olle wlwrein thcrr e:o.:i~t;; an.1 jlOtenrial for a (InI­

/IIra;,- reduction in the tr3ffie to ll. 2\ 105t Ilrban ~reas now function in

a mantler where su rface streets carry all or a better Il~n of the free \1 heel­ing traffic load. Cnder this situation principal ~ treet s are called upon til ,~('rv(' a multip!icitr of purj'lOses: Ee rv· ice to adj;K'ent iand , curu sidc park ­in$!, etc .. a~ wdl as providing S( fl'ct capacity fnr :t wide I' ariet~ uf short :mel long trips.

The mix ture uf Sfrel't u~~ leads tn mental :tnd physical conflict on the SUI'ct it~elf - aggre\'a t ion :md acci· tlents. III the replanning of the tran~ · port;ltion S)'>t('m s of urb;m areas 1Il 0~ 1 pl :mners strenuousl}, ;ITtempt to re­movr, to the greatest extent fea~ibl(' , long trips fr(lIll surf:tce st ree ts, This rffllrt l'a n an(1 should rl'$uit in lila,,} brndits: ' ll lc general (Iec rease in tr:lffic volume pcr street and h("l1l:c I'rduced an·j(!en t e"pOSIITI'; redut: t ion in .lriver tension; improl'ement in elJn fo rminJ!! HI ~peell and other tr<lflic rt°~ub [ iolls; improl'ement in the con" <idrr~tion fur pedestrians and dril'cr,_ en~ros,ed in parkinK or unparking­a1l to the end that street lI~e lI'i1\ lie more l'Olllfortable ,md safer.

This tl'Onomic resrarch lici ll -hi),!hw<l.l' pl ~nnillg - is lOOKed upon n,~ providin~ the potrntial for thc bro:)d future IIItad: on traffic at.l.:i ­,icrHS, It II nulll be well, thereiort', tIlT thu;;e interrsted in traffic safetl' but not haring :lS rl't heen illl'ulvt,.l in traffic planning to do so as c:lrly a~ possible,

P ittsbu rl.,h is wdl al/llll! in it$ p1:Ul­ning of a transportation ~rst\'m -the PAT S plan, T he actil' " involvc­m~nt and cblieated assistanCe of tbose i ntere~tecl in traffic .afcI), c:m be ex­tremely helpful in reaching the \llti­m;lIC goals of this PI:ll1,

Actually you res ident!; in the P i,B· bllrKh Aren :!rc wdl ahrad of many. if no t most , of the other :\ I.erropvlit;m Arras in the natiOn in your p!:tnnill~ ac tivities. ApP;lrentlr )'mrr RI'{!,iollHI Phm and your T ransport;lt ion STUrly arc ,O(ln to be \\e(ldrd. if ilHleed this has n"t alrcallv been Ilon(". Thi~ is o f it~df a i!'rc;;t aceompli<hment o In addition ~'ullr Community R~ne\\'al Pfllj!ram is dl'veloping :1 Central In­formation System for com pu tet pro· {!'ramming of Plannin~ Dat:l, a nl'ees­~:lr" corrolaT\ to a vi:thle Transporta· ti();\ Plan, '

In 1950 it was hopell that 11 nn· tional emphasis on Tr:l ffi.. fbfetr cvu lt! irssrn thc death rate tn 3.0 (hom ,I',m.) by 1960. \Ve are sti ll ;llmost t\\, 'n' that \,:tiue now, some :) ) cars after the taq,!(·r date, T he qUl's tion ll1a ~' logieallr be a,ked then , is ~uch ~ figure ahsurdl." loll' , tIT ha\'e our attempts been ah~urdlr inade· quate?


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Look for this insignia!


CONCRETE PIPE for Permanence

Member companies manufacture

CONCRETE PIPE in accordance with

nationally recognized










ILLINOIS CONCRETE PIPE ASSOCIATION 221 Nor11> LoS",!!!! S t,eel • Chieallo , lII inol$ e0601


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (9)

Chicago Chapter to Hold Annual Golf Outing The Chicagll Chapter of the I.A­

H .E. will ho1tl its annual golf outing un J uly 11. 1964. Si nce last )"e;1rS tOllrnl':~' . hehl 0 11 J uly 6th, was illl­,'end }, .dieetell attendance wise b} thl' huii li;\\' conflict. \\' 1' feci th;1t this ) ear:< \;lter' (late will hel ll l-onsit lerithI ).

There will not be :111\' rt'voilitiun­aT} ch;m).:"cs Ihis year, but since every­one always has a )!ood lime In: inlcl l(1 10 cont inue tllr gOIl,1 wurk.

It has always heen liifficult to get reserY:ltiulls in ea rl ) . Your I,;oopcra­rion is 110( olll~ "cry inmpQrt:Hlt , b\lt

due to the near capa~'i t} crow,l it be­comes imperatiq:.

John F. ,\l urph), Room 70..j. , 300 i':onh State StTI't't, Chicago 10, Illi­nois is the 1964 Chainnan.

Pu blicity fl) ers :mll nd.li t iunal reservat ion l>11I~ t s will be sent 10 cadi dis trict as soon as ; I \'ailahl~. I n man) in~tanccs this material has Ix'cn

w;l~ted dll~ to poor distribution. An attempt II ill be maJe to Somewlmt alleviate this trouble [h i~ rcar b) >cnn ing a ~mall amount !If literature to a number (If members in each ,lis­triet rather than tu a sinl!:ie person. Unless the group fails col\cdivei) :l l>erccn tage of the inforlllation will ' il ter do\\ n to tl1O,C intercs ted.

Sce you at 51. Andrcws .l ui) I I , 196;.






.... co.


_ .. , ,"'CAO O



::',:=.. ====== Tt:L~~ NQ. OI'IIO(IIVAT/ONS· ___ GOV a 0IJ't"ltft ., 10,00 ___ _

MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW ""'''''''-''''''''''''-"'''''''-----~-I IIWOVHT EHCLOS£O! ______ _


160 N. lASAlLE ST., CHICAGO, Ill.


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TH E SPRINGfiELD CHAPTfR INSTAUS New Off:CERS left 10 .;g"': Allan Kou, p,Hiden!; Do" ~, H""ncial :leu .. o..,.; Lowell Mo,ke" , V1~e- ',e.lde"'1

H. W. Squl."1. T.eo.u.e.; and CKit Copenhaver, R .... ord ing s.c •• lory.

50th Anniversary of Illinois Engineering Conference

(Co",inu,d f"o~ I}('ge Z) hi}!lm:l)' l:~mst ruction s~nding last rear was in these hea\' ily traveled ~orri(lun , with mll(;h of thc mone)' J!oing for facilitics which h.;k c*nt rol uf i'CCt'SS and other important design and safet\' featllres.

He cit~d O hio, M issouri, Wis..:un­si n, !vl ichigan ami h,wl! as being :'l1l1UIIJ,; the stat~~ now planning "tre­mendous non-interstate freeway net­worh," pvin ting ou t that [J]innis will eventually be ohliglllt:d to provide adequatc connecting mutes.

Lake County H ighway Su pr:rin­tenden t .\l ell'in E. Amstu t r. wld the confercm'c that 1l1inoi~ can no IonIZer by dailll as " leader in high"'ar (;on­~ truction.

" The 1ll00jority of (Jur main sta te highWitys were constructed in the [920'5 and [()30's, and these rnad~ have outli\'ed their u~fulness." he stated,

H t! added that mam counties are " woefully behind" in - improvement of their road systelll~, pointing out that /...-:tke County had le~~ than $300.000 available for new c.:un,truc­tion !ilst rear.

e. S. i\lonnier, Illinois division en)!in('cr fur the Burcau of Punlic Roads, forecas t that [llinois woulll meet the 1972 deadline for l'O!1lple­tioll nf its IS8-mil e Interstate system, but Sili(] during the nut 7 yearS', it will Ix necessary for Il linois (U build annually 132 miles of Interstate rural roadway ilnd 120 miles of urban extensions,

Sydncr C. Andel'l'on [11 , admin· istrative assis tant to Chicago's chid engineer, said coTnpletion or" the 200· mile Chicago mctropolitan are;t ex­pressway system "is now in sight."

" Much of rhe emphasis in the fu·

PhOTO by_ lllinoi. Stnle Journal and Regi.lo"

ture will be 011 improving ou r prefer­ential strett :>\'Hem to the standartls n.e~arr f~r 'i t to periorm its fun c­tion , he smJ.

The key 10 Chicago's t.ransporta­tion de\'eJopmenl is hidance. Ander­son said, with exprc;sways, pllhlic mass tran~it, private railmaus, prefer­en tial or major streets ami local streets all having their place in the picture.

DR. FERNANDO COLON Dr. Fernando Colon son-in-law of

Mr. and i\ l rs. E , M. Crump o f S·U Lo raine Avenue received his deg rec for d0l..1Hor of psychol')g)' at M ichig'lIl State University [;15t Lansing, at thl' fall graduiltion ceremonies in 0 1'­<-'ember.

/lis wife, Lois Jane, also received her bachelor of arts degr~t in anthrn­pol?,",}, and soeio.logr at the same grad­llanon CtTemOlllt'S.

Both Dr. Colon ilnd i\l rs. Culon attended Rbckburn Collej!c, Carlin­ville, Ill inois, where he graduated in 1957. H e received hi~ mast('T of :tru degree at l\tl ichiga n State Uni\'ers it~ in 1960 and interned at the .\ ·Iell­ninger Clinic at Topeb K ansas,

Dr. .U1d 1\'1 rs. Colon, :1I1d their two children K"thleen and lVl arrin, li\'e in East Lansing M ichigan. Dr. Colon is on th e faculty of M ichigan Stat.e University.

The ;'Ililoilltment of ./ohn E. Rurh to the !)Osirion of Engineer of Re· ~earch and Development has been made. effective J anuary 16, 1964. Mr. 13urkr. heads the Burcau of Re· search and Develupment, succeeding the late , ,V. E. Chastain, Sr,

Mr. Burke recei\'ed his early edu· cation in d,e schools of hi~ native city. Freeport, Illinois, ami hi~ professional educat ion frolll the University of Illinois where he gnduated with a B. S. D egree in Civil Engineering in 1935.

Mr. llu rke negan his ClUeer with the Illinois Division of H ighwars in District 3 at Ottawa shortly :l fU'r gTf.duation. After servi ng: twO years in design ~nd comtruction work. he was nallled D istrict Soils Engineer, serving in that capacity until 19·t5 wh~11 he ('nlered the employment of the Portland Cement fhsocia tion as ;1 field research engincer. H e re· tUTncl1 10 the Division of H ighways in 1949 and sen'ell for IWO , 'eOlrs as a liehl research engineer in tile Bur­eau of i\lalcriak :liter which he was named Assis tllnt l::nginccr of PhysicOl! Research U1 the Physical Research SectilJll of Ihe Bureau of Research allil Plannin)!. Following the for­mation of Ihe Bureau of Resfarch antI Development in 1963, John servetl in l11C ~ition of Assistant to the Engim'er of Research and Devel­Opment prior to assuming his present position.

J"lln is a member of the I.A. H .E., a Rl1!istercd Professional Engineer and a memb~r of the H ighway Re-5eareh Bonrd.

H e and his wife, Lora, are par­ents of 1\\0 bo}s: D av id , who is at­tending the U ni" ersi t)' of Illinois Olnd J ohn who is attending Illinois State Normal.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (11)

In Mellioria11l MR. W. EMMIn CHASTAIN ,

SR. \V. [nJmiu C hastain, Sr., w ho was

killed in an :lccidl'nr December 16. wa! Chief of the Bureau of R esearch in the D ivision of Hi~hways and nationally R~Jglli)'~d as the top m:m ill the fi eld of highway resea rch.

C hastain and his wife wcre killed when lheir automobi le was struck h)' a KCI\ YMk Central paSSCll l!:cr train lIe:IT H il!.shoro.

I-I is se rviu$ with the Division of H ighways began in 1931 following graduation from the U niversity of Illin()i~ ;md were con tinuous except for time spent with the Engineering Corps of me U. S. Navy during World W ar JI.

Chast,lin supervi~cd the design and construction of the $27 mill ion Ot­tawn T est Road sponsored by the America n Associat ion of Stal l' H igh­W31' O fficials in 1958. The tests were conducted ovcr a thrce year period ant! ellgineers arc still studying tIl e uata cumpilcd in th is proj ect.

Enu'ring emllluyment in the D is­tric t 5 ofli1:e a t P aris, C hastain serv~d in various capacitil'S in that district before his transfer to Springfield in 1951 to bewmc Engineer of Physical Resc:lTch in the Il UTt:IU of Research und Pl anning. H e \\'as namet! A ssis· tant Engineer of Research :lnt! PI :IJ1-ning in 1962 and eleva teu [0 En­Kinter of Rcscarch in 1963. Ch:L~t:lin w as a member of several

s tanding committees of the H ighway Research Hoaru of the National A ca­tlemy of Sciences, incl uding those on R igill Pavement Design and COIll­

posite P a\'ement D esign. Since 00111-


[llttion of the AAS H O Road T est projrct, hc h:ld also berome a menlher of a H i,e:hway Research Board Com­mittee con1:erncd with the ~tublish­ment of sa tellite s tudies to c.'( tend the fi nu ings of the AAS HO RO;ld T est project.

\Vt e.'( tend OUf deepeH symp:lthy to his Family.

In Memori"," RO BERT B. MURPHY

Robert H. i\ I urphy, Former Ad· ministrative Assistant, I):lssed awar on December 23, 1963, in Spring­field. ) I r. :'. Iurphl' hall retired f rom the I)ivi~ion of Highways Oil Septem­her I, 1961, after TlIure tha n thirty­nine) ea rs of sen,ic('.

iVl r. M urph) was born O ctober 2, IH97, in Lafarettc, Indiana. H e was gratluate<1 from J efferson H igh School. Lafa}ettt:, in 1916 and re­ceived his B.S. in C ivi l Engineering from PUTl!ue Univer~i ty in 1920. H e beg:lll his career with the Di vision of H iglllla}s in 1919, \\'orbng dur­ing summer vacat iOn on COnstruction in Di~trict One. After gTaduatitln, lit: was cmplo)ed by the Americ:m Bridge Company in G:lTY, [ndiana. F rom M arch, [921 until Augu~t, 1923, he helll Ol position in the D iv i­~ion o f H ighwa}s Bridge Office at Springfield. Following:1 rear with Ston~ and \-Vebster, Inc., in Boston . he returned to the Bridge Office in Septemher, 192+ and remOlined there until his reti rement.

D uring his long ca retr, Bah was responsible for the design of nu­merous prnjects throughou t lIl inois. Among- these arc bridges over the Ill inois River at Hen ry, L acon, Hen­nepin , P(·or i.1 and Beardstown . H e al lvancetl through man}, engineering po5it ions tu his appointmen t as Assis­tant Hridge Enl!ineer in December, 195 1, :Iml A dministrative Assistant on NOl'ember 1, 1959. H e hel d this posit ion at the time of his retirement .

In his early rears Mr. M urphy traveled ex tens.ively to l-onstruction sites anti cu-au thored the technic;11 article " Adjustmcnt of Continuous Rridge Affected by W arping" for the ENGI NEERING N EWS-R EC­ORD, August, 1940. H e was a char­ter lllemher of the Ill inois As.'~oci atiO!l of H ighway Enginc:crs and was a Regi~tere(1 Professional li nd Struct u­ral Engineer. He was also a member of Sf. Agncs Church, Knights of Columbus and the American Lebrion.

In J uly, 1927 he was married to Genevieve Keller, H e is su n 'ived by his widow; two daughters, M ary

nnd M argaret, both of .\ l ilwaukee ; and two :<fi ns, Robert, of St. Louis, 1\'10., and J ame:l, uf J efferson City, 1\.1 £1. \V~ e"tc:nd our deepest sym­pathr to his b lllil},.

I" M emoriam MR. E. O. SELLERS

E. O. Sellers, fo rmer C hief Chem­is t, Hureao of M aterials, pass~d awa]" o n J an. 27, 196 -1-, in Spring. field. M r. Sdler!; had rctired from the Di vision of Highways on Octo­ner 17 , 1962, aftrr 39 1/2 years of service. 1\ J r. Sel lers career in the D ivision of Highways had been with the Bureau of M aterials.

H e \l'a~ horn and raised in D ouglas Count)' , 1\I issomi. li e was a grad. uate of Il linuis (Allege. M ajoring in C hem istry, he had a R.S. Degree from that colle.e:e and also an M .S. Degree in Chem ist ry from the U ni­versi ty of iI1inois.

.Mr. Se: lcrs started his Ion)! serv­ice with [hc State of Ill inois on June 6, 1923. H e was appointed C hief Chemist in 1928, a posiciun he held until retirement. H e was a Charter :'.lcmbcl' of the lAIi E and served as Pn:sitlellt of the Springfield Chap­ter in 1945. H e was a Vetcr:ln of \Vor!J \Var I , serving t\\'o rears n\'Crseas. H c was a regis tered Pro­fcss ional En!o': ineer, a membe r of the Assoc. of Asphalt Paving T echnolo­gi 5 t~ and other scientific and social org;ull:r,ittion~.

Sur viv ing, ill addition to h is wife, lola, are two daughters, H elcn anu i\J il ci red, and one brother,

\Ve extend our deel>es t Sympathl' tu the Family.

Til il1emorimn LAVERNE H. TARR

La\'crnc H . T arr, 33 rears young, died in Peori;1 J Ol nu:uy 4, 1964 after an extended ill ness. His funeral service W;lS J anuary 7, 196+ in the ri ty in wh ich he was born, Spring­field , Illinois. Vern belonged to [he Rcdtt:mer L u ther :! n Chu r (.h in Springfield. H is demise w as not on[r a great loss to his wife, Lois, and his childrcn, Debbie and D enise, but also to his frienus in D istrict Four , as wd l as those in Springfield. Vern graduated from the U nivcrsity of Il li nois in 195 1 and had been with the State for twelve :11111 one-half yeru-s. H e had worked as :l maillle­nance fielJ engineer and as a designer in cllarge of bridge pians. Vern was a registered professional engineer and a member o f LA.H.E .

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (12)


The Springfield Ch:lpter held its anllual s ingles and doublr3 bowling tournament S:lturuay, Februa ry I . \Vhen the tourna1lll'nt W :IS oycr, 130 assflci:ltion 1IIl'mbcrs. D iyision em­plorets, and l ea, a couple of gals too. h:ld pa rtic ipated. \Yilt-n the scores II ere tabu1:\tt~d , it was found that ChcnOweth and J (}ne~ had won a /,!:IHuily share of the [>ri'I.I$.

Kupel Gets Highways Post

CA RH ON DALE - Vcrnon T . Kupd , J\i urphysboro. a vctcr:m of 15 YClI rs in the D istrict 9, Ill inois Divi­s ioll of H ighways nffice here, Tuesday became di· tr ict engineer.

Kupl'l succeeds \Vill iam D . Mac· Leod , who fe.tired afttr mon: than -1-0 rtau' service with tht division.

District 9 cOvers 1-1- Sllutll\l'I~Hern I llinois countie5.

To Train 200 For Hi9hway Jobs

Employment in Ihe I ll inois DiYi­~ i o ll of H ighways will be available to 200 male high schuol gradl!ate;; \\'ho complcre a special II -week tnlin­illg COllTse this SUlllml'r at the Uni­veuity of Ill inois. JUlie I-I-·Aug. 28 a t Urbana. Ill. , and June 22-$cpt. 8 at Navy Pier Campus, Chicago.

Studen t.'! sdecH-d fur Ihe: t rlli ninJ;!," pmgram wiU become enginttring techn ician" in the Di visiull of H igl,­w ays lind paid at :hc rate o f $300 a mnnth while t llking the course, Lorr:nz said. Tho.'e ~uccessful in comilleting the I,.~lll rsc will become full-time emp lo}'I.'S at start ing sa illrics uf $325 a month.



M r. W allace O. Tud l, a regis. ten·d proft'ssional engineer, r('[ired J anuary I , 1 96~ after fifteen years of ~ef\' ice with the S tate o f Illinois. He worked \\'ith the Uu relHl o f Right-of­\-Va}' in Proria. After g rllduating in 1917 from the U niversitv of Ill inois with 11 dl'g ree in [lcctric~1 Engineer­ing, hT wa_~ employed b}' Central W i­n()i~ Light Company fur om: ycar. \Vall) then ~ I)t'.nt sevcf:l l \'cars in the \·le.:tril-al c*nt rllc ting husiness_ TIlt: m:xt twenty four reaf~ of his ca reCI were cqu;tlly divilled between utility \~-()rk and the Copper \-Vire As..<;ocia­nOll.

\\' ally has one sun whu is an engi. neer with Shell O il Cumpany in St. Louis. M r. T uel l and his wife re­"i.le :It 25 17 \V:1rddiffe Drive in P eoria, I lI inll is.

\Ve ltll e.\ tend bes t wishes fur rou in yuur retirClllellt I


D istrict 10 lost ;lIIo ther old friend in FebI'IIM}- R u~s Newell. D istrict Engineer o f Trafli e resignctl F ebru­ary 13, 196-1-.

Rm:s startrd his career in 1925 with the ~:m itarr District of Chicago altl'f attending- Armour I nstilu te and Chicago T ech ni(:.1 College . H e \\ ork:et1 as an cnginl'er on building an.l sewer con$trllctiun. In 1930 hc Wl'Tlt to work fM the City of Chi­cagn performing- ~im i J:. r assigll1l1ell ts. D uring these )e:lrs hc also worked part time as a ~c/U: r:, 1 building con­traCtor.

[\ J r. I\'ewell slHrted his Sta te ca­reer in 193-1- wIlen he camc to work as a Juniur H ighway F.:ngineer. H e alternated betwc(' /\ the De~ign nnJ Con~tructiOTl until startinl!,: with the Traffic D epartment in 1939. H en: he worked his way up and in 195 1 was al1pointed District T raffic En­ginl'cr.

Hesidcs heing a member of our association, he also belongs to: T he \Vestern Society of Engineers. the Ill inois !\ ",ucia t ion of P rofessional F:ngimers, the National Society of "Professional Engineers and the Insti­tll te of Traffic Engineers.


1\ l r. Henry ( H ank ) E. Dier~, after -1-2 }ears with the Illinois Divi­s ion of Highways, r(· tired Februa ry 1-1-, 196+. from thc positinn of l::ng:i­neer of l\1a intenann'. As Engineer of Main tenance. ht' was rl'>'{IOnsibJe fu r the upkttp of approxi,nately 150400 miles of highway system, :tn UfK:mi­zation of 3,000 regular employees, maintenance equipment invento ried a t $16 million and $6 million in shops, I!,:aralo":es and storaJ;!;c facilities_

M,r. Diers. <In impo rt to IlliJlois, was bo rn in J ersey Cit}', New J ersey, Febru arr 2, 1899. After .li!>Cit :lrge fm m the arm}' in 1918, Hank came wcst to Rolla, l'I l issouri.

H e renivl'd his US in engineering from I\J i~H tlfi Sehoul uf .\ l inl'~ in 192 1 and joined the ll1 inui~ Division of lI ighways the same }ear. H e was assigned to Di~tric t # 9 an,1 in 1925 he w:!s transferred to M aintrnlHlce. li e has $l1ent the last ·W ye;lTs in ~ l lIilltcn'IIl C~. H is first position in .\1 :lintc1l,mce was F ield Engi1ll:er. H e WIIS pN lllOted to District 1\'l :lint ~­nance Enginl'cr in 1937. In 19·B , he was tnlllsfrrred to Springfield as Assistant Enginccr of i\ lailltena nce, ;11111 Ilromllted to Enl!ineer of i\ laint e­nance in 195.J..

J\ l r. Diers, during his yea rs w ith the H iKI,w:I}' O i\' isioll, partic ipated in a nllmher of disasters thnt de-1IIanded tbe help of men :md equip-

\\.\.\l\C\!o '!\\Gl\'W A'! i.N.G\l\t..t.l.

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RETIREMENTS rncllt from [he BUTeau of 1\ l alntt­nanct'. The terrific torn:ulo acruss ~outh('rn Illinois in 1925 was one, anoth~r was in 193i when Jue to /looos in southern Illinois. the Ohio River stllrted fluwing in its original cha nnel , creafing :l huge island our of parts of four southern Illinois counties. H ank h,IS ~me ver) inter­csting stories to tell abllt these and their happeni ngs.

Aoout 3 years- agu, ~ I r. Diers initi­:l.ted a training program, the first one uf its kind in State H il!hway Dc­pnrll11cl1[S. This i ~ n prugram to dis­semi nate both m:tnagrment and uper­ational policit"S to all supervisi ng per­sunnel. It is also designl!d to uritnt new mell in till: field crews on the I)ropcr methods and duties of Ill:.in­tl"nance fiel d crews.

1\ l r. Diers wa~ gin'n a ~linncr at The Mill by "The F:unily," as H ank refeN to the Bureau of l\iaintcnance and Dav L abor Ilersollnelo At lhe dinner t{e recei ved gifts tu help him t'njoy three of hi~ hubbic~-gu1f, fish­in~ and bowling.

On Friday, Febmary [4., 1964., the day of his retirement, nren house was held in the office from J :00 to 5:00 P .H . for his mall}' friends ou t­sidc of the Bureau.

Public \\forks maga7.ille in Septem­her 1962 had l\1r. Diers' piCTure 011

its cover and had this to ~ay about him. " H enry E. Diers. Engineer of M aintenance for Illino is Division of H ighways, and Chairman of the H i~hll'ay Research 13oanl. Depart­ment of M ain tenance. ha~ steadily improved mailllenance fad litk·s in hi5 State and inspirtd engill('('rs n;l­tiflnall y to scan.:h for bener mainte­n:tnce techniques."

i\J r. Diers, a L icensed Professional Engineer, is a mem\)(r of the Illinois Socict} and National Society of Pru­fessional Engineers, a member of the H ighway Research HOllfd where he served :IS Chairman of the Depart­m~nt ofi\ l :linten:lnce for 6 re~rs, war; ;t member of the Speci:ll Committee on Highwa), Equipmt'I1I, and a mCIlI ­

her of the American Nsociatioll of St,He H ighway Officials COllllllittet' on l\ lainten:lIIce and Equipment. He also sc rvcd as a mcmJer of thc i\lain­ten:l l1ce and Pedonn :H1cc Ratinl;: Pands ill CHnncction with the $27 million Al\ SHO Ro.1d Tl'st conduc­ted by the Highway Rl'Se:lrch Buard.



After allllo~ l 29 rears in the employ of the th e Ill inois Division vf H igh­way~, Elmer Rron1.:e, Construction Engineer for O istrict 10. saw fit to re~ign eif(ctivc Fcbruar)' I, I 96.J._ H e did not re t ire, hu t in~tead :lccepted a dlOice offer frum a rri\'ate contractor.

[ Imer W:lS burn and r,.is.:d in Chi­C:lb'tl :lttending Lime T('Ch. and St. Victor 's H igh Schools. He rcccin:d his cnllege tmining a t the Lewis [n­st itlJte nnJ Arnluur Tech. (!lOW

1.1.1'.). Aftcr wurking brieily for the enol.;:

County H ighway Department and \':lriom; cont ractors in his t:arly y('ars, Elmer callle to work for the Di\' i­sion in )Ia} of 1935. Du ring the 'Var h( took a leaVe of llbsencr, sc.fV­ing in the CorllS of Engineers as a Captain. Five} eaTS after rcturni l1l!; to Construction, he was made a su­IJeH'i.or. T hen, upon M r. Chaney's retirrrnent in 1957, Brunke was :lp­pointed Di~tric i Construction E ngi­neer, the pnsition he held until hi~ IC:lving.

EllllCf reall)' didn't brca k all ties widl the State, since he still works fur th~m indirectly on the Pub"ki Rnad B ridl;:c Ol'l'r th~ SO\Jthwest Ex­prcsswar·

M r. D irrs h:ls also heen acti ve in church :lnd civic acti\'i tie ~ . He is a P:lst P residen t of the Carbond:lle Lions Club and has se n 'eli 10 \'(~ars :IS :I Neighborhood Commissione; and vn Ihe aJult Tr:lining Committee nf the Bo)' Scouts of Americ:l.

In 1925, he Ill:lrried Ruth W all­dingtun of Crnlr:ll ia, JIlinois. They have one d au~hter, Far, who l ives in Bawn RlJuge, Louisianl'l. She is l1I:lr­ried to Kenm·th Linds:I)" tht: SOil

uf annther retirrd hil;:hway engineer, D uug L indsay. Mrs. Diers. after a year'~ illness pa~scd awa}' J~IIlUafr 17 , 1964. ----

liIinoi!' A'isociation of H ighwa}' E ngineers will holtl the annual spring dance on !\lay 9th, 19M at AC:lcia Country Club, W olf RO;ld and ROllte 66, L:I Grnn~e, Ill inois. Tickets mar be obtained from L. 1J ickinsoll, A. Bobka, L. Gi:lneni, L. Kowalski , H . W estphal or any cOnstruction Super. visor.


~ I f. Arthur R. Steese will re t ire .\I an.:h 15, 1964. Ray came to Dis­t rict .J. in October, 1922. H r was bflrn in Sherrods\'il le, Ohio in 1899 and weill to high s..:hovl in C:m ton, Ohio. He gradu:lteJ frum Oh io ~orthefl1 University in 1920. For m:my yean., Ray h:ls becn a regish!red la nd Surve!'or.

R ay hl'lpeu "~ge t I llinois out of the !\{ ud" ( the highway slogan of the e:lrly 20's) l'I nd has ~ervcd con;;cicn­tiousl}' and untiringly in De~igl1. Construction, :lnd Right of \Vay. In the mean time, his dry humor kept his fello\\' workers in good sllirit;;. E~ceplin~ fo r thre.: )cars in subdivi­.~i() n Jevei0pll1.:nt ill the Florida "Doo1ll" uf thr mid-20's, his career hllS I"' tn wiTh Di,st rict -t

Ra~ W:iS ll1ar r i(~d 10 Gertrude in 1926. A Sl1l1, A. R. J \mior, i~ Pastor of Fuith Lutheran Church in Peuriaj their daughter, Sylvia, i~ the wife of PaStor R. C. UJoling of SI. Pettr's LuthrT<m Church in D wight.

Peuri:l will continue w he Ray's hom.: grou nds! Since h:I\' illg sold Ihe old homestead and settle,1 nil·tI l' into an apartmen t, Ray :lnd his wife arc now foo tloo~ :IIld h ncy-free to travel c.\' tensivcl\' :lnd to do volunteer work for their Church anJ Commu n­ill'.


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M r. Dunald R. Schwartz has heen appoinfed to rhe posicion of Assistant Engineer of Research aud D evelop. ment, effecti\'e February I, 196·t

M r. Schwartz, it native of Terre H aule. I nuiana, began his career with tht D ivision of H.ghll'ays in Ihe P aris Distri.:t following graduation from Ro~ POlY IL'Chn ic Ins titute in 19+'1, Transfer. j ll ~ h ) the !J un:nu of Research and Pl:mning in AU~UH 19'55. Ai r. Schwart7, se rved on the task fOTL'e preparing plans and speci­fications fur tht: AAS HO T est RU;J.d aT Onawa, :lIltl was Assistant R(')au Engi neer during the COIlHruction phase in 1956. D uring the research plillst, :\·I r. Schwart?'. was Engineer of Report; nil the staff of the AA· SI-I O Road T est. On completion of th t: ro:,,1 test, l\1r. Schwa rtz trans­ferred to Spri ngfielJ a$ Engineer of Research Rel>ons and in 1963 he was named Engineer of StrU(tum[ Resean:h in charge uf the Ph ysical Rcsl'arch [ .. aoor<lwry in Ouawll.

. VIr. Schwartz is a Regiqtered I' ro­f~ion:l J Engineer. a member of IAHE and ISPE.



\Vith the mid created by lHike H artigan's move to the Elgin D is­t rict. the "powers rhat be" looked amund for a capable rel)! act:ment. '; M ost likely to suoceed" Zigg) Zic­j ewski was near at hand, :md :1 m(.st logical candidate.

6 reasons why

Ziggy's promotion to the oRkc of As~istant District Engineer in cha rge of operations adlls luster to his :l.lreadr sUl'I.:essful career.

After graduating from the U ni­versity of Illinois wit h a B.S. in C.E. in 19-+9, Zi!!i;Y went to \\'ork in the Dl'Sign Office and shonly thrreaftcr was transferred (() M aterials. 1951 fuund him in the Construction D e­partment when.' he was to remain for "leven Y"'US. IT was here that he recei\'eJ his first major Ilromotilln­to Const ruction Silpervi."flr at :1 mne 3-+ re;'!n of age. lJuing his usual fine joh, Zigg:r's managerial callabilities wer!! ~o()n reeo!!nized and he was again Il romoted in February of 1962. This time Expressways and Hob Krons! lucked out as j\I r. Z iejewski was appointed Assi-tant !::xpressway Enginter. ( Ily this time his salar} climbed 10 the point where he I.:ould cover most of his poker losses.)

\ Vilen the lJistrict thought it time to 1110\' 10 its quarters, it also movt'd Zig!!}' intu one of the A~sistant D is­trict Engineer slots. Th at hrings us till to nate .

Zil{g)" 11 P.E .. has sen'Co the De­partment and the Association well. li e iJ' a past president p;'!st direCTor, of the LA.H.E. as well as a past Nemesis for the " Bridges."

Continued succes. .. to you. Ziggy.


Frank H ansford has been pr()lllotcd tn District 10 COlIstructiull Engineer. :'I I r. H:msford com<:s to this position

well qualifird, after !xing a supervisor on conslTuctioll jobs for almost 15 years.

Frank and hi;; f:tluih' live on Chi­ca).:o's S()urh side IVher~ he was born and raiscd, attending Crane J unior Cullege prior to attending the Uni­versi tv of Illinois-Urbana. Fr:lI1k gradu'ated with his hachelor's degree in 193! and immediately went to work fo r the Division of Highways. DlIrin~ the middle years of the Great D ellression. he left the State alld w"rked as n I)roject engineer fll r the Fl'deral government's Cillil \Vorks Administration. H e returned in 1934 and wrnt bade to work as a Ju nior H ighway Engineer. H e was promoted in 19-+7 ami again in 1949 when he W3S mad e a ConHrllctiul\ Supervisut. the roll' in which most of us think of him.

Congratub tions on r our wel l earned promotion i\ [ r. H ansford.


Henry ( Hank ) Spoerl has been promoted to the posi tion of District Engineer of Materials fo r District 10. Thi~ promotion caps hi ~ climb up the laddcr of the materials bureau.

H ank: started with the D ivision back in 1931 in the Springfield Dis­trict. \Vilh the exception of a onr­yen r stay in Pl.-<lria's Design Depart­lIIent, H:lIlk has alwilfs been in l\1a­ttriais. As a young mall he tr:lveled from Springfield to Dixon, to Peoria ,

• • •• ,CE-CO-LiNE Traffic:: Pa ints Have Been Adopted by FIVE State HiCJhway Depart me nts!


1. Ex.:e ptlonoll y high resldon.:e to troffic obrCll ion. 2. l o sy workability on all types of pov"lg $IIrfoces. 1. No bleed llg or d ili .:olorotiol wile n opplled on

ospholt or bihlmlnoU5 su rfoce •.

4. Ropld drying. free of tracking. _hen prop.rly ap· plied.

5. No c:oking or settll.g in t he conta i.en. 6, h sity appl ied with ei ther brush or spray.

Containing new Resins and the fin est commercia l oils and solvents CE-CO-UNE Traffic Points are continuing to set new records for serviceabili ty every day. Tested and approved by Slate laboratories, hundreds of thousands of gallons hove been, a nd a re currently being sotisfactorily used by the Illinois Stole Highwo y Depor1ment. Compare it in octua l side.by-side tests. Prove to yourself why, on your next traffic point order, you should-

SPECIFY CE-CO-LiNE TRAFFIC PAINTS Writ e, Wire or Phone fodu" information _ TODAY!

CELUCOAT CORPORATION 6161 Maple Ave . • St. LOLlis 30. Missouri


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Jenkins, Merchant & Nankivil Consulting Engineers

Municipal Improvements Highways 6. Airpor ts Power Dev€liopr:lent Traffic Surveys Flood Control

Gas Systems Water Systems

Sewerage Systems Industrial Plants

Recreational Facili ties investigations and Reports

801 ·80S East MiUer SI. Springfield. lli. Phone: 217·523.5694

Consoer, Townsend & Associates Consulting Engineers

Sewage treatment, sewers, storm drainage, flood

control - Waler supply and trealment - Highway and bridges - Airports - Urban renewal - Electric and gas transmission lines - Role studies, surveys and valuations - Industrial a nd institutional buildings.

360 East Grand Avenue ChicQrJo 11. Illinoi s

Robert Hofmann & Associates Consulting Engineers

Re9latered "rol_loned EnqlDeers and LaAd Surnyo .. Regllll.,ed Siructurul Engl ........

106 River Street Dixon, Illinois Pho. 284-0641

320 N. Fourth St. Rockford, Illinois

Pho. 964-2897


Walter E. Hanson & Company ENCIN EEIIS - CO~SUL TANTS

Registered Structural end Professional Engineers. Bridges Clnd Grade Seporat;on Structures.

Dams. Soil Tests and foundations . Roads and Streets.

1227 South 6th St. Sprinqfield. Illinois

Phone: 217-527-2566



A 8ridge and Grod e Separations

... Roads and Streets

... Municipal Improve ments

1622 South 5th Street Springfield Dlinois

De Leuw, Cather & Company Consulting Engineers

Public Transit Traffic & Parking Highways Urban Renewal

Subways Railroads Municipal Works Pori Development

165 West Wacker Drive. Chicaqo I

Bolton Buflalo N. ""ark Oklahoma City San FtoQclsco

Ne .... York Waahlnqlon

Johnston, Westenhoff and Novick, Inc. Consult ing Engineers

Hig hwa ys Soils Mechanics Wate rfront Structures Railroad Facilities

Bridges Foundations Airports T reffic & Parking

Municipal Engineering

28 E. lack",,, Blyd.

Chlcaqo 4. IIUno11

212 N. 7th SI. Ea~ 1 St. Loull. nLllI.ol~

Grawford, Murphy &. Tilly Consulting Engineers

Expressways - Highways


Complete Civil Engineering Services

Phone: 211-528-5619

755 So. Grand West Springfield. rn.


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PROMOTIONS :II1 J to !<:lgin. Finally coming to Chi· cago in 19-1-8. H ank had the rCSplln­

~ibi!iIY of proportioning all bitumin­olUs and concrete mi\'ture~ used on State L .... mtracts. 1::1e\'en years of harll \\'ork bought him the title of Assist­ant Engineer of l\1:!terials in 1959.

:\Ir. Sroerl h"s been II long-time mcmher of th ... \ lIinci!i As.."OCiation of Jl iv;h\\'ay En~illcers. [he Americall Socil':t}, of Civil Engineers. He is a Rcgi~tered Professional tngincer.

H is much ,l('SerYed promotion came aftr:r 32 years of ~el..,.ice to the Divi­sion :tI\d till': Bureau of i\latcriak


The man appointed til rake the place o f Russ Newell. as Disrrict 10 Traffic Enl,6neer, is Charles :\'I c Le:lII.

.1\ I r. l'dd ..eal\ , a relative n('\\"Comer to tllt: State, was horn and educated locally. He attelldcd Srcinrmt?, H igh Schonl on Chica~o 's northwest siue prior w obtaining his B.S . CE. from Ihe University vf Ill inois in 1955. After participating in ;"\orthwestc·rn's post graduate traffic $cho(,1. Charles ~[artcd his fast a~cent as a traffie engineer with Chi"::lcgO'S Ilureau of Street Traffic.

Lellving the City's emplo)' , he work ell as a traffic engineer and pro­ject I' nginccr fur Rarton Arsch man !'L"5Il{'iates (consulting traffic engi­neers ). In M ay 01 1962 he CUlle w 1I'0rk with thl" Oi\·i.~io ll as a traffi(· engineer in our Expressway T raffic Department.

Il is ambition and abititl' won him immediate recognition wh'en he was arpointcd A~sist:lIlt Exrresswal' Traffic I£ngineer in December of 1962. H e worked in this position as Larry Gassman's "rig:ht hand" until his promotion to D ist r ict Traffic En­gineer on F'cbruary 1st.


In Fehruary Local Roads and Streets rn:ei\'ed their new A~sistant Burl!:!U Chid. Sll1ilin' Hill Scianni aeqlJirt'd 11is hrand ntw private Office as thl! result of Gene Leer's movin!!


nil to. greener I'asrurcs ill l)riVl\te entl·rpns<·.

Hill. a native of Chicago, WllS a IJaratrooper during \ Vmld \ Var II anc! saw consideT!ihle action in Itah' , where he learned to speak Italian ..

After thc \Var Ril\ continue!] his s tlldies at Arn\(lur I rl-<titllle, Aero­nautical University, and \ Vashington Sta te University, receiving drgrees in Aercmautical EII~incering as well a~ Civil F. llginccring.

H is tenu re with the D ivision of ll ighways heg:m in 1 9~9 with the P aris District Gmstructillll Depart­ment. It Innk Hill, a bachc·lnr, three }'1'aTS to realiz.e the ~irls ill Cook County were IIlllch prettier anll $(. he moved hack to Chicago's ~()uthll:aH side. After two rears in Constrm-tion for this district, he transferred to " 15-0:' H e ··h:lndlcd·' C\'cr) thing south 01 95th Street. in his position as Dist rict Field Ell0neer, prinr to his recent prolllotivn.

C ungrat ulntions ;mu good luck \Vil!inm.


Effective Novrmbcr 16. 1963, M ilt 'rauch!!n was promnte.1 fO As."is[,mt Dist r ict EngilH"c·r of Matcria!~.

:\II r. l..Qnier's rcriTl'lIlt'nt last J uly I)romlltcd H ank Spoerl's move into the V SlllT lln!\ in tllrn ope.ned th,· door for i\IJ ilt'~ prnmlJlion. i\ l ilt has heen in charge uf all Ilin in the Dist rict since hI! was dllhbrd D istrict Suils [nginrcr b!lck in 1934. He attained this joh after five rears in the H arlelll- I rvill}!,' test kitchell~. i'I I ilt attended thr Univer~itv of il li­nois and received a B.S. in' C.E. in 19-19. Prior to his college dars he was an in~tructor in soils trstinR for Ihe Arm}', where, incidentally, he helped write tht'. soil$ manllal llsed in the Suuth Pacific.

.Hr. T~\J l'hen was fortunate tlfter sta rtin~ wnrk wilh the Division hy gaining va rico expe riem;c in the train· ing pmgram---spenclinK 6 months each in T r:lffie, Design anc! Construc­tion. i'l l ih. a I)ast pn:si!lent of (he I.A .H .E., cumes tn his new position \\'dl \'else(1 and shllu !d he a big heir tu his new buss.


Althuugh we were all sad to see :\larshall :cl\I'e. \\'e: know the new (\epartlllem he heads will il1eet with SlKCess under his c:tpable lead(:f~hip.

Distr ict 10 reQnrlr and reluctantll' said goodhyt to M ;mhalt Suloll'ay. H t· has het'n t randerreu to the Cen­tral Office in Springfield to head up a new department of illtern:J audits. M:tr~hall was Distr ict Enginecr of

District JO from J anuary, 1962 to Febru,uy, 19tH. Alrhou}!h a rela­t ive l\' sh llrt lime. it was neverthele~s a I>roiluctivt tenn.

M r. SlIlow;IY played one IIf the 11I0S1 imponalll roles in the engirlt'er­ing of the South ( LJal1 Ryan) Ex­presswlry. I n the Ilesign st;lge he pin red :1 direct mle :IS the District Expressway Engineer, nnd as District Enginttr, naturall) had ov('r;tll re­sponsibility of the entire operatiun. H e handlrd this in stride <llnng with hi ~ 111.111)' other duties.

The COlll l)Clcnt joh he did :IS Dis­trict Engineer lI'a~ modded after past perforl11:1nces i' S D istrict E.'qm;sswav Engineer, A~sis tallt F:xpressl\'ay [0-gineer tmn Express\\'a)' Utilities 1£11-gineer. He also worked as a chemist, prior til h i~ emplo},l1lcllt hy the Statl', and was .. bt Lieutenanr in the Army Air Furce durin}! lhl! \Var.


O"el'fll;Ulu: TIle' cIl\1\binct! depart­ments of T raffi c, Research and Plan­nint!, i'l l ~intenancc and l\ l achi nery­has 1000t its first chid.

IU ike Hartigan has been trans­ferred fro m A~istant LJistrict Engi­ncer in Chicago to a similar post in Dinrict I-Elgin. It seems that M ike will be rela tively removed from his career as a tr:lffic enginrer in this mu\·t to II position of a more auministrativc natu re.

Mike received his l·arly education in Chicago aw:nding St. R ita H il!h Schl)ol ;md FI)Urnier In$titutc. A her servin~ a "hitch" in the Navr he 3t­tended Notre D ame Universi ty and g-radllated in 1950 wi th his B.S. in C.E. After working hrie fl y for th~ Ohio Stat~ H ighway Department, 11I~ n·tu"ned to II'ClTk for Chic;tl!f)'~ Bureau of Eugineering. \ Vhen ~ J ih


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transferred to Ihe City's Bureau o f Street T raffic, he attemi('(\ Yale Uni­vcrsi ty for their traffic cnginct ring course, Then in 1956 he came tu the State H ighwar Departmcnt an,i again went [0 work liS a traffic engi­neer. H is di ligence ami c-xprrience paid off in r;lpid SlICC(S$inn when he \\ ' :I~ pn~nu red twice in 1962, hulding the latn-T po,ition unt il January of thi ~ )ear.

A.Il i\ J ikc's friends in O istrict 10 regre t h ; ~ 1 .. "yi ng, hil i Elgin is f:lirly do~e so we hure to see j\'I;"(' often .

H. O. Scheer Promoted To Engineer of Maintenance

On February IS, 1964, H!.'nrr ( Hank) Scheer, the Assist:mt Engi ­neer of iVl aintcn:H1cc, was promoted to En~ineer of :\l:i inlr'nance, the pos;· rion vaca teJ by the retirement of :\Ir. Henry E. D ie rs.

Hank Scheer h:tS heen l\ ssist:mt tngincrr of .\1 ;lint<'T1M1Ce ,ince 195-1-. He was transfrrn'd in 195 1 fmm D istrict :t:6 II'here he was a '\hinte­nance Fi~ld F:ngin('\'r in the Quin.:} arca from 19-+3 to 195 1.

Henr} Scheer wa.~ burn in Hol,l!:n. M i~so\ITi, in 1906. He received 11i~ BS in Civil Engineering from thr '\iissouri School of !\ i ine;;, Rolb . '\ii'$ouri. in 1930. He srarted to work fur the State of i11 inois. Ui\'i­siol1 of H ighwa}s, on J une 2, 1930. I n j \uj.!lIst of 193 1, Scheer started working for i\Iaintcnancc in Dislrin :#;6 as ;[ l\'l lid J ack Engineer and ha~ bern in l\Ja intenaner e\'(~ r "inre.

Dllring this time he has bc-en called Out on numerous l·mergellcies. In the 1937 Ohio flood , he lefl fllr ~ou thern illinois on :, one d:lY Ilet:li l and d idn' t get back home for 3 wec:Ks. He was also invohed in mall\' other emeq ... rcncies as Fieltl En~int'rr in Quinc}' llue to the M i~"is;;ippi River'$ annual flooding and 11~v ec hrt'aking: sllrers.

M r. Scheer has SCT\'i·r! on the H i~h­way Li aison Committee for Civil De­fenS('. He is a Rewstcrell Profes~i()n­al [1I~ineo.: r . 11 ll1ember of the Illinois AssHci:ltioll of Highway Eni"rinecrs, American Society of Civil Engin~er~. LambJ a Chi Alph a Fraternity. !\ r a­sonio.: Order :mtl Quinq' ConsisTor~'.

I\s for huhhies. H:mk nmct'ntral(">l 011 fi~hing. which II :" ind mleti Or lying and fishi nJ! ruJ (onsrruaion.

f IR ST QU ARTER 19 64




Crllll'lIl Lab. : Rollin Frame Cll ­

jo~ed Ihe IlIl'aSlIres of the California wl'a ther :tnd the si~ht.s o f the Ro~ BI/II'I ,Iurin}! th e holida} s with his ~on and fam ily.

Paul Cogan is hospi talized in St. J ohn 's wilh a broken leg, after being hit bY:I car at 1st :lnd Ash SK Hope )OU hal'c a ;:peedy reco\'ery. Paul.

CI,t'lI/;etl' L ab.: H arry H )' tH.l11l;tn,

J r. , spent t\\-O wecks duty as an in­strU('!uf with the Kansns City U. S. A. R. at thl' U. S. Arm)" Comma!HI ami General Stafi Cllllege, Fort I.eale!l\\"onh. Kan~a8.

Oon Lofiland W:I~ promuted to Lt. Commander. U. S. N. R. Cungrat­u l a t ill n ~, !Jon.

G:lrn' ErnH started \\"ork nn De­cembe r 2, 1963 after grauuatin}! from Eastern Jl1inois Un i\'ersit~, Charles· ton. lII i noi~.

Allnn Katz is the new President of the Sll ringfidJ Chapter IA H F..

Rl'lirrrs: \V"lter \.vorsham is re­('ulx:r;tl ing at St. J ohn'~ H ospita l with :t back ailment.

C(Jllrrr t~ Lab.: New Springfiei.1 resi(lel1t~: Bill and Sand ra H urt: Leun . Patty and Elizabeth Ann \l 1l ),.Z}' . Wd come to Springfield, kids.

Tom .1T1(/ Par eUll1lm /1.11 I" just pur~'h as~d a new hou~ Ir;li ler.

J lll'k l\ladonia h;ls lx:ell making

No tes many tri~ to St. Louis. Could it he th:1I rhe love bug has J ack ? ??

Physicat Lab.: The J ones famil y are all.'l:iously awaiting a new arri\'lii.

Hitumirwus Lab. : \V. C. Mel n­t)'re attended i1 i lum ino us P avi ng: Conference sp on sored by Barber Gn'enc Company at Aurora, 111 .

Soils Lab.: Charlie Ilartholomew passed hi~ ~ec(md part nf the P.E.

. Ie;t and Dave !lerTY passed the lsi half. ulngrarul ation.< C harlie and Dave.


The Ir,tfJic sig-na l >t'Ctinn of the Bureau o f Traffie ha~ gail1l~d an addi­[ional engineer in the person of Kei[h Chiang. " ei d! is the f\ ssistant TTil f­fie Si~nal KIl~in~er. I-Ie came to the Hureau of Traffic from the In diana II ig:hw:t}' Department where he was :t Traffic Sig:nal Design Engineer for the past tight rea rs.

Keith gr'Ldu~ted from St. John 's Uni vcnil )' in Sllanghai i~ ]tH-S. Fol­lowing his ,L rrl\'al in'-Ihe , Stat~ in 19-W. ht' ,l i,1 u:raduatr work at T em-1"[1" U niv!·r-it),. Ill' has workell since thell in Illil10is ,lOd Indi,ma nlHI is no\\' a t Tl e midwesterner.


!\' n{1 /:.' III/1/rJ)"us: ~ew men 10111-ing tht' RO;ld 1>lnns and ContTl1c t ~ Srcti(lIl are: Pat rick J oseph Regan who st;trtrd on Dt"Celll ber 27, 1963 a~ EI1~ineerin~ T t:('hnicia n I. Pat was married on Februar~ I) , 1 96~ [0 Sally J ayne J enkins. Keith W il­ham. Jr. slarted un February 17, 1964 as Engineering T echnici an I.


Nrw I;m/llo)"tes: Several new men h;l\'e jllin~d our office ~ t;lff . Renaldo Carbonell. his wife, Ameli a. anc! three sons journeyed from the P hil ­l ipnies in J uly to join hi~ fathl'.r. Napoleon Ca rbnndl, of this offict'. Renaldo $tar ted on Novemher 18, 1963. as Itn ET I.

On DCC('mhn 2. 1963. Thomas \\Tjllialll$ transff'rre,/ 10 our office from Distrkt 6 ;IS a Cl:: II.

A J annar) gr:lduflte of Springfield


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (18)

Bur e au N o t es High School . J oseph ~c I'll tnam be­I!;lll as lin ET J iln rebrua rr 101h.

] a!ll t'S iVkCullclI, E'J' I I , was pre­viously with Advanccd De$ign , of St. Louis, 1\10. J im , his wi fe, Christ:., and daughtr r rc.ille in Nilwood.

Ahdul H ameed Do!!;!r, CE I I, graduated frolll Aligarh Universi ty. I ndia, and was formerly employed in the Chicago office of Dc Lcuw, Cl1ther Co. Abdul and his wife,

(aKO. r ani is on the staff nf the Unillrrsit)' of Chicago, and Ray i~ cmp\oreJ as :1 development engineer in the cle{"l TOnics field. Rav rccrivcJ his 1::1:: degree from Ill inois Institute' of Technology. The couple i ~ re­siding in Chicago.

\VI: wish these newlyweds all the h:lppiness in their new roles in life.

Additiolls: M r. and Mrs. N abi Fakroddin 's I[aug:hter, Sabrina, af-


l'l'lasuna Sultana , arc from J im and Abdul sta rted 10th.

Pakistan. Febnrary

R ichard Pai has rl' turned from Fo rmosa after a rear's leave of ab­sence.

l'rtuufcrs anll Drpnrtllrts : Lawson Corlew has transferred to District Six, Eugene Beatty to I ntersection Design ami Ru~lI Davis, Jr. to the Bu reau of Local Roads allli ~ LIeet s.

Henry Sirlllock has left ou r fah ri­cation ullit to go with Allis C halmers.

\ V ill iam Seneff left Fehruaq' I I . 19M, withou t disclosing his fmure pl ans.

Adt'nnClf1l1enls: Lron \ Vinn alld \Vill irun Keene have been promoted to CE IV in the Foreil!l1 Plans SCi:­tion. Their assip;nmenrs are County and T ownship Plans lind FA and FAI Plans, respectivel y.

IPn/dings : Two men in our office have I!ained sons-in-law in the past few months. Mr. and Mrs . . VI. Ozyurt 's daughter, EliI'll, married Stephen L. R ichardson on J an . S. 196-l. at therirst As;;emblv of God Church . T he couple is re~iding in Springfield.

1\f r. and )d n;. j <lst:ph ) . R imsa~"s daughter , Patti Sut', married Raphad M cBain on J :tn . 1 I, 1964, in C hi-

rived Nov. 27. 1963. J effrey Pau l was born to l\Jr. ;lIltl

Mrs. Joe O Xl'ncis on J an. II, 196-l. First arrivals for men in the office

were: Lisa Ann to Don and .Iud.\' Snotlgrass on ~o\'. 2 5, 1963; \VLI­liam Brian to \Villialll and Sharon Deason on Dec. 10, 1963 j Brian Douglas to Don Hnll Aida R~mer on J an. 17 , 1964-. Suzan l\Ia rie is being ,ulopteu by l\>Ir. and .:\ , rs. Rohert K owert.

Mr. H. 1'. GrahaU! is a J.!nmd­father again for the sixth time.

Sorial : Pat Ho~evcen has again hit the theatrica l arena. She plays the part of a French :\1aid in "The Ho\' Friend ," a musical production bl' lh~ SI)ringiidd 1'II~atre Gu ild. .

An Ice ~bting P,trty was held J an. 2 1, 1964 at W int("fland. Those who attended enjoyed a ~mashin l! eVI·n ing. After our ;lIlk lf!; W('re \\ cak and varioll~ areas sore f rom fallin!!. we wen t to the home of ;Vl r. and ~hs. .J anles KeUog}! fur f(1Ot1. re­freshment and Socializing.

G emrral : Ruben Rirnsar , son of J oseph Rimsay, hegl1l1 his work to­wa rd a Ph. D. in Hiochemistn' at Colorado State Uni\'e~it}', F ort 'Col­lins. Colura1lo.

\V. E. B.1uman attended the :m-

rltlal meet ing of the H ighway Re­sea rch Roanl in \Vashingtun , U . C.

.M r. and M rs. \Vill i:lI11 Sausaman, .l r., have bet'n vacation inK in Florid:r. Hill rem,rine,1 at :\ larpmt, F la., for an additional two week.;' sea tlutv in the U. S. Nal'al Re~e r\'('. .

\V . N. Sommer. R. Ko\\·crt. A. \Vllod , F. . ./ . Rush ami R. Garrard have recently attended a computer methods :;et11inar.

Rt li,.emenl: Adolph Connur re­fired on J an. 9 , 1963. a iler len re:us of service in the Bridge Office. Adolph h~t $ spwt six rears work.ing in the Chiragll area on ~hop inspec­t ion of fah ric.1ted steel. He has choien Uilo.'l:i. ~Ii~~issippi , fu r his rea rs of retircment.

III" fIt mid D rll lhs : T om Fuller spent thrce weeks in the lwspital around Christmas. \\1 (, are glad til

oee 11im h.lck on the jon. Germain Runcanciu is renillcratill)!

at 1\0111c after a s tay in the hfl!'pita1. \ \1e all wish him a sl)cedy recovery.

Henry Uogrnsclllrt:t. lust his brothrr recently. OUT symp:l!hy is extended to him.

It is with deep sorrow that \\e report tht death of Emile .J. Benson , the father of Gordon Benson. Mr. Benwn \\';] 5 it prominent attorney-at­law in Ratal' i<r , Ill inois. He is sur­vived by his widow, son Gordon , three daughters, ;lI1d cleven grand­children.


After a r:rth!;'r slo\\" winter season lI'i th it~ dull ru ntine office 1I"0rk of annual report preparation, fin,tl paper \\'urk, etc., everyune is beginning to look fon"ard with a great deal of enthusiasm to the coming of the 1964 construction season. There is noth­ing like a cha nge of pace.

Since the h~t issue of Ihe Ill inois H ighway EnJrineer. the office has ac­qu ired a rll'\\' Fie.id Engineer h.I' vi r­tue tl f a reassignment. G lenn n. \Vorner, who joined us as :1Il As­siwtnt to the Bun:;ur Chief is nOw Field Engint:cr for Districts 3. 8 .urd 9. rrom :tll appearances. Glenn real ­ly enjoys h is new work and the op­portunity to get ou t of the office occasionally.

Among recent ca llers to this office, we we re ddi~hted to find OUT fo rmrc Bun:au Chief. \Villi:un M. D utelle. who i~ no\\' working as :1 promotional


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (19)

Bur e au N o t e s representative for the roarl ~ and ci ty streets Sec tlO11 of Homer L. Cha~tain and A'iSOCiates of Dl'C3tur.

James A. Smith, who retired as. our j\ssistant HlIre:1\I Chid lasl O~·tober, is another of the "rttirees" who has put his vast experience and knowledge to work. J i01ol), i~ now working ior David j. Johnswll, Consulting Engi­neer of East St. Louis. It seelm ~trange to sec both " Bill" alii! " J im" on thc other side of die desk after all o f these )cars. \Ve wish tll i'm both much succes~ in their new ,,'ark.

The newest "face" in tht" Hureau is a transfer ffUlll the B ridge Office of the Bureau of Con;tTuctiull. Cer­tainlr not new to the H ighw:1Y !Jc­pa rtmCll t, though, Russell R. lJads, C.E. II I, joined us effective Febru­ar), I , and is alreadr studying and working in various office assi~nmcrlls to learn our mu tine.

T um Goin's map sectiun lost the sen ' iCeli of Joh n H inman the first of thi$ month when " J ohnny" was trans­fer red to the P lans and Contract S<luad to help with coming season . Howe\'cr, T OlII's crew was holstered hr the addition of two newly h irell Engineering Tech nician 1'5, \VC ex­pect F elix j. Golab, who was elll­Jlloyed 011 J)ecetnber 16, and Urban " H erb" Tinckh:ull, who stnrted on January 2, will help Tom keep thin~ roll ing.

Under the Ilepartmmt of returnin~ personnel . the Plans and Contract Squad wekomcd bad;: U ave " Zeke" Zimmerman, from a two reflr stint with Uncle Slllll. " Zda:" spent most of his service time :It Fort CHson. Colorado, in the armored di"i~ion.

The 1 ear of 196-t has 311 of the appea rances uf being a b3nncr ye:t r for the prOiluction oj "Income T a." Deductions" among the Engineering: Technicians of the Hureau. Carl and M rs. Venvertloh st:lrteu thin~s rolling hy hecflming the proud par­ents of a new daughter. So far, three more of the boy,; have :111-nouncc,l they are expectin~ :m ad!! tional deduction. Two of tltt; COlll­

ing e\'ents might poRiiibly be uf tltt' multi["!le type. Oh, the jors of f:lIller · hood!

T he recently he ld ~inf!;les and dou­hies buwling event of the Association was a dis3ppointment to the bowlers in ollr Bureau. As I un.lerstlmd i •. the less said. the better! It is hoped and exp<""c ted that the team cntries will bring h<lltle [ft(' t rophy in the Sp ring rourn:I1TIent.



By MRl. E. LUTHI ~, JR.

Relirf'mrlfl J)i'l1Ifr: A n:tirclllt'nt dinner was he.Jd for !'o l r. 1-I:Hlk Uiers at The :'Ilill on Tlntr;;d ay evenin~ , February 6, 196+. In accordance with Mr. Diers' wishes, only the "family," M:.illtenance and Oay La­bor personnel were present. There were +9 present and all had a won­derful e\·ening. :'I f r. H. O. Sdtt~cr emceed the e\'ening'" prngram aTI11

gift presentation like a prO. The family ant! di$trict mainte­

nance pl"rSfmneJ decided to pre~ent i\l r. Diers with a set uf matched irons, II clubs in aU, so he could pUHue this hobby with the very best t:quipmen t. H owever, contrihutions kept coming in and other hohhies had to be taken into consideration. A do~en ~()lf ball$ were added to th~ clubs. T hen came a new bowling ball and :'l. carrying bag. And 11Ist, but not least. was a glass casting rOil with a Shake5peare spinning reel. Oh yes. and one ~adgt·t. a son IIf Ruben­stein "Iiers, that will do so 1ll3ny rlJinl-'S it's almost impossible to fi nd ou t how to do just one.

Art Kessler was present and took a few pictures of the group.

l\1[ r. Diers warned everyone rltat \,-ith the nt'w e(luipment no quarter~ woulJ be given, especially on the golf course.

Although we all di51iked [Q!:in~ a good boss and a fine administrator, we all wi§hed flI T. Diers a world of health and happiness in his retire­ment.

0",,11 '/lIIISI': Opt'n hOllst honor­inl! H en'1' E. Diers was hrlel in the Bureau office Friday. Fehruarl' 1+ , I%-t, from 3:00 to 5:00 P .M . Coffee alld cookies were sen'ed. AI)Proxi­mittell' 100 friends of M r, Diers came to wish him good luck and happiness on his retirement. ' I'hc \'anguard was composed of a healthl' louking grOUI) of reti red ell~ineers who seem to be enj oying thei r [eill!!re. A number of the men hall \Vorkecl with Hank through the Yt:ars. some of them like Dick Sherertz. who was a friend of Hanks from way u:lCk in District #9 days. All enjored the lIftt:.rnooll and it seemed that H ank Diers accounted for his share of cofft:c.

Jl"l eeli1lgs: On T uesday, Janua ry IS, 196+, the i\l aintenance Tnining Committee met to compare nUT"t$ and review color ~Iides on the summer

tllaintenallCt: training program. Tltesd:t)" January 25, I<)M, an

Emergellq Pl3nning Meeting was held. Thl !Se anendin~ inclu\lcd the Radiological Monitoring Inst ructors from each district and , ~ number of the District M aintenance and Traffic Engineers. This llloctinJ,{ was tn review the initial one-dar ~ r,tining in ratliological meter reading that has been gi"cn in most o f the Ilis t ril'L~ in the State. Approximately 1500 m .. " have been tr::J;ned to date. ' rh .. sc<.:ond clay, or advanced tr~ill ing . was discu:<!icd ;U1U a program establi~ht:" for tht: instructors to ust in this second phase of training which will start this winter.

Pro/f'Ssiof/a/ Exam: Three Engi­neers in tlte Hureau took the Profes­sion:rl Engineer's Exam-Ferd Schlitt and Rob j\"IcCraeken in Ill inois :lnd Rich Canrul.l' in ~1issouri.

flisirin.iJ Sislrr: H ei<.'n Han~eltllan has been \'erl' happ}' in that Sister Leanne, H elt'n's sis ter , is in SI)rinJ!;­field to rcctive a refresher rou rS(' in maternit) nursing at the local St. J ohns . l-f os;>ita l. Sister Leanne has been in j apan for 1-t rears. Wh ile there, she wa~ part of thl' "ntird Order of 51. F rancis who just com­pleted 11. hospital in H imeji, J apan. The original hospital duties wcre C3r~ ried on in converted arm) barracks. Sister Leanne win return til J apan at the completion of the rou rse.

flirl/u : Mrs. (JoAnn) J"hlt H all­lon, Pawnee, form~r Secretary to the. .Engine~'r of Day Lab<lT, gave birth to a 1'011, J ohn \VilJiam, 011 j anuilfY 29. 196·1-

]\/1'1" E./liplr,yres: Four ncw 1 : l die~ were :l{lded to the j\ lainten:mce Bu­reau. Mrs. Ruth Kola r. :~ ClI'rk S teno~rilpher , formcrl}' with the Cit)' j M rs. i\ larilyn Sanderson , a Clerk, amI Mrs, Linda M cNeely, a Clerk T ypist", both frUIll a loc:.!1 in­surance agency; and for na~' Labor, ~lrs. Velma j erdon, a Clerk Sten­ographer, a transfer from Mental H ealth.

Tr(lIIsf~r: Fehruarr I , 196+, Sher,,1 Nutt was transferred to a Field En­gineer's position in the Bur('au nf 1\1 ~intemUlce from }\ssis t:l11t A-lainTt'­nance Engineer in Dist rict #6. Shere! was the Fielcl Engineer in tnt: Quinn' arc;! from 1953 to August I , 1963, when he was made Assi;ta nt iVlaintc­n:ln..:e Engineer in D istrict #6.

Proll/olin,, : J. rI . Kane, All~ista nt Engint'cr of U;t)' Labor. has b(.'Cn promol('d to Assi~tant Engineer of


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (20)

Bureau Notes the Bureau IIf Maintenance. Jack. a furmer As~istant !\Iaintr nancc En ­gineer in District #~, was tr:ms­ferrell tu the Springfield ofliec as a Fitid Engincn on February I, 1962. On Februarv 1. 1963, Kane was pro· 1110tl'O tu ~istanl i':llginccr o f Da}' L.1Ix;r .


By R. C. ~I ULVE\'

and DAVin ScorT

The Il ureau IIf RC5C;'lrdl :mJ De­\-c!upmcllt TI:<:tlltl} suffered Ille loss of two veteran hiJ!hw:lY engill t:CT$. Mr. W , E. Chnstain, late Engineer of Rcscardl ant! Devc!opment and his wife, Carol, IleTC killed in a rail­TO:ld cn>ssing accident December 16, 1963. and "l1r. Thomas ,\1 . Harvel'. formerl y F.og-incer of Product, Eva\· u:lti()n, p:L'''C'li awa}' J:lIlllllT} 28. 196.J. in St. J ohns Hospital :lfter a serious illness.

.\Ir. J oh n E. Burke is now Engi­neer o f Research :m,\ Del elopnwn r and ~Ir. Don:l ld R. Schwartz. is no\\" A.,~i~ta nt F.ngint'rT Qf R eSt'nfl'h and Devel opme nt (st!:. PROMO · TIOI\"S).

Don Fowler, \\'ho W:l~ tr.msfcrr .. d to Ottawa in December, is presentl y helping tn evaluate the eltect uf lroam insulation on the fros ting and icing of bridge Ilecks.

(Jur new employ{'('S arc: Fred 'Ieh· lie. Jr .. Richard Kinkin . ami Harry A. Leggett. F red i\ l ehlic, a naTile of $prior.-rfield anti a Fehruary. 196-1 Ci~'il Engilltl'ring graduate ('Jf the University of i!linois, i~ working in our Springfield office. Ridlartl Kin­kin and H :lrr} A. Leggctt are wel­come additions IU ('Ju r technical talent at the Physical RcS!:,Lrch Laboratory in Ottawa.

V ince Lauck and jerr)' Poskin have r01igned to serk their fortunes el'ewhcrc. Howevu. our secret"rr. 1\ lary Ann Callah:lfl, is kt'l'ping trat·k of jerry- tilt'·i r weddi ng is plannt'd fo r September.

Mr. H!ld l\'l r~ . .Jnl!,.t Singh (Jake ) Damrait are proud parents of a new bor. Rajan , who arrived Sulltlay, De­cember 22, 1963. Rajan is Ihe third additirJll to "Jake's" family.

i\lr. Rubert M ulvev tOllle a weeks \'aca liutl ttl :tt lelld Ihe A. S.C. E. rrans­portation l'n.l!itlt'ering cnllf~rl'nct' ill Cincinnati.


Chapter Notes Th~ C hi caJ;:o Chapter nf the

l.A H. E. wilt be the l!(}St tu the 28th Annual Convention on October JO and 31st.

The f~ri\'ities will be held at the ext"Jtic F lying Carpet. " the :\ lotur Inn with the minaret du~e~t W O'Hare Airport." T he Fl yill~ C:n­pet is loca ted on US 12--15 ( :\13 nn­heim Roacl ) just south uf Ill. n ( H ig-gins ROBd) O ll \~' 20 minutes from the Chicago LooI'I via the Kl'n­net\ ), EXl'lre:ssl\'ay, anll is convenient­Iv located [0 Ihe lIl inoi$ Toll way. \:ariotls large shopping Ct: !lter~ aIHI other poi nts of interest.

Th is luxurious )lolOr I nn has ,to indoor lmd outdoor swimming pool. a 9 hule pitt'll and putt gulf CO\lr$C.

icc skati llj! in season, Meam baths and nUlSSaj!es, table tennis. shu ffieboanl, all of which II ill be available to Ihe Conventiuneers.

On Saturday night yuu will d,utre to the music of Henri' Brandon :Hld his Orchestra in the Ki<mct Rotlm.

Additional infmmatioll and dctail~ wilJ he f\LrnishCI{ in the ne.>:t iss'!l" of Ihe Ill inois H ighwa)' Engineer.

ELGIN District One

The Associati('Jn eXfend$ a ht':trt) wl"iCl1lllr: to the new employees and hopc~ they have a lung :lnd prosperOu5-career as a Statl: emplo)cc.

The l.A.H.E. \\"e1COLll~ three LlI'\\'

L1le1l1bcr~ since January 1. 1964. IIll'r are Joseph 'l'ushner, Donald T homp. son, anti Claude Koenig.

A'fi liltlq' L t'llf't': The St;l h ' h:1s briell}' lost a few cm!lloyc('~ to Uncle Sam. i\ l crlin E.rickson and J on S("v:l lI , previou:>.ly assignetl 10 rill' Hu· reaLl of .:Hate ri .. ls have joined the forces Ht Fort Lt'onar~l\\"ood , (lnr! T err), Riner, formerly with the Bu· reau of Constnlction joined the W:lVClI

as a Navy E.M . Since the members ('Jf the Bureaus

of Construction ami M aterials wcrl: the only ones called thi~ (Iua rter. thc arm~' must be after " Fox Hole" C'l:­

perts. j aows Ka~pcr, Civil Engineer I.

Rureau uf :\1aterials. has returned from l\filitarl' Service. He serlell his time in \Va5hington D.C. in the Army. \Ve1comt back. Ji1l1.

Up·OJr Ilil/rs: Recent rr:sij!nalions from UiHrict # I ;Lre: ,/;I1Iles Leslic. 1::.'1'. I I : J amts Blaztk- c'E. I ; :tnd

Th omas Cheath am - E .T. II . I.A. II .E. bids farewell to the~e men :md hope the)' will SWI'I in once in a whill! to sc:c the: office crews whell they get a chance.

PromuliQlfs: The following em­plop:~es have rtcci\"(~d promotions in our District, since J anuary lSI: Robe rt Whinen - C~ TIl ; PatricL: Gogg-in - Cl:: II; Dennis SdlTnck - CE II ; j olLn Ad:llllS - ET I I : Donald Kramer - CE I I , M orris Lan ier - ET Ill ; Kuben Nctm·"'·. - ['1'1 11. Our oon~ratul:Ltion$ to al! thesc emplu),rCl:l. \Ve are alwnls f!1:HI to see OHr fellow workers ad­v:l nce.

Trans!r ,,: Distri.:t #1 has heen iununate wough to s!eal away twu District # I D's employet's.

:H r. i\ l ichacl J. H anigan, former Assistant D istr ict Engineer in cll<lrge of OperaTion in Di~triet # 10, is nuw Assist:lllt District Engineer ill Dis­trict # 1.

~ Ir. Hartigan, is married anti has 5i.>: chiludren , did his undergraduate work at !\o!re D~Lllt and then stlld­i('d Tran!portation Engineering :11 rhe Yair: Universi ty Bureau of H igh­war T raffic.

Si nce C<lLllplcting his llndergrad­uale work, Mr. H artib"'iln has been in the X11'y (1945·19-16) and has ht'en emplored bl' the State of O hio, the Ciry of Chicago, ( Dept. of Suh­W:L}"5 1Ind Supcrhighll iI)'S and Bureau of Stree t Traffic) :tnll of course, the Ill inois Dil'ision of H ighways. Whi lr with the Divisiun of High\\'ay~. he ha.l previou~ly work:td with th e T raf­fic Department.

~ I r. Hartigan, a regis tered engi. neer, h;j~ l'ari0l15 aClivities. which itl­(.'!udr l.T.E .. the I-lil;:h\\'ay Research Hoa rd and of cou rse. I.A. H .E.

Mr. John Coo, formerly with Dis­trict # 10, is now a Civil Engineer I I assigned to our District Bu rrau of Traffic.

The A~iation welcnmes hoth t'n' gincers and hores th ey enjor work· ins::: in this "ru ral" area.

District :; I, Elgin Chapter of Illinois Associ .. tion of Highway En· gineers hal'e d~cted new officers and i'll aga:-.ine stHff for the 1%-1- season. They are; Presidrrtt: James E. Si~­ler, Viet P residen t : Patrick L. Doul!herty, Sec retary: josevh A. Sty!. Jr., Trc:lSurer: D onald E . Lo· rent7e:n, D irectors: J. L. Calhoun and Roy A. Bdl. A.ltt·rnate Di ri'l'lOrs: Arthur A. Rae~ler an(1 Neil A. lH ()f·


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (21)

Chapter Not e s ton, AssociOite Rusinel;s i\ 1:mager ; Archie Urdangen, and Associate Ed­itor: lJavid S. P IUI}:er.

SIJcial: The Annual Office Christ­mas P ari} \Vas ,hellion Dt:<:t:mber 19, 1963, at the [a~les Coun try Home in Elgin. Ol'eT 130 ['lcr:>Ur1S atrended the gala alhi T and it seemed eyery­one enjoyoo themsehcs 10 the " full ­est." Appreciat ion :md l .... lI1gratu!;L­lions are extended to the committrc rC5pun~ibiJe for the event.

Tw Pills: The Howling League held its Fall Season Banquet on Feb­TII:!T)' 27, 1964, at tl1 (". Evng-reens Restaurant in \ Vest O undee. O UT­ing dinlll'r the 1I1:l1t: 1l1embcrs uf the ICOlJ!ue voted to eliminate female elll­plnyees from p:lfIicipa ting in the 196+1965 Season. After word got arounU . the participating femal~ re­talia te,{ by quitling the league hefon­the season was fi nished. " There is no fur y like a w om an !;Conlcll."

The first th ree teams in the Howl­ing League Standings as of Februar~ 25, 196+ arc: # 1-PITmit~ ' I'cam; #2 - Ml!terials T eam ; # 3 - De­signs T e:lm. The hil!h games, so far. :lre::f±1 Lowrey-2U; #2 Schnee­berger - 235; ;U1d #J M(lore -23-4-. As the sca~o n draws to a dusc. thc competition for the fi nal pr ize mone,. gets kt'ener. The money pri?cs :l re lsi pliKe - SIOO, and 2nd place - $75. 3 rd place - $50, ·hh plan: $-+0, 5th place $30, 6th pl:lL'C $20.

Thc I.A. H .E. Howlin j! T ourna· ment, i'-.'orthern Half. will be held Su nda}', l\larch 15, 196-+, at Valle~' Bowl in l' onh Aurora. There will be Singles, Doublts lI n d Team En'llls wi rh cash prizes for all categ()ries. Fred Sec!{'\·. HllIVlinl!' Chairman, i~ handling: an of the arran!!I·n1ents.

SUfl/flirr Li,lis: The 196+ H igh. war Golf League will start ~ Ia)' S. which is the fi rs t Tue~day in J\lar. The J.c:lgue will ml'ct e\'cr}" Tues­dar after \o,.ork. until the last Tucsday in AuJ.:usl. The matches will he held a t St. Andrews Golf and Coun· Ir\" Cl uh on R oute 59 .

'So fa r. then" ,Ire m irty memhers who intend to play cH:ry wuk:. anl l thl'l'e nll'lIlhers haW'" elected th" fol­lowing nfficcrs for the (om inJ.: season: P resi(ient : rTcu Seele\' , Vice P resi­dent : Georgc Schmid t, Secretar~': Arthur Rllcder. T reasu rer : Donalll L orent 7.C' n .

P n:sillt-n t Sel"i!:1 stated that mem­l'It' rship i~ still (J1)~n . :mu Ihat if any­one else is inf("rcsten in joininJ;":" tlu'

f IR S T QU AR T E R 196 4

league, they cuu ld tlo so by m ntactinJ!: any Leaglle Officer.

~Veu) F(1crs: Since January I , the foll owing peopJe have joined the El­gin S tafi: Mr. Kalju Parr - EnKi­neerinK T ech nician I assigned ro the: BUfeau of Local Road~ ant! Streets; 1\ l r. Pau l Andrek n. Civil Engineer I alld ~Ir. Rolxn RoJ,:ina, Civil En· gineer I wert: hoth a.~igned to tilt, Bureau of Construction ; ~ J r. F red­crick Zitly, Engineering: T echnicia n r was ;l!si)!ned 10 the Bureau of Materials; and :\ Ir. Albert Lipman . Technical Advisor II WltS assigned to

Thi. pier .. ,. w, .. , ... nfly

sOn is fl'Cliag fi ne anu 1ll:1}' return to work vC':ry shonl~' , if hC':r doctor gives her the "O.K."

All employees of Dist rict :# I ex· tend their "Get \\Tdl Wishes" to both fellow workt.:r.;; and wc are an\" iuu s to get the "hack to normal " rc­port on thtm.

Fm/ole Frotir's: D istrict :!:f I's ~el'" rctari~ arc taking advantage uf this beinK " Leap Yc~r. " H ere is the latl'st cou nt on enKN~C1l1('nts: ~ I iss Sl1:.:LlI I-hnlc)' " Hooked"lH r. Arthur A. Raeuer; ;\ I iss Pa tri6a Ehorn "caught" 1\ l r. Alvin Da.vis; M iss

G. s. McOo~old . Con.t,"erion Engin.e,; W. E. G,onbe.g, Righ I of W,>y Engin ... r; M. M. Meml." Di. t,iet Eng' n ••• ; C. N. ", . licho'd" ",,,i , lon l Oi . I';el Engin .... ond V. E. Hopp"', D".ign Enginee' . Slondlnil O'''! I . C. Oovi •• Engin .. , of loc: .. 1 Rood. &- 51, ... ", J . Sh .. lo" T ... fl ic Engin"" F. F. Scholk .. , Moi"lenonu Enginee" O. E. S .. nmo,k, Aui<lonl '0 ' he o;.l,icl Engin ...... ond W. l. K .... 'n. R,, __ ",h Eng,n"""

the !:I ureau of Right of \ Vay. Sicknrss: DiSlfin :#' I is sor r} to

hear that two of it;; emplo}'Ct"S have heen il l for un cxtemled period \Jf time.

Leo L. Vogi. Assistant D istrict Enj!illeer has hee:1I in :lnd out of the hospital since Novcmbrr. 1963 . T he la:; t report from i\ I r. Dinkheller :Ind Mr. Thomas, after a n'n'nt visit \\'ith 1'1.'1 r. Vogt, ~aid thnt Leu was Iloinl! fi n{' and resl ing well.

IVf rs. Emel ia Olson ha~ bl:cn a t hOllle for the pa~t h I II montho, (' I'er sine(' she broke her ~hull ider in :1 fall in The LJistrict ()ffitt. :\1 r~. 01·

J lIllet Yurs "trapped" Mr. George Dorsett and ~ l iss Virginia Green " j!Tllbhed-off" ,\lr. J on H endrick. COlll!'ralulations to a ll t'ntcring till' in~titution and good hU Zlt ing to the other girls - as the sarin~ g0l:5: "If ,It first )OU Ilun'{ succeed. tr~·. try :Jg:Jin !

DIXON Dist rict Two

M r~. IVl argar('t Kl att. a memher of our ste.nogr:lphic ~t aff. n-cen d } cOll1pl{'tctl tile Doroth~' Carnegi" Course ior \VlJll1en \1 hich was pr('·


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (22)

Chapt e r Not e s

:>en!eu at the: Lo\·dantl CC"Immllll itl Hau<e hy Claude Bowen and A;· sociates, Ill inois rcpreSent;lt;Ve5 of [bit' Carnq;it: and Associates, incor. porate,1. i\Jrs. Klatt received an award for Outstanding Panit:iparinll in the: twchc week course on human reJ:u iollS :100 personal uen·!ollmellf.

The [96-1 ClmIllu llity Chest Orive has been conduded and District 2 higllll 'iI)' empl(l}ee.~ made a vcry fine contrihution to this worth) cause. Twu hundred lmd fourteen employees pledl{ed a 1Ot .. 1 I)f $2.2i.l.50 and oi this ;\mou nt $2,123.50 ha.<; :t1 rcad}' been paid.

At our a l1l1l1;1 l meeting in }anuaq, the fuUo\l'ing (Jfficers were ek-cteu; P resident - R. [. Craven Vice-President - ]. R. Rt)SS Sl1:reta l1'

TrC:lsu rer Director

R. C. Uavis J. \V. Ramde

- F. F. Schotl.:a Altc'rnale O irector T . R. Bi$h(lp

T he night was Dcct·mhe.r I.J., 19(d , the grou nd W,L'l covered with new fallen §now, the weather was fair Ilnd [h e air lI',jS crisp, which wa~ all ideal setting for District 2's 1A H 1:: Annual Christmas Part)' at the Di.xon Elh Cluh. Approximately 130 mem­ha; , wives and J,!.:uest~ wtre in ,I t ·

lerulancc at this ~ala affair. T he main COIITS(' uf the di nner \\';15

chirken fried ~teak with all the trim­ming~ both hefore and aht'r. T he dL"\.·urlltions were the 1I:>1I;11 supcrh although it too k a lit tl e till1c for rhe mnod to get meJlo and the crowd to gt"t jollr so that the ' ·k.'sing type" dt':­eoratiollS cOllld be lI~d to full :Id ­va ntage. J um: Puttorff g-ave SQllle

sdections on her "Co rdoll().''' ' ' and accompanied the grou p sing-inl! of Chri;nnas Carols . . \r uoil· for danc-


lhi. plclur .. i. Ih. Oi,lTiel 2 headqu"rl ... bulldln; ;n OI~on, IIlinoh. Th" vie ... 01 Ih. build;n; i. 'ro", Ih. so"'h ..... 100. 1"; low"".d ,h. notth ... "I. Th older po.lion on t~. I. ft "'D' co",Irucled ;n 1935 ono 'on,i, l..d of ',692 .quo •• leel 01 ofli.e .poee ond "',228 "luore f,el 10. Ih , 'iJOrDgtI ond .lgn ,hop. The offi~.J in Ihl. porlion 0" now O(:cupied by Ihe lIureou l of Mo;nlenon." Troffk ond our odm'n;.lrOli .... ..,rvic" MlCti on. The •• nter porlion of Ihe pict~re . ho .... the 19.56 addition Dnd Induo ... thot which hOI Ih, lighl col .... ed curtoin wa ll. Thi. oOdition induded 16,000 oquore leel of oflin .pon ond 27,000 oquot. f •• t of go(oge, ,illn Ihop ond oul building.. Th. 0;11.1.1 En;in •• , ' . Offic. 1. loco I,d on Ihe 'Mond floor al Ihe co.ne. of Ihe buildinll in the c.nler of Ih. pi.lu ••• The buildin; proifIClion "I Ihe .. Ire me rillhl in the picl ~r., ... llh the lonll ~.rlicol cu.loin woll ;1 Ihe 1961 oddilion which provided 10,200 oquare '_I 01 offk. 'Pace. OUt d"';lIn offic .. ore on Ihe IfIC<>nd floor 01 th i. 10' .. ' odd ilion.

in!! was supplied by the " Uurtaul-­r:l ts."

Darrdd Su nmark and his. cntir~ committee, includi ng their wives, de­sen 'e a biJ,!.: " \Vel l DI)ne" fur this gT:l11{1 part)'.

SCI eral of our emploret:1O have been in (he hO~Jl i tal rea:ntly. M illie Schultetus. [I'd\"n Vivian, Amo N ankiV:l1 and Ca~1 H ()\tman. Glnd to sec e\'Crr() lIe is back in circulation.

Employee~ who have recently re­sigll(~d are Rill Krueg-er, Jerry ClarK, C an' An·ins and Diu'itl Ilraehn. Kap' Lieu :Hltl Eugene D a\enpon lHlve transfe rred to other districti' .

L:1flY Ht':trnWll and Fnlllk Herg \\ e l1( IIl1t 10 see the Ruse UII\\ I Pa­ralle and the other acti,·ities.

Ron Rrandau of " Flop Star Buwl­ing" recently broke his foot playill~ bask-etb:II L Ron has changed from a fOllT ~tep approach 10 a no step.

SUll1ti1m told me that the Schoen­hard n:;:illencl' now have a rood!,;: I)UI)PY named " JanJue."

CtHick I{i".nc·r and ;'-'1 iss J lid)' Ku­fer of Arling-wn Heigh ts II·t re re­u:nri l' en~I~t'd. J lid)' teaches 8th Grade English and Social Studies in Arlillj.tton H eigh ts and p];Hl~ (In

teaching ill Dixon next fear. Chuck and J IIdy afe planning a ~ummcr wdding.

Glad to see G. S. ~1[Don(lI(1 back a ft er a short iUnt"ss.

S:u)tly Struhs. eon~trll [tion seCTe-


tar~' , has r~igned to await the lIew arrival.

Proud parents th is issue are the Bob Craven's, Don l -tbre's and J oh n Aab) .~. Another 00)' fo r Bob, this make:-; fiv e. Don ha~ a !lid and John has a boy. Congnltulations to all.

onAWA A " January 13, 1964, the Ottawa

Chapter of Ihe Il linois Association of High\I'"y Engi neers held a di nner meet!n/! at l\lontera~telli's Restau­ran t in Ottawa for the purpose of c1c(ting new officers for 196.J..

Nell' Officers for 19M aTe: President- Dean Fol t? Vice President-Rvger Cn~gro\'e Secretar\"- Rolf Dcmol l Trea~ur~r-Dann)' Bl anco Dittttor:;- Don Oldman and

\VaYlle Kasza Alt. Directors- Ral ph Chiadu and

D ick D unavnn T rustees- B a r r ) 1-1 Y II {I. J uhn

Bourne, Co i I S II' i f t ,

Claude H eT'5hel' , Her-man l1 ieritz .

Assol.". t: .Htor & ASS()C. Bu~int:SS ['dgr.- Barry L. Hynd

011 SlImiay, i\larch 15, 19M, Ot­tawa LA.H .E. how lers we re well rcpre~entr.d at the Northern Re-Kiona.1 Howling T ournament hdd at the ValJey Bowl Lanes in Au rora. Uli-

(C(wt ill/lt(J (In !mge 22)



IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (23)



SAND and GRAVEL For Concrete



Kammerer Concrete Products Co.

7106 N. GQI~"a Rd . -P.O. Box 327 Peoria. Illi no is

Manufacturers of Plain and Reinforced Callerll ie Sewer Clad CUITer! Pi", A .. cUable ..,,111. "'9\110. Morten. Ma.tle o. Rubber Gaske ' loln t •. Hlghwoy MClr!,.t •. Precast Manhok!s. Caleb Bal iD.,

a nd Inle ...

PHONE 618-3611

Midwest Fence Corporation

GUARD RAIL Chainlink Fence • ROW Fence

Delineator Posts

815 N. Kedzie Ave. Ch icago 51. III .

SA 2·6616


Truck ing Ea;(;ovCltin9

Surlace Aggregate Grad ing

Seal Coat

Mine Service

Fill Material




Hig!1way and Regional Planning Studies

Highway, 8ridge and Grade Separation Design

Storm ond Sanitary Sewerage

land Design

SUfveY1 Construcf.an Supervision

20 N. Waehr ChieG90 6

333 N. Ninth E. St. Louis

lOLA STONE & MATERIAL CO. Stole Inspected Crushed Slor.e & Agriculturol lime

MINE LOCATED SOUTH OF lOLA. ILL. Phone: Loulll'llIe North 5·4286

D. J. MOUNT. SR. D. J. MOUNT, JR. Phone

Centralia 532.3954 Phone

Salem 548·2888

Howell Asphalt Company

e ........ ....





10lO N. 13th SI. - P.O. Box 37 - ADami 4-8877 Plant ADami 4 ... 555

MaIlOOD, illinois


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (24)

Chapter Notes (CfJnl inlld froln page 20 )

noi~. In the team e\'(I1t. Ottawa was rCI)rc:>ented by four teilillS of wh ich tW(' place(1 in the top live and quali. fies them to tr:lvd to Springfield to compete again~t th e !'.Ollthern winners. T he team thaI finished first was 1...'0111· posed 01 Fred l\ l ariani. Art 'from· prIer. ViI: Honucch i, Cliff A.lam5 and \ V. H . Zumstein. The other tealll 1...'01l1pnsed of D elbcrt Hahn . William Stl't:nber~en, Al an ld eRernold .. , AI R ingenberg an.1 Perry L-t'wi~ wl1() lin· i sh~'d third.

A ... the O ttawa I.A.H.E. Howlers are dell'ndmg Stat e Champion". th~ two [elU llS will hal'c 10 "budtle dOlI 11 " II hen tht,y tral'el to Spring. field.

.~lew Pu('l's: L ii i\Iing Chow, C.E. I ; W illiam C. Krallsc. C.E. r ; Reza Shebani , C.F. . I ; Her),1 Tull is, C. E. r; Jack L. Kincman. C. E. II j Quen­tin Co . PletM:h, c. r.. I; Salad 11. Sarsam, C.L I j \Va~ ne Roy \ Vulter, C.E. I ; .l ames N. Vol k, E.T . ll ; ,"craltl E. Legan . F. .T . II j and I ... . S. -' LcKem'ie, F. .T. I II . N"t,·s fl ell/s :

Tilt! month of ~larch fnu nd the stork visiti ng j u~ t once and that \\"a~ to the Beryl T ullis fallli l~' . A G IR l. II'e are happ)' to ~:(y.

On Frida) evening, April 10, 1964-, lhe Engint.-t' fs Rod and Gun Club" and "The Illinois. Association of H ij!hll'ay J:: ngill~rs" hcld a join t social meeting at thc Rotl and Gun C luhhouse for familiariza tion of new l.A. H .E. members.

PEORIA District 4

T o le<ld us thrO\lgh the year, we have deered the folloll ing officers :

President- Les R..ipka Vice Pres.-Ktn \ Vagoner Secretan·-Rob :,\'1cCumber l·reasur~r-'Vilbllr SiUlll) DiT{'{;tuTs-E rv Br$serer and Lar·

n D uttun - Alt. D ire<:tors- H enrv Hankie and

1:II.:k H arland . T rustees-J ue i\ f:WTer ;H1d u ·s

Nelson District + i" looking forward tu a

l ight-he:med I':\·cning of dancing to the strains of the ' Yah Coughli n ordlesna at the annual St. Patrick's O ar Uanee. Qur Chainllan. J im H ein~man , h,ls sct the date for this event 011 M arch 14, 1964-. A good


time lI'as had by all Ilt the Engin("crs' \ Ved: Hanqllct held February 15, 196+.

Pat lJi1\ Jagno left tn work for the State of \ Vest Virginia in February.

Dick -\Villctlls Idt to work for J ohn D eere in New W indS<l r, III.

On the other hand. OiHrict + h:\s incr('a~11 it:; numbers a.~ Bradley Uni­ver~ ity graduate. D ar Joh nson joined Ihl" staff .l ui} 1s t of last )ear and W ill iam K. Smith jui ned Oil F eh­rua r) J uf th is }e;l r.

U niv(Tsil\' 1\1 Illinuiq ~radlla te Char l ~ S:1I1JI}<'rg began I\'ork in Dis­trict + on February 3 uf this r car. Roth J iill Shay anti Dick Dies t lt:hor~t earned their civil cngineer ra t ings upon gnuluation from Ihadler U ni­\·c rsit r in FdlTu:H)'. Joe Lakota ~tant:l l work a~ an E.T . I in Fcbru­ary. Don K afzigcr, a Bradle}' grad­uate in Physics. be~n 1I'0rk as 3n KT. JI in Februar).

Last NOl'emher pro\'cd to be a month to rememher f,IT :\.1a.x SOJlts. our " l nte rSt.'ct itlll D esign EnginC(:r" as he \\'a~ pTo!l!l) trd to CE I V on the first, and his dau j!htrr Roberta, mar­ried H arv!!y O'Bcnar in Chicago. on tht ninth.

O llke i\ l il!s, Chid of /.ocal Ro;uls, II as num inated fo r Peorill 's Engineer of till' Year Award by the Peoria EnginttrinJ.( Cou ncil bUI, although being well qualified. was uutvoted by 1\1 r. D . \ V. Birh of Caterpillar Trat.:tor Co.

Our talI sport~men of the hard­ro'lds, the H i{!hway H awks, have bunl('d rUl!ged competi tion throu~h· Ollt t\1'u-thirds of the season ;111(\ prt'l'­enth' fl nd them~h'es in thir ,1 plal't: alllt' J1ushing fo r first. After St::1S()I\

play. they \I·ill enter the industrial le:lguc pla}off and the cit)' (OUrna­Illl':nt.

M eanwhile , our bowle rs an.: find­ing it hard to hold unto lim place as two-third" of the St:aWrI has passed and first pl ace has ehan}{ed hands ever) week. Barton and Chrisman ha\'l~ hi j!h indi\' idual series wi th a 625. Al ).1 almq\Ji~t tll .. kcs it rough for all opponents with hi" 172 al'er­aKe. Hal Juhnson i~ si tting ou t t.h is bowling season due to a brtak in a finger of his bowling hand .

T oppin/,( the news, SHlIl e of OUT

fOf\\,lml- lnoking men wcre hles~e(1

with little Ikductions in 1963 al1l1 a few more with blessed events in

early 1964-. Th(~"e ncw }L!~ ters and 1\ I istres.~es art! listed below;

"'(anhe\\, H erman. tu Rar and Patricia Saettlcr, Jan. 9, 1964- ; An­dre\\' Patrick to Pat :md Peg O i· i\l aj!nu, Uce. 7. 1963; Kath lecn An­dria. to GaTI' D . and Lois A. Kemp­ster. Feb. 5: 1964-; Kimberl)' Lr nn, to L arry and Becky Ellenwood , N o\'. 6, 1963; Shelley Lynn , to Tom and Sandra Piace_ D C(:. 16, 1963; T racy Leanne, In nUT/lOll L _ and Barban Seibold . J an. 19, 1963; K evi n T humas.. to J ames \ V. allli Carol Shay, j\larch 2S. 1963; Laverne Richard . to Lcs and Tedd) Nelson, D ec. 10, 1903; Karri Dell. to D ar­rdl D . and Pat M arch, 1Je.:. 18, 1963.

PARIS District Five

Ih F RF.Jl K . S1'A t\TS

O n Dec. 1+, 1963 the Pari ~ chap­ter of the I l linois Associ:ttion of H ighway Engineers held their an­nual Christmas I)an), ;It the El ks Hallroom in ,Paris with approxi ll1:(tely JJ3 members :Uld gu(.'Sts in auend· ance. F()lIowing n tur key :mJ h;'\!ll buffet, Jan~ing was enjoyed. En­u·rtainment \\'a~ fu rn ished by the Profrssor Robert W righ t Variet}' Shu\\' of Castro The eom1l)iUel.:s in ch:1Tge of the activities wl': re eom­po~ed of F rank T auquary. j ames Gtl':kie, Dick Stanhope, Hill P atton, " Hud " Shelledy, (';ai l CU!llllto n , \ Varne Turie)', and Charles Rrcker. H aru ld W. l\ lonrol\t·y of Matcrial~ served as M aster of Cef(~ll1onil$ .

Cung'T:ltullltiuns to the Il I':W chap-ter ufficers J isted helo\l' :

President- Gaylc E. L:me Vice President-jerald D. Benson SCI:'y. T reas.-Ch arles D. Latham DirC(:to r- John W. Witters Director- Oonald Eo \Vag~ollu Trustee-William M . Kenncdy Trust~e-\Vaher A. Xewlin T rustre-Anl1Ur C. F()T~ter

N /"Iv "'tlers: Kenneth \ V. Bennett - E1'. I. P:lUl \ V . Ramser - T !\ ­In , H~roltl T. Allen - ET.II, Charl6 D. S:1I1drTs - CE-I . Francis W , W ;ml-CE-I, Eugene A. Dav~n­port - CE· I I. Frank \-\7. Cheatam - f.T -11. j ohn L. S:lOfor<\ - CE-1, J an](~s R. H ann - CEo !. Edward P . Domhoo - ET- II.

f) e/lll rlllrn: Frank E. Rentschler - ET-! and Rohert R. Fisher -


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (25)

Chapter Notes £ '1'-1 rttently departed on !lIait;l r~ Ical'c.

T homas L. Snuw-liT-[, Thomas L. Oergen, £ T -I, lHl d Roger E. Ua} - ET- II recently left on Ecluca­tional leave.

Nrw Tllx t'.Xf lllft/irJIIS: On Feb. 13, I 96..j., )lr. and 1'1'I ~. H erman Kravik. became the proud parents 01 Andrea.

ClI9fJgellll'nls: 'Valter A. Newlin of Construction rectnti}' became en­; ugo:d Tn 1\ I i~~ Barhara Tiffin. daug.h ­ter of 1\lr . and i\Jrs. F r('d T iffin of Paris. A n early April wct1 ding has hn-n pla nned.

f " lf(ltilm s: ~h. and ~l'I rs. Robert John~n and ) Il r. :lIld iVirs. John Keller recently vis ited the T ourna­ment of Roses in Los: Anl:!d~,

D,,"/ns: Ou r condolences :ITC e\" tended to T homas Step and C'harles HechtT due to thei r rccent bercal'e­menlS.

Peoria Phone 699·3956

District Six

(1" \VAY"NI:: Blw ; t)s

C 'J/lst"lI clilJI/ : M r. i\ ]cCull1hcr, the District Construction En~ineer was confined to the St. Jl.lhn's Sanitarium with T.R. arou nd the first of the rear. T he latest report has ' lac rc­t"llpc.ratin!! nicel~' .

At tlu: time th is arride is being w ritten , there are onl y four jubs in progr~s . Lc:s W inslo\\' il' in Chris, t ian C OUIlI .I huil\liu)! the Rvute ·HI h)Jmss :,round T aylorville. J ad. Canady and Cft" " arc puning the lasl few s i~ns un the nell" 5:; hYIl:n. Ca~cy T aylor is preparing- tll build allorhrr bridge over Sugar Creel:: un ROu te 29, and Ll~C Roy UcLay has ,",een remodding the culvert headwalls thrOliKhout the district.

D rsign: T he Profe$Sio n 111m in ue­sil!n ( 1:1\\'yers .\ J.A. I :~, frer loade rs, ant! enginttrs) haw been h,lffl a t

1I"0rk cle.; igning, and rt.'dNigninl,!; plam all wi nter long. M any of the blljS tiff' l ooki n~ forward tv the coming Clln ~ trll c t iun season , w hich will afford them the opportllnity to get out and dl,mgt.' in the fielt! what they hal'c re , le~i~ncd in Ihe office.

T he UeHart-.\I <l cchio machi ne is ~ tjll hUJllm:ng allli has tllrn~d uu t one ma~'e rfu l in tcr:s tate location after another. T he pai r will possibly be broken lip shortly as M r. De ll art i~ " .. pOll led ly b6ng dcvated w Dist ric t C. P. 1\1 :11\.

ElIgllf/tlllt" lI f,· . i l1(1rrirl!lrJ. 8irf/u: I.i ndll Hurrell , C)n ~ t rul"tio l\ Sec·

retar~' , bec:ul1C enga)!cd since hlSl is· su(' . T he l \lcb· fellow is U avid Sed· ba..:h , an Army' man stationed in lb· lI'ai i. .\'u date has Ix~rn settle,1 on as of noll'.

JO} cc: Corbin, M aimenanct' SeCfe· lary, became tin: Ilride o f A lan l\ Ic· Inl )" rc rrbnl ary f) at Ashland. T II('

Address: R. R. No.6, East Peoria, Ill.



OHIc" and Plant Located :l mile. Ea. t of East Peoria on Rt. US 24



3015 North California Ave nue, Chicago 18, Illinois INdependence 3·1220




Distri butors of the FRECON, Inc. "LlN·MIN" Spray Applicator Automatic: Sprayer fo r Boiled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (26)

Chapter Notes

Joe Mc".h and GIM" Gorr," (ha t at Caphol Chapter mealing.

newl vwc d s ar e nuw re;;itling in Springfield.

Big hoom in babies lately. T he higge.~ t, in llulllllt:fS ;tn yway, W:l3 J oe Gr('rn's twin buys, February 2. Rich­ard Todd and I{llbcrt JII5t'11h. Robert [lIiuu 's have a new bo~' , J amcs P:llridc, born February 2. Rich:mi Drown's had [heir tirst Februar) H. also a boy James Willi:ltll. :lnd final· ly the \Vaync Br;~K's their first , a girl Sally Ann, \\fay back on Novem­bet 2+.

ll f isct/l(ln~Olls: Shcrcl 1\U[I , re­('enti)' appOinted Assistant District !vl aintcnancc Engineer, has more re­cently been promuted 10 a Field i!:11 -

gilleeT jc)b with the Bureau of Main ­Tenance. Olarles Burris has lx~cn prumote.l 10 AssiSI:mt District Re­search and 1'1 :1Il1ling Enginee r, and John M cKibbin ha,! been promoted to ~ urveJ' ~hiei (2-parti e.~) on a very high levd job. Rich Turnt:r re­portedl y has a ncw spo rts C:lr ( Gral1(1 Prix), buckcr sca rs, bar, and all. Re­ware gals! Two of the older teehni­ci;105, J :u,:k Stovall :md Hyron Bunch. have taken lea\'e to return til school, and ~illce the laH issue the diHriel ha~ gain('d two new typists, lJdorcs Jones and J anet ;Uiller, and onc tt:dmician, Il oward T immons,

W IAHES Springfield Chapter By J UNE UTHOFF

Lonking back t i l Dl-"Cemher, the \VfAH E's celehrated the holida\' sea­son with a dinner at the Gwrgi:1Il Restaurant. Beautiful deeorat.ions of snow sprayed pine dotted with orna-

menrs and ~,lOdlt"S ran the full length of lhe tables. Card5 were played followi ng the dinner and businti. .. meetin~, :tIld many beautifully ueeoT­:lted pl'i)', t'S were awarded. M rs. \Villi am Sommer was chairman of rhe commiuee and was assisttd hl' .'II n. Zoll;\O ]{cthy.

In J anua ry a large group was in attrlll.bnce to listen to an offi eer fo r the Bu reau of Nan:otics speak and ~'how a film 011 narcotic addictiun . Our thanks to :M !'S. Allen Katz and i\,1 rs. Karl Luthin for presentin!! Sl)

illlcreslinR a program. Our Valentine dinner·danee 111

F ebruary drew a large crowd to the ballroom of the St. Nicholas H otel, A cochail hour pnx:c<lt:d the dinner and ,larlCing foll owed until midnight . The beau tiful decorations werc sur­passed only hy the \V!A H E'!! thelll­seln's, nll looking mUTe lovely than ("\'tT. "rs, J ohn Ol son :1IId her mm­lIlit{t'e ,rre to be commendell on tilt: job they did in making the ocGl.ion the big SIlCCess it " ·as.

.\Ian)' illtere..~ting programs ar!': in the planning for the months to corne, " Retter Il ome Lighting, M ore Gra­cinus Living" is the titl e for thl' pro­gram to he presented in 1 '1 arch. " H Yll l1osis," as presented by olle of our local doctors, is being plalll1tll for Apri l. H OI>C fn ~ec all in at­tend,run:.

EFFINGHAM District 7

New Chapter Officers for 1964, elected at till" December II , 1963 meeting are J nel.: E. F rank, Presi·

dent; Edward Greifzu, Vice-Presi­dent ; Robert Powell, Seeret:lr~' ; Russ Sechrc~ t , "!'r'casurtr; Phil Zaccari, Sgt . at Arms; Roy LidlCf, Roger lIlca,\, Kenneth Longwell. " Bud" T opel and J ohn Sills, T rus tees : Alan T T}on l'Oll t inucs to serve as our Di­rf'Ctor.

T v fill txjst i n~ vlten neil's, Charlt:~ C. Knight 11:1. heell transferred fTOm Squ;u\ Leader lJcsign to Field Engi­Ileer :\ I aintenance and Robby :\ I. Kel l Resident Engintcr Construction to Fiel d Engineer lVI .F.T . G ood luck to buth in their lIe\\· dutie~ .

T hl' fo lto\\ ing ha\'c left the "fold" ~ inct: the Illst publication: T homas A. Goebel [0 .\ 1311 tz & Oren, Inc .• JtrTy Cllnn ingham to the U.S. A.rmy, and Fred Hennen w Oh io Statr H ighway lJc:partment.

Gains in Uistriet 7 - T t:chnical Employces lIrc H arold 1-1 . Nieman , ET·I , Ht n wnl T. H awicl.:hilr5t, C[-1. rerurni'l{ after gr:IJ\lation fmm Tri-statc Collt~c, Jim Hill , CE-I , re turning from U.S, Army aftcr two yt:l r wor and Ge.n t: Fox, CE 11. Also 1\ I r. Samih :\ 'I usall am retllTne,1 aiter It:a\·e IIf ahse.nee to travel to Amman , J unlon [0 marry i\1 iss Samia ~ I usalla ll) , C ongratulat ions w the newly weds.

T he f(tllowing" birth~ were recorded: Laur:t Mllric. September 22 to Mr. and li n. Ronald H akman ; J ulie Ann, Uccrmhcr 23 to M r. and M rs. Robert P owell; and Brenda Sue, J an­lIarv 19 to .\1r. and Mrs. Arthur F Ul:stin~.

Con~ratulations to Sam Finley UII his marriage lin lJecember 2 1, 1963 to Cher) I Kay.

\Vt extend ou r sJ rnpathics to Mr. I. C. Btis; on th t death of Ilis sister ; to J\"l r. fL Il . \Valttrs on rhe death of his .mother: to M r. Puul Petard on tht' JI."".uh of his fllther; and 1 1 r. Charles KniJ!:ln on the de;\th of his father .

Congratulations to Ron M ount un paSSin~ the examination for his Regis­tered Professional Ellginttr's liccnst'.

The Petard and Zacca ri Cl an~ have purchased new homts. .\Jan)' IIlIPIl} Ilropt'rt} t ax re l urns.

New members IAH E as follows: Ell"Ctt{\ to Active M cmher$hip-i r:1j Khurralll!", Drmald Kenl1easter, T er­r}, 1liller. Gt'ne Fox. Gar). Kruger, Otmar Sp!': th and Kennelh lVi l!. Elcctc(1 to Associate M embership -Neil Earnest, .\'l ich acl KIHl, Robt:rt _Grar. and James Dix.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (27)

Chapt e r Notes Congrnwlations to \Varne Clausius

un hi; l"ngagement to ,Hi,;., Annette Piontek. The wedding date has been sct for June 20, 196+.

CARBONDA LE District Nine

Ih \Y. E. STAI.UIA .-':

T hc Carbundale D istrict h.ul its A nnual Christillas Party lit the IHar­ion Travelod~e in De(l"lllher. . All reports indicate a good time was had b\' ,ILL F our recent retirees wen: p"re"ented with gifts as follows : .\1. p. (jouidm, :l gift ccrti/iciltc at the ./;u.:ksun Country Club; C. L. Smith. a transisto r radiu ; and F. \V. Burish­and E . D. H arward, wristwatche;, Their wives were also hunored and presented with French purse sets.

There have heen numeruus changes in aSS il':111l1cnts the past few months. Rumors arc that a weeklv score sheet will he required to kn'ow who is working where. In C:lI1structioll. for example, Bob Appleman hus been transferred to Springfield as a Bu· reau Field Supervisor; Chester H'lger ha~ bren transferred to the Bureau

of :\ I att:rial~; H arry Kay has moved to the Bureau of Right of \Var, as U t ilities Engineer j and Jim E v,m$ ha~ taken Chester Razor's place in the Bu reau of .Vlaintenance. Clu'stcr hns j~~t recrntiy been tr~nderred t(l O c­sIgn.

Else where in Constructill11 Charlc~ :\ l iller . ./ ohn l\ i ann, and Leonard F inke are still in Metropol is fight ing the cold. cold winter. \Vc under­stand that ./ohn will soon be leaving \/ ,; fur i1 tour of dutv in Th ;libmd a~ a Second L ieu tenant in the Cnrp~ llf Engineers.

On the 1 nterstate, Bill Stew~rt. Dick Brake . Dale Usher , Vic Ritter. Hank J\il allow, J oh n Emison, Krn­nelh Rowe, Jess Storr. Ned T yler, and Dale Bailey arc busr trying tu get 1111)1'( secrions opened between 'Vest Fr; lnkfOTt and the llorth Dis­trict line. IVlarion \Villiams, an old hand in this area, will be st:l rd y lllis;ed this su mmer. lVi arion has just re­cend)' rcsigncII anll accepted cmplo),­Illent with the T ennessee lI il!'hll'ay Department.

EUl!; c ne Ei se nhau er. the prouu

£adler of a recent tax deduction , named LJanili Gene, is busy staking a new section between Interstate 57 ami Route 37 ncar Goreville. Ralph ColIey and Rill Zieba, although Hill recuperating from their autu accident a fell' monti1$ ago, are both h:u:k to work on th e bridge job near G ukond:l. \:V~lrren Kiefer, Donald Cr;me, Clrde llIake, and sevenl! others are spelllling the wintrr in the DI~sigl1 Office or on survey par­ties wllil" Con~tructi()n work h l\~ slacked off.

T he meeting hrld between thl~ Bu­reaus of .\lateri~1s and ConJe'tructiull for the purpose of creating better re­lationships IlIld understandillgs pron"d to be l 'eT}' successful and enlighten­ing. Speaking of M atrri;rl~ , \q:.: un­derstand that I-I. C. ( D uke) Ker­wflth , whu underwent cataract SUT­

gC'Ty early in January, is recovering nicel)'. Best of luck to you, Duke. Anuther .Vlateri.rls man, Larry Spen­cer, bit the tlust- l mean was mar­ri('d last November. Best of luck to you too. Larry.

The B un~;lU of .\iaintemmce is di~-

For the ultimate in traffic signal efficiency, get ELECTRO-MATlC® VOLUME-DENSITY CONTROLS

Intersections, where it is essential that the right of way be apportioned with absolute maximum efficiency, can best be signalized wilh Eleclro-Malic Vo lume-Density Controllers. This type of control balances the green $treet volum e and rate of flow against the number and lenglh of time cars .... ait against the red lighl. Balh T .... o-Phose Model l022N, and Three-Phase Madel1033N are available.

For deloiJ$, write or call

Exclusive Dldributol 111 1J1II10R for:

• ~ 'f • I,; /I " ,/I'll

-"'1'.-'\;'\ I~ ,

,/"\ . <\/"'., -

,~ ..,!'; .. , .'.', , ,~

,. '11



~"( . . ,<-\


Chicago 2, Ill inois T et : DEarborn 2-5696


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (28)

Chapter Notes 1'1i1~inl! 11 new M"crrtary. Ida IVl ichael , who rClllac~ I...,avcrn \Vtlltors. La­I'('r n b('(:ame Mr. _HaeLeod's ~ecre­tan' when F riC'da ~Iathis retired last Dc~cll1bcr. Also new in M aiute­naneC' is Ga),lon Smith, a C.E. II from Design . who will work as a Fil' ld Engim:rr in the southern part of the District with :\1 iI .\' Burgett.

~ hintenant:e rCl'i:iq'd th r.ir two­wa} radio syHcms the hm of J lInu­a~y. T Q date onlr {:ar to car loom­munldltinllS is possible. hut the b,l~e st:II :0n lower, loc:ned ncar Giant City State P ark. shou ld he in oper­at ion sumetimc in April. Thus far. the uew ~ysTcm appears to be Quite usefu l anll etie<:tive. :\Iain problem ~keepjn~ Paul l\liller quiet So some­one cl5C ca n ta lk. Ro~ :Vlc)cr . A. B. Bailey, .\-l ax RUTj!ett , Ed l\ l iUer, Garlon Smith . Carl DeWitt . Ro\ De:Fon and Juh n I mln~ ;'lttended ~ very in formati,·!:, and \\'dl--organi zed tr;lc tor service sdlOol ~ lX.Insored hy the International H arvcster CAmpa­ny.

The Bureau o i R i~h t of \Va~' was included in the Pl'7sonnel changes a lso, The f:mliliar face of Paul Ram­sey lI"ili he missed a~ he has heen transferred to Dislrlct 5 to become­a Reviewing Appraiser. H arry Ray has joined Ri~ht of \I/ar ,l~ was men­t:oned pre-viousl}'.

Harney Camllbell is bllCk to work Hlter having j us t rr rurned frOIll a "err enjorable vacation trip to M is­sissippi. Uoh Smith is husy h,rndl ing the R ight of W ar portion of the Cu:;t St udy. Bud A lle-n is ~ti11 "hur­ing" r ight of wa~' east of )"la rion, S ... idney Smith i. "lost" in the Union County Forest. \-Valt Unsell and ./ ohn l-I o3gue are li nishing in F'r;rnk­lin Coun ty "again." and Bus ter El­liott is re-- rc\'iewin~ Pulaski County.

The Di~trict Nin~ Bureau of De­siKn lost its Office Engineer to thl' " Old Retirement Bug" on December 20. 1963, when George ChenO\\'eth packed up his J oint City-State Re-so­lu tions, brillge- inspection reports, rai l road crossings. and golf stories, 11011 \';tcate-{l his {le'sL: in favor of warm cl im ates, grass Ilree-Ils. and the fri end ­Ir surroun{linl.'S of M urphp;Ooro, ll1i­Imi$. The Design gang ~urpri s~d G{'Orge \\'ith a 1!:ifr cert ificaTe to th l' locid Cou ntfr C luh, a poem. and an [xecm ive- Color Hoole

The positinn of ORicl' Engineer WaS filled on Februan' 10, 196-1 , hI' Rolx- rt .\f cCo rmidr. -who comes t~


us from tile Dist rict 9 Bu reau of LocHI Roads and S trtets. Rob's posi· tion in Lncal Roads was fill ed hy Rill ~I unsoll , II'ho has been a Re~ i ­dent Engimer in Cunstruct iun for the pas t several yc-ars. H arol.l H of­~ t e lter. senior Field L!l ~inl't'r for Local Roads. a lthouj!h p l eas~{l \\"itll Rill's appointtl1e-nL is qu ite cnllcernt ll a lwut the increasing !lumber of tee· totalers and non-smokers su rround ing him.

Alex Zc(hal lS and his wife, Bar­oa ra, spent a glorious wi nter \\'e-ek on the ~ k.i slopes of Colorado. t rain· ing fo r the 1968 Olpnpic Wintrr Gamrs. H is long tr ill hornc W:lS en­lightencI\ no eml when, upon :n·riva1. he received word that he had sue­cessil'eir pas.-;c:d his P.r. cxam ination.

With the survey for F.A.1. 57 sou th of Vill a R idge toward Cain} nuw be-illg fe- nclI'cd. Russ \VillialllSOn and U al"c I\-f rers 11<Ive taken their erell'S If! the area with the ant iciJlation that a fu lure t r ip frolll Cttiro to Chicttgo will Ix- shortened l'Oflsiderabl r O}' their timel y I"hors. Russ, unfortu­nately, has Dce-n hand icapped by the pre-sence of his instr umentman , D on Z ieb:!. \\'ho wa~ married durin!/: the firs t part of February. and who, at the present t ime, couldn ' t care Ies! how far it is frum Cairo to Chicago.

Lo fton Atnip, Designer, and T om Cromccnes, A,;si~ t:l.nt D esign I~ ngi · neer, spent Feh ruarr 18 and 19 in Springfield a ttending the confcren Cl' 011 the In terstale Co--t E~timate for 1965. D esign Lng-inrrf. Dick~lilc}· . attended the Illcding on Fe-hruary 18 bdore returning to hi ~ blls), office.

Am}, J o i$ the name that the Larry .M eyers· have chosen for their new daughur who was horn Janu;lrr 12 . Larry has recentl y bern appointed Ch ief of SUrI'er to fill the pMition vacated by Dick M ilry.

Jnse Ru iz and T orn Bruck have. in their ~ pare time. bee-II hacking th('ir way through the new culvert design manual in an att(,!llpt til come- lip wi th a Iluiek anti easy, step by step :Ipproach to cuh 'crt tlt$ign. T oo many ba rs is their eXl~ USl' fo r nut havinj! u foo lproof ~~'strm worleed up b\ nnw.

Larr) Shoudel and Bill :Vl athews h:(\'e rf'tuTl1I'd to the offi ce afta ;'1

stint on su rvey. TI'hey have com­pleted runn in J!: their port ion of tlw Boaz to H iUerman linC' and have: left the remainder tt'J D Oll H od'-<lIl and his ereII'. Now, having he-come so

\\'clJ acquainted wi th the area, we are hoping the) (:I n design the sec­tion with increased gusto.

:\Ir,; , Sanel )' Sticgll1an has bt:( IHlIC

a welcome addition to the secretar i;!1 staff. /lOW aidin~ MiJge Gr:u:ff , wh<lse hUSb.111c1, Bob, was recent!) name.1 hC:lu {ooth:.!l (o:l(h at ~ll1r ­phrsboro High Scilwl.

Th e Bureau of Traffic was short­h;\Illled the firs t WttL: in M arch as Louie VonBehren and l3 ill Stal lman spent a wee!.. I~nlming T raffic Si!!nal "Experts" at the Eagle Signal K hool wh ile Vern Kurd attt'nMd the HiJ!h­W<I )' :l lld T raffic Conference in Cham­I)aign . Kent P iper has been spentli ng the pas t' ~ everal wee ks in T raffic on a tC1llpflrar)' as.~ignrnent as.~ist i nK in traffic counts and sign \\,orlc:shcl:ts.

CHICAGO District Ten



\Vc intende-d this i~~ue t.o devote the column to interest ing little items about many many people in the dis­t rict and the fasci na t ing- thinb"S that h:tppmcd to them OV('f the wint~r. But when the roll call of reponen was mad~, the interesting reople hadn 't don~ f:l.SCin ating winter things ~or ehe SO!l)eon(' wa~ too hus\, to notice them o r write about tile-Ill. iVTa)he 11'(, ' 11 have better luck come Slimmer.

Tlwn. we thought, out of sheer respect we should del'ote th is space w the comings and goings of sollle fi ne top I r~d )>cople - the departure of Ollr Marsh all Su low iI}' :md M ike I-Iarti~an I\-ho lI'ere c1o~ fr iends of all of us and th e assignment of fo r­tunate M r. C. A. Benowicz to the posit ion of h'adershi ll in this best and most illlJl(lrtant of a ll dis trict offi ces and to Z ij!"g-y Ziejewski to take ol'er .\ l ike·~ .4. 'sistant Distr ict Engineer 's chair.

Hu t {he-n alung came Febru,try 2 1 when abou t :I :30 in the a ftl'Tlloon the firs t o f <l reported onc-hal f· ineh of snow stancel fa ll ing. Hy ~ :JO the sl.:cond and thi rd half inches (un­reported or predicted ) had al so fallen along with the tcmpera turr and the result wa~ pure ma~'helll. E ve-fr ­where was the pando.\' (Ondition of traffic at a sta nds t ill yct an :idcnts galore ~ how coul d vehiclcs hlllllP into each othe-r II"hell they could n' t 1110l' e bec:\use of th e ice and snow ~

The actil"i t)' on the 11i~ tri et's little


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (29)

Chapt e r Not es five watt radio station. KSJ 5S J, was pure melodrama. 'lh~ thil1l! ~ th at were being reported, i f put into $e­quence, <.:ou ld push any mv\'(e ur TV $Cri p! into the pale, du ll b,u.:kground. Rut we decided nor to a ttempt to reconstruct that evening of even ings because the w ritten word l"Oull\ never recreate the excitement of the sou nds of that (lccas.ion.

Th~ Big ,1/ Ilf'"

So we decided, insh:ad , to talk about the transfer of Ili ~ tri o.:l helong­ing~ t l) <I new home - the highly Ilubliciud Marin .. City, The :;can~h for new Ijllartt:rs had been pursued for Quite, !'Orne tim~ and the pn-ss for space at oM 160 had ~otrt:n so bad thaI at time;; the most crowded groups such as Expressways. Plan­ning :111,1 F inger Printing: had thrral­cned fO) abdicate the diHricr.

PI :tnning probably pu t un the best slll)\\' s inc~ irs qua rters we' re so de­fi cient that they cou : ~1 accommodate, even in inhumlmc fash ion, Hill e mOTC'

M •. W. H. lockha. I and la.", • • Highway Enginee. EdiTar. R. A. l anier. enjay I". m"I ... al Chicago m.,tin\l .

construction castings of sound qualify • .• solid value

- --PaTterns for 15.000 different Gray Iron Costings for

Highway-Municjpal-8uilding- lndustrial COMmunication-Public Worlcs Airport -Utili,i, s-T ronsporto'ion

Write for free copy of 16S.poge

Cotologue "R," Thi rd Edition


•• eena~

fOUIIDRY CO.I'AIIY NEE N A H . wise 0 N SIN "~il:~I~ti~.!ram:,ir::,]~I~I1it ••

5445 Nor lh Neya Aye . Chi cago 31, Illinois


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (30)

Chapt e r Not e s

Chicago Olficen-(l .II ta righ t), B,ia n I( lipp~, Oonold Budka, Pr • • id.n t J."y Happe.oth, Vice P,esidan! Lest .. DichMon, and >p .... k.r ... 1 O.te.ling, PC ....

th~n hali its staff. So, since condi­tions were so bad that th~ PLtIln in~ peol>le couldn·t w(lrk even if the)' wanted to , thc}' ~ot the job of pre­pa ring fllr the mun' once nC'w space for the distr ict was found,

And when "A I " da}' waS SCI at J\ilarch first the old dtstrict office ap­peared to ha\'e more life that it had for Illany years, Furniture was being tag!,!:ert, box('s were pach'd, old gUUt[ stuff that had been t reasu red for man)' rcars was finally decreed wllrth­less ;mJ thrown all',lY, other goud stuff th ,l t was lost for milny rC;t rs was fi oall}' dug our of remote cor­Il("TS and packed in tr("Hu rell ltlcations.

The preliminari('s " 'ere handled in sud} effi cient fa~hion that '; ,'\-.1" tla\' minus til'l) found the dist r ict so ~­curel)! packed that pract ical1~' nO fhing was left uncrated to work w ith,

The physical challrngc of moving the district's helonJ!ina:s ailing with those of the D irector, Chief F.ngint'er, and Division of Architcc!url' was most imposing. Aheut 8000 itetllS

Weft' involved rangin~ from furni ­ture, t)'pewriters. calculating ma­chin~, instrumcnts, to o\'er 1000 boxes of udds and ends. This mis­Ct':'llania amounted III 95 t ruck loads for thl' trip 3Cruss the river,

The operation l1.'a! further compli­l-ated hv a tight timf !\Chedu le_ Or­dinarih; this transfer would bt' ac­compl i~h('d OH'r a nnrmal week end , from do~ing time Frielay to openin)! of offices on ~!fonda l' morniltg. Bur entry to J\'l a rina Cit.\' was nor ner­mitted until midnight Saturday which

cut mu re than a full day off the available time,

The moving contraCtor gambled on placi ng a surplus nf men and equip­ment on the task and prar("d that they wouldn 't ~t in each other's high­priced «luuble-time .for·S und ay) wa)', 35 men Wl·rc :tssignell to each of two shifts and the district pro­vil[ed 30 of its own people. (In a ~chedtJled basi~, ftlr coordination, So man)' dollies were aVOtilable that it required scveral \-ans to J!et them to the scene.

Promptly at 9;00 P,AJ, Saturday the mOVers apPl'ared - by 10:30 the f'lltire eiJ!h th Roor was on dnllie. and soon after midnight Ihe equiplllf'ni of the tenth Ruor wa~ ~i t11ilarl }' mobile and packed into the hallway!, leading to the elevator. At 1 [:00 P.)\!. the C"ievators at [60 were put inlo opcr .. -tion and ill' Il:.w trucks bt-Kan piling up at the front doo f of Marina City,

The new dist rict ellgineer had not Ilt:en ar(lund the di~lrict (llIice long enough to do Illltch other th~n stock his desk with pencils :lIId scra tch pa­per bdore he had to pack his belong­ings to move out. Hc had no lime nor opportunit)' to become :lClivc in the preparation~ hut appeared in­trij!uecl by rhe :tClj , it" eller):!), and excitement as " .\iI " day approached.

Bllt by Saturda}' he coulli remain on the olltside as a spectator no [onJ!;­cr, H e made :t call for donator~ of cuffeI' I)I)IS and !lOOn after midnight he hat[ tlu' first cup of cllfft,t' in thl' hospital ity cen ter h(' cstahlish~11 ill th~ M arina City Huilding. This

_lIlo\lt'st o;tsi~ in the Plarlllin~ uffice was one of rhe mO$1 popular spots durin)! the long Su nday hours,

From Sarurdar e\·enill!! AIr, H. ~e('med to be even'\\'hen: frOIll olJ 160 [0 Ihe nell' tluarters lm!l back a).,r;lin - workin!! wit h the lluwinJ! t·ontractors and jOlihing tlwir nllploy ~ res :11111 his cnl!int"t'rs, And a~ mid­night approach rd. he \\';t~ cordially Il i scu~sing rhe si tuation with the new [antllord, Charlie Swibd,

Tlte tliscwsiol1 must have alsu OC('n \X'r~uasi\'e for rhe uoors were opened twell ty lIli l1 ute~ early fllr rh(' trl'k to the UPller floors. After sfil)'ing on till the wee l\(Jurs he rl'turnl'd earl\' on Sunda}, Ihis tillle \\'ith his 1l1 is.~u~, to lour lhe qu:trters, and he made another rour on his own on ,Vlontla}' morning to see if everyone was estab­lished.

And , sinl-'C he had taken so llHtt:h oi the blame ror things dail\lcd 10 ht­wrong, full crcelit and thanks should i:le given Sheller Schumacher who nOl

only \\'ork.cli long' months with the Statc's conuact architectll on the pn :paration of the new quarters, bu l alw organi7eU the moving- operation allt[ was on Ihe scene during the ("n­tire time the move was in progress (exc('pt fo r a wdl~arned time out for breaJ.:fast).

Before concludiu/! we huve bt ... n asked bv Frank H anrahan , heH e! of the mo\:ing COntractor, to pass along his thanks to the engineers who eo­onlinatell the operatinn. TllI~ir 0)­

opcration cu t several hours off th e timt: scheduled fo r the move. Th is, of cnun;e, kept hi m from taking a Iu.;s on the jnb (5ince there \\ 'a~ a ceil­ing on his fee). Tlu: district in lurn, then, passe. on it~ thanks ttl rho~c some thirty emplorees sincc th("ir ef­fort~ cut the rost of th(' operatiun -the cost below the "ceilin)!" being 0 11

a cost-plus ba5is, H aving partially develnped our

membership prugram for this )ca r we find that all of our dCparrl\tent5 arc equall y lax in eOt,:ouragi nl; their fellow engineers and t("chnieian~ to become 111embcrs uf our As...«ICiation. A_~ was hr()u~ht out :H a rrct'n l mect­ing, Mat erials has the highest per­centage (';77<) of their group bein!1: me1l1bcr~. Construction is second with 54- %, The lowest group of ;\ppn:­ciah[e si:te nnes ,'I( 43 %, and comhin­ing what \\'e call th e mi~cc1laneotJs group (tho;;~ with limited pO!fntial memhershil» the)' come up with 11


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Office: 1415 Point Avenue, ROCKFORD. ILL. Telephone 399·65 11


Hot-Mix and Cold-Mix - Asphalt Mixtures

Furnished and Constructed


18ht Street and Indiana Ave. Pholl": TRojgn 1·1I60 1819 W. 119lh ST. THORNTON, ILL. (CHICAGO PLANT)

ENGINEEI'IB m cCarlhlJ Jmprovemenl Compan'j



;})avl!np(1r/, .JOWff




62 17 esbitt Rood PHONE 845·6421 MADISON 5, WISCONSIN

FlftSr QU AR TER l tl. "

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (32)

C h a pt e r No t es 25 ?{1 record. Ol'crall , the percmtagl' Oof the. potential that a rc members is .J9 ';L All in all , lxuer ptrcenta~e this yrar s.c.'ems a must. W e :Ire try­ing for at least 50% im.:reasc in memhership. \Von't j'IJU hell)?

Our plan is to con tact those who have never been members by personal letter and invite them to attcnu a meeti ng in the /leon futu re, wi th some e:l:planatioll 01 just wlwt thl~ fu~ol'iari()n meanS to it3 l11l'mhcrship, AJ~, we pl:m to con:act, in the ~ame manner, tho.~e who howe been S lIS­

pcndrJ ,JIlIl CIR'uurat,:c thrll1 to return to ti1(" fold.

The targer for the completion Oof this I)ian is that of the April nweting. \Ve hope we ha\'t' a real turnullt. bOlh Oof ou r regular membe rship ;lIIU that Oof our prospective membership,

\Vith the pr01llotioll of :\il r. FnLllk H ans ford fru m Supt'·\'isor to D i,triet Const ruction En~ineer. we I!a~'c :1 new addition to the Sourhll'l"S t 1::.'1:. p ress\\'ar f()rce.~ . Art Kr~utzI.Hlrg. a~ SU]lervisor, shoulll bt a great hdp in meetin/! our O ctober completion llate.

Bill \.yin, furmerly unc of Chet l)\~Zel'5 :~~s i stanb in the construction office. has finally sel'cred the umbil ical l-ord . He took tll"O of his il'Y t ~ pe 5uits down to .\'b x\ld l st ree t , tT :l.lI~·d them fur a suppl~ of w,l!;hables :1I1d he is now geuing his fee t lllud!!)' with the Kolton g:iIlg down un the Cal· Sag Chan nel. Uill \1":1$ am:lzed In fi nd ou t thal a hullduzer ;Joo nOt one of those fnur legg~d animals at sil'Sta till1(". \Vc wish him hu.:k.

Rumor has it that District 10 is lighting this year fur the dolphin Routers t rophy - het\\'een tlw Lawn· d:lle and tilt· C:J·Sag jobs lI"e'\'c gut a substantial lead 0 11 :'nwone else in the Ttl nn inf'. .

M r. Brunke - formerly Di~t r i ct

Construction Engineer - has rapid­ly hecome \'erscd in the \\":t~S of the Contnll·tor. It is undersltlOll his dav usually begins around 6 :00 i\.i\ i. lI'i th a phone call to ~011le un,us· !>Ccting Reside.nt £nginecr. lI"ak.ill~ the poor soul with om' of those car l ~ morning- iUlponderah! cs. Rel1lcmbt'T the guod old d a}"~?

MISTEAK District Thirteen

r.orToli :\OTli: lI1 i n{)i~ H i)!:hwar En)!:inecr .\ l aga7.inc weiClunes uur newest D istrict, locatcd in i\listeak. Jll inois, to Ihc pages of our public:I' rion. For those of you who mar he unable to lucate i\ l isteak, Ill inois on }our maps, please refer to the U.S.C. & U .S. Sur\'ey i\ I ap of the Cotcha· watah Indian Re:;cr\"ation. i\ l is teak is IOC:l ted at the intersection Nurth lines of Section 26 and Section 2, Tuwnship ~1. North Range 36 I£as t of Ihc 5th Prinl-iral i\Icri"a n. G ot· ril:t\I':ltall, Illinois.

Rv C. "'OTE LY R l'SCH. P.E.. P.U .. P.O.'d.

As the newest and n\()H trivial District , .M is tea!;; is b} far the must inact ivc. and wi ll devotc its port ion nf th i~ tine magazin e to kt:eping th e other D istricts informed of all the DC]Mrmu'nt,,1 news in our ~auti iul nell' 1/ 6+ ac re blrilding-. Although wc arc ~ till in the process flf com· plt'ri ng our technical staff . it \\'a~ felt Ih:lt our present undermanned de· p:lrlm elllS coult! provide enough in· tl'resting and uninforrnat in· ncw~ to make our "debltt" in this issue of the JI1inoi~ II if;!hway Engineers M aKa-ZII1!' .

FROt\! TIH: HUREA U O F : /)uign: T he hil!h' llowt'Tl'd hrain$;

of (Jur Design Dl'p:lrtmcnr heads ,He

hll!1lmin)! in high /!ear as i\l istea\: 's first major Desi~n problem- Ingress and Egress-to and from ) l isteaK­is beginning to tah sh:lpe. :\ll cl\'in Smathers' surl'cy crcw is husr, dawn to dusk. lin the selection and lal"out IIf :\ su itable mu tc. So far, the best­suir ed location appears 10 he the foot· path , used by the Gotchaw:lmh$, dmt leads 10 the old Rint·chipping groun;{s. Lots of luck, !\lel!

klulrridl : Thc IVl aterial s l)cpart· 111t'11I is sti ll "Wailing dlc :u r i" ,,1 of t't.j uipment II il h which they shall at· tempt to outfit a labur:twrr second to nOIlt'. It is rumored that the eljuip· mmt rNJuisitions :'ellt to Orville &. \Vilhu r \Vright . Inc. rermlin unan· sWl.'red. None rile less, our field crcw is bU5}' I{alheriug samples along with obtaining a fine collect ion of arrnwhealk

C Olllf rll r lirm : Perrr Killihue. Uis· t rict Con;truction Engincer. reports that his Q.·partment is ragr rl y "nrici­pating the oncom ing construl"tion sea· SlHl. Perc\,'s theon' that " untirt'd E.A.'~ m ake less ex'pe nsivc Resident Enl,!"incrrs" \\'ill he put to the tes t this spTin£" when cun~truc tion of the $3,000.0000,000 I nterstatc 565 is undertaken. Percr is presently at· tending a closed·door meeting in Springfield with to!l . l e~·el H Pi{ Offi­cials.

R ight of W ay: Uninterestingl)" enuu~h , the most suitahl e lOCation fur the M isteak E'l:presswaJ ( the 0111 GOII;hall'atah footpath ) w ill pH'· sfnt :t major R.O. \ V. acquisi tion prohlcm bec:Hr.se a la rge pmtinn of the ruute paSSts throllgh the Olt! Gutcha\\'~t:th Chiefs' reti relllent home ( and man)' of the nld Chief~ are ex· tremely influenti al- arlll violent! ) I rving R .I~anacre, D istrict R .O .\\' . Engineer. reports th at two apprai~t'rs

Rockford Blacktop Construction Co.


Bituminous Macadam Paving ~ Bituminous Application - Pre·MilCed Patching Material

Parks and Private Drives-Grading-Gravel and Crushed Stone

1615 W .. tthe.tet Or .. Rocklord. III.

ShOpll-Bor t.lon 51.. Love. Pork. 111. Pbon. - 877.7475


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (33)

Chapter Notes .sent to the homr are "mis~ inJ! in ac­tion."

Perlllits : Smedley Yesubn, D is­tr ict Engineer of Permits, n:pOr lS that rhe lonK l int of Cio tcll:!.watah Indians outsilie his door last T uesd ay was all :t gross lIlis \l n de r~ tanding. He (:1' ­

pbined to Regina ld Brighteres, lead­er of the grOllp, that the requests for dter-hu nting ~nnits were nnt han-

died in the District Permit Office . Reportedly, Smedley was sc;llped in effigy luter thnt morning.

T ruDir: Until n mstruc[iun o f a road network in and around ~ J i- t t'ak , the Traffic Department is bu ~}'ing themselves ,IIl:liyzing th(' weeki}' traf­fic jam of travois' in front of the genera! ~ tore . As )'('t , no SOlu tion has !ken realized.

",'f(/i "fl'lf(III ft' : Th e probll'ln of keeping the path used by [h(' DisHict employees to and from the: offitt in good cond it ion \\·as finall y solved by C. l\ 1 edey BU:'I:h. II e reo.lInrnended that the p<l th he su rfaced with flint chips dona ted by the Gotchawatah Arrowmaker 's Union, elimin:lting the need for wed:])" grading and reshap­ing. Anonymolls- Elgin












JOE TUCKER, Mluouri RepteKa lllll" e PHONE _ I.cIGRANGE OL 5 .... 368

ROBERT SCHREMPF, Sa]u Re pruenlo ll"e PHONE _ MOLINE 161-8335 M. H. CELANDER, Sa]e. Representatl .... PHONE - MOLINE 764-8450 IL W. " Duke" NORTON, Sal .. Replue1l10U" e PHONE - OTTAWA HEmptlead. 3·0U2 Or 3·]543


0/ G. H. ALLEN, Inc.

Phone 782~H]








Vincennes Indiana C. H. ALLEN. P .E .. President

Illinois Contractors' Machinery, Inc.

RiL13&M r


LeTourneau-Westinghouse - Adams - Arrow Manufacturing

Erie Strayer - Buffalo Springfield: Rollers and Compactors

~ Division: Shovels, Cranes, Backhoes, Dragl ines and Pavers

Elmhurst. TIl. Chlcaqo pholl.. TUxedo 9.0871


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (34)

Crnss a mule \\'ith a ('()II', and }C)U might get milk with ;l kiek in it.

After you pass 65 m,p,ll. rou are nM driving your ." car; you' re aiming it.

Another good thing ahout ChriSimas-the prc.~ell t helps) 011 forj!et the past ,

- an,l for the sde~tec1 sports minded H1(' I1 : pi t)' the corpulent I!olfer: \\'hen he put~ the ball where he can see it, he can't reach to hit it; when he pu~ it where he call hit it, he can't srI' it .. ,

A ,Iiplomat is II man II ho rr'rnem~r.;; a i:uir's birth· liar, but for~et.~ her Ilge,

0:,,1." CUII.D "~ I ()t heT," said lill ie J oh nny, " todll) our te:lchrT asked

me wlll·ther or not I h:ld any hrothers or sister!', an,1 I told her 1 was an only child."

" And what did she say?" asketl his mother. ';Slw saill, 'T han k gmHlness for Ih:n!'''

, • • .'

.' .. • .' " " . .. ' .... , . .....

WATSO . ,-. ;/~ -:;.


" ", ..

fI Sll y T A I.1! BY GOLLY

T he }'tlu ng wife 1m her fiul fishin~ trip was work.ing husilr over her line, Finall\, the hushand asked \\'hal ~he was doing, .

"I'm changi ll J! corks. dear," she lllls\\'erl:d s\\'l:etlr. " T his olle keeps sinking."

~J OON FUCIIT A man walkrd up to the ricket window of the rocket

station and asked fM a ticket to the moon. "Sorry, sir," ~aid the clerk, "but all pa!'SCngl.'r flights hal'C heen call­ceJed for a I.-'Oople of Jay~,"

" \,Vhat's wron~? Had \\'eather?" as!.:ell the man. "No." replied the clerk, J; , he moon is fu ll just now."


" And now, Gentlemrn ." continuetl the Congressman, " I wish to tax vour melllor"."

"Good heavens," muftl'r'ed a colleague, "\\'hy 113\,e l1 't we thou~ht of that before ?"

S"I ART ? P rofessor: ~t's take the eXluTIple of the bus)' allt ,

He works a\l day, el'ery day. Then what happen~1 Rright ~tudent: H e gets stepped on.

M othc:r and Father wcrc grtting reaJr for a partr, and their ~oung hew and girl watched anen tivdy from the doorway , First M om fastened Dad's cuff~, t hen Da,1 7.ipped up Ihe hack of "M om's dress, M om knotted his bow tic , and hI': fastenrd her pearls,

The young tlau)!;hter was quiet for a moment, then turned to her broth!:r and asked, " I wonder whl' ther expect us 10 dress ourselves?"


C I .IiA R As l\1 UD

Oh where can you buy a man a cap for hi~ knee, or a kc)' for the lock uf his hair? Can rOll ca ll his ere an aca(kmy because he has l)Upil ~ there? In the crown uf his hend, what jewels are found? \Vho travels the bridge of his nose? Can he Ust, when shingling the rouf of his house, the nails in the c",ls of his toes?

Can the cruok of his dboll' he sent to jail ? 1 f it can, pra}', what did he do? Oh. where can he Shllfllen his shoulder bl;illcs? I 'm sure I don't know, do you? Can he sit in the shade of the paln] of his hand, or play on the drulll of his car ? T he answ('rs arc simple, rou under­~ t<lnd, ll~ E nglish i$ not very dear,

If rou can 'I hellr a pi n ,Iro!" ten to one there's :'Ome­thing wrong with your bowling.

One big trou!>le with doing nothing is, you can't stOp ,md f(,51.


Some oi the causes oi dea th turned up in viul statis· tics records from prepared duth certificates by a coroner:

" \V .. IIT [ 0 bed feeline; II'cll, hut woke up dead," " Don't no, D ied without the aid of a ph}'~ician ."

" Blow on the he:td with 3.'(. Contrihu tor), causrs-<l nother man 'S' wife."

" D ied ~uddenl}', Ilothin~ .<;erious." '; Deceascd had never been fatally sick." "Deceased died fmlll blood poisQning, cau~d by

broken ankle, which is remad.able as the automobile st ruck him between the headlight and the radiator."


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Precast caps and beck.up slab$ In place, Bolls II •• n t in pilin!;:, cast pl8nks ar. hung In piece •

••• at surprisingly low costs .

Specify the life expectancy of poured abutments with Nelsen precast back-up and wing planks .. . ' custom made for variable depths and pile spacing.

Nelsen Precast Bridge Units and Features ..•

Back-up and wing s labs

Span Lengths ... 12' to 40' in standard precast lengths.

Loadings ... H15-S12-44 and H20-S16-44 with or without wearing surface.

Tolerances .. . depth >i.; length U" in 10 '.

Posts ... meet or exceed AASHQ requirements.

Precast Cops ... dowel holes, crowns, and leveling screws are provided for use with all types of precast caps.

Transverse Bridge Slabs ... precast complete with crowns and leveling screws . . . for long span structures and heavy-duty temporary bridges.

Eo" Sf. Louts. III. P. O. ao" 28 III 1.0783

Cha"'poign. III. P. O. 80. 245 fl 2·" 181

... Completed bridge. Del. lls on requut.

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This slip. form paver CQn structs II continuous conerete road at 6 feet per minute

the cost 01 concrete lor second. ary roads Right across the country, slip-form pavers can be seen at work . In Iowa-where slip· form paving was pioneered - there are more than 600 miles of concrete county roads built by this method. Seventeen other states are also experiencing new economy with slip-form paving.

Savings start with the contractor's investment. There are no forms, no separate spreading and finishing machines to buy and maintain. labor savings are substantial. High-speed slip-form paving machines enable smaller crews to

construct more mileage. Up to % mile of two-lane pavement a day is not unusual.

The new economies of the slip-fo rm process added to concrete's proved low upkeep provide a road moderate in annual cost as well as competitive with other pavement types. And taxpayers get the smooth ride they want.

Concrete, today, is the preferred pa vement for secondary roads ••. for highways of all classes and traffic volumes.

PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION I1IW ... W •• h'" ••• "" .. "" •••• III.".02

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (37)

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (38)

J. L ("\ 1.1I0US, Editor

EL<fI ;:.: D. S. PLUMl><U, A n oe. Ed .,

Mag. D. P . fIlIEIlIlICH., ,"5~OC. Hu •.

M all., Mall:.


OTTAWA B,oI. uv IInlD, Auoc. Ed. aod

RU I. Man.

Office 612 South Se(.ond Street, Springfield, IHinoi~


F'~"'';K F'. Scnm .. ,oI. I\SSI. Ediwr


\VA r:rEll KUS8, Aswe. Ed . }O$~rjl VI!.'!I'A, AHOC, R\l~. Ed.

R"' I.I'H D. SUTHUJ .. ASII, Anoc. Bu •. Ed.

r .... Rls

FUI) K . STAU S, ,".~oc. Ed. C. \\'. K I-.ey. Au<lC.. Hu t. Man, \V. E, TUII.F.\· . ASl oc. BUI. ~Iall.

K . A . jOIl!<SES AiS t. Edilor

SPKJ :"'ICF IELlJ Peru IhMS!U, Assoc. Ed. R. 8, l)f-!.I.UT, Anue. Rill. ;\·!an.


J ,oI.MF:S ('UHUUS, A<soc. Ed, GMtY Bo,"~, A~~uc. BUI, I\ lall.

EAST ST. LOUI S P . ~I . {"(lIIlEII' , ,',,"we. Ed.

J . D. BOULCH, Anoc. Bu •. Man.

LUIY Gooo,ol.~ ~'hll"ging £"ilor 3m[

r,.J:ecuti,·e Secrrta ry


H. C'. KU\\'ATH, Assoc. Bu!. J\hn.

\\' 11.1.1,1.11 ST,oI.I.I.)U". J\hJ[, Ed.


CrAIG! [[,oI.GHSAUU. j\uoc. Ed.

'J'HOM,oI.5 FlfOl.ICKSlS , 1\ 5101:. !:I(lI. 1\13".


CA ROONOALE MAl{ BliIlG2TT, P re •• JOHIi 1\1rL1'ON , V. Pros. (;,oI.I' I.OS SMtTH. R~c. Sec. Ruv HAUlS, Fin, Sec. R",y 8UCH,oI.C [(~Il. Trn!!. LorTON ATNIP, JIl .. OiT. CH!STn. H,oI.Gu. Alt. Oir. BOB MCCOII.MICK. Ak Oir.


A. M. K,oI. ...... . Pres, t. \V. MUKfJ.T, V, PIn. C. G, COPENH,oI.VU, Kec. Sec. D. C. OEPoS, Fin. Sec. H . \V. SOtl"lllES, Tre:u. C. M . H,oI.TlJ,o\w,oI.\', Oir. J. E. Hll.l., Dir, e E. jOHsSlN,lJir, M. E. HYRa~, Oir.


Th. opinlo .... xp •• ued III tbl. ma'i!ClIln. art _ I ... c ... ....nIJ tht YI. •• , 01 lb. LA.H.L

OOS,oI.llI E. \VM;COSn.. Trusurer


JA~IU Eo SI5I."' . Prn . P. L. DOUf:lHlTY. V. p, t!. j. A. StYI .• j Il., Sec, D, E . lOll.£STtEN, Tru~, J. L C,oI. I.HOUS , lJir. ROY A. !:Inl., Dir. NEIl. :o.-lo':I'ON, Alt. nir. ARTHUIl A. R,oI.EVU., All. Oir.

PARIS CAYll E. L,oI.NI . Prn. J. D. Hr.NSO,", V. Pru . C, n. L.\THUI. S~c. Tren. ) . \V, WJ1TEU, Uir. IJoN,oI.LO E. \\',o\(X'X)S tl . Dir.

EAS" ST. LOUI S GUN H. S,oI.'\"\· l':ll, Pre~. RODEIlT \V, OIUIolIolO,",O. V. Pru. F'UOUICIC \V. 8Aln:U~Il\' EIl,

('or. Sec. Cnuu.!t R. Buss. Fin. Sec. 05CAl N. 1,,oI.ltSrN, Trea~, L,oI. u U!1. D. HUG!Il, Dir , L CU.L SCHI.OIS!Il. Oir. Rlc nu.D L !:IIlO\\'N , !\h . Dir.


nus FOLTZ, Prt!!. ROOEl COSCIlOVE. V, P r r •• ROJ. r DU1(j1.1 •• Stc. I),oI. N,", " BLASCO. l'rtU . DON OuUoUS. Dir. W"Y,"E K,\!u. Oir. R,oI.LI'H CH I,oI. OO, Alt. Oir, DICK OtJ"AV,oI.N, Alt. Oir,


JA CK E. F'U SK, Pru. Eow,ol.1UI R. GUlnu, V, Pru. ROSERT E, POWl!.lL, SfC,

RMI'! K SI':C'IIIlUT, Trn .. Au" T uOS, Oir.


L UTI!Il L RII'':A. Pru. K r.SIIETlf WM:tISU, V. Pru .. Ronn E. MCCU)IBEIl, Sec, WI LIIUIl F. SAlolI', Trea:;. EIl\\'I"- S. BWEIlEa, Di •. I.,oI.WU;SC! W. DUTroS, Oir. l'li sllY C. ll,\ NKIE, 11l., All. Oir. JOH" E, H " ttl,,oI.Nn, Alt. Dir.


RotIF.IlT E. Cuvr.s, P rr,!.. J OH1' R. Ro&!. V. Pn>l. RAI ,!," O. D.WIS, Sc'" JOHN \V. R,oI.SI'J!DE, T rUI. FU1'K F. SeHOTU , Oir. TUllY R. BI$HOI', AI! . Oir.


Gn.AI.V HOPPfSIlATH. Pres. I.U1'IIl DtCKr.II I()S , \ '. P ru.

l)OSUD BUDKA. Sec. lill t,ol.s KI.IPI·£I., Tre" .. (;[()f.GE SSOI'!lt, Fin. Sec.

J05lPH PIlOLA. Oir. K. :\. jO"!>50S. Ok Fun: J,oI."' tTCH, A[t. Oir. l.,oI.",'Il!!I'C! P. GIANNETTI.

AII. Oir.

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" 'hat is Value Engin~crill~? The term iii relativdy lIew but the puq)ose is 1I0 t . Value Engineering is an

organiud effort of formal procedures <11111 tt'chniqut:s developed to clbtaill the greate;ot economic return fur ('Heh dollar

Spnlt without cnlllp r~mising Ilualif), or funnion. It is Value Analysis perfOfnlCd on a full-time basis by I)Tofessional


h ha~ 111,;\:1 ' Im:u in tlit: I)a~ t ill une form UT anuther more or less uncoordin aTed to reduct: COSB o i m :lIlll f:lc t ureu

itelll~. (specially items ~mall :tnd large, produced in quantity_ It h,,~ now entered the construct ion field where :l

l.-onsidcrahle amount t)i the work Illay be classified a~ "one o f a kind projects." T his i ~ c;.;ct:ptionally true in lar~e

Federal prnjects II-here it is expected Value Engineering will redw.,:e costs,

SOme fo rm of Value f.ngince ring or Value ;\na l ~,;i~ j ... ulltluulnedly performell conscitlusly or unconsciously

on all types of conselict ion from a sidewalk 10 a n uclear energ) I'[el;tr il; )!:encraring pl:lnt, There art' se"crai inter·

esting fea tures of the present Value Engineerin~ movement, First , it is formally organized. There is a Society of

America n Value Engineers. Tr:lining rrogrOlms h;we been de\·t'!opetl b~ m:lnl' orl{anb:arions. T he D epartment of

Defense has prerased I I ll<lndbuok CQver ing va rious ph:ls~ of Value F.nginee-ring. It may he obtained at forty (40 ) cents

])er CO P} from th e Superin tend ent of Documents, U. S. GtH't'rnmcnt P rinring Office, \Vashington, D,C. T he rCljut<st

should he mOlde for " 0 .0.0. H:lrldbook H- J I I , Value En!!ineering, 29 Mafl:h 1963," T h!.' re are other pllbli..:aliolts

whit-h produce a backgrou nd fo r Vallie Engiml'ring, For e,~al11ple. [he book P rflOlI'FIII(lIt hy Hen ry G. Hodges has

a pertinen t dlapter all " Value Analysis."

T ile new V:lllle J::ng;neeriJlK program " ,ill enl'ou rage contractors throlll!;h financial incenti\'(:s to sug:)!cst changes

10 recl1 nique;; wh ich will reduce C(lSt5. T he g<l\'CT11men t and the CQntra(·tOr will shafe in the lust reduction.

It <Ippeau that a nel\' field of specialized engirweri ng has del'eloped. T u he sllcct'Ssful, iT will require tmincd

personnd in various field ~ of engineering and rc!:r Tr:d subjcct; and cooptratinn uf all agcllc:es invol ved in a project.

Above all , the approval, inTerest , and leadership uf tnp management is a necessity.

It IS slIggl's leJ that I.A . H .E. Chapter~ ohtain sp~akers to d i scus~ Value Engint:t: ring.

j . L. C.

FRONT COVER The front cover picture shows a closing span previously constructed on barges

near shore ready to be flooted into place in the fA r 80 bridge over the Brandon Pool on Ihe DesPlaines River in Joliet. Hydraulically operated iacks are buill into Ihe erec­lion lowers fo r vertical odiuslmenl.

T.h~ mino" Hlllhway Enllineer Is publillhed quarterly by the n Un ol.s As5ocIUlon or Hlgh,ny Engi­ne~rs. Jne •• at au: South Second 5t...,..,t . Sprlnl"fleld, I lli nois. Phone 217--M4-21(11. Sub5(:ri,nion r al<;1l : $2.00 Pl'r yellr t o members. 5;ng l~ caples. SO cents. SPI'dll] I~ucs. $1.00. P oo;tagl! p li id .t Springfield. Wine·iS. ....pplie.thm \0 rna!! at Second Class Postal!e rates is pending .t SprIngfie ld , n tlno is.


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Cbanges in Concrete Slump Testing Equipment RY GF.OR(a: H liCJlH EIT

C (JIIr l"r t t Stctif.ln-BI/rrtll/ I){ J11a~ trrirds: Since the t'aTl~' dars of the highway program in filinoi s, much attenrion has been Jc\'oted 10 the importance of tht ronsistc l H.:~ of con ­crete and the rdation of the: con~ i s ­leon to the <lu;;l itT of rhe finished prod uct. Likewisc' much attention has also been given to the develop­ment of equipment for tht determin­at ion of tht: con<i~tt'ncy pf the con­crele.

The ,;l ump of tht' concrete wa.~ soon found to be anexcellcnt indica­ror o f the consi~renC\' of the rnL.xcd materials and during" the ~ummrr of 19 19. the I ll inois Dil'isinn of High­ways conducted (In ifl"e,;tigation to develnp suitable ['(juipment for meas­uring the "lump. A~ a result of the investigat ion. it wa" found that a truncatcd metal cline 12 inches hi~h. ..j. inches in diameter at Ihe top and 8 inches in diamcter :I t the b:tSe W:l~ superior to o ther forms u~cd. ( I )

The truncated cone wa~ then adopted by the State for u~e ill de­re rmininj!; the consistenc), of concrete in highway work in Illinois and is in u<e at tlle present time. Previously, cylind ric;t l molds had been u§t:tl to de termine the consistency. The pur­POST of this ar ticle is to' gi ve a brief lIccou nt of wme of the changes in slump testing equipment th:'!t has nlhn place over the ye;tTS.

In 1920 Tht': American Society for T,cst ing lVl ater:als promulgated a specification for tile cons.is tency tCS t under the heading- " Tentat i\'e Spexi­#ications for \Vorbhil ity of Concrett: for Concrete Pavements", Serial De­s ignation 0 -20'1', It specified a trun­ca ted roue-shaped ml:taI mold of the same size :L~ mentionell above and that the mold shuuld be prO\'idcd wi th hand les at the sid~. In 1922, AST~ I ind utlec "T entati\,c rt,ll cthod of T est f()f Consistency of Portl:lnd Cement Concr('te'", Serial D esigna­tion D 13H-22T , T he mt'a~u rement of the mold remai ned the same but it ~tattd That rhe mold shall be provided with fOM pi<."i::cS in addiriun to the handl('~.

(rl lmn ... i ~ Ilil-!hwar EUJ.: inttr Maga­z;nf, 1962, Fir~t QuarTu Vul. XIV, No.1, page 6.


Figure 10

Figure 1 b

Fil!lIn:~ la and Ib sholl' the ~llIml1 t('Sf bting pcrfllTlll!"d ;]ccordinll: the .'\ STi\ I . The test procedure ~pt:cifi.es that the persun making the le~t ~ haJl stand on the foo t pieces [O! hold the muld duwn. T his causes some inL"Un ­\'cnit:nl"(' w here one I)("rson per­flJ rlllS the tes t as his !llU\'('mcnts a rc restr icte.\. Standing nn the foo t piel:cs al S!) makt'~ it diffi..:uit (a) (1) seCUT(' ~\' mll1etrical disrrihution of the con­c~et(' , which reduces ~c,l!:regatjon, when placing it in the mold ttn.1 ( b) to ,listribute the st rokes IInifurmh' 1\ hen rodd ing. A disagreeable fe;;­ture is that one invariahly I!C[S plas­t ic concn·te on his shoes and ('Iothin!! while making the lest. The personn!"l in nne H igh \\"~\' District even sug­!!eswi lt~ ngthening the f(lOt piec(~. T he- amount of slu mp is dCl'ermined by measuring the distance from the tampinj! rot!. pl ilced acnlS!l the tup of the molll and extend ing O\'er rllC

~pecimcn , to tlte top of lhe slump!"d cOllcn·It'.

F.ngineers han been known to hr­va,s the rl.'!:!ular Shm11) tcst and to deterlllin l.' the amount of sl ump by "Visual l nspedion" which has heen liuingl y referred to as the " E~c Hall" u'st. T his is a most convcnient me­rhll(1 bU I it dlles nOI rompl}' with the rt'lluirelllentl; nf rllt' Americ,m Society for T estin" ;\ l aterials. ~hnr ind ivi, llla ls l! ,iYT ex peri­

menred in ll';ing an attachable b~5c which is cnnn.'llient in making the tt'S[ and '1lso di1l1inat~s the v~riable ind ll(' ("d when diffl'Tc~nr t) pe surfaces ~ rc used on \\"Ilich to §t: t the mold. On(" i requentl~' usell Illetlmd is to weld HIO slnp in~ project ions tu a l1lC" tal base that slope and b ee in op­po·ite ,lirectio115 ;lnd are pbced SO th:tt th ~ fuo t pil:ces of the slumr mold \\"ill ~I jp under them whe n thr mold is twisted I)r rotated. Th is will sc­cure the 1110111 to dlc bast. l\ n<lthcr C()llIOnon means of ;ulllchment is tu ha\'e 11 tranS\'ersc slot cut into each foot piece which can be slipped under a corrtspund in~ holt he~d that pro­t rudl·.' irom thr ~urface of the base. P lease refl.'T to Figure 2 , Th ese t\\"o

Figure 2

methuds serure the mold but when the mold is to be released in order to rai~ it from the concrete speci­mcn it mus l Ix· tw isted, or rotate .. , which disturbs the s\X'dmen nnd i.~ oilsati :f:lcturr.

I n 1939, W illiam Boll ing, L iaison lngintt'r. dev ised nn atllrchablc hase


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Figure 30

Figure 3b

Figure 3c

that could be llsed in the laboratorr or ill the field :md is shuwn in Figure.~ 33. 3b and 31.:. Figure 3a ~ho \\'s the equipme'll t ready for a test. Each loot pi«t': has :m upt'ning cut into it th:n fits on:r a I.e\" attaehtd to thl' b~ and the mold i-s ~tcurtd by turn­ing the k~"S cros:m ise pver the opcn­ings. The' Jump m(JI,! is rel eased hr turning the keys parallel to the openings. Tht: concrete is lIot dis­turbed in rdca!ling the mold. Figure 3b ~h(ms the method o f measuri ng the slump. 1~ slump mold is pl aced out un the handle ~ of the base and a special t:unping rod, \\ ith ;1 scale in­scnfif in a slit in thC' handle of the rod. i." plaa:d :It'T0>5 the top of the mold to rMaSUft: the slump. The


eq\lipmt'nt 1$ portable as shown in Figure 3c. A fUllnei an.1 a scoop Gill

be placet! inside the muld before at­taching the mold to the base and the tamping rod is insertcd into SCl'cral hules in the wooden framework of rhl' I');\se. The surface of the base is cOl'ered with galvanized metal. A Ilumber of these slump te·-ting kit~

have been used ill H ighwar District 6.

Figures -h and -l-b show vicws of a n 'pe of attachable base that was ("on­structed for use in the concrete labor­:ltory of the Hureau of J\htcrials. Tht' surface of tilt' base is a 3/ 16 inch aluminum plate, There arc ~crcws that clamp and S~'C\lre the 11101d, T\l(' foot pieces of a regulatioo ASTM slump mold were rcmOl'('d alld snip;; of metal Inrc attached that t:xt~I1II~" out to the damp". Figur~ .J.h ;d~o sho\\·s an angular Illt:a~ufi!lg device that Gill be used in measuring tht slump when there is not cno\J}!h mom to set the slump muld on The lW"t:, Th e horizontal mnnber is 12 inclll'S from the base and the wrtical dis­tance to the concn' te spn'i lllen is mea­sured to detefmine rhe slump.

The.e was ~n()thcr tvpe of ~ fabri­ca ted attachablt' base tllat was madt: aV:lil~ble to lhe lllinois Highway Districts on a trial b:c;is. T he ha.-.e was made of aluminum plate lind the clamps were iashiom'd of iron and wefe designed tI) fit ovt:r the foot pieces of a regulation AST:\f slump mold, Sec Figure 5. The under sur­hce of the cbmp tlwt touched the foot, piece was s]-npinj! and as it W,IS

tUffled over the foot pieet it forcell the foot piece down and securt:d the mold. It w~~ the rel'erse of the manller nf attachment previously mentioned where the foot piect turned underneath tht clamping ti>;· ture. T he slnmp waS llle~sured ill the u~ual mann~r by bying toe rampinl!' rotI across the top of the molJ when the mold was plactd as far out OJ)

the handle as pOssihle. tt was portabll' a;;. the slump mold CQulJ he attarhed In the ti nder ~ide of the base,

After mallY sugKestion~ and idt:ts hom the pcrsonl1l'l in the n urt:au of :\hterials and in H ighway Ui~trict 6, the followi ng slump testing kit eWJi­ve,l as shown in Fij!un:s 6a, 6h and be. T he haEC prt'J per, d ;uups and 1l<lndle art' ca~t ill ",ag!le.~ i Ul". Figure 6a show~ th e equi]lmen t set up fur usc, while Figure 6b ~ho \\'~ the items in­cluded ill the kit and also sho\\'s til(' movable handit of th t base raised over the cunnet(' specimen , The horizontal portion of the rai~eJ handle is 12

(C~nlj'lll rJ ON PIJ. {/, 5)

Figure 40

Figure 4b

Figure ~

Figure 6a

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Bright white, smooth as silk . .. after a 12,227,500' traffic count!

BETTER BRIDGE DECKS A t"fiTn wearing -co urs e of Wy to n to resur f ace and p ro­tect the d e ck means lighter wei ght and fewer drainage problems where cu rbs and gutt e rs Ilre involved. Wy ton colo r match maintains concrete co lor co ntinuity. eliminates che c ker board effects.

NEW ! WYTON COLD PATCH Concrete color matched to eliminate unsightly blac k patc hes .



Write now for new data on safer, smoother. brighter llithways with Wy/on color VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORPORATION

330 East Grand Avenue · Chicago 11, illinois

1111_1 .... , ....... ontarl .. ' YoIO!<ol ,m_,-... , Cot •.• c ..... ... 0 . .... UI1. H ...... D.., ....... a.WJ.

Associlt. """,w; Ame,lclft MOld Bulldfl1 AnodllXln • Haticnl' Bituminou Contm. An«iltloft

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Tech nician Society "Off the Ground"

Ninet«n Jllinoi.s c:nginttring le<:hnici­

aDS ""ere praent in lndDD2poiis, lo.hy 9,

at ~ xcond ll'II:'tting of the newly

formed Anxricm Sociel)' of Certified EDg~~ Tec.hnicUns. PuIJlO5C of the menmg wu 10 3cqlUint Centnl Region

( Illinois.. .IndWu. Ohio, Michigan, Ken­lucky. rlSConsin, 2nd West Virginia) ~ ,.,-i th the org:mizational

st.n.tct\ln' 1nd ob~ctives of ASCET.

ISPE :dnline mcnbcr John Park prc­lidaL h..-lr.. 2 vice pn:~iJent of dll: Na­

tiaml t~ci:m group, called upon

uchnicims in all centra! rt'gion stne~

to - Xl u disciples in the organizatiun

of 1001 uchnician societies," Copies of

.iI modd conSlinniun and bylaws were


Key object ives of the new organiza­tion, as cited by P;uk, include:

( I ) a 1I11i1t:d voier ( t here lfe now

finrly 750,000 U. S. engineering tech­

nicians relegated to :l "no man's bnd"

between unions and professional socie­

lies) .

(2) h:gis/ativlI (like members of other

orgJniz<ltions, engineerin g technicians h::tv(' a Slake in many legisbtive proposals

:idopu:d by a stale or municipality).

(3) recognition ( there is currently no

public rclations program devoted to ell­

gineering technician s. T he technicians fed that in establishing themsl'lves with

the public they will in turn boost ell­

gineer~) .

(4 ) rdllr(l/ioll ( numerous t('dUlieal

institutes have been 5I.."t:king an organiza­tion concerned with technician stand­

ards to knd som(' stature to their pro­


(S) lI11iQlli:;:afiO Il ( ~],e te c h"i c i"" share!; the engineer's concern over ef­

fons to unionize professional servlccs. H is only hope to 3void such organiza­

tion is to have his own ).

Other programs, inciudin);; establish­

ment of Code of Ethics, grade levels, and

a salary survey, were :Jro discussed. Ap­plications for membership in rhe m:w

society are currently being accepted by Park. Dlles are $ 12.00 per year and all

applicanu must be certified by the In­stitute for the Certification of Engineer­

ing T echniciam.

All inquiries should be addressed to:

John Park, Vice l'rc.~idellt,

American Society of Ccrt.

En,o:r. Tech. , 40 1 \'\lest Cook Sr.,

Springfidd , Tliinois.

IlIi "oi. Highw'"1

ASCET Vice President J ohn Park discusses technician society growth and objectives at Central Region meeting May 9 in Indianapolis. Approximately SO technicians from Liz SUtu attended . Park is a member of IAHE.

SECO N D QU A R T EB 19 64

figure 6b

Figure 6c

(C ,mlinluJ jN. m P"flf .1)

inches above the surfact of tht ha~e and is used in measuring tht ~lump. The lw ndle end vf the tamping roll has a 6-i nch sca le (1,4 " incremenG) cut into it for measuring. The hase can be used with a regulation ASTM slump mold. It is portable as shown in .Figure 6c. The Hurea u of i\lla­terials is making this slump testing l·Qu ipnmll aV;lilable to ~1I the Dis­t ricts in the Division of H ighways.

ASTi\ 1 reviscd the " Tentative A'l ethod <If T c-st for Consistency of Purtland Cement Cun<.:rete" in 1925. 1926, 1932 and reviwd and adopted it in 1939. It has since been revised in 1952 ami 1958. At pre5ent Sub­committee Il1-c of ASTM C-9 has under COll.iilleration II revision IIf the re~ t that wou ld al;;.o approve the lise of an artadlable base providing- till: method uf attachment would permit th t slump rooe lu be rdeast·d withuut rot<.ltioj! () r t\1-istin!l; the mold , <.lnt! wirhuut j,u-ring or disturhing the (00 -

c rete ,;pccir"en. Since the_ AS'LVI Standards in­

clude it method of tcst for the CO) I1 -

sistene) uf cuncrew, the Concrete In­IIus t ry, though widely sc~ttered as it i~ ill mall)' Coulltries. has ~Il excc.!!cnt me,IIIS o f (leterll1 ining the (onsistcnc}, anll controlling tile qual it), with One jlTdcr ibl'u accCjJtcu tcst.


PielUrrs by Anhur Kistler

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Highlights of 1964 Convention October 30th

6:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m. October 31st

9 :00 :l.In.

10:00 a.m.

1 ;00 p.lll.

2:00 p.m.

4:00 p.lIl. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

REGI STRATION A tour of O'Hare [ntcmatiord Airport A II X~R

RF.GISTRATION CAff('c :md rolls for men ;:: nd women BUS I NESS SJ::SS I O~ Chnirm:m Jam~ Rell Prcsidin)! AJ~lrt'S~ of wdl"Olllc h~ M.r. C. A. RenowiC7, U islTict F.n­

gineer Address hy V. E. Staff, Chid Hi"hwa~r Engineer wO~ I Ei"S LU NCHF.O~-Katherjnc de jersc\' . Astro[·

o~er spe;,king un " H",\' To fie H ~!lll}; TllOlLgll IH arried"

PROF ESS IONAL SESSJOK i\ 1 r. (leoT!!/, Sll:tnahnn presiding

I. (\ [ 1'. O. T. Bamon . Ch:lirlllnn of Illinois H ighway Study Colllll1i~ion will talk on the laceG of the comminee

2. Mr . Francis S. Loml:l, Oirector uf the LJep:lTt­nwnt of Publ ic \Vorles ~ '1(1 Buildings

1 . i\ [ r. Rall)h BrO\\'o , Enl{inttr o f Ro:tdway Planning will speak on ';1972-\Vh~lt 'l'hen?"

ADJOURNMENT co*ckTAIL HO GR ANNUAL BANQUE:T K. A. Johnse n, T u:!stma5ter

9:00 p.m. DAN C ING- music h~' l·knTY Hrllndll ll and his Orchestra

The Chicago Chlll>l~r of !h~ rest :It the Fl ~ ing Carpt:t. I.A.H.E. will be tht ho..t w the 28th Saturday will oe!;in at 9:00 a.lll. Annual Cmwention on (ktuber 30 with coffee and rolls for till' lIIeTl and and 31st. women. The \\'nnll'n will 1)(' at thei r

The festi"i tic~ will be held at tht· leisure until noon and ~Ilides will be exotic Flyin!:!: Carpet, " th t' 1\ l otur available tu t:tke them 011 a tour of Illn with the minaret dust:St to the loca l shol1ll ing centers. The O' ll are Airport:' The Fl ying Car- :\Ien 's husint'Ss session will Hart at pet is Jocat('d On US 12 -~5 (1\ l ann· 10 a .lll. heim Ruad ) just .'oOuth of Ill. 72 At I p.m. th e \\'Olnen lI'ill be sern'd ( 1"l iggins Road ) olll ~' 20 minutes their IUllcheon in tht: Aladdin Roum fro1\1 the ChicaKo I.oop via the Ktn - after which they will be entert~,ined ned} Lwressway, and i~ cuuveniemJ)' by Kath erine de Jersey. nationally loc:ltcd to the H1inois T ollw.1\'. var- known a~trologist who~e topic will ious large shopping (e:nler~ <Iud other he " H ow To Be lIappy Though Iloints of interest. Marricd ." This program shows a

This luxurious :\ Iotor Inn has an comparisoo flf hOrOSCOl)cs' of husbands indoor ant! outdoor swimming pool, am[ wives: their irks and quirks with a 9 hole pitch and plitt golf cou rse, hUlllor ant! insight. l\liss de Jersey ice skating- in season, s t ~am baths and has spoken th roughout the (Quntr)' massages, table trnnis, :::huffieooard , ;1Ilr! all of her audiences have bet'n all uf which will be anlilahle to the thrillell with her intriguing I1 re• Conventioneen.. sentatioll and prufl'ssiona! knowledl::e.

The Convention will ~ tart with Thi~ promises to be an elltertaining registratilln at 6:00 p.m. Friday, as well as ;Hl informative afternoon. October 30th. Fo\l(fwing this a tour The men II ill be on their ow n for of O' H are International Airport has lunch and at 2 11.111. the Profe~sional been arranged for all those dcslring to Session will begin, presided over b) vicw this bus}' airfitlt!. A mixer will 1\1r. George Shanahan. Asst. Chid top off the fes l ivitie, for Friday with Highway Engineer. The pro~rarn music provided IH the Hu;.:ksters. L"Ons isu of the following: i\1r. O. T .

Aft~r the mixc'r th~ con\'entioneen Bantim. Chairman of the llIinoi,; ,ITe free to \' i5il anr Olle of the various Highway Studr COlllmission will dis-Ni~ht Cluhs alnn!! "Glitter Gulch" {'UI'S tht" flillctions of hii' committ("c; including Gene Autry's fabulous I\ l r. Francis S. Lorenz, Director of Sahara 1\lote1. or retire to n peaceful Publil~ \Vorks and RuilJings will

give all rH!dre,s; lHr. Rall)h Brown, E:ngineer of Roadwar Pbnning, Ill i· nois Oivisinn of Highways will ~ Ilcak (In " 1972-\Vhat Then?"

The Profe<sional Session will end at of p.m. at which t ime the Cnnven­tionters will he at their leisure until till' ('\'cnill~ frstiyitie;; begin.

A (O\:1.:t.,il hour will htgiu at 6 1).10., :dtrT which the hanquet \\'i11 commence at 7 p.m. The aftu dinner IHoctedings will be presided over hy ~ I r. K. A. Jui.nscn as To'lstmastcr.

Tht: CIIl\'Cm iOIl will come to a dllSf with Jancing to) ri le mu~ i;.: (I f

lI enr) Branden and his Orchestra . Tickets fur tilt ~ I ixt r - $1.00

cadi j I.adie~ Lunch eon $1.50; Ban· q(jel-~6.00 each.

:\lake yOliT reservations carly with (he fcll.)\\ing- DistriC[ Tickel Ch:lir-lllen : /J ill,.icl I .-

Uonahl !'orrntzen Route I. Mox 1 bS Elgin, Illinois

Dutrio 2: G. W . Dickson 1206 Ann Avenuc Dixon, Illinois

()in,.ir/ 3.-iJean W. Foltz 2 Onklane Drive Ottawa, l11inois

District -/: Will iam T. :\ I ills Il l inois Oil' . of H w\'.i;. 6035 N. :\It. H a\\" l~)' Rnad Peoria, Illinois

Dis/rift 5.-Dun:tld L. Camp .J.16 E:. Crawfllnl Street P:lri.s, Illinois

Dislriel 6.-Lowell W. M arkert Rooll1 70.\ Sta te Office Building Sprinl..-f.elli, I llinois

Dill/ift 7: D onald R. Raile}' 60.J. F.. W:lslliogloll Effin)!,llIIITI, Illinois

f)istrirt 8.-Glenn J. i\·Lee1.: 7 [ Hil ltop Drive E:l~t 51. Louis, 111inoi .~

/Jistrirt ~ : Le:;ter Holcomb R.F.D. £ 2 Carbund;ie. I llinois

nis/rirl 10.-iJonald S. Manak 7 N 755 Ash An~nl1e Benscnville, Illinuis FOT i\ lote! reservations please CO Il­

tal·t District 10 Ticket chairma n .


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (45)

I. S. P. E. Convention in Chicago On .-\pn1 30, I 96-l, the Tllinois

Societ)- of Professional Engineers heW mor (On"C'llt ion in Chic.1g0 at tbr La 5.3.lIe H otel. As pan of the CIIIITftl,bon. the meetiilg of the Func­tional Sc:rtion of the Professional 1<:n­~ in Citlvr' rnmen t revcaleo some .... ery intr.re;: ting activitie~ of the soci­ttl" in connl"Ction with current prac­riCes of the vari!)lI~ branches of gQ\--crnment.

During the mor ni ng sc~si()n. Ar­thur Kessel reporteu on the "work­shop" held ill K:1Ilsas Cit)' to im­plnnmt and expedite rhe formation of a national organiza tion of P ro­fr:s:s.io nal Engineers in GoveTilmenl a t all levels as :m effective Fu nctional Sccticm of the !.S. P.E. The work­shop was wel l attcndcd by the Corps of Engineer~, F ede ral Engimers. Count}' H ighw;ty i<: ngincers, State Enginct:fs and nthtrs from ImlilY ncighhorin'g state:<;. The response was SO \\"dl Tl'ceived that a second "work­shop" was :>ehedulcd ,It .1 later date for addi t ion;d study,

In ~he aft ernoon, a report was made by the chairman of the State

P rocedures Committee. A question­naire consisting of m'CJlt)' one items pertaining to hiring, promotions, and tran~fers W'I~ sent to all hranches of go\'ernment, local, state, and fedrral. I f the rules pertaining tu the alx)\'e practices were in written form, a copy of the rule$ was requested .

One lluestion requested informa­liun cnnrerning- the cllt'>OSing of con­su lt ing engineers. Another asked whether E.1.T. and P.E. Certificate!! were requ ireti as a condi tion of cm­ploymen t, :md also whethrr recogni­tion was gi\' rn to those obtaining cer­tificates after the)' were hired.

To dose the session, L arry Spiller, in the limited time remaining, quickly covered the questions sent to the can­didates for governor to get their views on P.L certificates, unioniza­tion of el\gineer~ . patronage require­mt:nts <IS it condition of employmel1t ;md registration of technician~.

i\ 1:my of U~ feel the formation of a profl'~si(lnal organization for ~ngin­e(."rs in government would he \'ery d(."sirilblc <lnd worthwhile. \ Vc wish th(."m much SlHXe!'S in their effort~.


meet- persoll!!. Aud io·vis ua l equip­C1,;".,,'I ~"d , ment. even dosed·c ireuit TV.

olte rs 'd;. "",,~ ,

1 MDst CDnvenient Ltcation Only 20 min u tes fro m Loop by North west Expressway. Toll· way exit just 3 minu tes a .... a y. F ree limousine servi ce to O'Hare for your n y·ins.

2 Camplete Meetinr; Faci lities Nine meeting rooms ... right far IIn y ~ze grou p up 10 600

225 gues t rooms, free TV and r adi o. D inin g r Oom ( snd fW!pal'1lte Coffee Shop)

3 Resort Attractions Coc k tail lounge. p iano bar. I ndoo r and outd oo r pools, 9·hole day I ni te golf cou rse. Skating, tennis, health spas, A ll 1m our own premisn! We' re large e nough 10 ha ndle big meetings, yet sm31i groups. get SlIme pCJ1lOna l IItien tion.

FLYING ~RJPET The modern M OTOR INN with the Mincue l

6-465 N. Man nheim Rd., Dc . Plaine. , III. Clolelt to O'Hare Airport

S E CO N D QU A B Y EB 1'64


April 22, 196+, m:(rkt:d the end uf (he long rlcdicatt:d career of Leo L . Vogt. A'Jo;i~t<lnt Di~t rici Engineer oi the Elgin Di~trict l11 innis D ivision of H ighw <tys. Born in Towa City. low;!, he attend(."d the local elemrn­tary <lod high school. after which , he served in the U. S. Arml' of \V()r!d "\V;Jr I from 1916 to 1919.' IVl r. Vogt t/Wll nt tcnded the University of low<\ where he receive.1 hi~ H<tchelor of Science D egree in J une of 192J.

!\ 1 r. Vogt reported to District No. 1 as a Junior lI ighway Engineer nn June I, 1923. where he workt·d in the HureaLS of Construction and De­sign. On April 1. 1925, he was loaned to the D u Page County H ig-h­way D~p'Htmfnl and worln·.d u nd~r M r. E. L. G:lte~, Couot) ~upt:r;n tt:n­dt:nt of H ighwar~. unt il A ugust I , 1927. H I' then retu rned to the Dis· trict and :I:'oSumed tht· position of of-


fi.:c Enginee r in th t." District D('~ign Bureau. In April of 19+3, he was promoted to the position of Distrit..,"t F.n0neer of Research and P lanning and served in that nlpacitv until he was trall5ferreJ to Spring'field ql accept the PQsitioll of Kngineer of Research ~nd P rogramming on Au . gust I, 1951. H e \\"a~ again promote9 in 1956 to the position of F. ngimer of Economic Research with the D i­\'isioll of H ighways in Springfield. H is last transfer bmught him kick to the Elgin District ill the capacity

( COllljllllfd un Pari' 8)


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (46)

RETIREMENTS of Assistant District ~: n}!:ineer when:~ he dosed out 380 jc;m uf ell1p I H~­nlcnt with the 51.lIe.

.\Ir. Vogt is a Regi<tcfcd P rofes­.~ ional F,ngincer in IIlinuis lind a member uf the l11 imis i\s:;ociation of H ighway Enginc('o, :Hlel the lIliMis and :\'at ional Svci("tr of Proft'S~ionat F.nginee rs. -

.\I r. Vngt resiJrs with his wife, Hclt"n , at H 5 Vincent Place in EI~in. H e I"I~ one daughter :md twn grand­ch ildren l i\' in~ in Napt'n-ille.


I\ l r. J. L. i\ l iller, EniDoeer \\"ith the Dil ision of H ighways fo r fort),­four ;11'1(\ II half \l~an . was honored at a retirement' party, Th ursdar. April 30th ,'I[ rhe F.lgin Elks C lub. Several !-mplurccs an, \ former em­r1oyrl.'S of the Di\' i~ioll c:ntt' Ttained the larl!c t'n thusias t ic crowd with stories about /\<I r .. \l iller in his early .Iars with the H ighwa) I.)cpartment.

i\lr. i\l iller was born in Pl ~: a~ant

Gnwe. Indiana anel attended th e. University of Purdue. He report'l:d ( U the I.) ivision oi Highways. A.u­rora. O ctobt·r 6, 1919. as a J unior H i,f.?;hway Engineer, after spendin~ sume time in the Arm), during \"orld W ar I. In Mal' 192-1-, hc WlL~ loaTll·d to the Kane (:OU:'lt~ H i~hway De­pMtment IU work on Cflnstr uc tioll 1111-tii J imuary [926. H e re turned tv the Oi~trict· and in ;\pril. [94J. was transfcrred to DistriCl 10, Chicago , as M aintenance F.ngincer. He re-

6 reasons why


rurnt'd to the EIJ.!in Di~tr ic t Office in '\f ll ~, [9-+7 and in 1949 was named O isHie! 1\l aintenann." Engineer. Since Au~u~t 1961 he has been with the D is t rict Bureall of De.<ign supeT\' is. inl! prepa ration of plans for wid~ning and re~uriacin~ projects. At Ihe time o f h i ~ retireml'nt he was, in tenus of (·ontinuous ;:en ice, T he St'ninr En­;!inc!'r of th(' lIlinoi~ Dil'i"inn of H il!hw:lYs.

JU T. l\ l iller n,·.,ides at 97 4 lI ill­crf"'t Road , El~in , wi th his wif{" H en­ril'wi. H e has two daugh rer:i, M rs. :\ [('r \'in Ch r i~ rcmtll ( :\ I ar~ L) nn ), F:1I!in. :lnd l\l rs, Charlt's \Vood ( \Vanl la) , Un ion City, Indian:l, ana five gr:lnlkhildren.


Rich:lfll G. f\;Hlgher, o f the Bur­COIU " f Right "f \Va}, D is t rict 8, re­tired J lI Tl ~ [ . 1964 :lfter scn·ing with the I.) jl'ision si nce 19 ... 7. A natj\'t: of CayulOa. In,li:llla, M r, Flaugher lIas born J une -1- , 18?"'. lie receil'cd a RS in Cil'il Engineering from Pu r­due UniY I'r~it \, in 19 16 and a BS in Agriculture· from the UniveTsi t}, r)f Ill inois in 1917. Aft er st'fI' ing as it

First L icutenam in the U.S. Corps of Engineers aurinJ! \Vorl ll \Var I. 1917-\919, ~ Ir . Fla ll ~her became ;1

highway contractor, worki ng in thM husincs;lun til 193 4 . From 19.14 u ntil

(f:ntfliWlld on PI>!I' 11 )


•• .•• Ce-CO-LiNE Troffi~ Paints Have Been Adopted by FIVE State Highway Departments!

I , h.ceptionolly high r esistance to traffic abrasion. 2, Easy workability on all typ .. of pavl llg I II.foces, J, No bleedinC) or dlsco'orotign when oppli~d all

a sphalt or blhllninollS ' IIrfgces.

4. Rapid drylnC), tree of tracking . whell prope rly op· plie d.

5. No co.InC) or JettlinC) in th t containers. 6. Easily opplied with .ither brush or sproy.

Contoining new Resins ond Ihe finest commerciol oils and solvent! CE-CO-liNE Traffic Paints are continuing to set new records far serviceability every day. Tested and a pproved by State laboratories, hundreds of thousands of gallons have been, and ore curre ntly being 5Ottsfactorily used by tilt: Illinois State Highway De partment, Compare it in actllal side_by_sidv tests . Prove to yourself why, on yOllt next traffic poinl order, you shollld-

SPECIFY CE-CO-LiNE TRAFFIC PAINTS Write, Wire or Phone for full information - TODAY!

CELUCOAT CORPORATION 6161 Maple Ave .• St. Louis 30, Missouri


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (47)

Now build your road stronger, safer and smoother-riding with Deep-Strength- Asphelt pavement For state, county af1d city roads and streets, modern Deep­Slref1g1h Asphalt COf1s truc{ion offers a practical and economi· cal solution to the problem of cracking bases and consequent crack renection in the surfacing.

The si mple truth is, cement·treated bases develop shrinkage cracks which eventually reflect through the protective riding surface. As these cracks increase in number and size, surface "'lIter enters. causing more distress from instability and freeze­thaw action. Modem Asphc'lll concrete bases provide the 10 .... · au' ans .... er 10 these problems.

Proof of the superiority of Asphah bases may be found in the- ofticiaJ results of the recently completed AAS HQ Road Test. Ladcrsingle-al le l 2~kip loads, for example. these results sbo- m.t one. inch of Asphalt base can be substituted for 2. 1 iocbcs of c:cmcnt-treated base, o r 3.3 inches of crushed-stone base.. fltder to bar chan to the right.)

For tile road and street bu ilder, this means thaI modern ~~ Asphalt construction will provide stronger. ~dun.bk roads:ind streets. while reducing total pavement tbirt--u for P.leF economy

In additKMl. Deep-Suength Asphalt pavements offcr many other ach-antage:S. TIley ca.n be built faster and easier, and a re less costly to maintain_ lbey arc ..... ater- and frost-resi stant, and

are not harmed by de· icing chemicals. They do not lose strength during the critical spring.thaw period, And Asphalt surfaces ~re quieter and smoother-riding.

Ttlken together. the facts add up to .his: inch-for-inch and dollar-for-dollar, soundest road investment is modern Asphalt ' °Asphal l surf .. ce on Asphalt bast!


THE ASPHALT INSTITUTE 195 1 Uni\'ersity A\'cnuc. St. Paul , Minncsota



__ lSPUUN-SI _ _Ii. COIoo·lIulI'I.U(D _1i.~WI __ G


{ u ::?


CharI based on Hlsh .... ay Re5I:ar(:h Boord Spec!al R~porl 61 E shows ~Ia_ livc ba" performancc at p _ 2.5, wi th 3" ofsurfacing and 4" ofsuhbase.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (48)


lANE Programs Will Build Around Desires Of Membership

fn Februar), the litlan! of D irl'C­tors of the IlIinCiis A~~lCiatiOIl of lI ighw;I) Engineers hired the fiN paill E,~e!'uti\'c Stcrctary that the Association has hau during its almost .m n:llr~ of I::,<;;- t an :<". The new Ex­t't:uli\"c Sttrcraf}, Larry Gudllard, is

hi,; visits to the chapt(:l"~ ha\'c Ix-cn lIllparc nth well received lUlll it h:lll ~i\'en hi ,~ :10 opporlU nit} In learn first-hand of the I)rirnarr interest of the membcTship.

Du rin)! the recent visits with the chnptcrs, qU(> t:on :111« answer ,,('!;sions

r; .. , Row, S.", .. d: Jol.~ Wi"";" p,,';t; Ji", kll, Sp. ingfi.td: J. l. Colhoun. f lgi .. : K, A, John­.en, Chicogo. Seta,,,d ~ow, .eo'ed: Roy a.lI, f illin, l orry Oulton, Peo rial EN a.. ... r.r, ' e",;or Don Oldman, Oltaw"l Clill HolhoWDY, Jr" Springfield , Thi rd Row, Sionding: Fronk Schotka, Oi.on; E. A. Tryon, Effingham; t . O. !krger, E".t St. lou •• ; Wayne Kana, Ottowa; AI Katz, Alter, nOle O'"."IOr, Sp'ingfield; Don W"ggone', Po , i.. Fourth Row, Standing: J .. ". ticul", C .. ,bo<>dole; R, t , 8rown, Alle,n .. le Oirecl" r, E .... SI. l .. u;" L .. fti n Atnip, Jr" C",bond .. le; Charlie John, .. n, Sprlnillieldj Joe frai n, Chlc .. g ... The 196" IAHE Boord .hown .. , 110 lall meeting, mUI. again

July 18 in Springf,eld at the Slate Hou •• Inn,

rc t:1incd 011 :1 llnrt-time IJa~is, holl'­ever, th ... Associntion has a heauQuar­Iers "ffiu' :1 l1d :111 "outsid!"" persnn 10 repr("Sent the imcre~ts of the Associa­tion and to JCl'd",) and implement :, full . prugnllll in behalf of hi~hwa}' ellgmecu.

During: the Plt~t few months :l n1l possibly in the ensuing months. much of I\lr. (;oddar<l'~ \\'orl.:: will hr in the n ature of famiiiari7.ati(m and tlevdop­menl of pln ns for Ilositive iuturc ac­rion. Since assumill (,! his duties, the LxC!.:util'e Secretary hils visitl'o with all of the chapter~ r.-.:cept one-the Di-.:on chapter. He plans to \'i~it the Di XOn chapter at their meeting in mid-~\\\y, 'Mr, GnUU'.m\ !C\)(lIt'i tnat

\\'~n: held b\' JU T. Godoart[ :'Ind from th~ (luestio{is and comment s, he de· termined that the followin~ itcm, !icem to be of )rimary cont'ern til memht:n:

I) .1 j-{ (I$piltlliz(liion (Illd H rall}, III !I/rallcr Progralll

Legi; [a ti lln will I'll:'. ncct:s~ary to allow state p:trticipadon in such a plnnt. \Vc "i[1 tnke nppropri. ate act;un ouring the forth ­coming legislative sessiun.

2} I'rrsrll/nl!/ 1H I/flf/'S a) Timdj merit pay i ncreas~'S; h) Clnrif1cation of ])ension and

retirt:ment plan for high­\\ ay el'l~il1\::I:.H.·,

c) P()$sible incentive paJ; Thc intl'nt of Govl'r nor Kerner's .tatclllel1 t on this ~uhject is being txplored and a committee will meet in the ncar future to a~er­lain what action is feasihle reJ!:lnling :t pa~ incl'nt;\'e ~r- tem for engineer T1~gis­lrat:on.

d) I' r~l ll1 otiun fWIll within tilt' r,lIlks of caree r personn,' l :

r) Recogn ition o f engineerin)! techn ician~ and other spe­ciill til's within tht' Dt'Pilrt­IIH'llt;

Liai;;on has been established witll tllr ('I>\t'rnor'~ OffiCi' and the Drpartment In

wurk towartl an apprllprial(' pll li c~ nil "II pt'rSimne! mat­ters.

3) F.till l'(l/;fJII 1111(/ R,'crll;/III FIiI !'/,II!lrflI/lS

i\s,istam:c ,lnd o)(,rdin~tion

\\'i:h till.' prope r uffil"ial~ will he dI~teJ to Il ttempt to assure programs of refrcshrr cou rses for ,nesell! fn1\l lorccs and a rc­ne\\ I'd cffort tu "~ell" ~tu(kn t" to enter the high\\'ar lidll as a Gu eer,

-+) CIJIflIlIlIn;allhms tl'ilhin I.A ,-11 ,£, (llId In, hi" tllr DI'­pnnll/I!n!

'i'imrll' information to all per­~onJ1c1 is most important. The A,,;;ocintion will attempt to "beef up" its I,;ommunications within the organization by per­iodic news letters anti legisla­ti,e bulletins to supplement the "Ill inois H ighway Engineer", ;IOU the Associa tion will coor­dinilte with the O epartmcnt to at:~upt tn get bl'tter in-sen' ice dls.<:f:minatioil of informatiun .

,\ l any uther itcl11$ cuncern the membership, howe\'er, the foregoin~ are the principal ones, and a con­certed effort wiU be 1I1ade on th('~e four itcnlS initiaUy.

Among, the duties ot the Executive


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (49)

5«rn2ry :ar(' th l!' following:

L llnnagl!' thl!' IAH £ state office and conduct rhe rourine busincss of th(' Associ a tion.

2. ll anage tht hu~ines~ 'lfbirs of th(' !llinois £I i"llway [nKineer. a quarterly publication. Sulicit ;;tnidcs. items uf interest and ad­\'ertisi n)! for the ma)!a7.inc.

3. Supervise one or lIlore assistants who are expected to perform ruu­rine du rie:;.

-I. Develop pro)!rams of action. both within the ~K.:ii1tion and out­side. which Illay be t(j thc inter­est and wclfare of the a~$ucia tion.

5. DevelopmclH of progr:llllS fur ub· taining new members.

6. Coortlinate the activities uf local chapte r. and committees uf tile State organizatiun.

7. Call ,m cntion [ I) the proper of­ficfTs. commi tt l;C rlH:Olhers anti other m~mbcrs :rltt:l·tt:d hy the ac­tions and rcqlle::;t~ uf the state chapters.

8. Present talks before various or­gani :7.ations explaini ng the broad iie!.! of highwa\' engincering:.

9. P repare articles. leallets and other lite rature expounding IA­HE principles.

10. \Vork with legisiafl)fS, insofar as po~~ibk, so ,IS to add the voices of the highway engineer to the record on bills that are of interest mutually to the public and the highw'IY engineer.

II. Participa te in the prom()[ion of various educational and public rela tions activi ties such as F:n­gineers' \Veek, vocational coun­ccling, profession al development and unity.

12. Arrange all details for meeti ngs of the Board of Directors.

13. ReCQrd ;lnd di~tribllte the min ­utes of meetings of the BoarJ.

1-1_ ll aintain adequa te recurds. 15. Assis t officers in performing their

duties. In addi tion to the foregoing, God­

dard ",--ill work closely with officers .xl board member<; in dl'veloving _iaa.r(""'tt other programs that will treat tlnx- to time be of bl'T1dit to the

J -dlip. . .\I.rbouxh Goddard told member$

at tbr dtaptet mtttings that "mimeu­lor.:;, - rf$Ults should not he t..xpected dtro.gb die ~tion "overnight". ("fcn.tual .. tRdn .. -hi1(' achie"emenB fur highlQy ~n; can bt" ~xpected rn


RETIREMENTS ( COlI/inllf.J jrrnn P'I!/~ S)

19+3 .. I\ IT. Fl au,gher served with the P ubl ic 'Vork, A d1l1inistr~tion. then moving to Stone & \Vr!Jst('f Engineer­ing Corporation where he rerllained until 19+5. From 19+5 until 19+7, he \I'as employed by Vlr.~tern C;lr­tr idge Company, moving from then~ to thl' Division of Hi~h\\,IlY s in Di,,· trict B.

M r. Fiauy.:lrl'r will be missed by hi~ many frienrl$ in D io t rict 8. who lI'ish him well in his rrtirenlC'nt. H I' s:!}, he plans to do sOme tral'elliny.: now th;lt he i ~ retired. hilt we hope he Hal els b.l' the office occa~ionally to vis i t.

MR. A. B. LlTVIEN '\I r. A. H. Litvien , Ru re;HI Chief

of T raffic, will rc ti rl' on J uly 1 of this year after 3-1 yeil r3 \vith District + of the Divi~i"n of H igl,ways. AI· tho~lgh he I" ill be only 56 Oil J une 2 1 Mr. Lit \'ien promi;;ed himself five rnirs :1);(' he wou ld Il()t work past 55. Soon aftl'r the first. Abe and his wife will ht'ad for San F ranciSCI). After a few I'aca tinns in past ycars in tlte l1 ay area they dccided that their hllme base ~fter rctirement would be

the future. GlJdd:lrd has a background of as­

sociatiun and legislative experiellc(~ which , with the cooperat:on of the memhershi p, should lead to the ae· cOinpli~hment of objtTtivcs of the Association. He fo rmerly served as F: xccutive Director of the rll inois Society of Proh~ss ional En)!im~ers . H e is a pa5t Execlltive Director of the AsS()ciatio n General Co ntractors of minnis, and has held I'ariolls gnvt'rn­rw:ntal -t'ype pusitions as a formrr :ldministrat;ve a~sistant to Conl!n~s­man Peter F. iM ack, Jr .. and several years ago was :m assistant tQ the late Senator Este. Kcfau\'er. H e is a graduate oj the University of Ten­nessee Collq~e of L aw. and for a period of time was in thl' priva te practice of law in his native T en­nC'5sec. In addition to his du ties with I.A.H. E., he operates a public rc­lations organiziluon known as Larry Goddard and Associates. and hllndles publications and public relations ~c­tivities fur other organizations and inJi\'idu~ls which do not conlli( t with the objectives uf I.A.H. E.

ther~. T rilveling will be their first inter6t.

In 1930 Kansas State U ni versitv graduated Mr. Lit\'i(~ n with a bach~­lor of ;;.cil:m:e ilegre(: in elvil engi neer­ing. In 1951 he hecame the chief of the nl:wJv furmed Rureau of T raffic. HI' was ' also a member of PeOri,I ' ,


Cit.I' Tramc Co1llIl1is~ion . and the A"$ociatiOn oi CIJIllI1l('fCe Strcct and Higll\vay Safet\' Cummittee, frum hi~ appointments i~ 19+8 to ju~ t rect:nt!r. \Vithin his 3-1 yt:an with Di~tric t + he aL.,o ~pen t ahout three and one half year,; with the 3-1+th Engineering Regiment in F.urope Ilurin~ \Vorld \Var 11. After man v vear~ experience to hear witne;;~ l\Ir. · I ~in' ien considers poor driving habits, illattelltion, care­l essnes~ and drinking as th~ main eaus:e~ in il ighwa.1 'Icci dellt.~ . Ahe is regarded wi thin the profes.~ion as ex­ceptional in the lielll of T raJIic. O f the ten original T raffi c: engineers in th e State he is ninth TO retire.

A farewell dinlll'r fnr .Mr. Litvien and three other men , whQ retired recentl y. \\'as held at the Jefferson Hotel on Saturd:lL i\ b y 23, begi n· ning at 7 P.N!. The others honored , and the Hurcau in wh ich th ey ",<I ,ked prior to retirement, were Glen Lung· leI' . Assistant Chief of Research. \ \lall y T uell, Ri,ght-of-"Tay, an d Ray Steesl'. R.O.\V. en~ineer in De~ign . iH r. Ray Ackerm'lll, who tr.msfnrc(i to Sprin,gfid d, BllTc:tu uf P t.lnning. was also honor~d.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (50)



Fred \V. l\ l oore-onl ... Assistant Di~trict Traffic t: llgin~t:r' District 8 has had since Tr:J,ffic became a scpa­r~te Bureau- retired effective )Iay H , 196.f after mmplcting 36 rears service with the Illi nois Division of Highways.

::\.'I r. JVloorc wa~ burn on Au gust 2, 1899 in High Hi ll , Ohio. He :u­tended H:mover :\ I ichigan Gr.ule School and graduated fmlll H anQ\'cr M ichil!;;tn High &:hool in 1918.

In 1920 after SllOrt Army duty. M r. M oore entered 1 1ichigan State Universif) - East L:tnsinK M ichigan, whae he receivl'd hi~ B.S. UcgTee in Civil Engineeri ng- in 1925. H e:: worKel[ for a short tillll" with the Grand T ru nk Railroad before start­ing work fur the Stol te.

:'I·fr. :'vlotlft first lM!gn n ..e.rvicc for the Ill inois Divisiun of H ighways in J une of 1923. His sen-in: was l'On­t inlluus except for one yea r during wh ich he went back to the Uni\'f"rsirr ill 192-+ and fuur r~ars with the Armr durin~ World \Var II .

Upon h i~ TeHl rn to Swte service frum oollc~e he worked in O t$ign and Construction. From 1930 until Fl'bruan' 19-+3 Mr. .VI DOTe serlled a$ ~1 ai~tenance Fie141 Engin ...... r.

In Februa ry 19-+}, M r. lI, loore en­tered the A rm}' where he served a~ First Lieutenant and later a~ Captain ill the Coast Artillery.

From 19-+7 IIl1l il 1954 i\ l r. :'I looTl:: worked in Ri~ht of \Va" and a~ O f­fil'e Enginet'T ( J::ngineer of Adminis-


trative Service.) In 195-+ he was pro­moted tD the p()iii t ion of As..;is tant Dislrict T raffic f.nginetr, where he has scn'1'41 since thoa time.

Mr. 1\100re I\'as a !lll'mbcr of the Hoard of U if('(;turl! of the Ill inois As.soc::int ion of Highway F.ngintcrs imm 1913 ruru 1958, Chairman of the Boanl in 1957; member :lIld past prcsid('nt of the St. Clair Chaptl' r-1I1iMis Societ~' of P rofessional Ln­ginN.·r~ ; a Registere!1 Professional Enl!ineer: Regi~erl'd Land Surveyor ; :lIld rdiret! .M ajor wilh the U.S. Army Reservc.

\Vhilc 1\lr. i\ loore was Chninn:H' (If 11 ,(· RoaHI of the lllinois Associa­tion IIf H ighwa)' F.ngim·('rs!l Bill was pass('d fur salary ~,d llance and \'ariO\lS other bendits for the Ellgim·er~ .

~ I ueh mOTe credit is due !\ Jr. 1\J oore fur this bill IIwn he adwowledges, but the fact remains that he was most active in its preparation.

;\lr. M ,lOre W;4S marri{'d i\lay 19, 1926 to the (mmeT Alil'C Skeck The)' ha lle two chihlrm - EltDn and Doruthy, both uf whom are marrie.\. f.lton will be ordai ned in th e 1. \1-

thenw Illinist ry in 1\l a)' and will preach in Evansville, Indiana. Doro­thy is marriell to a teacher and livts in Topeku, Kansas.

1\ l r. J\ lollT(' \1' ;lS very active in the Roy Scou ts uf America for 37 rears. li e was Cou ncil Commissioner fo r ~ years of tha t time.

H e is also a member of the Signal H ill ,\ l ethodiSI Church in E. Sf. Luu is and a 1ll('mher of GOlhic u)(jge No. 852, A.F . .\ A.M.

Uo\lli ng ha~ been Hne of Mr. .\J l)(lre's big-gcsl interests. H e has howled on the M ainlen:Ulce Team ant! then on Ihe T raffic T eam e\'er} rear sinet the H ighway League wa.~ formcd ill 1951. H e has led the Leaj,."llc in average, :md has been amung the lOp 10 bowlers in the League el'e.r}, rea r.

As far as furore plans arc con­crrned, l\.'lr. M oore says he plans to "travel and see the coulltry :[IId just enjoy nut having to report fur work: at M:30, bu t in~tead en joy many happ~' memories." \Vc all wish him the \'et}' be->t in hi~ retirement plans. He will be miSS('ci very milch by those II'h\l wor\n:d wilh him in the: T raffic lJepartment as well as by the office: :l~ a whole,


After morc than ~O l'e:aTll wi th the D ivision of H ighll'a;'s, Wm . 0 . :VlaeLrod retired 011 April I, 196~, from th e Jlos ition uf District F.ngi· n!:er of District 9 .

" !\lac", as he is knuwn b} all who knoll' hhn, began his tour of d il l} with the D il'isiun of H ighways in 1922 in District 2 at Dixon. i\ fttr completing various a.~~igllmen ts III

lo"tl , Dn,;gn and C"'15trlll·tion, he \\' /tS

appoin t.ed District 2 Dl'Sil!" I':ngineer in 1927. In 1930, he resigned from rhe Di\'i ~ iun of H.ighll'ays unly tf) return to Dist ric t 2 H){ain in 193 1, Ihis tim.- heing assigned to the Bureall of l\ 1"imcnanec. Rl'.maini ng in the lield "f ~ [ aintcllance, he was ~rr ­poin ted to the position of Assistant :\ laintenance Engineer of D istrict 2 in 193-+ ami Ihen to ~laillienanee Engineer of District 9 in 19H. In 1951, Mac was promoted to District q District Engineer, the posi tion he held lin Iii his recent reti.rement.

)'1 r. M acLeod is a native ul ~las­sachll~tts , bein!!; horn and rean:c! in the commu nitr of \.y :r kefield , Mass. H e receil'ed hi~ college education :If

lI, fassachusctts I nstitu le uf T e.::bllul­Ol!}', obtainin", his B.S. Degree in Civil b:nginee ring in 192 1. lI, l ac is a Registered Professional Engincer, a melllbtr of the Ill inois Association uf H ighway Enginl.'Crs, and has for years sCTnd tin the Personnel Ad· vi:'>Clrr Committee ro the Chief H i!!;h­way Enl!ineer. H e is a lIetrran oi World W ar I.

As yet, :'I lae has no definite rtt ire­nlent plans except til just rest and rela.'\: for awhile with his wife. Elea­nOr, :U his home at 80H W CSt Cherry St reet in C arbondale. !\ I r. M acLeod has four chi ldren, Bill, who is an in,truct') r :It i\ lassachuserts Insti­tute of T echnolugy i D ouglas, who is ill thr insurance husi ness in Chi­cago ; F.llen , whD is II nurse in Den­\'tr; and Andy, who is still a t home at tendirg Carbnnllal~ COllllllunilt, High School as a junior. .

A J oint 1J::C-ISPE Lej!islati\'c CIIllllllinec rneetin~ was held ill J u­liet, J une 12th, {(J mall plans ftlr the 1965 Sd ~ ion. L acr), Goddard , IA H E E.'(ttu lil'e Secretary, repre· sented the Highway Engineers.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (51)


Effecti\'!~ April I, 1961-, Vernon T. Kupel was promoted to the position nf D istrict Engin~er of District 9 to lill the v:tcrlllCY created by the retirement nf \Vm. O. M ad.rod.

.\1 r. Kupt! l\e<:cptcd cmpluymcm with the Division of H ighways ill 19+9 and has ~ervl'd 15 consecutive \ear.~ ~iJ\c(' that dilft·, all in D istrict 9. 1ft: is a \VMld 'War II vct("ran having served four years with the U.S. Navy.

Van received his college cducat­tion at Indiana Technic:1! Cn!iege of Fort \Va)'I1!.", Indiana, Tt'cciving ~ B.S, Degree in J 9+S. J list after grad­uation he w.(s em ployed with ;\ ·Ic· Donnell Aircraft of St. Louis and Norge lVlanufacturing of H errin, I lli nois. hdore coming to thc Divi­sion of High\\fay~.

After 11 few years' exptriencc in both Design ,md Construction, Ver­non w:\s apl)ointed to the p<lSitiOIl of Traffic Fiehi Engineer in J 951. Re­maining in traffic, he hecame the A~sistant DiHrict T raffic Engin~cr in 1959 and District Traffic Engineer in 196 J. H e held this po~ition Ilntil

hi~ recent promotion to Di~trict Engineer.

J\iIr. Kupel is a Registercd Profes­sional Engineer and nn active mctn­ber of th e Illinois A~sociation of Highway Engine{~rs, having; served as Ceneral Convention Chairman in J960. He i ~ ;1 memher of tilt: Metlw­diH Church of :\ J urphyshoro, i~ mar­ried to the fonner iVl ii-$ Claudia \Vi~dr of Murphy~boro , and ha~ two luvdy daugh ters. J ane :lnd rvIar~,'-ie. lan e i~ a junior at Southern Illinois U niversity while lU argie is a junior at .\lurphysboro H igh School. The fami1\' reside:;: at their attractive home at 2228 Pin e Street in Murphysboro. Illinois.

Robert F, Appleman Promoted

Mr. Robert F. Appleman was transferred from Carbondale to Springfield on Frhruary I , 196+ and promoted to field engineer in the Bureau of Constructiun.

Bob n:n:ived his earlv eduattiOn in the schools of Danville,· P enn;;ylvania, and graduated from Tri-State Col­lege, An,gola, T ndian:t, with the

~ Wdlia .. Madeod, righi, is .hawn lurning anr dull • • al Di. t riet En9,n""r, D'''"el 9 , and aR" nn; eangralulalian. la Vernan T, Kupel, hi. 'ucce.I.O'.


degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Junc 1953, Prior to

college. Mr. Appleman sen'cd three rears ill the Air Force and was sta­tioned in H aW.lii for more than a )"car.

Hoh repurtea to the District office at Carhondale in June 1953. After on-the-joh rraining in design, ma­t~rial~. :\nd cnnsrruction. he advanced through variuus assignmenl$ and wa~ promfltrd :u resident engineer nn a large urban section in 1958. From 1959 to 196+. Hob was resident en­gineer un major interState projects in the C.uhondale district.

li e was transferred to the Bu reau of Construction at Spri ngfiel d in Feh­ruary 196+. Tn his new position :L~ field engineer, Rob assisted in the rwo-d ay seminars which were cun­dw.:ted in all distrit ts by the Bu reau of COnstruction and llureau of Ma­te ri al s during Februarr and Man.:h. Since that time, he has visi ted many of the Ilistricts and is becoming a familiar figure On at,tive construction projects, Hob has purchased a new home in Springfield where his wife and four children joined him on June I.


R etirflll t llt)' .' It was 1I sad day fur the girls in the Ruad Plans and Con­tract~ ~ection when Rill _\l cCulle re­ti red and put into effeCT his plans to live in Fort Lauderdale. That was on January 29, They ~a\\' that he was ampl}' prO\illc{i , for a wllilc at least, with hj .~ favor ite amher brew; and this was pa.:ked in the cooler chest given him as one of his gifr-s.

For thO)(' who could not get to talk to Hill to learn much ahout him, the records shuw that h~ started his long career w ith the State on October 8, 1927. H is first job wa~ as Junior H i)!hway Engineer in District 6. On Nu\'emhcr 15. 1929 he W ;'lS trans­ferred to the Road Office.

He took mil itarr leave on O ctoher I. 19+2 alld saw service in the Navy


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (52)

Bureau No tes until Nl)vcmhrr 13, 194-5 when he re­turned to the Road Office.

011 j'\ I arch 31. 19.51, Bill was ap­pointed I':ngim't'r of SI;mllards and Specifications where he operated until his recellt reriremenr.

\\le unders tand hc has a nice place in the lantl of su nshin~ and is looking forwlml to \'isitil1g with :l1l) one whu mar be on a trip dOlI 11 therc.

\Vht:n Bill\,\latoon retired nn J\ll ~' I. 1963, his story was inadvertentl ), omitted from the Illinois H igh\\,;I ~ Enginea magazim· . Since most of u .~ knew him onl r c;lSually, 11'1.' fed that the fo llowing will be of intercst to eve r}'nne.

Bill started hii cneer lI'ilh the State un D ecrmhcr 7, 1927 at till' Distr ict No.9 oflice in CarhmHlale. H e worked in Ihe field with Mr. R. L. Sherrrtz with whom he estahlished a Ilisrrict recorel in plotting cross­set.: tio lls from field notl.'s. li e rcma in~d in Carbondale for lbout si" ) ears IIntil 1\(., left til take 'In the n:~polIsi­hilities uf the City Engineer of i\l1. Vern' In, I llinni~.

In 1 9~2 he went t() IInric. for \-VaT. ren Van rnag, Conslilting Engineer in IJrcatll r. Hi s primary tasks wen' 10 lar out the strtets, railroad, powder magazine hui ld ings, and the S,lII itarr Sl-'s tem at the lIIiopol i5 Or,lrwncc Plant.

Later on he \\ent I() work fo r a firm in Vinccnne~ , Indiana to Iny 0111

thl' run ways al the -'\ir Rase in Law. rencevil le , Illinoi~.

After tlJ:!t Bil l worked for the C urtis- W right C(1rporation in S t­Louis, :'I l is,<;()u ri On Ilrawings fur the p· j8 fight !"r plan~.

Since he alll':lYs lis ted himsclf on jnb applications ;IS a :'I I ininlt and Civil Engineer, he was asketl by the Hen & Zoller Coal Companr of Pt·· oria to ('11I11e II> work for them as mining enginerrs \\-eTe a lll1 o~t im­possible to find nt that time. He re· m;!ined there (or about 3 r ears in complete I.:hargc of 6 mines in that an·;t .

Finally, in 19~7 , Hill Wa[$01I re­turned to emplnyment with the State :l nd stared unti l his retirement 0 11

Jul) 1, '1963. Hill i ~ a \V orld ' Var I I'ereran

;lIld has a 75 % disability rat ing dlle to many shrapnel wounds he suffered


in nattle. He al;;o had a fill}!er shot /I ff and h;1I1 hi ... teeth knocked out by :1 bayonet thrust o f Hn Cl\emr sol­dier whom he killed with his pistol.

Pro motiQlls: DOli \Volal'er II as promoted soon after he was trailS­ferred from UiSlr ic t 6. T he promo-­tion to Officc Engineer. Cil' il Engi­neer IV came on D ecember 1. 1963 .

Trrm s/rrs: D ick L;Ulge left the E~timating Unit urI Ap ril 15 Ilnt! trallsferred to the PhoIO~rarnmc.·If}'


Dean M.etc:llf W:lS transferred on Fehru:l n ' I. 1964- fro m Uistrict 6 10

the Critil:al I'a th Unit in lhe Rllad Plan§ :l nd ConU"aCl Section ro assist RuflJ ~ Gartlner.

Grllnd.' Archie V;lIlAusd:d l was el ected PTI'sidell! o f the ArnericHn Statc H ouse Bowling Leaguc for the F all 1 96~ Season.

U ick Hrooks ~N"nt two week s of mili tarr leave at Furt Lee, Virgini;! from A]lfil 26 to Ma.1 9. H (': $aid he e l ljl)~ed il ;JI. Cirri M ars really lIl is:cd him. The S:lfgeant all il his huddies fi e\\' t:lIlll1l1(' rcia l j et both wa~ s.

Donna l'brbaugh w as pro;ented with a b .. h) gift from hcr frit nds in anticipation of the arriv:ll of her rou ngstcr. All f01ll1 farewells we re said on l iay 15, 196~ a~ she leit to start arwtllt'r career.

J :u.:k Eades and his wife, :'lI ar)" spen t the last two weeks of M arch on !t I'acation in Sarasota, Florid:!. Priniciple activities were fishing and golfi ng, of L"Ourse.

AnthollY F ifer , e\"C ryhod}" s friend , has recen tl y cOlllpleted a strit:s of lunchtime lcctun:$ on how t() :lttain championsh ip st;! ture in :Ill rrllCS o f athletic ende;lvor , whether it be hase­hall , golfing, Dowling, etc. At lhe present. in his spare: rime, he is pilot­inK the N t'1I" York .:\l eU and the Kan!k1S Cit}' / \thletics

.\ I ilf re.1 CnllllD:lIigh h:ld the rest of his lower teeth pulled on [Vial' 6. D Oll't thillk that did n ' t hurt. NiH tilt teeth, just the fact tha t he cou ld not Of dilTcd nOt Inugh at even his oll'n jokc~.

FI,))d ( Bud ) BatN callie to the i::stimll t ing Unit uf the Road SectioH 0 11 April I , 19M. H e former lr \\"Orked at District 6.



P HHIlOt;UIIS: Fluyd Jacobsen ha~ becn promuted to CE IV in the for­eign Pl an;; U nit. Floyd will he reo spon",ible fur FA :lIul FAI Pl ans.

Sruilll: :Mr, N:!poleon CHbOnt:Jl was ill Chic.1~o on M n)' 9t11 fur thr welling of his rlaughter, Adela. who married J ames Simon. Adda is a grarlu;lh: OIl ll anot College nnd is pres· ent! } employed at Continen ta l C,1n Com!)any. J im is from Detroit and is a J\ l il.:higm State graduate. Alter their lIone\-muon in Nassau, tile" will re,il le in Chicagu. .


A surprjje birthday Jlarty 1\ as gil'en 011 l\l ay 13th ro our ·'Girl Friday," J oyce i'l i arqu:mlt, of rhe Brillge Of· ficr: Annex. J o}Ce is Ihe only scnetarr fO f fifty men and efficiently allSwus their questions and Iypes their let ­ters. \ Vt" a ll joint:d in this way to CXllfeiiS ou~ th:lfIks ro her.

!'Il r. :lnd i'l i rs. ]'I 1Mris G anad('n lI"ere \' i"ited hy i\lrs. Ganaden's JIlotllt::r irom Panama.

i'll r. and :'I I rs. J ohn ~olan arc leaving June 5rh fOf a thri:e-week vacation in !::uropc. J ohn plan~ 10

re-I'isit sel'eral Jllac~ II here he was stat ioned while serving in the U. S. Army.

Births : )1r, :md l\ l rs. ' Vei H siong havc increased their famil y with a little girl , Phylli~.

Eric Paul was bo rn 10 Mr. ;md M rs. Frank M ercado 0 11 ,\ l arch 8, 1'-;16+.

On Ma} 15, 1964 , .\lr. and ) ·I rs.


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For Every Purpose

For Better Farming For Concrete



Kammerer Concrete Products Co.

7106 N. Galena Rd. - P. O . Box 327 Peoria , lII inais

Manufacturers of Plalll and Reinforced Collere" Sewe. and Cul..ert Pipe. A'O'allClble with N'lular Mortar. MCldc: or Rubbe. Gauel loin t. . HlqhwCly Ma.ke n , p.eca' i Manhole •. Caleh BaaIDI,

and Inlels.

PHONE 688-3871

Midwest Fence Corporation

GUARD RAIL Chainlink Fence • ROW Fence

Delineator Posts

815 N. Kltdzie Ave . Chicogo 51. III. SA 2·6616


Tr uckinCJ Exc:avatinc)

Grading Seol Coa t

Mine Se rvic e

Fill Materia l




Highway and Regional Planning Studies

Highway, Bridge and Grode Separation Design

Storm and Sanitary Sewerage

la nd Design

SUryeys Construction SuperYision

20 N. Wacker 333 N. Ninth ChicaCJo 6 E. St. Louis

lOLA STONE & MATERIAL CO. State Inspected CrV1hed Stone & Agricultural lime

MINE LOCATED SOUTH OF lOLA. ILL. Pbone: LOIII,'O'lile N'orlh 5·4298

D. J. MOUNT, SR. D. J. MOUNT, JR. Pbone Phone

CeDtraila &32·3954 Salem 548·2868

Howell Aspholt Company

e ~ .. ~ .. "





1020 N. 13th Sl - P.O. &ox 31 Pla.nl A.Do:IU 4·4555

Ma."oon. Illinois


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (54)

Bur ea u No t e s J ve Putnam Ixcame the proud [lar­ents of J oseph Lee H ,

Pl'rsu ll ll el C hnll grs: T om iV' cCor­mick, CE III , joined our office in Fehruarr, Tom is a ~radu n t'e of the University of 11linois and was previ­ou~ I ~' witil U. S. Strd International in ~ew York.

Emile Samara, eE I , sta rted in Planning on I\ll arch 2', 196i , Emile has an [\ lS in Soi l ~ l cch:lI1 i..:s and Structu ral Enginttring from the Uni­versity (If Illinois ;\n,1 IVaI' forme rly employed at F nlCo al10 Associates, St. Ln\Ji~, .\10.

Two Illen joined our I nventorr and Rating Unit duriu1!" April. They are Henr)' Sinnock, ET -2, nno Abra­ham fo: l-Aed:, CE 11.

After leaving Ollr ollice .\larch 27, 1?6~ , , Villiam Keene move(1 to HlJlmvill e, A. labama. Bill is de­signing gantq' towers for the Trans­I>ortatioll Division , Chr}'lIler Corpor­a tion.

J :mles IH cCullen has herome a BHJlti~t mi nister in Fort Lallderda le, Florid:l.

On ~ I ay I , W illiam Deason left to 1I'0rk for Retail Credit Corpora­t ion. He will he an I n ~urnnce In­\'t'l>tigator ill the Spr i ~fidd area,

H ar), Barhee resigned l\ll ay 15th to work for the Ill inois Aaptist un­\'ell tion. i\ l ar" pians to enter college thi ~ fall at H·annibal. _\1 0.

Gtner{/l: Tassilo H Olllolatch, son of 1\ 1r. and M rs. Victor hom*olatch, participat~d in Cbss A l'O l11l)eti t ion al the State M usic Con te~ t at .\ ·lat­toon. Tassilo lI'on first as :l flute soloist and also as u member of a trin.

The G. R. Bensons hal'C expanded thei r farming operations with the; :u.:quis.ition of fifty--se\'en acres located one; mile south\\·est of Salisburl', III i· nois, " "Vind"weIH Acres" w ill be thei r new headquarters for rais ing" registered A ngus brel'tling stock.

Our n:chnici a n.~ report interrjlt in The American Society of Certified Engi neeri ng T echnicians, This or­gallizarion is b:lck-ed hy NS I'E and h :~ ~en est:lblished to promote rl'('Og,­nition of tcchnil-;:lI1S ;n thei r respec­t ive liel(ls.

The mrstery of Unidentifie(1 Fir­ing Ohjects sighted Ilear SI)ringiielo has been solved, :\ ick Geibel has bern posi tiveJy identified b} four (one for each harrel) vapor trails stream­ing behind a new smoke-grey GTO.


R. Farshi , 1\ 1. G an:ulcn. F. Jacob­:;en, V. OZvgU'l • .\ 1. O Z)'l.lft, J, Rim­",a~' , \Y. Sommer and L. '''' in n h:lI'e completed a l1)UrSC in F:l Ilo\lt Shel­fl'r Analysis I!ivtll b} the Ullin: of Civil Ddense.

Illnt,Sf: T om Fu ller ha~ re-entc.rtll thc hospital- this time for an intes­t inal operation, Y\'onne Kapshand~ spent a week in the IlO:~pita l and is now recuperating f rom an ear opera­tion.


The Spri ng ;lnd Su mmer wc;nhcr mllst have: brollght ou l the hou:;e­keepinl! t~nllencies on the seventh Iloor of the Stnt'e Office Building" because that' h a.~ been a continuous (lin o f wall 1I10I' inl;;', pOIinting, ham­mer ing, and ;.11 that stuff . For the last two ytar~ we have waited eagerlr to see the proposeJ Roor plan become a realit\". As the eehas of this banging and c1a~ging fades nway we can begin ~pcculating ngain alJout other new fl oor pla ns in a new building,

T he Bureau of Planning Gfllf l .eague is nnw in full swing, Some tl\·eIHr athlt'tes are signe(1 up to par­t icipate each \Vet!n t'Su a)' evcning in this game of pastur~ pool a t Bunn P ark. Forwn:t tel", for the safery of the Pllbtic, the Park has set aside this night for the exclusive use of the leagtle. 1 w!luld lik'! to repMt the H~ lldil1gs in this issuc. hilt the ;;(or­ing is so el)mplkatl~d that no olle kn'!I\"S who is le:ldinJ.: the league , Ne\'er fear, by next issue 2\l ilt Keene and Stan Sto,,"{'rs will have: a com­puter program evolvcd to )!:i\'c us the: ans\\·er.

R umt R l't irNllfl/ts: Bill Ashworth left the Bureau last .\ larch aft{~r some 25 ~eaH nf i'ervicr. Hill was not only a \'e ter,1I1 of the " Big" war. but be­g:m his ~ t:tte emplo~'mrnt during the formative year~ of the Highwa}' Plllnni ng Survt}. Bil l says he will devotc hi~ time to hi~ [onsorial activ­ities and Ileal in)! the rC.it of us in a ,game of golf. J ohn Rttker, Sr., an­vther \'ch'r;11t of lilt' Rllr!'all of Plan. ning is en j,,~ ing" Ihe heal th ful cl imate of F lorida. \Ve will lIli,s J ohn's en­thusias t ic anti-Cardi nal pro-Cuh COIll­

ments and hope Iha l he is taking ad­"alltnge of fh e Florida su nshine.

I t apl)Cars th at most, if not all, of the Rure:tu of Pl ann ing staff is en·

gaged in the 'lu:l{l renn ial ra t -r:ICC of l'1)lllPJeting another Inrt:rsta tc Cost Shul )" Tht' purpose vf this project i~ tv arrmatt'ly dt'termine (by 1'pcnding 600,000 man-hours, plus or minus) if Ill inoi~ is to obt:.in 5.268 pt'r cent ur 5.269 per cen t of the N ation's in­terstate allnl~.tion_ Fon un:al'ly, the Interst:lIe S~-)l.tem will he comple te hl' 1972 :lIld tlwrc will he no morc COSt ~tudies,

H ave fu n this summer and a\'oid the I)()i ~on i\1' and sun hum,


It $(:(,I11S like I had j ust finished getting' the IlEWS for the \Vinter eJit ion li nd now it i<; timc for the Spring ed it ion,

As it hlls been in the past, the ~anlj)les aTe rolling in abuntlant quantity, keeping rhe worki ng men hu~)' righ t from the start. A cc(J rdinp: to Gordon T homas of the Ph\'~ic al 1 ,ah(J rator~' , there h,l~ been a 64.1 % increase in ~all1ples for this year in L"Ompari~)11 to last rear for the same time period. .

G c<lrg"e AlIl:hheit, iJf the Concrcte L,aburawry has written a \'er~' inter­est ing "Tt idc on determining the slullll) of L"() ncrete. _-\ goo,l man)' of rOU fellow F:ngineers mal not kllo\\" or realize this, but George has given a lot of inlt' rC$t and time in dcvl·l, oping a new slu*tIlp CUlle bag: thn! is prCS Clltl~ brinK lI~ed by the llli lllli., Division of Hig"hwa) s.

Paul CO)..r:t1l is still rectlilerat ing in St. J oh n's Hospital. All of us mil>s not seeing Pall I w alking thru the !ahs occasjollall ~' fo r a short visit. Hope rou' ll be back with us soon, Pau l.

Hernie C~sel' is back \,·ith us a)!ain in the Concrete Lab. Bernie cnjoys going out 10 the golf lin ks for a few rounds. Understand Bernie tS 11

pretty fai r golfer. Mr. and M rs. D onald Hued have

a Ilt!IV ;Irriv,ll in thcir home. Gucss II'llat? A Ra:w HOI! ! ]

\ V<-Il , it'$ ' Ihat time o f the y<,,1r :l1l;.i." ,,!It·n r h(' nlt'n ~ra rl gning fur their summer training. 0011 Lofft;tJIII SI)Cllt two weeks in sunny Lo ng At'aeh , Cnlifurnia on bo"nl the U.S,S, i\ l ana tee, Hollin Cannt"dy and Ron' aid Greenfield of the Bituminous Lab., ~pent t\\"o weeks at Fort Lee, Virginia wilh the finny ,


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (55)

Bureau \Varre" J\lclntyre usuall y has

50IllC prett~ big fi sh stories to tell , but this tim!' , he has the story mounted. Guess we' ll start Ix-lic,,;ng rOil now, iVl m:.

Dave Berry h;!s been reclassified to a C.E. I. aftt~r slIccessfully Ilas~ing the lirst part uf the p ,r.. t:x:lm. \Ve are always happy to sec our fellow CQ·workers advance. Our congratu­lations to D:I\'e.

Rill Ferra's (of the Phrsical La­bur;l tory) J:I1IKhter. Sherry, is lalcing a trip to Germany in August . I think Bill would enjuy guing with her anli visit some uf the old spots. Would rOil, Bill ? ? ?

Bob Dellcrt and his familv :trc \' isi ting the sight~ ami beautr of the l'cw York \-Vorl ds Fair as an :111-\'ancc party. I imagino;: he will be able to ~ivt: U~ some detailt·d infor­mation when he gets back.

Mrs. Peter Albanc~c left for haly aboard a J et 707, on M ay 20th 10

visit her i3mily. She too1.:: with her their two <:-hi ld ren, Dennis and Lily l\Jaria. She hadn't seell her f,nnily for 5 \·ears. 'Vhile there, she plans to get plenty of SUIl·tan, ;md go swim· minR often. Our best wishes to Paola lind the childn'n, for a summer full of fun anti music.

I would lilce to male one laH com· ment before bringing this article t'O a close. I have j ll ~ t completed pour­ing a concrete patio shb, aile! I would like [C) thank m}' fellow co· workers r;eoTJ:!,:e Ruchhcit. lJean Wille,.. and Bill II uTt fnr Io{iving their time :lnd hard \I'm\.; in 'wiping me, so th at my family ;~nd I ca ll enjor it. Thanks ever SO ~lluch .

Richard (lr;tnt returnr-d from amonJ:!,: the ranks ;Lfter serving with the U. S. A. F. Air National Guard at S:ln A.ntonio. T eX:K


I'm;fltioll fwd S ('tts: Helen H :m­selm,tn relLl rned to worlc. :\ Iay 25, 19M ,dter a twO week vacation to H :lwaii. She was accompanied b} hl'r TWI! sisters. i\ l ary II :tnselman, SprinWieltl, and Sister Leanr1l'. of H imcji. j ap:m. II'ho jU~T finished a rdresher COllTSC at St. J ohns Ho~­pital in Springfidd and is now re­turning to j apan.

Helen hal l a \\'omlcrful \';Ication and really enjoyed all of the islands.

steorn) Q UARTER 19&4

Notes Yes, she took a one day plane flight which too l.:: them over or Hopped on all eiJ:!,:ht of the islands of the l lawai­iall group.

H cien hILS not st'Jpped all wed.; telling wonderful stories about h~r trip. The only thing she scem.~ re­luct:mt tn talk about ar~ the beach boys. \Vhile in H onolulu, Helen visited with ~:mcy M aul<li ll}!:, a for­mer empluree of the Hureao. Nancy's husbaml will finish his tolLr in Ha­waii by Det:ember ami they will re­turn to the mainla",\.

Karl LLith in attend~tI Ihe Office of Civil DI'{L'n,;e Staff School at Rattle Creek. Michigan . from April 26- May I. 196.j.. While there. he recei\' e!1 in~tructions ill the " R alief Officcr I " CHurse.

Karl also has purebred Arahian hur~es thar are shown b\, his twu chi l­dren, Karl II [ and Kathy Ann. The first ~ho\\' ther particil)at~cl in this year the}' \\'on one class and came in sccond on the other.

L inda :Vl cNedr was hOSI)italized for a week in JacK..<Qn\,ille. After surgery, !>he remained at home in \Vaverly recuper:lting for several weeks.

Constructionist ~eems to have taken over in the Hureau; Shert:l Nun is bu iluing an addition to :I

hou~ he just bought, Herb A rers is huilding :I ne\\' home in :\Ir. Pula.~ki, <L nd Rich Can:tdy :l1IL1 Hilly Hol.:alllp arc huth building homes here in Springfield.

PrlJlII{Jf;()II: Elmer 'Vhcatlr. r , will) transfcrr{'{\ from D istrict 7 to tilt· l1ureau in August 196 1 as l\1 aint~· nance Bridge J::ngineer. was pronlOteu :\ Iarch I. 196-+ to Assistant EnKineer of Day L:LOOr.

£Imer st:1 T1ed with the lI ighwa)' Division in .June 1951 after graduat­ing fmlll Ihe Missouri School oi '\-l ines. Elmer wor ked in design and L'O nst r\le t ion while in District 7.

T rnnl/ f'r: Gayle Lane, Civa E ngi· neer IV. M aintenance Britlge Engi· neer ill Oistrict 5. Paris, tr<ln~f~rret[ inro die Springfield i\laintenanee Bu­reau Office as \Sringl' Engineer nil April 16. 196-+. Gayle is a graduate of Indiana Tedlllical College. Fort' \ Va\ ne. Indiana. He startt·d with the ·St:l.Ie in lJecember. 1952, in Dis­tril"!: 5 where he \\-ork('d in design. l'unstTlKtion and maintenance. H e is a rq~istered Proiessional Engineer.

Memoriurn V. C. CRAWLEY

Distrkt S was saddened by the Ileath of V. C. Crawley-former Dis­trict T raffic f.nj!ineer-who passed a\\a~ i\ 1:m.:h 3 1, 1%~ at h is home in Bellev ille. l\ 1r. Crawley retired from Distri(t 8 in Fc!lTu:lrv 1962 and IH~d worked with David j. J ohnston Consuitil1l!' F:ngin~ers for one year prior to the bl:0nnin~ of hi~ illness last Novcmbrr_

l\l r. Crawler was a native of I l1Ili­ana and has lil'cd in Bellc\,ille for 28 years. H e was j!"T:ldul ted from Pur­Ju~ in 192 1 with a B. S. D~gree in Ci\·jJ E:\Kincerin~ :LIld began 1I'0rk in District S in Augllst of the Same r car. H e had worked with Construc­tion, Design . Survey Panies, lmd J\laintcll<LOce when he left the De­partment in 1926 to work" at Shel l Petrulcllm. In Nm'elllbcr 1927 he rc[Urncd to \\'ork: with U~. He was appUirltel[ AS!<is tant D isrrict M :ri n­tenantc Engineer in 19.j.J and !JeC:\mc District T raffic Engineer in 1951, whcre he rt.mained until his retire­ment.

I-Ie was a Registeret\ Professional En~ineer. a member of the Ill inois Association of Il ighway EnKineer .. , P:lst prl'~illl.'nt of the E. St. Louis Kiw,mis Club. former member of Signal H iII School Board. past vice president of the Mississippi Valley Council- Bov Scouts of America, member of .U asonic Lodge AF & AM, Seotlish Rite Rotlies, Ainad Shrine. member and former Sunday Schoo! Su perintendent uf Signal H ill _VlethOLlisr Clwn:h, V{· tcrall of \Vorld \ Var I :lnd more recenti}' a a hoar,l member of the St. Clair Count\, \\ I(Llta[ Hcalrh A~s()ciation.

H e ~\' as married to the former Elsie " PeR" Britton in 1930. The\ have three sons-Bill-who is \\'ork'illg at SclLI:nn.:tad}', New York, J oe-a mili­tary advisor in Viet Naill , ,LIId Bob who works with Sverdrup & Parcel, EnJ:!,:ineers.

Besides his wife :t nd three sons he is survi\'ed by two sis ters, I\J T.'I.

Ada Smith ami i\ I rs. Aza Stegmiller, and thret' J!randch ildren.

F uneral Sen ices were conducted nn Friday April 3 from the Kurrus Chapel in E. St. Louis with the Rev. Robert Gordon , pastor of the Sign:ll H ill l\I cthGdis t Church.

"V" Crawle}' w ill he long remem­bered hv District 8 as one of the fioest I11tn \\'ho ever worked wi th the H i}!hwa}' Department.


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Chapter Notes ELGIN Dislrict 1

1),\\,11) I'U; :.t.\ I EIt

J.t/.II.F.. Acti'litirs : T he 131h an· nual I.A.H .F.. dance 11·1l.> hrld at the Phclls:tnt Run Lod);!e in St. Charles lin J\l a)' 9. 196+. The til·hl chariman . Dave Stern. announced rhat 96 tickets were sold and that everyone ~emed pleased ,\-jth the evening. l):\\'e )laid hI' ,,·a.5 lool.:.ing forwarrl tu being ch:lirm,lI\ of the danct Hgain.

in~ for an inter~ting a<:l.:ount of his t ril) when he returns.

.Vn !' EmpioJ'rrs : \Vt: wish to an­nounce the eligihle: (".md idatcs fur our Engineering Ta:hnician Training Program tu be hdd at the: Linivt~itr of I llinois: Lane R<I~dry, \Vallconda; J ac k: Rowrun , Batavia: J ohn Evans, Elf{in .. Donald Est<'S , Aurora: Art Gor~lski. R<)und Lake: Will iam Groll11l1l's, Aurora; George Il ellick­son Jr., W:tucumb: i\ J ichael H all . Glen Ellyn: St:tllle)' Kcndr.ior. l\'orth Chicagu; J ames Kooill1nll, F rank-

OFfiCERS O F ElG! N CHAP TER: L.,I! 10 Right: Don Lo,entzen, Treolu,e'l Jo , Soyl, Sec,elory; POI OouE!h.rly, Vlce·P, .. ldul; Jam." Sill.", P, .sident. Second Row. LeI! to Right. or. Dlr"" IO"

J . L. Colhoun and Roy Bell.

The l.A.H .K. Famil~' I'il:nic i$ oe­in!! held on .l ui) 12 at the Deer Gruve Fun's.t PreSt'rvr. Food, drinl.:., fun ,lIld ~ames will nil be a"ailable if the weatherman cooperate,..

C. C.II ·.I'iie /l!l'(lrd : A recent civil engineering ~raduate of the Uni ver­sity of llline',i! has been awaflled a $ 1200 t r,lvdin)!" grant to s tud} high­wa)' cun,.tTllction projccrs. :\l r. Rohert A. Rugina. 23, of J oliet , and <In e:mplur e:e of this District. wiU lea\'C 111ne 1.5 on a til-a and line half monti, tour of sites on the \-Vest C():l~t. The awartl was given to Ru­Kina on the has.is of his under-gradu. ate graJe3. interest ill the lid d and a s(,ll :or research I'roject on high­war const ruction .

The A$SOl-iation \\'i~hl'S Bub "GOl)d Luck" on hi ~ tour :md will bl' wait-

for t ; M arl.:. Nelson, Aurora ; Edward PeterSQn. \VauL'Ond,,: Frederick R ei~t:(:k . Aurora j Charles Schmidt, RraidwOod; Paul Tackett. \Vinthrop H arbor; Paul TlI~lor , Libertyville ; \Va)ne \Vebcr, Carpentersville ; Donald \Villianb, Waukegan; <Ilenn Yuung, Oswegu and J allles YU\'an, i\urorll.

There were approximatc:l,. -1-0 ap­pli~""lItinns recei\-ecl ami the select ion of the successfu l twent} cantli<lales \\'a;; based Ul)lln their ind ividual ranI.:. in class, the scholastic ranI.:. ami the rc;:ults of the e.nt r:lllce ex:nninatinn. \Ve encourage these stud{'nt~ to fur­ther their education after the)' ful­fill their one ) t'ar work agreement. Con}!:ratulation~ to Hur fu ture em­plo\'ees.

Rtf/urllS from Ullclr Sllm: M arlin

"Swede" Erickson ;tnd JOII Scvali rq)()rted hack [0 District I un J une 1st , after ueir short-term enlistment with Uncle Sam. Thev both are assignrl l to our District' Burrau of i\lateri 'lk \Vrlcome baek: fel lows­same work but thuse once--a-week reserve meetings can reall )' t:lke a lo t OU I of a person.

R./·.;gnat;ons.- The Aswciation i~ losing a Ch~pter President, the mem· hfr~ arr losing a friend, and the O:lirrmen are g~ ini ng a comt:ientilJu$ emp]"yce.

£:.:d '"Red" Sisler an nou llcl"{j ;It the :'l Iar A~~.t:iation meet in}!: that he was !'t"pa r;lting from the Statr at the end of June. H e intrnds to work in D nir}! P roducts with the Sisler'~ Dairy Prnducts CompllIIY of DeKalb, II family businrss. The Associat ion wi~hes Ell a lot of ;;1!t:t:CSS and all the mcmbrfS inten,1 to L-onSllme ollh' Sisler D airy P roducts from now o~.

S)'IfI/H1III)' : The D ist r ict W,I S

~hocked [II learn of the death of Arch ie Unlangen. a former mai nte­nance engin::er wi th the Division uf H igh\\"ll}'S. Archie, II'ho was on Ical'e o f ahsence. dirll in Rock Island un J une 8dl. The Aswciatiun wi"hes to extend its sympathr to alll1f Ardlie's rdatives.

1.!I.T.S.: The D istrict Re,;carch and Pbnning Rurt'au is cunducting a T ransportation Study in the J oliet Arl'~ thi~ J; U!l1mer. AI! personnel have Iwen hired, inst ructt'd and are. now "'orkin);! in the fidd. The Stud,' is espn:t..-d to he l,:om pkted by Nl)V'em­ber ht uf this year.

Hit rn F.5 H atch' Miss Patt" A. Eliorn became I\ lrs. A l Davis on 'l\l a, ]0, 196+. T heir honemlOon wn spent in ~~W Orleans ~-ml tht" sur· TUunding vicinity. This is the lim of fuur \\'eddin~ in this District {h~ year. The newlywe{l~ are at home in Carpen tersville and the As."OI.·iation wishes them the best of a long-time--­hitch !

Ai rs. Bill ( Linda) Connell. Con-­struction's Secretary. is preparing tor thl' new addition to her famih' c:.;­

peeted SlImetime in O ctober . . Tbr Associ'ltion extl'llds rongratul ,lt ioni tn 1\ l r. and i\lr; . Con [l t'l1 and hopes t!!t"re will hI: <I pr~pcctiye ll1~mbu come Ot:tob~ r.


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Chapt e r Notes DIXON

District Two

Ttl(' Construction Office WlIS hi t rather hart! recentl), when Roh Cur. rem; ( F.T III ) was hospitalized due to a detachctl reti na. Bob suhmitted to th reI' hou r~ uf surgery at \Vesley M emorial Hospital in Chicago <lnd will have to take it I'lt!y for IllIil'c a whi le. I n addition to being one of the men " who keep things rollin!!" in the Conn ruction ornce. Rob ;s alliO currcspomlent to this periudical. so in more wa~'s than one, we aTC

"pinch-hitting" fo r Hob and wi~h him as speccly a rrt~ovcr}' as ))os~ihlc:.

Other recent hosr :tal-ites have in­cluded ~cv('r al memhcrs of ou r clerical ~tafi, M rs. JoAnn Rrand ( Clerk I) and M rs. Alargare: Kl att (Clerk Stem) ll ) were hospitalized and Miss .\J ary .M art in (Clerk Stena 1) was confi ned to her home fOr SOIll!' t ime due to illness.

On the hrigh ter side: Richaru Keith Hop!l(:r (C E I ) a Fehruarr graduate of U. o f I., wa..;; reL'Ogni7.cd reccncly :u the Honors Convocation for academic excelleoce. H uwever, Richard was nnt prescnt for the cere­mony which was. attended by his par­ents. 1\'J r. and Mrs. V;mce E. Hop­I)er ( District Engineer of Design). as he is in Newpon , R. I. . for his N :tvy officer's t raining fo r tht Civil Enginc('rs Corl~. He will receive hi~ L'Ommission on Augu5t 21st a!1I1 the Hopper family expect; to combi ne this trip with 11 visit to the \Vorl!I's Fair.

Another recent graduate, Floyd As.hdown (CE I ) of Rradlty U. has also lef t to £til/i ll his ROTC com­mitment.

George \V . CHili ) Uichon was promoted on April 1H to CF. IV and the position of Assistant Di.~tric [

Right IIf \Vay Engineer. Cong~atu­lations. Bill!

Robert HOliw-on (CE I ) reported for work on Feh. 10th. Bob grall­uated frOIH \Vi~onsin Institu te of T e<:hnnlogy and worked for a short time ill 19')9 in District 3. H e ;md his wift. Doroth ~', receml}' were blessed with their first little dt:duc­tion when Julie Ann was born.

Also welcomi ng a new .. dditiun were the Don Paustr·s. Ahhoul:h


it was rather hectic ior a while, all is peace and (Illiet (?) in the PallS(' r houst'hold since daughter No.2, :M arcy Ann. afTi\'ed on April 2ith. Don was (lilt on a cons.truct ion as­signment wh.:n his wife, Dianc:, went to the hu;p it;rl.

Larry Reed (CE I), a graJuate of Iowa State Uni versitl' at Ames, joined our staA' 0 11 M arch 9th. Mar­vin Dan ie l~n , also a February grad­uate o f Brad ley U., returned to work "II Fdnuary 10th. l\ h n ' in and 1"101'11 A~hdown had worleed two sUlllmer~ in District 2 \~hile att end­ing coll ege and after g raJuation they reported to work as CE 1'5. Rodney lettl'roif, :l Civil Engineering Krad­uate of the U, Ilf L reported to this district on ~ I arch 1st as a CE I. Bob Lem:. a 1962 grauu,ltt' of the Engr. T I:l.:h. Training Program, rl'­cend), t.:ompJI·ted hi" si.'\: munths with the Army and re turnee! to work with us on April 13th.

On the debit side: Bob -'l oser. C F. I , al.:ccpted a position with con~uhing ('ngineers in N"ewton, Kansas. \Villie BarJ!cr. E:T I, went ba<:k to work for the City of D~catllr, his ]It)!I1e­town. Lar ry Davis (CE I ) accepted a pO$itiull with thl' City Engi neer'~ Office at F ulton. ' ·l i"'''Oll ri. [ugene Sandstrom (CE J) moved to sunny Califnrnia. H(' accepted a posi tion witl. the Cit), o f Los A.ng:d es. Frank RerJ! (CE I I ) resigned April 30th to Imrk for Ro..:kforu Rl.tckrnp Con­stru t.: t ion Co.. and S Ieve Duncan ( ET I ) left us recentlv to enter the Army for two years. Stl'.VC hall two years of Architectural Drahing at Southern Illinois u niversil)' ant! was nne of our fint:lit draftsmen.

Our Dislrit.:t Bure3U of Researdl & Planning i~ preparing fur Origin and Destination traffic studies which arc J,!;oing to he conducted in Rock "'-land anll \Vinnebago Counties this sumlller. H arry Bethke ( CE I ) has bttn assigned as P roject Supen'isor in RocHon l, ;tnd it is eXlX"crcd that titc survey will J!et underw;l}' arounll the fint of ./unC'.

Sports paKe dept. T his rear's huwl­ing season W:lS a hi t unusual to s;r), the least_ A league :;ecretary's nightmare develu[M:d when tI\(J of the highway teanL~ w('re tiell for ;;e(.'Ond plact' go­ing into the last night. A.ftcr the ,iuu settled \l'e found 1.A. H .F.. Chapter 4 ,

( Rill Favri. T om Cavunauj!h, T ip Larkin. Han k Os.back. Don Lebre), in sec(md place. In th ird place was 1.A, H .E. Chapter 3, ( Bill Dickson , Rill PottorA' . Chuck Rilme r, ./ ohn Shul"r and Bob C raven. ) Our con­gratulations this year must go to LA. H.E. Chapter ! for settin!! a rce­nrd for thE largest team membe rship. :'\'ine men saw act ive duty UII this team with only Ed Lathrop and Bob Currens stick.ing it out for Ihe dura· tion. lVe must also ajlplaud Frank Schotk:! for picking a time when the enti re league seemed to be \\Ialrhing when he t!trew a gutterhall. It was tru1~' the )E;tT'S fi nest guttc:rba ll. A few uf OUt ten-pin athletes manag!.'11 fO makt names for themselves ; names like " Hook Brandau ," or " Fink Pot­torff." M " H umble-T om Ca\'a­nalJJ!,"h: ' And not to be oUTdonc b\, CasSius we h:l"e Chuck 'THE GREAT EST " Rizllcr who rolled the leagul" s thi rd hil:!:h game of 247.

In summar}' it was a h,mi-fmlgln, tension fi lled season. I can 't help but hope nl'xt rea r brings Ies..;; prcssure, more trol)hics and free beer for cver}'­hody.

J tcm two 011 the sport.~ page is r.:nnecrned with the cu rrent st.ories of golfing prowess. At Pai~te)' and M iek Kazmauk:i are getting :r pre­season jump on must of the other D is trict Nunlhcr 2 linksteN. Run Brandau has been snl~shing 200 yard drives-in his b;K'k vard?? Ed Lathrop ~a)'s he shot" -++ tho: fir~ t time out-I caugh t an SO lb. trou t Ollce, with a worm. End of spurts page.

-'lister Potato Salad Dept. Orville H eckman is startinJ! plans fo r Ihc District 2 1.A.H.E. annual picnic. On'ill e is this rea r's picnic committee chairman. \Ve're expecting all the trimmings this year, Orville, indud­ing sllnshinl', ants, ;lOd record hreak+ ing ;lrtendance. Helping Orvi lle are Jack :\l cCleilan, F red Petitt i, and Treft Schulte.tus.

Better H illf Dept. Dan Cupid took: care of two birds, (I(l\'e-hird ~, th at is), with lJne arrow. Construction technician J ohn " Gerry " O'Neill got himself hitched to Local Ruaus Set­ret.1fr, Kar~n Friel. M ay 16th was the fatal d,IY. Congratul:uions ki.l . may the pa ... ing machine of h;l ppin~s

spilt <Ill ovcr you r front yard.


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Chapter Notes T he wtJding hells have kept a

pretty Ci)nstanl tol l in Uistrict 2 land with tech nicians Larr~ Dar, N orman Carroll :md Richftfd \ VlI l rath taking­the walk down the aisle - each witl. his OW I1 hride, of course. \Vayne Hessel bacher and Chuck RiUlcr arc plnnning the "big leap" in J une. Again, each \\,lth his own bride. Somehow I feel Ibis parug-raph t-ould have bun phrasel\ a lin le ben er ... fnr the benefi t of d luse who read.

T haI' wen~ 32 persons prescnt for the "Old T imers" ",re t-together il l the Lincol n M anor on 1\13)' 9th when H d en }l nd Oan Uranigan visited from Californi:l. EverTonI' agrttd it was IInc of rhe nic,:st p~rties they had SCI far and intend til g-c t together again on J une 13th to celt'hr;ne the J. R. l\ l cDanid's 50th wedding an­ni l'ersary. " 01.\ T imer,;" just doesn't seem to he the proper nomencl ature for these high $tepper~ ! J !

Spo:i:.] Ih:mh to j\l an' San ford. cuh-reponer. fo r gi\'in,l! ~s some \)f

the newsy items contained in "Ollr" portion of thc ma,l!a:.ei nr . AI~o to Don G iese :lmi Chuc, Rizner who both s~t an!! worr ied a lnt ~bout w hat to write.



District Three

011 April .'i, 196-1-, the Statt: Howl ­ing Final$ were held at the: S trikt & Sp~ re Lanes in Sprinl.!"fietd. Of the two teams n:prcscn tinj! Ottawa, one ~~aprured fir~t place and the tithe r second pllll.:e. T he fir~ t Ilbee tealll was composed of Delbert Hahn , W il­l iam Steenbergen, Alan .HcRe)'!1')ld~_ Rolf LJelllll ll. and Pern Le\\·i~. The second plaet: team lI'a; conlposrd 01 F red i\la riani, Art T rompeter, Vic BOllucch i, Cliff AdrllllS, and \\T. H . ZmllStein. :'Il r. F red :'I t ariani al:,o co1iectcd honors in winning the high scratch se ries and high h,mllicap ~er­iI'S for the T ournament.

On \ Vell nt'Sday ('venin,!!, )lnr 13, 1964. n regular business meet in{! W;IS

helll :11 Paul's Dining Room, do\\n­tOWIl Ottawa. Guests pre ~1" n t were Mr. Larry Goddard. F.xecuti'·e Sec­retary. and ~'\Il r. J im Bell, Chnirmnn of the State Bo'lrd of I.A. H .E. Di­rectors. l\Jr. Rell explained tu the members present about the actinn taken in hiring an Executive Secre­tary, :md alsn he sp0Ke hriefl.y of the comi ng Annual I.A.I-I. L Con\'entil)ll to be held in Chi"::lgo at the " Flying Carpet Inn ."

onAWA CHAPTER OfFI CfII S, Fi m Row, left 10 Rig hi, , _. DeMolI , Deon fo ltz , Donny 810n~o,

Roger C<»8 ,ove. Standing, left to Rillht. Iko r.., Hynd. Qilbe" Swifl, Wa yne Kona, Dan Oldmon.

Ai r. Ciud dard adJrr.s.~eJ the mCIll ­

hers nn what he has been abl(' to ac­cumplish to da te. and on what to expect in the futu re. In this rbpeet i\ l r. GOtldard cxpl:li ncd how we should attempt to ~l)lve existing and futurc problems of the highway en­,1!ineer. H e a1~ ell umerll teJ on rhe ClXlperat ion oi all LA. H.E. members for ~ucces.~ in any given endeavor of the Association.

• • • tVI'II' F(l r,s.-

J ack E . Oller, who ld t the Peoria Di ... trict in 1 ?56, has retu rned to the Ill inois D ivision of H ighways at Ottawa as ~ construction engineer. \Ve il re glad to ~ee ] ;tek come bad:, rlS he is a registered Land Sun·qor and a re~isterl'd P rofessional E ngi­neer·.


District Four


T he con~truClioll sl::L<:on is now lInderw .. ~ ~nd the offi ce is being cleared of construction men . The structu res on Interstate 7+ are gett ing a 101 of attention in Sl~l'tions 16 and 17 \\ hile there is morc activi t)' in the other ellli of the distric t on FA I 7-1- ncar Galesburg. As ul'ual we are working on our sh:ue of resurfaring of the 1I0n -inter~"tate route's. F..l(eept for a short s~r ike bv the stl'1!l \ynrkers, during t he fi rst po~ur of the Franklin St. bridge deck, work is prog"rr.s;;inj.! wel l. Furthr.r news IIf rehuilding of tlw F ranklin Sf. brillge Illay be seen clsewhcn: in the maj!azine as <I special feature.

:\Ieallwhile in the di~tr ic t office the dcsigller~ are working to mrlKC certain their huddits will be in the fiel d nexl ~ummcr.

NUlllcrous individuals in dis t rkt -I­ha\ l~ bC\'n in the news loca llr. M el Sm ith W;l~ ciected to tlte Peoria lI eightS seho!)l board in a r('eent bal­l o ti n~. i\ l ei gives tha nks for his sue­o..:t'~ .~ to his campa ign manager, D uke :'I li lls, Rur~au C hid IIf Local Roads. \Ve nil give congratulat ions to rou Md!


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Chapter Notes

PEORIA CHAPH. OffICERS: l .f1 10 Rig"': lIob MeCumbe,_ tOfry Du"on, l .. Ripka , Wilbur Somp. fry lies, ..... , Ken Wagoner.

Phil P:.i.::orny. fur1Jlr.r clllploree and son of juc PakoTnJ I ha~ hern pitching for Bradley Uni\· crsit~. T humas P ickering married Kathleen P ickerill in Peuria, II1inois on Fehruarr S, I 96-i-, thell dro\'l: to Sllnm' Florida for a hOne) fllOon. T om exclaimed, upun his return, that he did a lot of :oight seeing while in Florida!

:\ I T. :llld :\1rs i\J erlc Krause, Jr. arc the proud r arent:; of a 7 lb. 7 liZ.

boy, Douglas l'vle1vin, born i\larch 5, [964-. M r, and .\lrs. Lee Utt in· crease,l their fami ly on J\ prii -t, 196+ wi th an SIb. 8.5 117.. I!irl named Susan .Jeannt~. Congrawlations :m~ extr:ndcd tIl Jim i\lntht:ny :lEter hav­ing pas.~l!d the P rofes~iunal Engince r~

E .~,un in D('ccmher of 1?63. Jim is a member of LA. H.E. ami I.S.P.r.. H I' has oc('n with the Illinois Oi\' is:un of " igll \\'a~s for i0 rears.

Th e Bu reau uf Rt'St'liT<;h is happy to have its first secretary. J udr G:ll ­lagher, whl) came from the Ottawa district ltlld st arted workinJ! i'Hay 4th.

Al lI uhgren left rebruar~ 29. 196+ fur F1. L£llnard \Vood to serve six months active dlltr.

It i~ a pleaRlre til announce the alii ancemcnts of Ihe followi ng nwn a$ thrr changed titlrs on ~la )' 16th 1It


CE 1/1

Jim Thomas Ralph B u~h

Robt.rt li l aurice


Don Rawlings Rolaml Uphoff G('ralll Worrall


Tom Hudde) J),lrrcll l\l areh \V .. h L\l ndbeTJ~ Jim F uw l('r Ral'n1onJ Diehl' Ed' Fou ts .


J oh nsun T . H ackler John H :trt\\i~ Carroll H ollowar Leun J oseph Lyle !ll errill

E1' II

J ue liJ. Dllnne J ohn Hulsoll James N (\I'man Juhn Pound

As of J une 1, 196+ Nurm J ohan­scn will \lI' lin ET Ill.

Jim Sto ne returned to District 4 as a CE II a fter ~pl'nding a ruuple years with the Ah~ka 1-1 ighw .. y D(-­r 'lrlment. Kl'n Pruett anll P erry ~l c l-'arbnJ wen- "Iso rC'Ccn tl v hin·.1 a t a Tating of ET I I. -

Th e Bureau uf RcS('arcn will make a complrtc Origin and Destination StUll) of the Peoria arca this summer with Rnh M cCumber, J im Thomas amI Roh Staub coordinating the 45 teml>orar) E.A.'s. i\lan} of these peo-

rle will he wumcn who will make I)(rsnnal interviews in hvtncs through­out the city, The interviews will t;\!.:r about an hour but arc designed to ):::il'e much l1l'cde!1 information to .Jdt"fIlline traffi c de:irr§. On the SllOt i nrrrview~ .\ ill a lso be carr iell on at various st Tltrj!ie points.

SPQrIJ'; Our basketball temll , th e H i.e:hway Hawks. came in third in t n(' Class C Industrial Lrague during Ihe regular season, hut reigned vic­torious in tlu'ir ... iaS$ in Pwri,,'s In­dustrial Leagur pl .. )'off. \Ve are all proud to display this shiny trophy.

The many team~ of the buwlin.e: lea.e:ue held their annual banquet at H ,t.e:crs Stage C oach Inn , j us t a frw miles no rth (If tilr offi ce on ~ h. H aw­ley Rd . in Peoria. Prime rib of herf or swiss ~tr:~k was the dlOiiCe of 11I0:;c a tten ding. Nume rous ,Iwards were presen tcd a~ listed below:

1st PI"~'e ' r eam-Matl'rials 1\1 !\hlm(IUist Hill F.hlen Les Ripka J illl H einslIllul Aob liJcCumhcr

~Iost JlIlprovrd Howler-Hoh ~lc­Cumher- J 7 pins

H igl! Indivj.l ual Series-Ken \Vago­ner-625

II igh Individual G-olIllC-

D on Chrisman 2+t Chucl.: lhrtOtl 2++

" Il i.l!:h Fivc" Averagl~

AI M almq uist J 74 Dick W it llliell 172 Krn \Vaj!oncr 17 1 [Jon C hrism:tn 171 J ohn )O lot:!n 171

l\ l ost G('ncruu~ Howl er - Charles Saville ( H e got in such it habit

01 pa) In)::: for beer frames he Hatted buying without losing.)

.\lost Inter{"S ting Buwler - \ Valt Lund berg ( li e had the m(ls t un­usual t) pt' of s plit.~.)

Tor Award 'I'rorhy-Rall)h Bush H e hall the J!Teatest increase in handical). H is avcrage dropped from 1'); III 149.

To wind up the bowlinj! season an c1rction placetl the following men 111

office: Lcs N cl.on a~ Presidenl. Ken \Vagoner as Vicc President.


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Chapter Notes T om Dudd!')' (e-elected Secreta ry­

Treasurer. Vave H llmphrc~ as alternate Sec­

re tary·" reasurl'r. T he sohhall tcam I!;tS once ll)!:ain

takrn the field ill earnest by schedul­ing numerous I)ractinos. T his rear !ln t}" one team i ~ pl;lying comp<lfcd to t \\"o in previuus years. T his is in the AA Division of the C ity Recreation League. Th e usual group is bade txcl'pting the loss of J ack Case. and Ken Piasen to the Army. New players an' Lee U ft , Bill Smith and Hob M cCumber. The first game of

the sjx t~n !tame league is scheduled fllT Friday, M ay It

l'd :magt'( Hcs.~e rer has hupes this reM of improving tht' .. '500 record of last yea r b\' winning a few of the games carl}; in the sca~(III. Last yC'!ar fOllr games were lost hefore a win. Also, the players will be equipped with new uniforms ami shou ld be inspi retl to "~\'t' their a ll for dear ol d State." Some of us have su r­mised n l'Orrclariorl of the colors of the li niversi ty of Ill int>i~ with th~

hlue ;lIul orange uniforms of tbe ball team.

District Fou r 's ann ua l spring };olf o llting will be held un .lUll!' 6. 196+ in G a\rshurg at the Hunker H ill s (;Quese. T his ;mOIL,,1 olL ting has :,1-ways been well a ttended bv par shooters <lntl duffers alike.' r :u shooter Les Ripka will never have II)

bu)' {.'lJJf h:llis as lung itS they arc uSl.'d for prizes a t th l'S!' golf outings. E ven so, everybody will win a t this rear's gol : nu ting by enjoying a round IIf v.olf at the links then a prime rib dinner a t C lub 19 ncar Gal csbuTl,:.


Wot"rwo<h ond Wol .... ' '',ot'''" nt. $<twerag" and s.,wog" " .... , . m"nt, Starm Oral na9 ~' Flaod (onlral, Strut ligh ting . land o.~"lap"'"nt Studies, Subdivil;a,\1. Swimming Pooh. Hig hwayl, Bridges. Industrial WOOl". B ~ild; ngl. faundo tia nl, Surv.ying o nd Mop pi ng .

1315 W. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois

211 Na r lh R"c" 51. URBANA. ILLINOIS

21$ Wfl ' Waler Sir .. ' WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS






F in' NaUo .... 1 Bank Bldg.

( orrugal.,d Mdal Culverts. Arch" ond SI'uclu,a l Plate - All

Spffif;colia~.. Reinia,cillg 80 ... Wi,,, M~.h. ColllnD', Bridg e

ond Povillg Suppli ... CARLYLE. ILLINOIS

llil Jeff" r son MEMPHIS. TENH



G. H. ALLEN, Inc.

PHONE 429-7482




Vi u ce l1l1e~

Ind iann C. H. ALLF.N, P.E. , President

Illinois Contractors' Machinery, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS FOR · ..

LeT ourneau.Westinghouse - Adams - Arrow Manufacturing

Erie Stra yer - Buffalo Springfield: Rollers and Compactors

Koehring Div ision: Shovels, Cranes, Backhoes, Draglines and Pavers

Elmhurst. Ill. Rle. 83 & Madison SI. Sub. pho ne TErrace 4.7100 Chlcaqo phone nr .. edo ' ·0111


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Chapter Notes PARIS

Oj~lrict Five

8 y FIt Ell K . STA/\TS

R. ('I iTt' //Ifill II :

J ohn J . Cychol-Ailer 12 r~ars with the Ill inois

I?ivision vf Il ighw:tys, ,\'IT . ./ohn J. erehol retired in April of this yCllT

from tht: l)(l~ition uf Uistrict Engi­neer.

M r. Cyellol was born in Gardnn, M:I.S~"ch usetts, Aug. 6, 1899 . Fol lowin!!,: his gr~duiltion from the lH as­sadlusctts, lnstitute (jf T l'chnology in 1922 with a B.S. in Civil Engi­neering, he w;r.;. :1s.'1ignd !O tll!;: Paris Dist rict of tht: Illinois Division of Highw:l}s as H J unior I::ngineer. P rio r to his appointment as O ist rict E ngineer nn Jl1n. 16, 1957, l\'ir. C}Chol served in the pos.i t inns of As­sistant District Engineer, District ncsi~n F.nl!,:incer, ail e! O istrid Con­strlU.: t iOn Engineer.

:\ I r. eyehol was Imn ril'd to Stella F. Cwalinn of Gardner. i\l:!ss. in 1925. and Ihey have OIle Son, J ol,,) Jr" an enj!incer in r~earch witl , Ihe C:n eq)ilbr 'l' r,u:tof COll1llan\' in Peoria. II I. .

.\-iT. C)chol, a rcgi.t~·red Prof('S~ sion al Engineer, is affilia ted with the Illinois A!i~oc ; :u ion of Highw:!.y Engi­neers, Americtn Society of M ilitary .l!:ngim:ers, Knights of Col umbus, .l!:lks, and Amtrk'an Legion.

JO!<eph Rangiolo-After approximatdy 35 rears with

the Illinois Division of H ighways, M r. J oseph D:lrlgiolo retired i/\ ;\pril of this rea r. l\<1 r. Bangiolo wa~ born in 1894- nea r N np les, I taly, and came tv this coulltry in 1901 wi th his father. H e \\' ,! S rduc;tud in the pub. lie schools of :'\'utl('}', New JcrSt:y and was graduated trom tht Drexel Inst itute of Technolvgy, Ph ihHld­phia in 19 18 wid} a B.S. in civil engineering.

In ;lddi l ion to his high\\'a~' engi­lIl'ering C;lrecr, i\ I r, 8angiolo hdd positions in the shipbuildinK and bridge industry and also was :1 schnol teacher, ath letic L'Oach and projen engincer for the P uhl ic \Vorb Ad­ministration. As a hi~hway Engi­neer, he has \\'vrked in rescarch, de­sign . $urve} lng, cvnslTunion and lrafli!:.

). I r. il ;J ngiolo is a member uf the :\l ethudiH dlllrdl, i\ 1 ~sonic order. D nnv ille C')nsistory, 111 innis Assn.


PARIS CHAPTER OffiCERS, l . ft to Right , 1.'0101 Benlon. Don lothom, Don Woggoner, Werner 1o" ... mbski . Jo hn Wine ...

-- ----'-'---- ---- --oi H ighway E ngineers and the Amer­ialll Society of .Hilitar) Engincers and i", a registered P rofessional Engi­neer. .\I r. Hangiolo has indicated that hc dOt'~ nQt plan to ret ire but 10 continue useful aCli\ il) with his fe llo,\ man.

J oh n G. Kdler-On M ay I, 1964- j\,l r. John G.

Keller. \\'ho has sen'cd with the 1':lr is Dis trict of the- I llinois Di\, is ioll of H ighways since 1923. was app<JinteJ Di~tril't Enginttr for tnc 12-county Di~trict 5.

In M ar. 1923 i\l r. Kdl er juined the di"t rict as a Junior H ighw:l} F.n):;ineer. Prior to his ilppointl1lent as D istricr Enginl-"Cr. ne served ill the positions uf Asst. D istr ict Engi· neer, Dist. Maintenance F.nl!incer, and Dist. Traffi c Engineer.

In iHldit ion to h i~ proft'Ssional fie ld of civi l en~inccri ng, .vt r. Kell er has comp[tled an e:.: tensi\·e milita ry ca­recr with the arm).

\ iT. Keller, a regi"tered profes..;iun. al engineer, i~ affili;lted with tn ... Illi· nois lWn, o f II iJ!; h\\'ay .l!:ngincers, American Legion, Sh rine, Rotary, R~r\'e Officers Assn. and thc ~ 1i 1i­tarv Order of ' VorJd \VafS.

~fr. & 1\1r:>. Keller reside in Paris aml han a daughter, i\ l rs. Alice Camphdl uf ' VhealOfl. il l.

Cia) Ie E. L ane On April 1. 1964, Gayle E. Lime

of the Hureau (If i\l ain tenanee tnms· ferred to the Central Bureau of i\ l aintenanee as Bridge M aintrn:lllce Engineer. .Hr. Lane joined the Illi­nois o iv. of H ig:hways in Dec .. 1952, and ~ince th at time , he has worked

in the Dist. Bureaus of Design, Con· st ruct ion ,md i\ l aim enance,

N .. w Fnu s: Etl\\',lrd D onahoo-­.I!:' I '- fl . Norman L. Smith - ET -I, Richard H ale - ET.I , Charles Has­kins - Clerl II , ). I ichad Kdh· -F.T-II , J am!'.> CambiU - ET · i .

D I'/llIrlllr.-s : George Conkl in and I),t\'id York recently J epilrtrd On

).lilita rr Lenve. EJward A. Ver­d lo ta, J r. , on i\la~' 2i, 1%4- left for a position with the Indiana H i~h­W,W COll1missiun.

jl/"Jdill!!r: 011 April 4-. 1964, the lllarriagt' of !\ Jiss Harbara T iffin, daugh t.:r Ilf ).fr. & Mrs. Fred T iffi n of Pari!', and Walter A. ~ewlin was solem nized at the First l'vlethodist Ch urch in PitTis. The newly weds art: no\\' residing in P aris.

Dmlhi: Our condolences are e.'(­t~nded to Albert Keller Jue to his rr cent berea\'cmenL

BOld/,,!!: On J\ilarch 15, 1964-, 26 reams entCfed the Southern H alf l.i\ .H . .I!:. Howling ' l 'nurnamenl In Paris. The five top teams were as follo\\ s:

I. Hrand " X"-Paris 2, Set (jps--P aris .J. Ti~ers-Carbondale 4-. Traffic Hawb-Sp ringfield 5. )'li1l er H i-Life-Paris. The winning team, Brand "X ",

WII~ composed of Charles Adncr, Oil\' id Cobb, D on Latham, Il eman Kr:t\·ik. :md Gail Compton. H igh indi\,idual ga:ne h andicap was won by \Verner J astrzembski of P aris and hil!h individual series handicap waS \\'on by Elmer Carey oi P aris, On April 5) 1964- three teilms from Paris


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..,------~ ---

Chapt e r No t e s competed in rhe State Tournament in Sprin~field with :\1 iller- Hi-Li fe plac­ing fourth, Urand " X" placi ng sixth <L nd the Set Ups placi ng nim h. J ohn \Vin ers was awardl'd a trophy for the low scrat r h series.

ASfW;(llif>1/ Ugif, rs: CIlI1 j(ratula­tions arc in order for \Verner J as­lr7.embski, who was TI_-cently c1ect~d Viet· P rc$-. II f thc local l'haptcr of the Il l. A~sn , (If Highway F.ngrs,

WIAHES Springfield Chopler

District Six BY .l U NI': UTH ()I:~'

l-i e:lV)' SIIOW ftll Ihe night of Ihe :\ Jarch meeting of W II\ I-I [ 's making it somewhat difficult to reach the Mu­nicipal Hui ld ing for the meeting. Neverthele.s, a large group gatherell in thc Coundl Chambers to hear a representa ti ve of City \Vater, L igh t, aod Powr-r speak aocl show slides on

l eft 10 Righi: Mrs. Zone Wickhom, .&cording .&Creto.y: M". Worren Mclnly.e, I.eo,u •• rl M ... Hele" &.ook., pr .. id.n l; Mrs. RolMrl Ulhofl, wi<e·pr ... idenl; Mr>. H. John Swons.on, cone.pondlng

.K •• to.-, . Th .... lodi ... ", .. r .. rec.ntly .. Ieded 01 m .. Springfield meeting.


For the ultimate in traffic signal efficiency, get ELECTRO-MATlC® VOLUME-DENSITY CONTROLS

Intersections, where it is essential thol the right of way be apportioned wilh absol ute maximum efficiency, can best be signolil:ed with Electro-Motic Vo lume-Density Controllers. This type of control balances the green streel Yolume and role of flow against the nomber and length of lime cors woit ogoinsl the red light. 80th Two-Phose Model l022N, and Three·Phose Model1033N are ovoiloble.

For details, write or call

ElIclusl.,e Dlslrlb\llor

III !lIlnol. 10f:

TRAFFIC CONTROL CORPORATION 33 North La 5011. 51, •• 1

Chicago 2, Illinois T .1.: DEo,bom 2-5696


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Chapter Notes th~ mod~rn mclllOd~ of home lighting. i\ ln. Willard Car r and M rs. T . Ray l\l a~lon ka and their committee organ­i;.;cd t nt: in tc res tin~ program .

" H ~ pnosis" was Ihe .subject pre­srnted in April 10 the \V IA H J::: 's and their husbands in the SunliTI' ll a Room of the Ld ~nd Ht'ltd. D r. Ludin, psych iatrist, ~poke un primi ­tive and matiI'm hYJlnu~i s and demo n­strated it!! use. i\ I rs. Constantin Rabu anll M rs. Richard Kid were chair-1111111 and L-o-ch a irm nn of the c\'c n t .

OUT l\ l a\' dinner lit The j\-1 ill was :lrrnngt'd by iVirs. J !~\n C. M cl{iboon <Llld 1\ J rs. Robert Hrol. iu. A delight­ful dinner wa.~ fo llo\\c\1 by the husi-11(55 meeting w hich inc1 utled (' I~tion of officers fm the COIni ng rC:lT. l\lr~. G eorge Buchheit, chairman of the nomi nati ng: committee, prescmed the sLitI' of offict:rs and with the dosing of the election Mrs. Ellis H utchl$On , prt'Sident , turned Ol'cr her gavel to the new presillent, "Irs. Edward Brooks. O tht"f officers named were: .\ I rs. I{obert Uthoff, vice p residenT. .lId n. Za ne W ickham, record ing secre· t;u y, M rs. \ Varre l1 j\lldntyrt", treas· urer, and i\1 rs. H . J ohn Sorenstlll , c.:orrt:Sponding soctetarl'.

Another year fur \VTA H E '~ has hegu n, arrange to attc:nd tht: m Ull)'

meetings being planned.


District Seven

Social events highlight the new~ from D istrict 7 over the last three mon ths with 11 d inner meeting being hdd at tile Ramada Inn on l\ l arch I I, 1 96~ with 2; tl1tmhers and guests in attend~nce. T he :Iher d inner pro· gram was pr ('Sen lt'~i hy iVl r. Richard VanKren,:len of the Pnrtl:tntl Ceuwnt j\ ssociat ion on QU;ll ity concrete. A pleasan t e!'ening wa!> enjoyed by all. except th(1Se who tlislike chicken . Also our Annual IJanquet was held at the Holiday Inn on April 18. 1964- \\'ith 99 members, wives and guesB enjoy­ing a gOOiI meal anti each others /ine oonlpany. T he after dinner progrnm was presented br .\lfr. & M rs. R. It \ Valter!; who showed sl i dt~ with choice rt:tl1ar ks of their recent Carih­bean Cruise.

\Ve have four ntw fa mily adtli­tions to report. A son, l\ l atthel\ Charles, born February 28, 1%4-,

s r CO ND QUARTER 1984

Ef fI NG H"-"I CHAPTER OffiCERS: F,o"l: Jod Fron k, Robert Powell. 510ndl"8: Alon Tryo n. Edword Gr,.;hu , R .... Sech, .. /, Phil Zocco".

part' tl l ~ M r. & l\'lrs. Howa rd Haake: :t daughter, Rt:nee l ,ynl1. born April ]0, 1964-. parents '1 r. & !i l rs. Gary Hone ; A !i\!I1 , Steven \ Vamc. born i\ Iay [6, 1%4-, parent.~ i\ 1 ~. & M rs. I.enard Swt:Ctin ; A ..an, bor n l\ I a}' 10, 1964-, Il;\ren ts M r. & M rs. Harvey Bell.

New T cdillical F.ml>lo)ees at D is­triet 7 afC J ohn Anderson, C.E. II ; Glen Starwcll, C.l::. I anJ \Nanle H (1 \1"c , KT. I. .

Robert i\ / illcr re~igned May 25, 196~ to IIccept empio)'!l1em willt Hoyd Pbill ips ConSlihants a t Ind ian­apolis. Intliana.

Congratulations to .\ !fr. J ames \ Vinlder tJn hi;; engagement to M is~ Dotty BO~lIeJ l. T he wedd ing J~te has been st:t for J ulle 20 . 1964.

The con~truc tion J:e:tiOn is with us Cl ncc a~ilin scattering our empio} ­l"t'S as thl' wind does the .Iandelion . D istrict S~ven s<cfis of protluction are loc'att'd in the fullowing fertile plots:

Ron " aunt. George Reitz. Ken Wodtke, J im W irth. and Robert G ray afe grading ;md pal·inl:: Fl\J 57 fmm nOrtht:OIs t of Effingham to Northeast of Sil!c1;

Phil 2 :I.I.:cllri, Ken \Vill, Roben Ut7., Jilll Di~, and Phil Tegler arc }!ratling and p;:l\ing FAI 57 from northeast of Sigel to Nt)rtheast of ~toga ;

Ron /-I akman and T om Hewing on bri~lges 011 F A I ;7 llilTtheast of Net));!;a ;

Keith Bem, J erry Phill ips, and TUIll Brown mmpleting FA I 70 East of Vallcb lia;

John Olds, Gary KTllger, Bernard H awickh ors t , Richa rd M t'theney, Dan Carnahan grading, pal' ing. anti bridges on F Al 57 south of Nit. Ve rnon ; Robert Bl aydes :tnd :\'I ike Karl grading, paving and bridge; on SRT 37 .~cuth of "!\I t. Vernon ; Terry .\l iUer and Hill l!.:.emire bridl!:t'S north uf LawrenceviUe on SRI I : Don Kt:nm:a~ ter and J erry F:ggebrecht compll'r ing FA 1.3 south and ea~ t of Ol ncy: Bill Blair and Ronnie Rrooks complctin!! FA 1.3 sou th and west of Olney; Pete Petard. Ron Hyerler and J errr F rOluli Rit uminou:; Rt:Sur­facing S ill I $Outh o f GordtJn; Ken Longwell grading and paving Sil l I north of I,uwn:nceville j Otto i\ Iayr and H afle~ Rell Resurbcillg FA 2 north (if Ashlq; \\' alne Cl au~ius bridge;; on FA T 57 acr~ Little Wa­bash Ril'cr south of F.ffinghnm.

\Ve e.~lend Our synlpathic:s tu i\ l r. 1. C. Bliss on the dc:tth of his wife.

Nell' members to 1.A.H. E. afe Tim Hil l. Gltn Starwalt and Rer~ard Hawicldu rllt to Active J\:l emhership and .l ames Silmmuns to Al;suciate ' 1 embership.


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Look for this insignia I

MEM8ERS . ..

CONCRETE PIPE for Permanence

Member companies manufacture

CONCRETE PIPE in accordance with nationally recognized specifications:









ILLINOIS CONCRETE PIPE ASSOCIATION 221 North LaSalle Street · ChluQo, IIUnois 60601

Pllone DEe , born 2·3901


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (65)

Chapter Notes

EAST ST. LO UIS CHAPTER OFF :CERS: Sealed , hft '0 Ri;hl: L. O. Berger, PrE!ty Woilrc ... Carl Schl" ... r, Chorl ... B"... Standing: O. N. L"nen, Bob

Drummond, fred Bodel.meyer, GI~n So",), ''',

EAST ST. LOUIS District Eight


PlulII/i bob (J'Isrip: Herbert Shot­well recien:d a members hip and a set of golf cluh~ from hi. sun"s mum for Chri~tlllas. H is game is not impro,-· InI!. though. find 111' is worried. It -cnTl~ lw h"s nu time to plar . Het­trr hllr r~ , " erb, :md get in ';1 few

3,. time' waits for no man.

It - T~nt'J through tIll" grape­WlIW" A. O. Fr~nch. project en­~ ... ",~td Hasnain are hl)lding ceau._ am.fuC'r.ce~ in thr hru,h. \\-e'U~ lnIw.- the outcome. Oead GIrD ? wa. The Tinr pilll ts chall ... ,zft Cl.:i:: I\ai'>('r to a hoa! Tan"... ClIud; rriwwd. npbining th:H he t< not .a .;I(;n" __ .-\s u.r as ht is COhCUikd. Tn' -.. ~ only to w .. sh one:' s ktt..

Carl ScbkTtT. DSrict Cc.t-tTUC+ tion Engi~r c:mor.t ~ .~ th(' hot lirK rrmrdin!: dict~ plays bad:: thTte words bdUnd_ Don·1 bbme the machine, Carl. You CIiII

t;'ll k plainer th;'ln rnal. \\"by nol _ for iolk musi.; H:t.:ords?

J anrt fl ural:kcr has discardtd hf.r rollcr ~katt:~ for a Rambler with a rt:d interior,

CongTatulatilllls to ! Ieney fl user for wi nn ing the annual fA H E Bridgc ' 1'II\lrnamcnt. Il enry reall y slloll"('d everyone Iww!


Construnion on the Poplar StreCf Bridge had bcel] trmporarly delayed due to the high water IOn the IVI issis· sippi River during the l110mh uf April. Now that the river is st:lTtilll7 til recedc, opcratiol1S are Tt~~l!1n illg: . Dr:lvo Corporation, con tractor on the sUOstructu re, will ag:lin be using the Hotline Sonic H ammer to drive th!' C;1issOllS, Th(' estim<lted length ;. o i the 6 follt caissons [('quiTI'd on the remaining piers :Jnd 82 and 109 feet. The Bodine Sonic Hammcr uses the tremendous po\\"er in sOllnd \\"il'..-es to drive the c<lisSllll j. lh the use of mechanical oscilbtOrs the c:J i5son is energi7,ed to a rCSIJlw nt frequency. T his energy is then transmitted to the e:Jrth, tcmpor;'lrily displacing it Ilur­ing the process of drov;ng the pile.~,

which give the appe<lrance of drop­ping into a hole.


D an Koh n)',e repiJrtcd for all ami) ph}$ical on l\lay 19, 196-1-. He passed, and will probably be indllcte!1 soon.

'fat Graham was re-elec tt>d trea­·u.rer of the Alton Little Theater, Inc:_ in .\lar. .\1a1 played the role Of " ::'rinker" in a rtXt:nt prndllct;hn o,-lm llcThing'·, which \,·as an 51100 ~ lor the Little Theater.

"Ole first fishing trip of the ~ason at Ikrmctl Springs State Park. f.Ao­b:lr'lOn. :\10., yiddtd a toW catch of 17 trout. Anglcrs were C. E. ·· Dusty" Rhoads, R. O. \Vllco:l:, .. nd W;\'C'S.

The AIt- \Vllon i\Ien:hant~, Cl:ts~ 1\ St.lt!· Softball Cha mpions o f 1963 halc a player.managcr from th e offi (e -John G odar,

Research and Planning were re­cently the joyous reci picnts of two lUllcheons-

Ollt> chili lunch prepart'd hI' the mother of Larry \Vutst and ~~'r\'cd In· ' ,arn' at the offi ce, and-. O ne ·S paghetti dinnf'r prepared

and ~en'ed hI .\ Trl'. Gkn H , Sa ll' ­\'cr :! t thl'ir ;'c~idem:c during IU!1( h iHlllr,

Research :Jnd Pbllning has a new employee, He is Gil br:rt ?d e},r:r, \\"h o S('fI' r:J ffllm 1956 to 1960 in Rc· search and Planning in Springlield. Before joill ing District 8, on Decem­her 23, 1963. Cil was employed hy th~ Ala~b H igh\\":J)' Departnlcnt's offiCI! of Researc11 and PlannillK,

AUDITS DAV E l\L .... :"iTL E

.\l a illtel:a nC(' and Rigllt.of-\V;j~·

iections and the Audits o\·partmcnt In·re rdocat~d in the distri(t offi ce, T hc Rij!"h r- of- \V :IY dl·partllHnt nec(led more room, so a three·",:!) s\\"itch WH lll:JUr:. R igh t-cf. \Vay moved lilJ'.nlstairs II) Ihe Adminis­trative Services Alldit ~ectil)n, th e Alldit:; H·cti"l1 moV\'d upstairs where th(" j\ 1 ~il1tenance sectiol1 \\" ;'15 and the l\Ltinten:lI1ce St'ctioll moved into the HlOnl tll~t Right·of·\Vay occu pied . Dave i\lantlc, who is the supervisor of the Audit sectiun said h~ ~nrl his crew are having a h:Jr.! time getting used to their present quarters, but thinb after ;,ome imrrovements an: madr they will prohahly ~et used to and enjoy :t mure than at the present.

Dave is planning his 15 day~ va· (at ion so he can par t icipate in the Ohio St:Jtt: Trapshoot , th e Illinois State T rapshoot, both in June ; and then the G rand Amr:rican in Van­dalia, Ohio, in Aug\lst.

£Jna LlITtr-. clerk in AUIlits, is going 10 the \Vorld's hir in June.

S) h'ia Rakl'r, dl"rk in All d its , and ht:r husband GIIY arc going " fishing" on fhe Lake !If th e Ozarks the last wct"k in !\ lar.

Cawl ). IeK ee is anxioll~ly waiting to hear rholt her husband is "home­ward" bllund frum Alaska.


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Office: 1415 Point Avenue, ROCKFORD. ILL. Telephone 399-6511


Hot-Mix a nd Cold-Mix - Asphalt Mixtures

Furnished and Cons tructed


18 h t Sir .. ! g ild r"dlono A .... Phone, TRoJogo 7_71S0 til! W. 119th ST. THORNTON, ILL. (CHICAGO PLANT)

"G,..... me earth-if Jmprollement Company ~ m ---PAVING-GRADING-HEAVY CONSTRUCTION- DREDGING


:J)III1I1 I1P",." YuU/a




6217 Nesb;1t Road PHONE 845-6421 MADISON 5, WISCONSIN


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (67)

Chapter Notes RIGHT OF WAY Ill' )01'1110 \\'1 ," 1'1:-.'(;

O ur oilier location was l1Iol'('d from thr ~mall !I\'("rcru\\ cled IIJll'tai rs room to a iarJ,!c ove rcrowded do\\'n· stairs rOQm. Everyone h,ld II good tinle on moving till}' looking: fll r the;r ow n desk lilld drawrn; it Willi. jllst like a j!i:lll t Eas ter Egg hunt. When we movcu into OUf new office, L'lla rgie P ing juincil u;;, Althuugh she 11:15 hr:cn assigntlJ to Righ t of \V:l ~ fur qui te !lOme tiuII", ,I ,c ',,11.1 urcn wurlin!,; in a (I ifferent part of th t': building. Glad tIl hav(' our Right of \Va)' staff all together.

Since the last T!'purt, Rigl1 l of \Var has gaincll [WI> new cmplu}ccs: F.unic(' Benton . derLHypist ; and Joh n Serth . technit:.1! ad\·ism.

.\'I T. Rich:ml Ci. Fl,lUgher, or Li nck Dick ll~ we k[}(J\\' him. relitI'd at the end of .\lay. T he Rij!J\l nf \ Vay , taff hat! a iunchl'Wl in his

hUllor at Grand l\larais Dinin g Ruom nn T hursdaf, fi l ay 2 1-

D ;m Carroll came back to work after spending time in tht hO$j"tita l with a broken hip rcceivl'{J in an auto accirlenl . D~n ili Hill sporting ,i pair of ("flitches but is dui ng lin c othrr­In:w.

T he r ii-dB of wa} team had ~ spC'C­tacuhr Iluwling sea.~n. They may ha\'I: hmken some r~"Ord~, pa rricu­larh· in their rntc of fall from fir~t plal:l', wh ich the)' held fo r ntarly half the seas.m, to a fifth place fi nish . T he team's decline he!!:Hn abou t the t imr severn! of the tc;,m Illcmbt'rs quit drinking bet'r. Their motto for next St:"ason: ") I ore ,lnd better heer frameo'"


\ Vlla ~airl ~oah was the 011 11· Ilnc to prepare for the fl ood? C hel:k the

~e\I' ;" 1 ai nt rna n ce D ep:lTt ment! F.very el'~ n i n g: at 5 :00, the Officc Engineer anti hi:; st;.lwOIn storm troopers camoullage till-ir Ile~ks with raincoats. Other fa vori te weapons of the !'I I r.immance D il'isinn ;n thei r batd t' al!~ills t In~t feet :lnd damp forl'h ~ads are ruhlwr OO:lts, huckt:ts , umhrell as, and rain hats, Lifr pre· lief\ ' I'r,;; and ropes afC ensily lll'Cl'ssiblr fur fescue of thnsc who fall int t) Ihc mll rky \\'ater~ of !I./a ilH('nan('c L:lkf", 1 wonder if we ~hou [.1 hire 1\ life­gua rd? How did it sta r t? \Veil, it gues I ike thi~

Once upon a time there Il'l're threl': depar t llle nt~ - Audits. l\ i aintenanee. ant! Right-of \Vay. T hc A\II l it.~ rle­par tm""nt " 'asn't too happ)', plari ng in a dt!i n~ machine tapt': ;lnd frolicking ami,I~ 1 the co*ke bottle and coffer cup fores t. bt'{:ause thcy 11''' lIteI1 more room, l\. 1 ~in[rnancc was tired of the buzzin!!: of the giant switchboard bel' and th e cla nking of the evil. green-

construction castings

Patterns for 20,000 diffe rent Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Castings fo r

Hi9hway-Municipai-Bulldln9-lndustrial Cammunication-Publ ic: Works Ai rport-Uti lit ies-T ra n sportation

Write for free copy of nO-page

C atalogue " R," Fourth Ed it ion


0' so.nd q.o/ify ... solid .. I •• .•.

-+J,'·'eenah fOU"DRY COM'.II'

NEE NAH, W I SCONS I N CHICAGO OFFICE 5 44 5 Nort h N eya A ye.

C hic a go 3 1, Illinois


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (68)

C hapt e r No t es el ed X erox T(lbot , so till'v w:l nted a qu iet side road h ide~a-wa\" wher t: thcl' could peacefu lly \\'o rk' away th~ hours, RighHlf. \Va} , thlJrolll,:hl} {lis· 1!11$I(,t l with th eir ~ol d , rai ny la nd, ~nls th t: most mi~erahle of the t hree. R iglllfllUr so, for it Sttllled the g:ods .Iid nut fal'o r diem to nuke the skies wh ite aga in as the} lI'ere in the begi nning.

As. timc \\'{'nl on, Right ·" f. \ Vay fi led :111 r l' ict ion nUl il:c ag.lilil l A ",lia. \\' hen Audi rs had no chan.:e of reo tai nint:: their Jmmlin, Ril!ht.Hf~ \Var ha vin)! law on th t ir side, tl ley ple<ldcl! to t Ilt' gods for a place 011 h i~IL Seeing thaI ~ I a i ntenance was limaU a llil I11cl'k, the ga(ls g;i\'C Aucli rs the land of th \· i\'h int cnance peopl e, T he onl )' space fo r i\ I aintcnaflce 10 go was the de!lerted Rj~h t-o f W ay bm!.

Now the rtOll lc of Aucl irl and de· test the consta nt iJ1L Z7.i nj::' of thr SII itehboa rd hC I~ antI the clamor of ti le hot·bre:uhed X erox rohat. J\ la in· lI:n ;IIIC" suffers in silencf' h} the cool walen IIf i t..~ lake, fll r it has I n~ t irs voice, Now , Right-of. \Vay is the '1nl )' (lI1e that i ~ happ) , They ;Ire ohl il' i ou ~ t il t ime for thry know no I!od~, ant! the~ w ill lilc hal)l)il), I:\,cr ,dter.

SO J.!Ot'~ th e s tory-it might be true. hut l ike I sa id-it'~ j ll ~ t astor)".


C ong ra tu l a ti o n s to Antho n )" \ V;I} IU: L Ciln(' and Gnald ing \ Vall, \\·ho II cre married a t St. J amcs Ro· man Cathulic C hurch , ':\I ill ~ t adt , llI i­noi~ on i\b y 2, 196+. G erry and T onI' hone\'llloonell in I AllI isl' il1e, Kcn im.:ky. 'De~ i ltn has recently ae­CJ uin'd several fresh nell' facts, and has wek omell back somc famil iar onf1;. N I':\I' \'ngineers arc Charlt'S H udson and Ron Kraus, bu th rcrent g rad uates of 1\ I issou ri School of i\ f ines, and J err}' C hurch, who COllies from the D ivision of 'W aterways. Back from mili!a(\' Il':al'e are Bob H a rm~ and T CII r,jlicott , Anlllhf'r ne ll' face bc:. 1011 ..,'S fI) Hcnri Bouffard , who had bct'n in T hailand lI' ith SVl':rtlrup & Pared fo r the l a~t two years. Henri wllrked fo r the Divisiun I)f II ighway~

in Peoria back in 1955. R ay AI"i;;, II"lw had been enjoying le:lVc of abo sener in Tl':xa~ has Tl':t JrnC11 to De­stgn, \\' hil t: a ttending to some pcr-


sonal a ff:t i r ~ , Ray srn t pos tcard s in Spanish t il Ca rlos Toh:lr. transl a ted for rn (" r('l;t of the office, and ma l1 agl'{I to acquire ;.n ol·en;i ... r{l pipe w ith a howl shapcd like the ht:ad of a lonl!­hurn steer , Kay pre~lllllably used it to fri~hten away ghost i("s <l nd ghoulil'S anri l ong~l ('ggity hca$ l it~, as \\'el l :IS th ings tha t gil bump ill the night. Such as Fred Ihrtel~ l1\ crer, fo r exampl e, Fret! ~ l1 d his. roopcr:lti"e c rcw have heen buml)ing "bout w ith the Il t'W in l,crst<lu cost HUlh ' , and he cl aims to h:lve bcen in till' d~ rk abml l it unti l :1 most ill uminat ing visit f rOIll the Bureau oi Public Roads Ilcupk fn:d cl a ims that , upon their an i":I!. he had a salori, or great ("nlighten· ment, An cnl iKhtened fellow, Fred ; 111: lI'a~ recentl y re~ is t t' rtd as a P. F." with all Ih(" right~ alld privc1eg("s ap­IlCrtain ing there to.

T he l("ague bowlinJi: ~caiOn i~ of­tici:t! ly o\'("r. In O i~ t ric t S, Ihe CIl:II11-pionship of th e: D il' isiun's bowling leagur was in doubt unt il lilr last night. \\'hen the pins fi nally set tlell, th(" U csi);!n leam was in fro nt. Th(" 1963 ·6+ ch;nn!lion ~ are: G len Saw­yer. Richa rd Brown. Farr("1 II ill , G len ~ f eck , Laurel ( Hlackie ) Berger ami C arillS T oha r. T he r llnner-up was Rceun ~ trllct i (}l\ , full oll'f'd hy T raffic. ReJesign, Right of W ay. and St. Cl a ir Cou nty H ighwa r Depart · m(" nt . . , I ateri<l ls, Ihc t!d("nJin~ ch:l1n ­pions, .. ha rell the ccllar with Ctln· ~ tru \' t ion .


:\Il atc ria ls s ta rted out the booming construction seasOn w ith a sad hea n bfl:<IUSt: of the lo~s of th e grea t t ravel­in" bowling trophy. ~\laterial s \Va£. unfOrtunate and wa,~ only able til tie for sev("Ju h (and cighth ) pbcc. How­C'V t:r , C huck Buss elid achicve the hi~hest g:! in in average durin!;; Ihe 1963-6+ buwlin~ ~ason,

Wi th all ilrojects gning full bla]O.t. M ate:r ials is ha l' int::: a trying t ime \' isit ing a ll jubs .md inspecting the mate:rial s. fur our O Wl! d is t rict plll ~ all th e: Ill lltr ri llis which arc sh ipped Oll t to other dist r icts.

' Ve'd tike to IVt"lCOIll t: the neWt'S t mC1l1 bt:r of our dr part1l1ent , J ohn " Gus" H ilgert and congra tulatc him a t the ~;l1ne time on hi]O. recent mar' r iage. H e luo k the fatal st rp 011 ~ Ia )' 16.

Boh Trentma n, one uf our Random Samplers, is guinl! to the \Vorld's Fa ir in J une, \ Ve hope he hrings hack souvmi rs for a ll uf II". Rus~ R end l ~man, ollr Drill R ig

Engin cer, is f!Uing ro Florida for t\\'o werks in J une. :\ fa)'be he can nnd a way tl) hr ing back !\IlIne of th;lt Fl orida Su n~h ine and ~to re it for uS\" on those r<li ny days w hen th~ Il r il1 rig crew r:m ' t wor l.::.

Ray 'Virdle. one o f our d rill r i.e: trchn ici;!ns, has joined the Nav~' , H e has heen replael'u by Floyd Sh im · (:hil'k, T hat eertainlv mm t be a tou~h job. O ur last t h~("C tech nicia ns· D an Stukrnberg, Ot) !> Ln tshaw. ,md no\\' R ar~have all joined the service aiter tht:r wrH givcn th at joh,

\Ve had a nice visit r cstcrda)' wi th V ave \Vh ite who used In \\'ork fo r our D epartment. He tonk a leave of absl'nCe to go hack to 51:hool. H e's pl:tn ning nn cominl! b;n:k with liS fo r the Slimmer.

\Vc Io;; t a gootl fric nd anil 01 ha ftl worker when Linne! ;\kC aul("} qui t tn g" tn work at T . J, ,\l oss Tic Cc '111r ~ n r. H ~\ II OW Plant SUllCri n. tendt'nt, ~l e\' (" 11 thuu gh we miss him we' re Rlad he's doing so well .

O n a recrllt fishing tri p to Il orsr ­shue 1.llki:. Sonia Bou k h caught a 2 }1 pound Black Bass on a fJ ) rod , 1 01m l'ould tlo 110 hencr th:l ll um~ small B1ucgil l. W e bet he' ll nC \' N

liVe th ~t duwn ,

Ill' the way, has ml~ {lne set' ll Fred Richar{lson's retl beard tha t he'., growinl! fll r the C cntt'nnial ill Jersey. vi lle? That' ~ quite a combina tion with his black: hair.

Rea O 'N (":l]'s d.tUghter J udy is j!e lting married a ll J UIIC 13th. \Vc hop~ she' ll be verr happy, Rca hasn' t started getting nefl'ous yet , but wait till th at J ar gels closer. Rea and his fal11 i l ~ are J!Oin~ on a rampin l!,' tri l) to Shakamak: State Par"- in Indiana in th e la te part o f A ugust. \Ve though t he l11i~h t leave fur there on J li ne I·l-th to r('Cuperatc, but mayhe hr'l1 ~u rll r ise us :1Ilt! be a c,. llll fathcr of the brid e.

\Ve also havc two new ter.h nicians ill the lab-Fred J udge a'nd Ron T umlinson, T h("r' rc rcallr doing a good job, evcn if Chuck Buss is out on Soi l Surv~r.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (69)

Chapter Notes \Ve'fI: havinl!: a great tillle helween

st rugglinl{ with Time Cafll~ and Travel Distribution f orms for Ex­pense Accounts. Tilt' gi rl who chech time cards spend s lilore time in our office than ::.he does at hrT desk. It would seem like sooner ur lare r we'd learn how to fill thelll out correct! )'. would n' t it?


Fred i\ l ourt', ou r .A..;;sistant Traffic Engineer since 195-+, retired ill May after approximatel)' 36 p::lrS sen'ice lI'ith the State. OUT Department pre­~enttd him with an AM-FM tr:msis.­tor (;II\io :IS a going-awar gift. Our Huwlinl!; T eam has had a notin:able i'hnrtage since then. but t:\'errone was confi41ent that we had a fine repl:u:c­men! in our Traffic ~ngilleer- I br­old Ru ffner. I\ l r. i\ l oon:: will br missed very much, bllt we wish him h:l.ppiness and continued good health

in his re{i reml'nt. F rom the cards we ha" e recei"t"d arlil from his recent "isit it seems that he is enjoying life ver} wd l.

[,'errone has been kept pretty bU8Y with the corning of \\':Hm \\ '{':u her and the activities in sign wurk. etc. that good welrther brings on.

Along with accident lind spreli ~tudit's and {he like. one (If our T ech­nician'>, Olin H ulliu ng. found him­sdf engaged, A J une \I"edtlin}! is bt"ing pl anned.

Harvey H offman became :r grand­father :\ 13.1 of with (he arriva l of a liule girl born to his $Oil T, ',m all/I wife Barb.

Gcne He;l, 1\ likc Kuhn and Rich­ard H artman has bl"'C1l working 011

sign n"lO<.lern izariun and jUllction marking the la£t fe w months. \VI' suppose M ike has decided that he is ~a tis fied enouKh to star a while brcause he ju~ t recent ly bought him­self a red conve rtible.

C.E. 1. Bob JOlle~ has bee n bus)' widl delinea tor;; anti ~pecial s tud ies on sub\\"a)";;, between attend ing \\'ed­,li ngs. \Ve keep wondering II-hen !>Orne uf these weJding~ wi ll j!ive him idea)! also.

The D epartment II'llS saddened b} the plissing of our forme r T raffic F.nginccr ~ I r. V. C. Cra wley on :\ Iarch 31. H I"; had hecn hcad of the Traffic se-ction frum tlu:: li llie T raffi c was still <: part of 1\ b inten,mre until his re lin, nerlt in Fehruary 1962. 'Ve will c(' rt :ti nly mi~~ his frequ cnt visi ts to the officc.


O ur rongr:tlUiation,; tu Jil\l T ar-101 . who rcccntlr passed the Regis­tered Pruft'Ssional Enginttr 's Exam­in:uion. Th e Ta) lur,; (Jim, P hyllis anc! suns), have returned frorn a va­cation in the East. Th e vaca tion iIl­dUlled sight seeing in Nell York C ity




OTT .... W ....


MOLINE and B .... lIlty



10E TUCIER. Mluourl ReprHenta \iTO PHONE _ LaGRANGE OL 5-4388

ROBERT SCHREMPF, Sales Rep'''enl(Jll"e PHONE - MOLINE 76Z.&335 M. H, CtLANDER. Sal .. Repr .. entatlve PHONE - MOLINE 764-8450 H. W. "Duk." NORTON. Sal .. R.pre.entall .. PHONE _ OTTAW .... HEmp.lead 3-4512 o. 3·1543






Rockford Blacktop Construction Co. Bituminous Macadam Paving - Bituminous Application - Pre-Mixed Patching Material

Parks and Priva te Drives-Grading-Grovel and Crushed Stone

I ll S W .. I(:h .... r Dr .. Rod:lord. ilL

.s ................ _k. to ... PGrk. Ill. Pbone - 877-1415


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (70)

Chapter Notes and th~ \Vorld 's Fair.

:\ Ir. and :\I rs. Louis Burg vaGI­tinned in Ne\\' Orleans Juring Ihe llartli Gras Stasnn.

O~car H . Spaeth is at tending the Groiogicai Fidd trips sponsored by [h(' State of Illinois. Tile I:Htst Irip W:lS h) Rochelle, Illinois.

It is rumored th:rt lI arolJ Sdlwaah, J oh n Kuslor and J erry Lieber aft in the market for :1 nel\' car. l-.ood lI unling Hors! !


Distr ict Nine

HY \.y. E. STA LL\! AN

T he Carhondale Dimict hdd its annual Spring l'artr at the ~ I urphys. hom El ks Cluh in April. This affair had special emphasis and :tttcllliance sim:c it was rht' occasion at which our n'cc:ntly retired Uistrict Engineer, \ Vm. LJ. i\ 1:ll' LeoJ , was honored, I\bc was presented wi th a gold Ac­cut run wristwatch as a n'melllbrance gift from the Association m~lllhcrs. \Vc wcre also pleased to havc l'\lr. ami I\lr,;. E. L. Shcrenz • . \l r. and :\ I r~. Ralph Brown, J\fr. Henry [) i~rl>, hom Sprin)!field , an,l Mr. and l\lrs . .r. J. Cl chul frum Paris, pres­ent :H the party, T he theme of the {lart~ was "Time to Ret ire." i\ l an}' re!;tnt District 9 retirees were there til promote the thellle, but Buster EUiun of thl' HUH'au oi Ril!ht-Qf­\Var )CaVe a brilliant ptrformance of II hat it means TO reall} hretire." A picture of Huster "retiring" is in­cluded elsewhere in th is issue. An ­utna hif!h spot of the part}' II as II'II t'o M r. 11, \V, Lollar 'Iga in gan~ an out­~ t anding :lftrr-dinm:r speech,

Construt:tion SC:lson is now in fuJI swing again_ I 'm sure all the fidd cn'll'S were glad tu hear that "sum­Iner ho\.rs" will \)C in ("liecl in J Ulle, J uly, and August,

SO IT)" idlows, it dOSCL\'t incluJt, rOLL. \Vork. wise, Interstate 57 i~ still clJnsllin ing much of the man­power. Earl LeFevre and Kenny Cou:ine arc at the south end build in/! hrid~c:s in Pulaski Count}' , but most of the men :Ire sl ill in \Vcst Frarlk· fOT! and Benton, despr.ratcly trying to meet the deadlines for th~ ;;ce­t iIJrls, lm;illendy, Interst llte 57 lost


10 RighI: John Mellon , Roy Mo. 8.11gell , Bob Zi.boo, Roy Ho .. ;'_

[""0 more seasoned Resillrllt Engi­ntt.r~ wllell Hill Stewart was Ilro­moted to Supervisory Fid(1 Enl!illttr in Const ruction and Dille Haile)' wa~ transferred til Materials to a5si:;t Les Hu\cmllb in Soils. Conj:!;ra tul ation ~, fellol\-'s, but \V(St Frankfort ami \Vt-::t Cit} will lIlis~ } OIL.

In the Bureau of Design, " tearing hair" is till! la test T('sor t which Office Engineer Hoh M cCormick has used in linding technical help fur the: de­~;gners the past 5('\'era1 weeks. The annual draft by the Burt'aus (If Con­$trllc[ion and Milteri;lls is rapidlr taking iL~ tull of ollieI' help. Don 't panic, Huh. the SUIIIIl\er college stu­dents art on their way,

The ann ual spri ng trl'k to P.f:, l\xamin:u ions was recl'n ti y cO!llpleted by Lofton Atnip, [Xln Shelton , T um Brock. Carl Bolin)!, ami Ed Thur­mond_ Now comes the lung tll'U

month \\' ;Iit fur the: resu lts. Ij ill Sd1l\-egm an has r('turned from a two \I('ek stint with the: Arm), Reserve: lit Fort LI'e, Va ., and now begins the \\-et'krn(! :lI1d night work on his; nell' hOI11(', which is now under COIl­

struCtion . T ht' Ijur~au of De:.ign was quite

enth usia~ ti!; ol'er the plourd ('T05S

sectiulls which tht·)" recei\'ed from til(' dcCtToni!; com putt'r uni t for tht' pro­posed work to be done on FAS 958 ill J\lassac COllnh. This. was a real l ime Sll\'er and allowed a lot of other work to be ac..:umplished at this olIi..:e

while " Mr. 1[j1\ I" worked uvertime in Sp ringlield to ploI, chN:k. :tIld ink tll~ cross S{'(.,-iuns_ Null' if w e can just lind a Illachine to turn 0111 a t:ompletl'J set of plans from photo­graphs, we "::11\ flnallr have l'naugh timc to fill nut time card~ and SIlt'nd rll} checks_

Ray B Ul-hack~r and his COSt esti­muting Stetion have hem strengthencd h~' The addition of M alcomb M e­Shall nUll. Ra~ has also been qllite hu~~' II ith (Iesi~n sect ions in ,"Vest Franldort alld along Route I+~ .

Spcaki llj! 01 es tilllate~, LoftOn At­nip's tlllire !It:: tion has hel'Tl com plet­ing the estimatl' o f FA.I 57 and FAI 2+ for the 196') Cllst StUll", On·ille II :l ke of that ~ec t illn touk - the giant step of matrimony only a fe w weeks a}:!o, wai t in!!, (If cuurse., ulltil the Cost Stud), was n .. arlr completed.

The HUfea .• of Right of Way IUSI another \"alU:lbl~· iIlan wll!!n Rubert E. Allen resigned to join the: fi rm of Brt)\I Il-Seule of Carhundale_ \Ve undrrslanJ Sidnr\' Smith has been pla~ ing "wwhu) ,i and bunged up hi$ bad leg_ A[~o on Ille ex:tm trail i~ Frank M a)hall. F rank just rL'­centl) took Ille I.rmtl Su rv<!)or Exam -or did it take hill!_ Time will tell. Robert Smith h .. d a ~hort husl>i t :!l visit re:covering from sumething­pl.'rhnps "Cost Studyitis."

The Bu rer.1I \If 1lateri:lls informs us Ih;ll Ihey are "all re:ldy" for the cuming lvnstructiull season. They


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (71)


Jenkins, Merchant & Nankivil Consulting Engineers

Municipal Improvements Highways & Airport s Power Development Traffic Surveys Flood Control

Gas Systems Water Systems

Sewerage Systems Industrial Plants

Recreational f acilities invest.gations and Reports

801 -805 E0:6t Miller St. Springfield. m. Phon eI211-523-5694.

Conaoer, Townsend & Associates Consulting Eng ineers

Sewage treatment, sewers, storm drainage, flood control - Water supply and treotment - Highway and bridges - Airporb - Urban renewal - Electric and gas transmission lines - Role studies. surveys and vaJl.IOlions - Industrial and institutional buildings.

360 East Grand Avenue Chic:ago 11 . Illinoi s

Robert Hofmann & Associates Consulting En gineers

Re'll,te,ed Proleulonol £Dgi ..... ,. cmd. Land 511.'''1,0" Reqlate,ed Slructu,,;d En9In •• r.

106 RiVer Street Dixon , Illinois Pho. 284·0641

320 N. Fourth St. Rockford. Illinoi s

Pho. 964·2897


Walter E. Hanson & Company ENG INEEJlS - CONSULTANTS

Registered Structural and Professionol Engineers. Bridges and Grade Separation Structures.

Oams. Soil Tests and Foundations. Roads and Streets.

1227 South 6th St. Sprinq6elcL llllnois

Phone: 217·527·2566



... Brid9c and Grade Sepa rations

... Roads and Streets

... Municipal Improvements

1622 South 5th Street SprinQfield lllinoi9

De Leuw, Cather & Company Consult ing Engineers

Public Transit Traffic & Parking Highways

Urban Renewal

Subways Railroads Municipal Works Port Development

165 West Wacker Drive. ChicaQo 1

Bas ion B1,Iif,;do N.w(l.rk

Oklahoma City San Fn:rDI;'-tO H.w York


Johnston, Westenhoff and Novick, Inc. Consulting Engineers


Soils Mechanics Waterfront Structures Railroad Facililies

Bridges Foundations Airports T roffic & Parking

Municipal Eng:neering

28 E. IatboD Sh·d. Chicago 4, Illlnoi&

212 N. 7th 51. Ea.1 SL Loula. Illinoi&

Crawford. Murphy & Tilly Consulting Engineers

Expressways - Highways


Complete Civil Engineering Services

Phone: 217-528-5619

155 So. Grand West Springfield. IlL


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (72)

Chapter Notes will he wi thout the s~r"ict"S of Tom Hagerman, howcvt'r, '1'0111 has been rtrentl), tnmsferred to Springfielll H'I

~ef\'c 1111 one uf the rcccntht formed inspection trams. Best ur' luck to yuu, T om,

Ali Di~tric [ personne: were shocked and saJdt:ncd upon learning of t.he accidental death of J oe Davis and his wife uf .. few \, teks when his notlH' exploded and hu~ ncd. J oe wa~ emrlo}ed in :\1.ueriah, "or\':ing in thc Soils lah. His fate will be mourned :lTId hi '! pre:;em:e rni~~eJ by all.

Hill Stallman has been promoted tu i::ngintcr of Tr:dlic. rtplacinl! Ver­nUll Kupcl, who is ou r n!:\\" D is trict Engineer. Stallman sen'ed in the Hllreaus of lJesign. Constructiun, and ,\ i:Lterials bdore joining the Hurcau of Traffic about [WII and one-half years ago. Alex Zcdialis has been

transferred from the Hun:au of De­sign to T rallle to fiJI the l'acanC\ cre:ned b} Stallman's promut;u~. Carl) Ie S;Ill~ \\"ill assume the duries furmerl}' handled by Alex in Design.

T ht' ,tnllual Fj~hing Trip to Reel· foot Lake by Sl'!1'eral Di~triC[ em­plo.lees took place during the wttk· cnd of May 23. Fifteen attend!':!1 this year 's session, i'dike Roulden and E. G. Ro~~ were the outstanding fisher· mrn with F rank Mayhall and J im Ne\\'tnn doO'!! behind. All other~ had a gund time tr) iog. A lI"e1cnme new· comer to this )ear's group \\'I(S Rus· sell ~'IcClelllln , Executive Se<:retary of tile Illinois State Employees' As­~oci:lti(Jll, Russ fit in welt with the group-he c:m't fish either. Regard­ing fishing t r ips. scI'er,.1 Traffic per­<;( >rlrlt"l held their annual l,!:athering ilt Il nrst:shoe L:lke. As in the past, tht catch was low but" good limt: was had br tilt.

CHICAGO Distr ict Ten

T he Chicaj!o Chapter's annual ~pring dinner·dance was, as usual. a huge success. The ~uccess was pri­marily due to the nature of the group and the swinginK combo that pro· vith·d the music. The Tone Toppers. T he setting was- the Acacia Country Club in S(luthweStern suburbia. T his was a changr in IOCtltion from th~ past fell' ~ tl ~ "hen lhe Jan..:c \Vn~ held al St. An drt:I\·s.

In !!I'nenl, it is believed, the Acacia club had a number of dra\\'· backs, \ \Thile eating, lI"e In~re crowded. The rood was eJib!t:, bu t \\"I'\' ~ al l ha.1 bener at our previous llinner-Jann::'i, ~S[ of the COIll­plaints would have to be the poor ~c rvict'. I doubt that our wives or sweetheart;; appreciated d~ariT1g their own di ~hes, etc. Po~t danc~ diS(:us-



TELEPHONE 442 ·0253



Water Works, Se .... era ge, Bridges, Street Improve-ments, Airports, Valuatians, Rate Investigations,

High .... a ys, Surveys

511 Main Street Hillsboro, Illinoi s


Design a nd Supervision Foundations - Strudures . Highways

Flood Control

108 West Lake S treet Chicago I. Winois 87 Valley Road Montclair, New Jersey 1190 Dlxwell Avenue Hamden. Connecticut 140 C&dar Street Ne w York, Ne w Yotk




READY· TO -USE : A liquid re tarde r produced in ChiCo1go by Dewey a nd Almy, m 3nufactur · en of DAREX A E A .

ILLINOIS· APPROVED : Use d extensively in 1963 to meet th e requirements of Special Pro· vision for Concrete for Structure s and Incide n­t.JI Construction , State of Illinois.

DARATARD: Progr,1m for 1964-1, SI.I'· .pprov,d Aytom.tic DI.penslng Equipment.

avall . ble to you at no charge. tor OA F{ATARO O,ek Pours.

2. Servlee Englnectr will work wllh Ready. Mill Con· e rete Producer to obtain resu(\, requi red by Stat. Material. Englne.r, .. welt 01 Contractor.

Wrlfe now for /I quotlll/on and addltiona/lnformlltlon.

E . W . ZIMMERMAN CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAl.S, INC. I.le N. l.aSalie St. , Chicago, lit.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (73)

Chapter Notes ~ion indicate~ th:tt In' will UrI­

doubtedlr change ioc:lt ions next year. OmJrTatula tions arc ~ till in order for tile Janet l'Omlniltl"c as th... prob­lems cit!:(1 \\'ere far hcronu their ("Ontrul. Attend:m cc was greater t h~ n t:xpc<: tcd. thank~ tn om fi ne COlll­

mittel' which WllS made up of L. Oickl"nsun. L. Ga ncni, H . \\1l.'st \1h31 , A. Bobka and L. Kowalski.

~1. J ack Urbain. affil iate Illt'mhcr, ami lift: of thc par!) type, \\'a~ again in attem{;mn', Alall!! with his won­derful wife, JaI'l.: stt an exhausting !):lce for some of our more ~ed:l t e memlwr;, P('Tennial favorite K. A . J ohnsen was in llt[(nda nce. but un­fo rt ullntelr hr fail fJ to br ing hi ~ daughter , 'J'hdma, who is an integtlll part of hi::. hcin}! a fal'o r ite.

A portion of the succe;,.'; must I,.. ;!Hr ihutcd In the gue;;ts who attended the part)'. O bservation indicilted that they trilly enjuyed thel11selve~ , and \ \1' hope In s('e thrill again next year. A note of wrro\\" must be :1dded. \vc II·ho aurmlcd, must have :1 fl'c!' ing IIf ml11l)assiol) for those \\ ho did not, as they rcally miss("11 a wonder· ful chance to enjo}, themselvt$ i11l10n~ 1I tfu1r enjoyable group uf people.

B UH'hrs Elld SrtlJUIl fit Glftf'll'flY

The Illinois I I ighwa}' Engineers I.rague finislu:~d another season of bowl ing in I\by. T he top hOl)ors went to \ 'ine(' [ sposito's P iledrivers whu. "ftu :1 terrific fi rst half, taking li "' t place, plull1ll1t:l1ed to last place with onl y 190 wi ns, H owever, at playoff time, they again "found" thrm~dl't$ and who~pcd the Fri ll.· Giannetti power hOl:se ( Rollers).

Tom :\ iorimuto a:lded to his col· lection of t rophies by c31llU ring top individual honors I\·ith a 175 average. Smil('S Kowald:i , of the best team , came in serond ~ n d H erbie Nab· shima th ird,

The h'~gue helll its banquet at Gah:war on .H ay ~3 rJ; at which time H im'ie \ Vestphal distr ibuted a l· most $1000 in prize money.

\Vith the season at its end, C:IS H r~nJrs has bu t 30 1I10n ths TO ask " \Vh:H dill I do wrong ? ..

GERHART KING J erry king has r«entlr I)('cn ~p.

poin ted A ... ~ islant Tr"ffi..: Engineo:r for D istrict 10,


HdIJrr findi ng a homc in oll r bur· eau of T raffic, J errr h~d traveled considcrabl) more than the average Cil· il Engineer. Born in Vienna, A ust r ia, he re<::e ived his earl)' :>ehool· i n~ in I~ urope IIdorc conling to the United State~ ;tnd attending Cooper Union School uf Enf!in ccring where he received a Ibchclor of Civil r::n· /!in('('ring Ilet; n:c in 1950, Aftfr a re~ r of po~tgrad\late \\-ork at N c'w York Uniq'Tl'ity, U r. K inJ;!: jnur. /lel'ell to C aslIhlanca, 1I l oroccu, where he- \\orhd as a Junior Soil .. f.n gi necT.

H e cnttrt.'J the United States for th e serond time in 1953 ,md wellt to ,\"ork inr the ;\ew York Cill' De· partmcnt of T wfiic. .

J err~' mn't'ell W l11inois and the D i" i~ion in 19'5+, T ell ,ears of con· scientious atl\l dilij!cllt ;1 urk in our T raffic Dcpart!111'nt ha\'e brought him his r~n'llt promotion.

Jerry, and his lI'ifo:, £l llTbara, h:II'C one child :md mal.:e their h011l(' in suburban I, incolllwuod.


District Thirteen

Ih: C, .\1 0'i'Io:LY Ih.'sc lf P.E .. P.U .. P.O:J.

T imc ag~in to Ict uur friends in th{' other ch;lllters know ahout the latest IlIIcl'ent ful hallpt"nings in 1\ 1;· steak! It \\"a~ ;t ~en moment for those of liS in Disrrict 13 to sec our new chapter ,I nd di~trict represented for the lirH t illle in the April i ~~ue uf the 1 1I i noi~ Highway Engineer i\1 ;t l!' f!' zine, -I'here \ \115, how('\'c r , an an:~i­OI lS moment or twu \I·hcn Reginald Bri/!hteJ ej II I , Chief of the G(.td,~ ­wat~h Ind iallS registered a complain t that hi~ ;u.lv('Ttisem*nt for J mii~n Cr~fts, Bl!adworl.:, and Bl ankets did not ~ppe:1T in the magazine. H e rl!gis· tl!red this cumplaint to C. ,1\ lotdy Busch via a note attachell W the shaft uf an arru\\' which w as fO llu!1 im· bedded into the door of 1\l r. Husch'i office. M r. Brightel't's was a!s\lred that everythin~ possible wOuld be dnne to see th at his ad would appear in the next issue,

IvYe receil'cd malll' letters and com· mcnts on the 1I1t:thod useJ in prescnt· ing the chal)ter ne\\"~ in the las t issue, so we' re going to maintain this me{h ·

od of news pre:;;cntation-a son of news· roundup bureau· b~ . hu· n'au-composi[l!! And awa)' we go !

D rrign; O ur DC'sij:!"n D epartmrnt is plea$ed to announce the appointment uf SiL. ~ i\ 1. Kabmh as District Dc· .. igl1 f.ngillrc r. ~Ir , Kabosh succt'eds Charlts X. Sekshun whu recently n:· tired , and who has been respon~ible fur the initial planning o f the 1\ l i­H e ;l k Express\\ a~. Sllr"e~ for the l'xprcssll'.rt) \\'a.~ reccn d y coll1pleu~d rI nd lI. l cI SU"Hhcr~ and hi~ c rew are tn be cong:ratulated un .rt joh \HIl


.\l r, K~hosh sal'S " The !\ I imak: Express\lay will soon he in the de· t •• ilnl planning stage, a~ the surl'cy buuk;; havt al reaJI' been turnc!l o\"er to the Cun~lIhant- Service branch of The D esign Department."

M({l rr;a!l: Although stil1 awaiting Llbor:ltor .l' equipment, the ~I:lteria l s D cpa rulle.lt h~5 been h'pt b\l ;:~ ".ith test borings alung the propose,! ex­pressw;I~. i\lan)' of tl lC ("'otcha· watah Im:ians think that the: drill ril{ is prohi" l{ fo r oil and are in hllpes thaT ther lI-ill become r ich much a~ Thci r sis ter t ribe ( the Get­cha\\'h ish~)"s) did ",hm oil was dis-­l"lll'l'reJ on Their reservation. M any of tht: hupeful C;ot<.:haw:1t ah~ can be seen pricing new Cadillacs, suh;;cril>-­ing to " Playoo}" a na re:a(ii ng the latest editions o f Con.!' u1ller's Guide.

Puhlir rel~tion.~ with the G Olcha­w~t:lh trihe we re n:eentl }' iUlprul'cd when Bill Grunt, our A~;is t ~ 1lI Eng-i· neer of !\,laterials annou nced his en· g~gclI!ent til .'diSj r,auj!hing \\'ater, daughter u: Regina1l\ RriJ;!:htcres Ill , Chid (I f Ihe t r ibe. CONGRATU­LATlo.~' S HILL A:\"lJ i\ II N;\ I !

Conftr/frtir",; Our undcrman ncd COllstructicn Dl'partm~lIt is \)I}erating under a hea l'!' schedu le, ~nd it is r\\l llured th at v,ll:il tioll plann ing by personnel of the Department shou lJ he deft'rn:d un til the ,,·inter months. This di:plcases: ma ny of the "fisher· men" of the Department, huwever, the ice.fishing this winter is expected tu hc brtter than ('ver.

T hrel! recent ~Jd itiuns to the Con­st ruction f) ('P;lTt IllCllt are \Villialll " Hill" Dinl!, c. t:. I , George Cnst ro, C. E. I , Hnd Robert "Sleepy" Hurke, c.E. I. All are recent I!: rallua t{'S of Sam lI uuston Ins titute I1f T echnolo­gy, \ V dc\)me to each of )'011 men!


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (74)


Chapter Notes Rigllf Ilf II' IJ), : In'in~ BU}:ln:lc re,

Distric t R iJ!: ht of ,"Var F.ngi ncer re­ports that acquisition of lands for tile exprCS'W:l)' arc proceeding a ~ fast as the Circuit Court Judge can rap i,is. hamm!'T !

,Jrrmils: \Vith th e coming tourist $l"ason dose at hand. th~ Perm its De­paJflllclH is being swamped with re­Ilues t." from the Gotchawatahs to cre..:t road~ i de stands d i~plaring and sellin~ Indian Crafts. Exact!}' how th is maner will be resolved has nut yrt heen dctcrmintd.

T rnjfic : T ed Grog of Ihe HUTC':\ U

of Traffic is the IHoud fa ther of a SOli . } Jichael F.ugcnr, ( his th ird),

Peoria Phone 699-3956

Congrats. "Groggy."

A recent traffic anal) sis along the proposed express w;\)" route revealed an as tounding Ilumher of horses and horse-d Ta,. n vcilide;, thus making the ta~k of assigning a 19S~ DHV count c ..... tremch· difficult. QII T tr:d­fic enKineers a~e wo ndering wlwther or nOl it might be mure practical to abandnn the E.-.:pn:sswar planninR and construct a bridle path!

1I1fli'''''III1"U: O ur i\l:tint .. n:tncc F id d Engineer .. han' rt'~:cnth' been plague~[ with a str ing of th~fts of 10" and 12" c.:\tl. P. drain:lge pipes f rom va rious locations. Everrone \\-a;; I.:o lllpl(" td~ haffled until the G ot-

chawatah~ erected a ne\\" chimney on thf"jr central venison smok:e-hnu~r! T SK - T SK.

R l'Sr(/rch : In closc cooperation \I ith the Hure:lU of T raffic. the Re­search Department is now studying [h e feasib il ity nf constructi ng a bridlc path !("J accommodate the main traffic, and a Ilaved frontage road to accom­modate the motorizetl \·chiclcs. Need­less to sa}" such a project \\"oul(\ be all "E ng inecring F irst" in the entire reginl1 .

T hat just ahout l\'raps it t iP for thi ~ issue. so to all uf the other ch ap­ters from all o f us ill M isteak- So Long-Sec Ynu Xcxt Is~ue.

Address: R. R. No. S. Eas t Peoria , Ill.




Ottl~ o rld Plant Loca ted :1 mil .. E(Qt 01 to.1 Peoria on RL US :1~



30 15 North C a liforni a Avenue , Chicogo 18, Ill inois INdependence 3-1220



Distributors of the FRECON. Inc . "LIN-MIN" Spr-ay Applicator­Automatic Sprayer for Boiled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (75)


.. Pf"ecast c.oops end back-ur, 'lab" In piece. 6011 •• re set in pilin ll: . end pre­east planks .re hung In pice •

• . . at surprisingly low costs.

Specify the life expectancy of poured abutments with Nelsen precast back-up and wing planks .. . custom made for variable depths and pile spacing.

Nelsen Precast Bridge Units and Features . ..

Bot:k-up and w ing slabs

Span lengths ... 12' to 40 ' in standard precast lengths.

load ing5 . _ . H15·S12-44 and H20-S16·44 with or without wearing surface.

Toleranen ... depth " . ; length Mit in 10'.

Post • . .. meet or exceed AASHO requirements.

Precast Caps ... dowel holes, crowns, and leveling screws are provided for use with all types of precast caps.

Transverse Bridge Slabs ... precast complete with crowns and leveling screws ... for long span structures and heavy.duty temporary bridges.

Cl>ompoign. I I. , . o. So" 145

fL 2_4181

... COmpl"ted br idge. D.t,,1I1 On request.

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Hydraulic efficiency for culvert entrances

The flow capacity of a culvert on a steep slope depends on the entrance, For steep slopes t.he culvert entrance acts like a valve in a pipeline. The more the valve is open, the greater the flow area-and, of course, the greater the flow.

A culvert entrance that provides the greatest flow area inside the ·culvert barrel near the en· trance will have the greatest flow capacity. The


",---.:----- ----,--.,-"//"1





00 20 40 60 so 100 120 140 160 leo 200 220 240 Di lcho'ge l a} tuDI: lUI per second

entrance to the culvert forces a constriction on the flow entering the cu lvert. This constriction is constant for a given entrance operating under a head. A change in the entrance changes the degree of constriction on the flow and the flow capacity of the culvert. These facto rs are illus­trated in the flow performance curve above and the bar graph below for various entrance types.

ENTRANCE CONTRa... FLOW •••• : .. t ~~ -.. .... .... ~ .. "

, SOCI(ET.9E'IU Oft SM"'-L mlUN~


~·i ,~ socm P~OJEClINO


'0.", ! ~ n;INEOG£



- ,', " 78,..»,',.' .. .

64% '"


Ftom ~Se data can"be·~ that concre~,:\>rpe::with the !#et-entrance 'is an effiCient'inlet. Such el6~ncy will, in' many eases-, provide a safety factor 10 desipt or. allow 8. reduction. in cul,vert barr8J. size.

- -.

'The JiydtauUc factors of pipe culverts are explained in a peA publication, "CuUlertDesign Aids: An: Application of t'M u.s, Bureau of Public Roads Culvert' Capacitf Cjzarts," W"~for your free cOPY,! (U,S ... anci Qanllda only.) -.< . _ ......... ...iiitt~ ___ _ f! _ '&

PORTLAND CEM ENT ASSOCIATION 111 Wn' Walhin,ton 51., Chlco,a, III, 60602

A IWtionai organizotion ttJ improoe and e:.cUnd the uses of concrete

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (77)


Vol. nI .... a

100 .... = .AT lWDK' DOW.JOW. CD'"'OO WIllI BnalTUI II. III:'ACK 1.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (78)

j . L. CALHOU!>", editor


Mllg. D. 1'. FII;Il!OlllCII, AS$oc. But.

Man., Mag.


OrTAWA BARlll' Hn:o, Anne. Eti. and

Bus. M an.

Office 6 12 South Second Stree t, Springfield, Illinois


Fu .~ " F. ScHOTJo:A :\8$1. Editor


\ \'ALTfIt. K nsE, """soc. Ed. Jos~PI1 VESP.t, A"oc. Bus. Ed. R)'LPH O. SUTl U:IlLAI'D, Auoc. Ru~. Ed.


FJ,w K. STAAn, A5'0<;, Ed. C. \V. KII.BY, Assoc. Buo. Man. 'V. E. T UUR1' , A~8oc. BUB. M an.

K . A. JOI/ )./US Ant. Editor

SP RtNCF I E.LD PUI!It. Al BASU~, Ih;;uc. Ed. R. B. Dlll.I.EI;·r, Auuc. BU5. /l.hn.

EFFI:-.iG H AM J AM&! CALHOUS, Ano~. Ed.

GUY Zlos~, :\ noc. !iu • • Mall .

EAST ST . LOlliS P. /1.1 . COl\LEW, A'~'IC. Ed. J. D. BOU!.C H, Assoc. Bus. r.·lall.

Lun G()I)DAIlD Managing Ed iwr and Exrcuri\"e Secreta ry


H. C. K.!l\WATl I, AsSt>(:. HUI. M an.

\VILLlUI SrAf.I . ~IAS, M ag. Ed.


GF.ORC! HAC~ SAUflt., A ~toc. Ed .

THOMAS FIlI:!DlllcKSO .... , :hllOC. HUI. M an.



MA~ !iUlI.CBTT, Pru. J OHN M~I.1"os, V. Pru. GAYLON slu*tH. R~. Sec. Rov H AUlS, Fin. Sec. RAY HUCHACKU, Treas. !.onus .'\ TSII', jl., I> if. CHUTt:l II M;U, All . Oi • • HOD M cCouuc .. , All . Di r.


A. M. K A"n, Prn.. L. \V. M AlkfllT. V. Pre~. C. C. COf>. NHAVEIt. , Rec. Sec. D. C. Ou.s, Fin. Sec. H . \ V. SOllIIlU, Trel5. C. M. H ATHAWAl', Di •• J. E. BUL, I> ir. e. E. Jon,,·sos. Oi •. M. E. HYt:l5. nir.

NOtiCE Th. oplnionl . lIlIlo .. ed. In thll

maqalln. a ro not noc .. ,arUT tb. .-1."1 of Iho LA.H.£'

LAUY DU"M"Os, Secretary


j u u :s E. SI!lLU, Prn. P . L. DOUGHUTY, V. P rc$. J. A. SETL, j r.., Sec. D. K L()J;[,-"TZES, Trus. j . L CAI.HOllS, Die. ROY A. 8 EI.I., OiT. .... flL M OllT"os, ~\ h. Die. AlTHUIl A. RA D>EIt., ~\It. Dir.

P A RI S GAnl! E. LA NB, Pres. J. O. RF.ssol1, V. P r t •. C. O. LATHAM, Sec. Trus. j . W . WI"T"rEl.s, Dir. UoSALD E. \V.~QCOsu, Oir.

E~\ST ST . LOUIS GLEN H. SAW1·!It., P ru.


Dus FOLT2, P ru. ROGu C08G'lCWE, V. Pre'. ROLP OIMOI.I., Sec. OANNY BI",,,·CO, T.n •. Dos OI.lU1.\S, Di •• WAYS! K )'UA, Di •. R ALPH CHIAOO, Alt. Oir. DICK D UI1AVAN, Air. Oir.



EDWAll) H. ('llIlnu, \' . Pre,.

RODen F_ Powr.I.I., Sec. Rast E. SICHlt£5T, Treu. I\ LAI1 Tltl'Oll, Oir.

OONAI.lI E. \YAQCO N" EIl, 'Trea~ureT


I.UTE. L Ril'itA, Pru. Kno'!TH \\'A(lOS t:l, V. Prel. Roult.T E. l\.'icCuIoIBU .. Sec. \VILB UI F. SAMP, T reu. EJ.WIN S. BusuElt., Ui r. LAWI.1!~CII!: \\'. OUITOs, D i • . IhllIV C. BASItI!, j r.., Alt. D ir • JOHN E. H AIU.ASD, ,.\It. 0iT.


ROBEIlT E. CIl.-tvEN, Pre~ JOHN R. Ross, V. P rcs. K.\I,.PII O. OA \' 15, Src. JOHS \V. RASTEDE, Treu. FUNE F. ScHDTh:.~ , DiT. TOllY R. BISHOP, Air. Oir.

ROIlt:lT \V. OIlUMMOSO, V. Pre~. Fu:oUICJt \V. B"'IlTtU~I !l'!It,


en •. Sec. CIiAIlLES B. Buss, Fin. S~c . OSCAII N . L AltSF.S, Trca •. J.Aunl. D. RHRGF,R, Oir. l.. CAllI. SCHl.ossn, Dir . RI CHAlU L. RROW,,", Alt . Oir.

CUM.I> H OI' I' HSIlATlI, P ru. L!5'r~1l UICK~NSOS, V. Pn· •. DO)/ALO IltitJKA, Sec. Hu", .. KUPP!I., Tren. GEnRei SsoPu, Fin. Sec.

1OSEl'tl PROU., Pir. K. A. jOtl""SOs, Oir. FRITZ JAslTeH, Alt. Di r .


All. Oir.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (79)


By Active Participation-

ENGINEERS CAN DESIGN BETTER POLITICAL STRUCTURE Engineers t:l.ke pride in the fact rhn individulily ami in collenivc: categories,

they con tribu te to jun abou t every phase of Amcric1n life. Engineering achieve­

ments have: made :I. bcUt'r li(e for all people through 3dvanccments in cicctroniC$,

better highw:lYs. and bener transportuion faciliri('s in the air, by nil, and on

the seas.

However, engineers, as individual citizens, lre lccused of being "narrow," that is only !iCcing :tnd following a course which includes the nHural sciences, and

all other things around them seem nor co concern engineers. It;$ u id that engi­neefS, although contributing to the nuural well-being of people, do not equally

cont ribu te: to the social and political development of the United States. It is time

th3t we t:lke slOek of ourselves beC:luse at this period the politic:l1 situat ion is such that every intelligent person should take an :lctive part. Tile future of en­gineering and the future of the world m;ly well be t ied lO what happens or does

nOt happen in November. 1964 when citizens );0 [Q the polls. Engineering h:ls contributed to elections electron ... .:ally by the material inventions 3.nd innovations developed by them. As an example, radio and television has a great impact by

communicating the ideas and thoughts of various c~ndid3tes to the people. Com­puters have been condemned by politicians because of early predictions of the

outcomes of elections. Comphints have been registered th:ll predictions of results of the vote in the eutcrn PUt of the country has :I psychologic ... l bearing on t hoSl.·

\\'ho have not yet voted in the western are:lS of rhe country.

lrrespcnive of the mnerial impact of engineering ... dv ... ncements on polit ical

life. we wish to urgt upon every individu;d that it is a duty and a responsibi lity

to weigh the issues during this campaign ;md above all else-VOTE.

Engineers have been rc luc*nt to act ively participate in precinct and higher levels of political:activit y, but it seems thH our entire 50cial and political structure

could be better served jf pcrrons with enKinecring b:lckgrounds should be more

activc in helping to upgrade our political system. It is :I way of life in America, 3nd we hope it eont inu~s to be the b;uic foundation of our democracy. If more

enginecr5 will dc{lie:ne themselves to the basic hum:a" phase of politics, we 3ft

cert3in thal noticeable improv ments C:ln be seen in future elect ions. L. C. G.


131 M agnolia St. :\larrville. T enn. Augu~t 21. 196",

.\1 r. LaIr) Goddard ~ I anaging Editor &

[)(ecllti\'e Secretan' [11. lIil(hwl\) Engin~c,",

Dear Sir j

I have been ven' thankful to have been incl uded on ·the mailing list IIf the Illinois H ighway Enginecf5 for the last three i ... "ues. I enjoy read ing it b«ause the news items are abou t the man!' people I Imol\" in the vari· 0115 districts and to keep contact I II.mt to continue receiving it.

~Oll' being a Reti ree. I conclude I am still a member of the As..'_"ci:l_ lion Mul SO I am, therefore , scnding twO dollars to keep mt: (Ill the mail­ing liNt :lllothcr year.

I have just H."Centiy reccivctl my first raise in my new employment with T~llIlessee H ighway Depart­ment and fed that 1 am one of them.

NIl' ""Irk is somcwh:1I the ,,:une as when r workell in Elgin ill that 1 am in the Right of \Vay Department. I have charge of assigning appraisals iHld making Slire the appraisals art turned in and completell 0 11 a proj­ect so that the project will meet a letting date. I also served as one of the tnginecr$ who give engi neer­ing tC"Stimony in f,;onJenlllatiOIl C:I,;(S.

:\ ly best rCj!ards to the Hureau of Right oi ·W ar in Springfield anti all past friends and emplo}ees in the F.1g-in office.

Sincerely, E. N. \V)man

Top picture is looking southwesl 01 c.onstruc.tion of 1-55 over Ihe G. M. & O. Roil­rood and under Doren Street in Chicago. Bottom photo is c.onslruc.tion of Southwest Expreuwoy, 1·55, over the Des Plaine! River, the C. & I. W., and Santo Fe Rail roads at Hodgkins.

7 he illinois Hlllhway Engin .... r Is published quarterly by thl! lllinoif; As:;ocll1 tlon of Highway Enlll­neera. Inc" at 612 Soulh Second Street, Sprln,tleld. illinois. Phon., 217-544·2101. SUb$Crlption rates: $~.OO per year to mernbeI"ll. Single caples, 50 cena. Special issueIl, $1.00. POlitage paid at Springfield. illInois . Appt!cat!on to man at Second Claas Postage ra tes 1$ pending at SprIngfield, illinois.

t HIR D Q U ARTE R 1"4

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (80)

1,7S0-Man Crew Of State Employes In Emergency Planning

Tosk Force Potrols Highwoys Doily

/II. Sl(1te R tgistrr, JlI ly J, 19M Bjt I1 ARJ. Y T il l!::!.

Each day of thr wet!': an emer~ gt'lley task force of approximately 1,750 men, camouAaged in overalls and khak is, patrols the state's J 5.000 miles of prirnarr I:ighwars.

On nil a\ler:Jg~ day these men, working frOUl their bright yellowish­ora ng~ trucks, tcnd to the little du­ties of keeping these highways in good repair for the ll1illion~ of ve­hicles th~1 usc thern each }ear.

Rut in case of a natiOrtlJ emer· gency such as a nuclear attack, these saulC men will he called upun at a moment's notice to pby anuther role --determining if rhe fOllds are safe for movement of essen!i;.) vchicles. equipmen t and ma:eriaIs. .

T iler are part IIf the emergency planning program of the B\lrcau of i\ r aintenance of the TlIinois Division of IIij{hways now being wh ipped into ~hapc in case of a nuclear attack.

H eading thi~ preparcd nl"ss effon ironl his office a t 126 E. Ash St. is Karl E. Luthin J r., emerj{l'ncy plan~ ninl!; engincer for the state highway division.

" \Ve'vc come a long W'jY SlIlCC

early 1962 when the first plurls were dev ised," Luthin s::.id.

T o date. he s.1itl, I..J inst ructors ill radioloj{ical monitoring have 1.'U1ll­

pleted training at the Offi l.'I'; of Civil Defense St.l/t College ,jt Battle Creek, IH ich .. and 1.750 l'mp!oye~ in the 10 highway districts of the state have been trai ne(\ oy the instructors.

Besides a trai ned instructor in each of the dis t rict"", Luthin, Kenneth Lupton, an enginen for the Bureau of Traffic.; John Ebers, an engineer for the Bure3u of M aterials; and an f'nginrl'r from th e Cll i~-ago Expres~­way system have passed the Hattie C reek course.

L uthi n §aid that eight of the 10 distr icts have l"Ompleted t rai ning pro­grams, bringi ng the total of [rainw personnel to the 1,750 figu re. A sec­ond and more tech nical ph:1se for

field engineers, 5upervi;;ors and tech­nici:1 IlS in district and bureau offices will begin soon.

In this more advanced training, the trainees will learn to plot fall­out ami estimnte the time: it takes for the task fnn;e to move into sl'ffific areas :1IIU acculllplish thei r assign­ments.

But the big job. in case of any type nuclear dis-1ster, will res t with rhe men in the highway maintenance crews arOUIl{1 the state.

If an attack occurs, L uthin said , within minutes these men will re­ceive instructions from bureau or dis­tr ict headquarters through radio sets maintained in each of the trUCKS and garages.

T he fi rst duty, he said, will he to provide for their and their family's sur"iv:!\. After this, their job§ call for four olher tluties:

( I ) T o monitor the highway net­work in the state as to levels of radio activi ty.

(2) T o post signs and other mark­ers, such 3S detou rs, alerting vehicu­lar traffic to the safe limits of travel on ecrU in st retches.

(3) T o regula te what roads will be uscd and how many vehicles can use them, and

( ..J ) To rt:pair and conStruct stretches of roadway destroyed by the blast effect and upgrade secondary roads, which must be used until pri­mar}' stretches can be put hack ilno llseab le condition.

P erh:lps the key to the success of the emergenc}' pl anning program li l's in its orga niz.lItion.

Luthin noted that radiological monitoring and other disaster duties, which will be performed, has been integrated into the hil!hway organiza­tion without altering its prescnt structure.

For example, the IS,OOO-mile net­work: of primar}' highways has been di\'id('(1 into 767 sections for regular mainten:1nct work.

b:ach of these sectiOns has approx-

imatel) 20 miles of roadway :IIlJ a crtw of at least three men responsi­hie for its upkeep.

\\Then and if an attack occu rs, each crew \\'ill be responsible for the same st retch, Luthin said. Crews in the Chicago Expressway system will sim­ilaril)' he assigned stretchl$ of high­way of which the}' are familiar.

\Vhile none of the crews are equ ipped now with personal monitor­ing sets, e3ch dist rict has a complete training set, divided into 20 field sets, which c()uld be used in an emergency.

L ut hin commented thut besides their duties on the highways, the mllin tenace crew monitors could also be emplured in thei r local comlllun­it ies for fljd io activity detection.

The Bureau of jH aintl'lIancc al;;o has four Cobalt 60 source se~ for tr:lining purposes. Each set consists nf six small cobalt capsu les. about an inch in length, which give off five milliroentgens per hour radiation.

L uthin said this comp3 res with a mentgne count of t housands, wh ich eQuId be unleashed b}' a high-flOwered nuclear device detonated :I t ground level in :I. real si tuation.

The cobalt sets arc distributed th roughout the state and the capsules arc shielded in a 200-pou nd lead " pig" enclosed in a concrete-ellcased mom.

Part uf the plan ,uso includes the employment of three pennanent mon ­itorinl{ stations ~ at district offices in Dixon, Peoria and F.ltst St. Louis.

\ Vhen the bureau w:lnt.'> nl:w equipment or training nl3terial§, Lu­th in said, it requisit ions tbem th rough the sute C D agenc),. " \ 'Ve lI'ork in dose cooperation with tlle state and local Civil Defense org:lniz:ltinns," he commented.

L uthin also noted tl13t ,Ill equip­ment and training material now in possl$sion of the bureau has been secu red with no cost to the division or the st,ne. fro m the federa l govern­ment.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (81)

-TAKING A RADIOlOGICAlREADING- K. nnerh Luple>n, (On flngi n ••• fa. the Bur ...... 01 Tra ffic, IIl ino;, Di.i.ion of Hig ..... .,y" ul., " rodlologkol monitor 1o 'eu ,h. ,adlooctiu,ty of 1"1".10'" 55. H, didn't find any thi. day but u ,l, SIIch 01 thi. 0 .. 1 .... 111 b. put into \II' und •• ,h , 01;.;';0" " emergency p lg""'ng p 'OiIrolOl in co •• of 0 .eol "",e'gency. M" mb ... of ,I., Bu, ..... of 1010'"'''' nonCe IOtCI, lu<k as DKk Chorla, in t.uck, ho ue be" .. "Clined to do II., monitoring.

HOT STUFF- John Eberl, on ,ngin ... , in the 8u.' ou 01 Molerial" gingerly li ft. CO cop.ule of radioactiye co bolt, \I,ed in "Clining 01 1,7SO .odlol09;.,,1 moni lon f,om th, fo . .. , of ' lie 8ure .. u of Moinlenon... lII;no ;, 0; ... ";011 01 High_yo_ Th, bu ....... 100. four .uch cobol! .oure" • .,,. for Ihe inl, ... i.1 I'Clining ptog'Qm. Eb ... i. O~. of '" quol ir.&d in.l,ucto ro.

Oct. 4-10 Highway

Week In Illinois Gn\'. Otto Kerner pmclHimetl the

week of October -1- 10 liS N :niona! H ighway W«k in Ill inois.

In hi;: prod:ml:ttiun. he said the hulwark: of Illinois' rapidly expand­ing economy is the state's s:lfe, f:tst an.1 economical motor \'c-hide trans­I>ortation. He said H!inoi~ is recog­ni7.~,d nationally as a leading st:lte in the construction of highways.

Thc- gon:rnor credited thc success of Illinois' highway prngr:nll to high­ly competent and efficient $tate engi­neers and the continued cooperation IIf thoSe associated with the highway l"Onstructioll indllstr~.


Design and Supervision Foundations - Structures - Highways

Flood Control

108 West Lake Street 87 Valley Road 1190 Dlxwell Avenue 140 Cedar S treet


Chlcag-o 1. Illinois Montclair. New Jersey Hamden. Connecticut New York. New York


TERRA-SCIIIIT" Refraction Seismograph

"S:les" to 100 foot depth



EDliRef:n • Util ities · Gul'Iists • CntractlrS Anbiluls ' Btillers • Sc~ools ' lalloratlties

lIIuttiu ' Mines ' COftt.lIIt~ts


Prolilt aI~ rip~H ilitJ 01 rock (lenlill ad u tn t of slbs~ r fau 'Inter Tbickness .1 mat l rial strati ... de~t~ II rock lucation iDd sile 01 sand and Irml ~epolits Econalltics 01 bilhway rcule locations, pown lines

and uderiroud ~tilitju



O: ...... NIITD .. . iL- L- •• u . . . ....

TEL- O:PH O N£ , ... .. 0: ... CDOI: 3". ( 1169.5.00

rO:L-£TY P O:: 91C1 · " 31·3 17~

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Bright white, smooth as silk . .. after a 12,227,500' traffic count!

BETTER BRIDGE DECKS A thl.n wearing course of Wyton to resurface and pro­tect the deck means lighter weight and fewer drainage problems where curbs and gutters are involved. Wyton color match maintai ns concrete c olor continuity, eliminates che cker board effects.

NEW I WYTON COLD PATCH Conc re t e colo r ma tc hed to elimi na t e unsi gh t l y bl a ck pa tch es.

WYTO color


- - - - - -~------ ._---Write now for flew data on safer, smoother, brighter highways with Wylon c%r VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORPORATION

330 East Grand A v en ue · C hicag o 11 , Ill inois

1"1.,~.lIo".1 R,p .. .. ntotl ... , V, I_leo! 'n'"nallo. , 1 Corp .. c .... . P. 0 . 1100 1&&7. NUI.V, lI.h.",,,.II.W. I.

Associ.1t mt mD.,; AmtJltl" ROld Buildm M SOC;IIKln • Ihti~"11 Bitumi"tHJs ~tftte Anot[l tlCHI

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (83)


Decisi(;lI . nl(/~·iItK e ll g ;1IIi f' r

(R~/".inl from TII '- ,' lOU: I'm-'" Times)

VIRGINIA BEACH , Va" April 1-1--1t is difficult enough to as:;il!;n individual glory in a project as va~t as the $200 milli()n Chesapeake Hay Bridge-Tunnel, which opens here to­morrow, but the scholarly, 50ft-spoken engineer who directed the planning: and construction of it compounds the difficulty by both di~c1aimil\g ;'Hld hiling to look the part of a maHu of

Man in the News

men and tnachin~. Perc\' Zell Mich(~ner i~ , in fact. a cnol m;lstrr o f de.;;ktop dcci~iuns, ,mrl, a~ a chief engineer. project man-nger, and midwife of this

18-mile ocean cr(lssing, it has been decisions, decisions, decisions for eigh t continuo u~ years.

'Vhcn 1\<1 r. M icht'ncr began his assignment, there was not enough money TO buy a pile driver. His con­cern, Sverdrup & Parcd, consulting enginecrs of St. Lollis, i\lo., sent him from its Washington office to make the fint decision-whether the bridge and tunnel crossing at the mouth uf the Chesapeake Hav would pay for iNdf. .

rVIr. i\llicht'ner ordered traffic stud­ies and surveys of the baj bottum and oct:an current.~. Juggling these find­ings with an acquired knowledge of T itlewater politics. the Chesapcake Brid ge and Tunnel Commissio n raised the $200 million n('t'ded frOIll the salc of oomk Construction b(:­g":m in 1960.

'11,1' project touk the cornbim'd efforts of five eompaniCil. lJ ut it was the IHichener touch-"l ike G('neral Eisenhower's in cros~i nK the English Channel," an admirer has ~aid-that brought these efforts to a sllccC$sful culmination, although six 1ll1)nths be­hind the original Michener timdabk

The 60-year-old engineer brough t experiences acquired in :\ lifetime of bridJ{e·bllilding that began with the Winois Di vision of 1-1 ighways in 1926. the year he was graduate!1 from the Uni\'ersit\' of Ill inois School of Eng:ince~ing ..

D riving through I!linoi ~ , as he still dot";; occasif.mally. he fn:qut:ntly stops at one of the se earh l'I l ic hencr achievement.~. -

" I get out and t:lke a look to Sef

hul\' it's holding up." he f('calied re· cently. " \Vhen )ou'v~ designed some·


thing and built it it becomes part of rour family, in a way. "

l\ 1 r. IH ichener spe<:ializes in all kinds, ,~ny kind of bridge - "s teel, concrett: , vertical lift, bascule, high· level, low-level, long-span chntinuous -you name it."

\Vhy does he like to build bridges? "vVhy does a ll<l}' like an erector

set?" he said. " I don't care much ahout buildings. 1 started out uver water and that's what r lih. It's the design and the s tre~ses and the delicate and intricate businl"ss of put­ti ng a hridge together that is the nice part of it. "

A graduate also of the university's R~erve Officer Training Corps, i\'f r. ;'\[ichcner was comlllission~d ;t cap­tain in the Arnl~' Corps of Eng;inctJ's at the start of \Vllrld \-Var II. HI' ~upen'i~ed the high-priority construc­tion of the Canol Pipeline. from Edmonton, Alberta, to Fairbanks. AJaska, in 19-1-2 and 19i-3. The $130 Illillion , ! ,500 nlilc project was com· pleted in 18 months.

His comm:l.Ilding officer through much uf the war was J\tlaj. Gen. L id J. Sverdrup, a f(Junder of Sverdrup & Parcel. The cOmpany hif<:d 1\I1 r. Michener in 19-t6 and sent hilll to Saudi Arabia to supervisc a huge (;on­stru\:rion program that included piers. hij!I1\\'>I\,~. PO\' er plants. water works :lnd a .12-1--mik rail roa!i.

-.\1 r. iVlichener was born J an. 22. 190-1-. in Alexandria. 1ml .. the ~u" of

an accountant for the \"'abash Rail ­road. The railroad mO\'cd the famil\' to D eGltur, IlL, where Mr. 11iche.ne'r went to high schooL

He married the fonner Kathr\'n MonrOe there in 1927. They ha-ve one son, DT. William M. JVlichener, a pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic.

l\1[r. !'I'lichener used to play golf -" n ut my wife got to where she Illi~sed me so 1 quit." At a trim 160 pounds. he still has cnergy for water sports, but his chief relaxation late!) has been reading-" historical fiction about the area and cu lture I 'm work­ing- in."

.Mr. A1ichener is pfL"Sentiy the Project jH t/nager fur Sverdrup & P ar­ed on the Chesapeake Ba), Bridgr­'Til/mel Project. Prior to thi~ project he was fut three. year~ ill charge vf III " CVlI/flllIY'" offiia ill IPashi,lgIO/I, D. C.

Retween 19-1-6 and 1950 he wa~ Construction i\1anager and Assi~tant Pro jal II-I allager for Ihe CO/llpafly' j /'Ilgilll'trillfj projec/j in SOlidi /frobia and other ~\1idd1c East cou ntries, di­recting public works construction, in­clud ing" piers. harbor developmcnt. railroads, highways, and power pl:lIlts.

During "Vorid \Var 1.1 , from 19-Hl to 19-1-6, :\11 r. Michener served a~ an officer in the Corps of Ellgillrers u.;ith the mill: of ColoTl el . His assign­ments included that of District ETI­ginf!t'r at EdmOIlI(JII, Canada and Ex­ecutive Office.r of the "Canol " oil pipeline and refinery project in N orth­ern Canad a and Alaska. He later (1)mmande<i pOrt construction groups in rhe Southwest Pacific on rhe con­~truction of port facilities incl\lding the re!wyililtl/ion of the p(Jrt (Jf .IU a­lIiln ill tJl r P hilippinrs.

F rom 1926 to [94{) M r. Michener ~ervecl with the State of Illifiois. Divi­sioTl ()f lf i!Jhwn}'j, in v:!rinus capac­ities including Assistant Enginer.I, BI/ref/u vf Bridges on design, con­struction, and research on hil!;hwar bridges.

Mr. Micheller received :\ B.S. de­g-ret: in Civil Engineering from the U oiversitvof Illinois in [926. He is a registered professional engineer and a memher of the American So­ciety of Civil Engineers and the Na­tional Society of Profl:~sional Engi-",,; er~ .

H t: will present a program for the Jllinoi ~ Association of H ighway En­gineers, Springfield Chapter, on Oc­tober 9, 196-1- at the Elks Club at 7 p.1l1. Thi> is during N:ltional High­W:\I' Week October -1--10. 196-1- . Pro­g"n;m Chairman is Edward f\. Brooks.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (84)


October 30th

6:00 p.m. REGISTRATION A tour of United Airlines Executive H eadquarters

9 ;00 p.m. MIXER

October 31 st

9:00 a.m. REGlSTR..i\TION Coffee and rolls for men and women

10:00 a.m. BUSl NESS SESSIO N Chairman James Bell. Prcsidinj{ Address of welcome bv Mr. C . A. Benowitz, D istrict En­

gineer of District' 10 Address by V. E. Staff, Chief H ighway Engineer

1:00 p.m. WOME~'S LUN CHEON- Katllcrine de J ersey, Astrolo­ger speaking on " H ow To He H appy Though j\Jarried"

2:00 p.m. PRO FESS IONAL SESSION 11r. George Shannah(tn , prcsidilll'!"

1. M r. O . T . Bant im, C hairman of Illinois H igh",\ ay Studr COll1m i~sion will talk: on the facets of the committee

2. M r. F rancis S. Lorenz, Director of the Department of Public W orks and Bui ldings

3. h-lr. R'llph Drown, Engineer of Roadway Pl an ning \\·i ll speak on " 1972-'Vhat Then?"




p.lll .





ANNUAL BA NQUET K. A. J ohnsen, T oastm,lster

9,00 p.m. DANCIN C'.:r-:.'I1 usic by H enr}' Brandon and his Orchestra

As you receive this issue of the " Illinois H ighway Engineer," the 28th annual con~'ention of the I IIi · nois Association of Highway Engi· neers is just around the corner. The Chicago Chapter is host to th i~ Kala affair on October 30th and 31st. If y011 have not alreadr dune so. plea~(' ohtain your tickers from your district ticket chairman and make vour mu­tel reservations with the D'istrict iO ticket chairman.

The festivities will be held at the exotic Flying Carpet, " the M otor Inn with the minaret closest to O'Hare Airport." The Flying Carpet is lo­cated on US 12-45 ( M a nnhe im Road) just south of Il l. 72 ( Hi ggins Road) only 20 minutes from th e Chicago Loop via the Kennedy Ex­pressway, an d is con'reniently located to the Illinoi~ Tollway, variuus large shopping centers and other points of interest.

This luxu rious I\'rotor Inn has :m indoor and outdoor swimminK pool, a 9 hole pitch and putt golf e(lu rSt:. ice skating in s('aso n, steam bath~ and

massages, table tennis, shuffleboard , all of which will be availab le to the Conventioneers.

The Convention will st:m with registration at 6:00 p.m. Friday, O c­tober 30th. Following- this a group tour of United Airlines new $7 mil­lion Executive Headquarters Build­ing has been substituted for the. rour of O' H are International Airport , which cou ld still be ~' i sited by the in­dividual conventioneers during their free time if so desired. A mixer will top off the festivities for F ridar with llIusic provided by the H (Jcbt~rs .

After the mixer the conventioneers are free to visi t anyone of the vllrious Night Clubs along " Glitter Gulch· ' including Gene Autry's fab ulous Sa­ham 11otel , or retire to a peaceful res t at the Flying Carpl·!.

Saturday will begin at 9 :00 a.m. with coffee and rolls for the men ami wumcn. T he \\'omt'n will be at their leisure until noon and guides will he available tu tak(' them on iI tollr vf the local shopping centers. Tile

M en's business session w ill start at 10 a.m.

At J p.m. the women will be se rved their luncheon in the Aladdin Room after which they will he en­tertained b}, K atherine de J ersey, na­rionallj' known astrologist whose top­ic will b~ " How T o De H appy Though id arried." This program shows a comparison of horoscopes of husbands and wives: their irks and quirks with humor and insight. Miss de J ersey has spoken throughou t the coun try and all of her audiences have heen thrilled with her intriguing pres­entatiOn and professional knuwledge. This promises to be ;\n entertainin g as well as an informati~'e afternoon.

Th e men will be on their own fur lu nch, and ;"i[ 2 p.m. the P rofessional Session will begin , presided over by Mr. George Shann ahan, Asst. Chief H ighway Engineer. T he Program consist's of the following: l" lr. O. T . Rantim , Chairman of the 111inuis H ig-hway Study Commission will dis­.:u,,~ the fllnctions of his conlnlit(ee: i\l r. Franci~ S. Lorenz , Director of P ublic \.yorks and Buildings will give an address; Mr. Ralph Brown, E n­gineer of Roadway Plllnn ing, Illinois D epartment of H ighways will speak un " 1972-\Vhat T hen?"

The Proiessional Session will end at 1- p.m. at which time the Conven­tioneers will be at their leisu re unt il the evening fe~tivities begin .

A co*cktail hour will begin at 6 p.m ., after which the banquet will l;onmlence at 7 p.m. T he after din­ner proceedings will he presided over hy .Mr. K. A. J ohnsen as T oast­master.

The Convention will come to a dose with danci ng to rhe music of Henrv Branden and his Orch(~stra.

Tickets for the .\'1 ixer - 'f> 1.00 each; Ladies Luncheon $1.50: Ban­quet - $6.00 each.

!'I l ake your reservations early with the following District Ticket Chair­men: Districl 1:

:1\<l r. Donald Lorentzen R oute I , Box 168 Elgin, Illinoi~

District 2: G. W. Dickson 1206 Ann AVCIlue Dixon, 1I1inois

District 3: Dean \\.'. F oltz 2 Oaklanr Drive Ottawa, Illinois

District 1: William T. Mills


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (85)

III. D i\,. of HW) 5.

6035 N. Mt. H awley ({aad Peoria, lIIinois

District 5.-Donald L. Camp ·1-16 E. Cr:l\l'ford Street Paris, Illinois

District 6: Lowell W . Marhrt Room 703 State Office Building Springfield, Illinois

District 7: Don~ld R. RanI'" 604 E. W:tShingt~n Effingham, Ill inoi,

District 8: Glenn J. l\ 1 ~~k 71 H illtop Drive East St. Lou is. iHinois

District 9: u ster Holcomb R.F.D.2 Carbondale, Illinuis

District 10: Donald S. l\lanak 7 N 755Ash AHnlle Bensenvi!le. Illinois


E. M. CRUMP 1::. 11. Crunlp, Bituminous Engi­

neer, Bureau nf ),Iaterials, Spring­field , retired effective July 10, 1964 after 35 rears with the Illinois Divi­sion of H ighll'lI)'s. The entire 35 ycan were in tile Hurca\1 uf iVl ale· rials at Springfield.

Martin was rnlfn ar ,Villi ams­hurg, 1\11.1., December U , 1896. He attend~d cou ntry 5(:hools ill Calla­way Count)'. M i~~ouri and rccci\'ed his hi!:h ~hool education at \Vest­minster Acarlcm r in Fulton. :\ Iis·


sou n . He enlisted in the Air Serv­ice on his birthday in 1917 and served in Enghmd ami France. dur­ing the war. Returning in carll' 1919, he e:ntered 'Vcs!minster Col­lege: when' he graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1922. H e took scv­eral post j.!mduate courses at Univer· si ty of M issou ri and 'Vash ington U niversit)'.

After te:lching physin. in a high ~chool in 1922. 1923, he worked for S years as lin anal ytical dlemist for Swift and Company at National Stock Yards, Ill inois and Uniun Stock Yards, Olicago.

On J une II, 1929 he startrd to work in the Springfield C11t~mical Lahuratory of the Illinuis Di\'ision of Highways. Bureau of i\btcriak ltx:atell at 100 East \Vashington Street. During the 3S yCar$ tenure with the D iv ision, he inspected steel in the ChiC-olga H eights area, bitu­minous materials in the \\' hiring and 'Voot! Ri ver areas, tested abou t :dl materials thilt were ever IIseel in highway construction and mainte­nance, and in 1938 WllS appoi nted Assinallt Cheif Chemist in the Springfield Chemical Laboratory. He held this position until 1950 when he was appointed Bituminous [ ngi­neer. M artin recalls many pl easant and unplc:lsant consu ltations with contractors and highway engineers on sub-class I - II jobs throughout t he ~tate.

i\ I artin is a registered Professional Engineer. a charter member of the Illinois Association of H ighwa)' En­gineer~. H e is also a nleml~r of the American ugioll and Douglas Avenue !\ Iethndist Church.

H e and his wife. I::d ith, have three daughters, J ean . .f lme, and Janice, who are married and are liv ing out of state. The're :lre 5 grandchildren.

M artin has accepteli a position with Te!iting Service Corporation of ' ·Vhcatol1. 1llirlllis. He has a f: LTlll ill '\Ii ~so uri which will occupy part of his tillle. but he will continue to live at 8-41 Lor;line Avenue, Spring­field , JIlinois.

A farewell party was j!.iven for ~lartin b}' the emplo}'ees of the Ru­reall of ~fl ateria l s, and he was pre­senled a wrist watch.

An hononr)' memher of I A H E Carl Cllnningham, of the Sprin~,.field Chapter died September 17. 196-4. 1\lr. Cunni ngham was residing in Florida at the time of his death .

M rs. Ethel Ronan, who has been an employee of D istrict One for thirty-one years, retired A\I~us t 3. Over the yea rs she has se rved as sec­retary to three l\I:tintenan...:e Engi­m:ers, ~ J r. A. F. Rausch. M r. J. L. .\I iller and 1\ l r. 'Villiam Stahl.

I Iandl in~ all Maintenance person­nel work, she has prepared the papers to put thousands of men 10 work and is well-known thsoughollt the D is­trict. Ethel's desk was located just inside the <loOr of the large !'vl ainte­lIancc mom. and each \"ceK when the men brought in their tillle cards from the field , they would always spend a few minutes talking with Ethel. Pes­haps they \\'ante<l to hear her hugh, for she has a ,"ery heart}' laugh. These men are going to miss Ethel.

Wh en the employees of District One are working hard t'U keep th e snow off the highways this cuming winter. r: thd will he enjoying the su nshine in Florida. She plans to spend the winter in 'Vest Palm Delich, Florida .

Sel'e ral luncheons were given in Ethe!'~ honor by the engi neers and office girls and she wa'" al so presented willl gifts.

\.Ve at District One wish Ethel good health and many happy years of enjuying the things that she hasn't had time to do all these working years. ---GEORGE EUGENE


In O~·:ubi' r . 1963. George Schu[[?'.e ret ired from the Divi~io l1 of High­way~ ah (r seventeen ye:1TS nf scn'ice.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (86)

RETIREMENTS George :Htelld(~d tht Universi ty of

Ill inois until 19 15 slud)!n!! Chem­ical EnKinccri n~. He then workr:!1 as a chemist unti l cornin!! with the Di\'isioll in 19-/{), H i~ dllties [;tlll e in Bureau of Ma­

terials where he worked as all a~­Ililal r plant i n~jJlXto r and steel in­Silector.

.\ I r. Schultze reTired upon re:lch­ing his iOth hirth d~y :tnd has recent­I, cumpleted a tour of Europe with lIi5 wife. Among oth('T countri('~ ,

the)' visited Sco dan d, Englanll , France. German)" Switzcrbnd, Italy nnd I\I0no[(0.

George, a ,W ason :rnd a memher of the IAJ-I E, makC!'; his home un Ch icagfJ's north west side.

GEORGE BLANVELT .M r. Rl lin\'clt has gone into "ac·

ti\' r" retiremen t since April of this froar whrn he ~\lbmitte(l hi$ resign,,· tion to the Division of H ig)\lI'ays. He no\\{ has the unusual pleasure of working for the companr he o\\"n ~

- The Hitalene Den tal i\I anufac· turing OHllpanr of M elrose P ark. Georgc confes~es he is now worki ng harder tha t he ever did for the Divi­sion. He does, hUlI'ever. occ.1sion· ally find time to go boating on his 35" cruiser tll,lt he keeps on Lake M ichigan.

George started his career with the Bureau of i\ l aterials war back in April of 1921 after attend ing Eureka College in Eureka, J11inoi~ where he majored in mathemati t'S and chem­i$try.

Aft!;:r -1-3 fa ithfu l rears "'ith the

6 reasons why

Oi" ision, he (iL-..:idcd to dCI'ote all his time w the cOmpanr he has owned fo r sC'vcral ,'ears. .

i\Jorc po\~'C' r to rou George.

CHARLES NELSON JONES In Sep~mher 196+ the Division

of H ighways will loS(: the Sr' rvice-s of Charles jones an t'1l1ployet' of -l2 vrars. . Upon retirement Charles and his wife J::lsa plan ( 0 take it ea~I' at tl ll' ir suburhan Oak Park home and do some traveling frOm time to timc.

Cha rles is an alumnus of JI1inoi~ Collq!'c in jack';/)r\ville, Illinnis. Pri· or to his college training. ho\\·e\·cr. Chuck al so received train in!! as a " doughboy" as hc served in thc U. S. Army in France during \Vorld \-Var l.

After coming tn work for the Di­vision in 1922. AIr. JUI1CS scn'ed in various capacities :tnd was eventual· Iy srnt to Ch icago to !4Ct up th .... labllriltory here. T he outgrowth of this a~~ignment is thr pres("nt day Rranch Laboratory at H arlem and Irving. He has bern in charge of steel inspection duri ng recent yea rs.

J. W. DULL J. W. DULL·-Chief Draftsman

In Charge of the dl'$ign drafting room of D istrict S retired dfectivl' j ul}' 29, J96-1- after completing 33 "ears sen·icc with the Illinois Divj· ~ion of H ighwars.

M r. Dull was born l)n September 17. 1901 , in Kin gfisher. Oklahoma. He attended the local schools and gralluated from Kiogfisher !-lig-h

School in 1919. In 1921 after :lNt'nding Kinglish~r

Colleg~ .. \ 1 r. D ull entered Orl'~on State at Corvallis, Oregon where he rec~ivl'd his B.S. Degree in Civil Engineerinl!: in 1925. After gr:,d. uating from Oregon State M r. Dull sen'ed ;IS an instructor in math ;md scironcc at M oh;,wk Union H iJ!h Schoul, i\l:lrcola, Oregon. fur t\\'o lears :lI1d a~ principal and inst ructor for t\\"o \·ca rs. HI' received his 1\1.5. Drogree rn C iv,l Engineering in 1930 from Kansas Stat .... a t i\lanhattan, KanSas.

State 'ero:icc hegnn in AUj!ust 1930 ane continued for II I·cars. During that time lII l r. l)ull \\"~rt.cd in construction, sLlrvel' and ~ils.

F rom M al' 19+ 1 ' to Febru nrr 19+2 1\ l r. l)ull served n$ A~si s t,lrit Superintendent on Rridge Construe· t ion. Th("n from Februarv t,) .:'.Ial 19+2 ]\l r. Dull was a fo'n:lllan on housing construction.

lVLr. Dull re turned to State servil"(" in :'IIay 19.J2 being assigned to con· strunion as a resident engin~er on va rious pa"ing jobs. From 1\,1 il)'

19+2 to retirement he has worked in construction and design. In 1962 M r. Dull was promot("d to Chid Oraft.-<;man in charl{C of th .... design draf tin)! room where he has serve,l since th at time.

:\Ir. Dull is a RC)l:istered Profes­sional I::n~inccr , Rc~istered Land Sun'C\'or and a member of the ill i­nois Society of Professional Engi­nt:rrs, American Association of En­~i neers, the Illinois Association of Highway Engineers. Kappa Phi D rI·

. • . .. CE-CO-LiNE Traffic Paints Have Been Adopted by FIVE State Highway Departments!

1. hee ptlollally high re sistallee to traffie abrasloll . 2. Eal Y workability all all types of pO\llng surfoeel. 3. No lIIeedlng or diseoloratlon when applie d all

a spholt or b itulll lnoll s surfaee •.

Containing new Resins a nd the fines t commercial oils and set new records for serviceability every da y.

4. Rapid drying. fr.e of 'rodlng . when prope rly ap_ plie d .

5. No Cllil ing or settling ill the codoiners. 6. Eas ily oppUe d w ith eithe r bl"\ls h or spray.

wlvents CE·CO·UNE Traffic PainlS o re continuing to

Tested a nd a pproved by State la boratories, huodreds of thousands of gallons have being satisfactorily used by the Illinois State Highway D~portment. Compare it in Prove to yoorself why, on your next traffic point order, you shoutd-

been, and a re corrently actual sidc-by·side lests.

SPECIFY CE-CO-LiNE TRAFfiC PAINTS Write. Wire or Phone for full information _ TODAY!

CELUCOAT CORPORATION 6161 Maple Ave. • St. Louis 30. Missouri


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Follow the Magic Asphalt Circle for more and better roads - at less cost

For the road-builder, modern Deep-S trength- Asphalt construction offers IwO important financia l advantages.

First, because Deep-Strength Asphalt pavements have a lower first cost loOen by as much as 50%) ami a lower (lllllual CO.t/, inc/llding mainlemll/I 'e, they help to conserve road-building tax dolla rs. Second, modern Asphalt pave­ments a lso help to increase the number of road-tax dollars coll ttlCd 1I';lholl7 increasing tflxes. Here's how:

Every extra mi le of road built with Asphah construc­tion-savings is another link in the state road -tax chain that could not otherwise exist. For more paved road-miles invite motorists back on the Toad and induce them to travel more miles annually. More mi leage uses more gaso-

line. And evc ry additional ga ll on of gasoline sold mean s additional ta x revenue to lTIa)llluin and build more paved road-miles to start the cirele going again.

What this all adds up to is every modern Deep-Strength A~pha1t pavemen t is actuatly a rr"enlle profill(er as well as a r('.'el/ue IIser. T hat' s how modern Asphalt construction gives you more roads as well as heller roads- longer­lasting. safer, stronger and smoother-riding. And this is another reason why inch-for-inch and dollar-for-doUar, modern Asphalt pavemenl is your best road investment.

. Asphaft surface on Asphalt base

THE ASPHALT INSTITUTE 19S1 University Avenue, 51. Paul, Minnesota SSI04

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RETIREMENTS ta, Sigma T au, and Phi K:lppa Phi Honorary Fratcrniti~s.

:\/r. Dull 's future plans are un­knm\'n bu t upon retirement he took an extended vacation to Iht' North­w~tern Un itcu States.

THEODORE OLSON T ed Olson retiree frnrn the Divi­

sioll of II ighwl\}$; in Jan uary of this ) C'lIf :Inn went tu work for Ra.'(ter and \Voodma n of Cr»)1;taI Lake, who aTl: Civil :lnd S;mitary Engineers. T ed handl es their l'I lntor Fuel Ta,.. \\'ork in the F:lg'in ni.~ trjc t.

Ted )1;Ta rted witll the Di vision back in 1930 in the Springfield Dis­trict. H e WilS tran)1;fcrn:cl to Dis­trier 10 in 1937 as a Jun :or TC$ting En~inccr, His tenure with the Di­"is~un WilS intrr rupted during \Vorld \VaT II while he :served as a Sanitan' Enl!;inccr in the South Pacific and had the dis tinction of being awarded rhe Bronze Star.

Tetl returne,1 to the I)ivision and was assigned to the Bureau o f .M ain­ten:lllce where he progressed quid::l}' to the posit:on of Assistant Mainte­nance Engineer. He rClllained in the ;"laintcnancc lkpanmcill umil his retirement.

Ted and hi~ Ilife, Violet, make their hom~ in Barrington, Illinois.


reau of Desi!!; /l, Di~trict 8, n:tiretl dlcctil"e june 16, 196-1- after serving with the dil"ision si nce August 1930. M r. OWI'n W:IS born january IS, 190-1-, in \Vim.:hester, Kentucky, and waduatcd from Central Preparatory H igh School ill Chic~go in 1925. I-Ie rccci\'cd his 3.~. in Ci\ il Engineer­ing from Case ~chool of Applied Science, Clcvcl:tnd, Ohio, in 1930.

.\IT. Owen reported to work in August 1930 and was assi)!:ncd to construction in District 8. In con­struction he ~T\'e(l as resident engi­neer on numerous paving and brid~c joh~. Fur two years, ~eptemher 19-1-3 to ;\'O\'ember 19-1-5, he waf; ternpI)raril), transierred to Di~trict 2. lie then returned to District 8 De,ign :mcl Survey before working in Dist rict 2 for five years as a con· ~truction resident engineer.


In !\1ay 1951 :".Ir. Owen's statl' employment was in terrupted for n\'e years while he served as a fi rld engi­neer and construct lOn superin tendent for a pri\'ate contractor.

Mr. ()\\'cn returned to District H in September 1956 and was once again assigned to ("unstrucdon a~ a re:.iJt!nt engineer un bridl,!:e and pav­ing job!>. lIe worh·J in design from january 1963 to retirement check· ing lind complr.tinl!: plans.

M r. Owcn is a Reg:stered rrofe~­s'onal EnKincer and i ~ a member of th e Illinois Society of p fl)fes~ional Engineers and the N alional Societl' of Prufes.~iun~l Enginecrs.


St,mtey Arnold, !';een in recent rears in the Expressway s«tion , de­cided to retire recen tly. After sell­ing his home, he ~nd his \\'ife, Z:mya, intend to take ~ 5i."( month enlise around tht" world. After this en· viable tr ip, he mar make his home in San Franciscu where his three childrcn live.

Stanler has always been a traveler. Born in the East- Rhode Island, he moved tu Gtorgia where he attended Georgia Tech. and started his career with a Georgi;1 cunsulting firm. Ten years later, in the depth of the Gr('at Depression , Stanley (:ame to the IHidwest tn Ilork in Chicago in the Rureau of Construction. H e stayed in construction for ten years risin~ tn the position of Offic~ Engineer. During \ ·Vorld War II , he ltit for a posit:on with the Puhlic lI ealth Service. After a hrief return to Di~­tr ict 10, under the rei)!n of ,Mr. Apple - then District En~ineer -he again went to work with the Federal Government.

Fifteen ~-ears l:ltc r, after ~rvin}! as Assisrant Rc)!:ional Dc-sil!n Engi­neer for the Bureau of Public Roads. :\1 r. Arnold again returned to D is­trict 10, this time in the Expresswa}' Section.

Forty-two years and two pensions after starting his career, Stanler has decided to put his traveli ng Oil the international le\"el.


E. G. Ross, Assistant District En­gineer of Materials of District 9, mired effcrtire July I, 196-1-.

" I lam", as he is known b} all his asS()(.:iates, -eported for work \\ ith the Division of High\\'ays on j une 15, 1928, after rcceiving his !:I .S. degree in Cilil Engina:ring from M ississippi Stale College. After numerous job assignments in both Construction and Design. and a short try for greener past ures with the ;"Iississippi StOlte H ighwa}' Department from 1936-38, ;"Ir. Ross was appointed to the posi­tion of Rr:ogc and Utility Engineer in the Bureau cf Design all january I, 19-1-9. On j .. nuary 1. 1954, he was appointtd Bureau of Design Of­fi ce Engin{er, and on Jul}' 1, 1956, was promoted to the position of As­sistant District Engineer of 1\'1 ate­riats, the position he held until his r('tiremen!.

;'\1 r. Ross is a native of Mis~issippi ,

being horn and reared in the commu­nity of D 'Lo, i\J ississippi. He is a Reg 'stered Professional Engineer and an actil-'c member of the Illinois Association of Highway Engineers.

Ham ha~ ret:reJ from the Division of Highways but not from tht lidrl of t nginccring. He has accepted a po~ition with tht E. T. Simonds Con­struction Company of Carbondale and seems to be tnjo~.ing li ft "on the contractnrs' side of thl' frn rf'. " i\1r. Ross, with his lOl'eir wij~, H tit:'n, plans to cont'nue to remain at thtir present Tl'sicl~nce at 300 North Spring~r in Carl·ondale. T he Ross 's have rwo daughters, Jane and Betsy, both of whom arc marrieli and bus\' rearing hmilic.> uf their own. .


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6217 Nesbitt Rood PHONE 845·6421


Water Works. Sewerage, Brid ges, Sireet Improve­ments, Airports, Va luations, Role InvesTigations,

Hig hwa ys. Surveys

511 Main Street Hill sboro, Illinois



TELEPHONE .442-0253





By T . R AY j\'l AsLASKA

NI"I.I) ETIII>{oy('t~ : JAMES KAV­Al'\AUGH joined the forces of the Road P lans and Contracts S~ctiun on J ul~t 20 as £nginrcring Techni­cian I. H e pre\-iously worked for tht' l.j niH~rsi ty uf Illinois as Super­visor of the prim shop. H e com­pleted high school and one rear of J unior College at Pasaden3, Calif. Om: )t':lr was spent at (he Sp ring­field J uniu r College. Sharon is his wife's nnme and th e)' have nu ch ildren.

'/'1'Im.~/rrtt: CO ~ 5 TAN TIN ( UINO ) L. BAR U was transferell 0 11 J UlI!:; 1 from District 6 to the I::stimating Unit.

SUllllllfr lid,,: DAVID PIVO­VARS l K is an En~ineering Aide, CI:l~s 1. Dan-: ~oes to Griffin H igh School and will be a J unior Ol~x t semester. He plays the French horn


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Bureau No tes in the b,md, helps to prepare the school year book and has a grea l in­terest ill photography.

ROY HA RA.l"lZELJ. I, of Tovey has already had olle year and s('vcrai summer's experifllcC with the Stare. H e is an Engineering Ttchnidan I and has just completed t\\O rears at ~pringficld Junior College. He is presentl), enrolled at the University of lIIinoi5 where he intends to com­plcle his studies in Civil Engineering. H e is pa} in" his O\\'n way through school.

W ILLIA l\ l 1:. CLOE, JR., En­ginet-ring Tcdmici:lI1 I is s)}e!H.ling his third sum mer with the Swrc. \ 'Vhen Hill returns to the University of lliinois he will ente r his 5th or Senior ) ear in Architectural Lllgin­neering. H e plans to work for an architectural finn after his gr:ulua­tion in June of 1965. He is a student memher of the Gargoyle Honorary Societ)' For Architect;; and the Sigma Tau H onorary Societ), For I~ ngi ­neers. Hill will he married on Sep­tember 12 to Fonda Siegrist of J Ole\.:­SOil ville.

Births: DENNIS and BONNIE LINDSEY weil'llfficd TODD CHRISTOPHER on July 30. At the \\"ei~hi n~-io the scales lil)ped at 7 Ibs. 15 ouoces. They have one other 00)" three and one-half rear~ old.

Gel/erol: Art E\aIlS was stricken on August 2 ami spent ten dars ;j t

M emorial H ospital. Anyone interested in :1 c()tnplct!:

camping outfi t might want to see Bill H um. T hing3 have 1I0t been the same at his hou:>e since he ;md his f:unih re turned from their "i:t:a" camp-out'. M rs. H ut ll suddenly lost interest in rhe outdoor life when she diSCO\'ered a snake in the folds of thc ten t as she unpacked thc camp­ing J!car the ntxt mo rn in.:.




N ew PersrJIIlld: The Bridge Of­lice has gained m:l11y new faces in the hst few months. 'l'wo men have been added to the CE I I ranks; Raj' Livingston, who had previously worked for thc ~ I issou ri State Bridge Office in Jefferson CiIY; and Puu-Cheng Wang, who had worked for Parsons in Los Anieles, Cali­fornia. Ray's wife, Doris, and his


three bop; n.~sidc in Springfield. P uu-Cheng. who is originally fTIJII1

Formosil, lives in Springfield with his wife, Chcll- H II'a, and daugh ter.

C r. l 's have come en masse to this oRiCf.:-Ril1ll0n D. Patel, from India, who will receive his M S Degree from Notre Dame as soon as he finishes his thesis; l raj Kilsper from Iran. who gOt his ~ IS Degree from the Universi t} of Illinois in August; :Ul l! Gen!: ) fcCormid: , who obtainell hi~ RS J)f'grrc from Tri-S t:a~ Col_ lege in June. These men are all single.

AbdoJali Vakil-!d ozafari, whose homeland is I ran, ClIme from Ameri­Ciln Bridge Company in G arr, In­tliana, ami John Clark transferred from District 6. John's wife. Peggy, and his little girl arc here in Spring­{jehl.

D ick Ferrando graduated from Ranken T roltle School in June, and P aul Summers grildufI{('d from Lan­phier H igh School in J une. T hese tll-O men are E.T. I's and are both si nglt:.

Sayeed Aryne has n:sullled work in the bridge oflice aftrT a year spent in Pakist;lIl.

R esignation: Richard Pai left our office on Au}!;ust 1st to work in New Yc)rk City, \\'Ilere some of his bro­thers and sisters are li\'ing.

/It/d;I;UflS: William and Edith SaU$amHn have increased their house­hold with a seven th child . their fifth son, Rich:m[ Arthur, born on J une 9th.

O. J. and Shnron Rohrer's fourth child, tlH:ir sewnd son, Frederick Kern, was born on July 9th.

Rosemarie Armstrong ha~ a house­full of mcn with Jack 's and her thi rd son, Gregory Owen, oorn 011 August 11th.

The F.mery Stickans are parents of a new daughter, Laurie Lee, born June +th.

Df'{{lliJ: Sympathy was extendell to Robert Elmore upon the death of his fathcr.

K Ud(}l: Congratulation~ to J oe Ganci, who passed his Structural Engineu Exam, and Nick: Geibel , who passed his P rofessional Engineer Exam. Russ Gurrard received Struc­tural ~ngineer Registration by recip­rocitr.

• l>.lew H omes: Abe and W anda Wood and O. J. and Sharon Rohrer are planning to move into their new

homes in September. The Rohrers' home is located in SheT\\ ood and the \ Voods' home in F airview. F rank and Lynn Tilt"y movt"d to their new home north of Sp ringfield on Route 29 in the Greenacres Subllivision in June.

Jloc(1l;ulIJ: Se\'era[ families have vacat ioned in the wild west Ihis summer- Joseph Rimsay in Colu­rado, Carrol P uller in T he Dakotas, Everett Rush in M innesota, Rut!) Sandoval and Phil I~enberg in C;lli­forni a.

IVtcdtlillgt: Anna .VI . hom*olatch, daughter of V ictor Homulatch, :lnd Terrr .I\' lerrick were married on Au­gust 1st ~t Blessed Sacr;Lment. T her are resitli ug in England. whc re Terry is ttta tioned with the U.S. Air Force.

(,'f't/t'I'{I1.' CongraHllations anti many hurrallS to Kenny Oehmke. who, wh ile pia r ing golf at Fl'ITie.~ Park on Ju ne 18th, shO[ :l hole-in­ane on th~ 135-yard seventeenth hole.

Gordon Benson ami his sons, J ohn and J im, showed th!:ir n:l{istered Anl{\ls breeding stock ~t the Stnte Fair.

If a new white ?,Iron;!.a Corvair \\'as seen with a dent in the rear bumper, it was Bdno07, Fnrshi 's. He acquiretl it on J une 24-th and was hit on .I Ll )' 24- th while si tt ing very quieti) III his apartment. Don' t mell­tion WOIllc:n drivers to him! M ike 0,,-) un can be proud of his daugh­ter, Yildil" 13. She played first chair in a section of 22 Auti~ts at the Sum­mer Youth :Music Camp at the Uni­versity of Ill inois.

Some men arc very willi ng to give of their time for noble deeds. Wi l­liam SaU~Ul1iLn is one of these meu. Bill escorted 2i bo}s on a five-day historical cruise through Southern Illinois ~ponsored hy the Illinois Squadron of Nav)' Clubs. ~' ick Geibel attended the ASCE

Hrdraulics D ivision Confere nce at Vicksburg, M ississippi. Om .. of the highlights at the Confe rence was a tour oi the largc:st hydraulic labora­tory in the world, located at the U.S. Army I!:ngineer \ Vaterways Expe ri. ment' Station near Vicksburg.


Br N. C. ROD£. .... On the first of J ulr George L .

Crawford terminated his servke.s with the State of Illinois after hav-


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For Every Purpose

For Better Farming For Concrete




Kammerer Concrete Products Co.

7106 N. Galena Rd.-P. O. Box 327 Peoria. Illinois

Manufacturers 01 Plain and Reinforced Conere!e Sewer gnd Cul .... , Pipe. Available with •• qula. Mortar. Mallie or Rubber G,;!!;k",! Joint.. Hlqhway Mo.ke." Precast MClnhole •. Catch Bas ins.

and Inlet •.

PHONE 688-3671

Midwest Fence Corporation

GUARD RAIL Chainlink Fence • ROW Fence

Delineator Posts

815 N. Kedzie Ave. ChicClqo 51 . III.

SA 2·6616


Trucking Excavating

Surface A99reqote Grading Seal Coat

Mine Service

Fill Material




Highway and Regional Planning Studies

Highway, Bridge and Grade Separation Design

Storm and Sanitary Sewerage

land Design

Surveys Construction Supervision

20 N. Wacker Chicago 6

333 N. Ninth E. St. Louis

lOLA STONE & MATERIAL CO. State Inspected Crushed Stone & Agricultural lime

MINE LOCATED SOUTH OF lOLA, ILL. Phone: Louisville North 5_4288

D. J. MOUNT, SR. D. J. MOUNT, JR. Phone Phone

Centralia 532·3954 Salem 548·2888

Howell Asphalt Company

e .. .. L ... •





1020 N. 13th St. - P.O. Box 37 - ADama 4-8877 Plant ADams 4·4555

Mattoon, IIllnoll


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Bureau No tes ing worked in the Bureau of T raflie for some 1+ l'e;HS. George is now in the consulting engineering busines§ and has opened an office in Spring­field.

GCQrge F., j\l obcrly joined thl'. Il UTeal! of Traflie staff to fill the "':leaner lcit by GtMge Crawford. George l\ Inbcrly was former1~' in the Hure;tu of Construction ill District 6 and nul',' holds the positiun of Senior F ield T raffic Engineer with Thl' Rureau of Traffic.

Dan H Gyt . T raffic Accident Stu{l~ En~incrr with rhe Mureau of T raffic, Idt the rallk~ of free men on August 15 when hI' W:lS married to the fo rmer I~atricia T l:ompson in the Fi rs t Presh) teri:m Church of T us­CHIa . Following their honeymoon thruugh the SlHlth, the}' will reside in Pleasant Pl:li ns.


M utillflr: M r. Scheer is attending "The Saltm Con ference 011 H igh­way T raffic Regulations in [ mer­genq·!1 at \ Vinston-S:llem, Xorth Carolina, August 3-1-i-, 1 96-i-. This .;onferencc was called by the Bureau of Public Roalls to crYSta llize vari­IlIlS aspects of tbe emergency hiJ!;h­war traffie program ami to give at­tent;on tu rhe training of large num­bers nf persons who' would he in­volved in implrmentation of the pro­~ram in the e\'ent uf a grave national C!llCrgencr·

On \Vrdncsday c\cning. j ul~' 15, after a meeting of the ~laintenance Personnel Training Committee, 1\lr. and Mrs. Shere! Nutl entertained the engineers at their home at L;lke Springfield to a delicious steak: din­ner. The same evening, .l\ILrs. I-I . O. SehNOr entertained the engineers' ladies tl) a buffet dinner :It her home, 2005 Dial Court.

Vacations,' Three of our mcmbers h:we \·isitcd the ~ CII' York \ Vorlds Fa ir.

ji1ll Bell and his family Spcnt a \\'el"k: visiting at the bir and New York: City.

Vera Simpson al1(1 Doug, with .:\Ir. and i\ J rs. Frank: Runyen . at­tended the f:lir whi le in :"\few Ynrk for the National Shrine Conl'ention. DOlll! and Vera also Silent four (!a\'s in Chicago a l the lUinois American Le{!" ion Convention.

The Fred Schlitt family is spend-


ing tll'O weeks vilcation in Michigan \'isiting grandparents.

Da\' L .. hor's contrihut ion to va­cation's is J ane Skaddcn fishing and sUlllling at KelHuck), Lake.

T ht: Blld Ihlenfrldts spt'nt two weeks :11 Dunn's Ludge 011 Lah L izzie north of Pelican R .. pids, i\<linn~la. Bud t ried for large mOllth bass with live frogs but it took the .Mrs. to pull them in. Bud. however, took: his toll of the pan fi~h.

Nru' F..mploj' '''''<: And last. hut by no stretch uf the imagination least, \1'1': have had a very lnvely a(lrlirion to our clerical staff. l""[ iss Sharon Urown, 11 tall , willowy. blur .. yed brunette, grauu;lt(' u i L a np hier H igh. joined our sta ff the first of J ul.\'.


By R. C. !\ I U I.VEl'

\Vell, as with the usual summer, many of Il~ arc on the rna(\. T he Monmouth By·Pas.~ i~ being placed usinJ!; slip-form pa\'e rs. This paving equipment is ne\\' to Illinois SO In­,la.I~io y fascunana is obst:rving op­erations. The placing of con!inuou~ reinforced pavement at G:llcsburg is also being ohStrlled by Or. Lloyd l'l'IcKen7.ie and the giant effort to complete the South \·\lest F,xpress­IVay, \\·hich involves placing IO-i nch continuously reinforced pa\'emmt is und .. r nbservation by J ola! R. Sar­sam . \V. Emmitt Chastain, J1. is out st((dying some bridge decks placed (Ising stay-in-place forms.

M oustapha 'Muunkara and a crcw of student he.1p arc making condition surve)'s of U.S. 66.

H ere at 1832 \Vest jefferson , Rob \Vagncr and G .. orge Habco*ck arc taking the roadomettr apart and re­pairing it again. Road smoCllhness has become quite important-the ma~ dline tdb u~ hul\' smooth the road is.

The lJeve!upment Section is in operat iun with Dun FOI\ ler as En­gineer of Dcvt:!opment. Rob ~ l it ­cho:-l1 is oversecing the tahulation of condition ~urvefs. Our pavemcnts do spall lind <:.fliCk: in spitc of (I'ny­thing. i\larbc the new joints of ur­athene and ncoprene will be some improl'enlcnt.

john J\ ·JacKay, our F.ngineer of Co-operati,'c Research is superintend­ing the mailing of research publica­tions. jesse Beamblossom, back from

a vacation trip to :\rIackinac Isla nd. )oUehiKan is helping him.

In the Ottawa office Dave Scott and Ed Kubiak are waltzing C H LOE. A 10ngitlHiinal profilo­meter which is anothe r smoothness measuring device. CH LOE has a real personalitY-I'er} temperamen­raJ. She: was fathen:d at thc test road oy Care)" H uckins. Leath~rs and other ~~Ilginters, hence the name ..

je~e P ride, Ou r rlceountnnt, hAS

bought a hous!: in Sp ringfield and mOI'ed his familr dowil froln Bloom­inton.

Harold Hubbell , who just passl'tl the: examin:u inn for a ProfblSional Engineer Licens( in JIIinois. is handling the U.S. 66 condition ~ur­vel' with Ken \V. \-\lich and Joe Hrown un the road.


Since the Irlst i~sue of the l.A.H.I::. several of the Engineers and tech­n icians h""e pun::llaseu new homes. Leon :\1 uzz}' .md Dean \Villey of the Co ncrete l ,lIb. have bee n doing a lot of "'ork arouncl their homes lately. Leon bought a home in J erome ani Dean is just finishing up on his painting in the Fairview P,lrk SLlb-Division. Charlie Bartholomew has jllsr purchased a new hume with 8),1 acres of ground north of Spauld­ing. \Vek'Ome to the dub, fellas.

\Ne Ilmler~t!lnJ that :\ I r. Ole Lar­~c n has had the opportunity of seeing the L and of M idnight Sun. H e and his wife hne been on an extended wur of Denmark, :\lorway. and S\n~den. l'lope you had an cnjo}'able trip, IH r. Larsen .

j im Flynn has gone to Alasb to do some ~ig game hunting fur .. month. \ Vateh hlr those big. bad bears, Jim.

T his has been .. summer of va­cations in tl,e Chemistry Laborator}' . Hi!! Carr anti N orma made a motor trip fO Pennsylvania, Cherry Point, N.C. and then on to \ {iami. Flurida. SorTl' \,UII hall a session with the SUJl ·whi!.: }UU 1\ ere there, Rill. Sam 1\ Jadonia alltl his wife also vaea­ti~Hll·d a t ;\lialni Reach, a t the Casa­hlanca H otel. From what Sam tell s m~' it isn't too expensive. J\-I aybe somc of you fdlils cou le! take your wil'es there fur a weeks rcst. It \\o\l[d do her a world of )!oud.

It.t. I N Q I!5 HI GH W AY £ N GI NEEll

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Bureau Tht stork ha5 visi ted severa.! placrs

since [he last issue' o f the magazine. J ;]ck :\ fakinen and his wife are the proud parents of a baby girl. horn July 12. Rollin Cannedy's wife pre­s~nteJ him with a little girl on J uly 11. H e will nuw have three \\"omen to argue with.

M rs. Peter Albanese is dlle hack in [he States August 23, from I tal)" Pete is planning- to meet her in N ew York, and then 5prnd a few weeks tOl,::cther ;at ~i:ogara Fall ~ . Sort of a secOnd honeymoon.

J ames ;Vl eyerhoR has gont' to the Armed Services for 6 months. Jim was ha\'ing a lot of t rouble with that G. T . O. before goi ng. H ope every­thing I;; O. K. when lOU n:turn, Jilll.

Larry Dodge is recupcTlIting in \ 'Icmorial I lospit aL Hope [0 ~ee rOll

around j;QOfl, Larry. Paul Cogan is now in Davenport,

Iowa with his brcther and bmily.

No tes H ope to hear from you s(lOn, Paul.

The pai nt section has 2 new tem­porary employees for the summer months. ~Jark Constant and Jurr Vespa. Jerry is pl:!n ning to be mar­ried, a.nd I understand your co­workers are trying to talk you out of it.

Byron T aylor is working again this rear in the Concrete. Lab. By­ron is ~o ing back thi;:; fall to get his teaching certifiCate. Anothe r :\1r. N ovak ... ,

Ja..:k M adonia of the Concrete Lab. ha.~ been a bH~Y house hUllting person the last f~w months. J nd: is ~etting married in St. Lou is next month. Hest \Vishes, Jack.

Seeing that all of me summer help will he gune by the next issue, we wish all of }OU the b~t of luck in the coming )ea r in whatever you may he doing.

mWlt equal. liqui'Ji* PdltcA,-ARD e;low~ J.~iti ~l~oot in Ola~~ .. doMretA for the ~.tiilt8tltoul'S t'6qu.ir.ed.~a_ .­~ tht> mix pl1atiC:', ye); rwlually 1PWV$

WAt.el' -¢E!nl('nt fM{O, Si ncrea!e! roinpres!ivel!'"

It!ength.. Speci!)' DARAXARD m yoar rudy­

n'lix. Tt was: II ro\"Cd at O'Hare International.

Tt!s ~ek~d by bst, efficient tkld service.' Write

01!PfP'{l: '\.Quay. A p,rodu~t of Dewey and A~mY;

ppSlii~al ptvlsion. W; R. qrace & Co.

W. ZtMMERMAN CONSTRucnON CHIMICAU, 'NC. Lasalle St' Nt, ChitraO, Illinois, TtltJIllon. , n nanclal 6-053


Menwrium H. J . SCHIERM EYER

District 8 was saddened by the death of H. j. Schiermcyer, fOflner i\ l aintenance Enginrer, willi passed away June 6, 196.J at St. Joseph's Hospital in H igh land, where he had been a patient for six dnys.

An Edwardsville resident 41 rears, he was born February 8, 1893 in St. Louis. Mr. Schiermeyer gradua ted from the M issouri School of Mines in 1923. H e had been employed by the Dil·is ion of H ighways fo r 30 years.

Su rvi vor... include his wife , the former Viola Davis of J ohnston Cit\', whom he ma rried August 16, 1923 in St. Loui~; a son H arry ] . of Peoria; onl: daughter, Mrs. Don­ald ( Betty) Lenny of Roanoke, V .. . ; one sister, U rs. Louise Honhard of Belleville; :1I1d six grandchildren.

He \1',.5 preceded in death br his ])arents, \ VilJiam C. anll Louisa Hrentmeir r Schierme,er, one sister and five brothers.

Mr. Schierme\'er WllS actil'e in the First Prcsb"teri~n Church, an(1 was a member of the Last ~lan 's Club. Shrine Club and American ~on Post 199 of EdIl"3n/!w ille, Ionic Lodge :'\0. 15.J, AF & AM of De­slodge, Mo., a shriner of Ainad T emple, East St. Lo uis, ;lnd St . Louis Consistor\". H e served with the armed fo rc~ during 'World \Var I.

LO UIS M ILO GULLEDGE Mr. anti M rs. Lo ui~ H. Gulledge

of Nf)r r i~ h;l,'e re[(lrned from Penn­sylvani a, where they were call ed b}, the deatb of their son, Louis \1ilo Gulledge, +6, who died (If) his birth­dar, J une 10. in his homr. :It Levi t­town, Pa.

At the time of his death , I\ l r. Gul­ledgr. WaS cmplo} I'l l as engineer for [he Fe,leral Burea.u of Roads :It Trent on, K. J. A veteran of \"'odd \Var II; member uf the Presbyterian Churdl and i\ l asonic Lodg<", he at­tendt'd CanWn !>Chouls and grad ­uated from the University of ILIi-1l00S.

He \\"~s married in 19.J3, at Law­rence"il!t, to ] ane Duensing, who ~lIrv'v(';S.

In addi tion to his widow and par­ents, he is survived b}' a son , Robert Gulledge, at home. and a brother, \Villiam Gulledge, Mont go mery . Ala. One son prn:eJeJ him in death.

Funera.l services and hurial were in P:merson, N. ] .


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (94)

Chapter Notes ELGIN District 1

IAHE //IHE dcti{J ili!'J: At the laH

LAHI:: meeting in May, Edward "Rtd" Sisler announced his resigna­t iun fronl rhe Di vision of Hi~h\\'ars. Since Ed was prcsidcm of nUT dIHP­leT of IAH K. his rcsiJ!:nation lll~de another election IlCCeSSilr~'. The re­sults of the election arc: P at D ough­erty, P resident; Herb H erbeck. Vice President. with the fest of the offi cers remaining the same.

T he District 10 chaprer of lA I-lE held its an nual gulf ollting in St. And fews Golf COUf!>e on ] une 27. The District I go lf team of Mile .:Vlorin. H ugh Seeley, J ohn Adams and Grorge Schmidt made golfing history by winning th e team c"mt. Congratulations feJlows.

Another IAHE member has re­centlv become prominent ill golfing circl~~. Stephen " Banana Ball" Ka­kavas finished second in the " B" Right of the Elgin City T ournament. T he Right was determined by handi­cap and a rumor sar~ that all sand­baggers were put into Steve's Right B.

Gal! Ll!ligue Result!: T he lAH E Golf League complett".d its competi­tion un AUl?;ust 25, lI"ith J Clh n Adams receiving the top honors.

Congratulations for a fine jub to League P resident Hugh Seeler who had to pllt liP wi6 constant com­plaints about the condition of the various cnur~e~ where the 1l1aTl:hes were held.

A nother poin t (Jf cri t icism of the league brought to the attention of this magazi ne dealt with the cash prizes given to the winning golfers. T his crit icism had two main points; I) the low handicap golfers win the prize money yt"ar after year and 2) the average golfer has to keep con­triblltinl?; to the prize money ev\;n though pa~t history tells him hi$ chances of winning are very slight.

There seems to he two wl utiolls to thcse pmblem~, they being 1) a new methud of determining handi­caps be established since: the old method seems to gi ve the be: tter golfer an advant:lge, or 2) put :lll money, normally used for cash prizes, into II fund that would be used for :I

banquet for al! the golfers at the end of the year.


The magazine realizes it has ex­pres~ed onl y th e views of thl" averagf to poor golfers, the mllin reason be­ing dHlt this is the only group who gavc their opinion. If anyone wants to express opinions di fferen t from what appl'ars here, then they should submit thcm to the edito r heforc November 25. B~~dillg L en.II /If : Eight teams be­

g!ln bmd ing on T uesday, Sep tember 9, at the jH eadowdale Lane,;. The lirst three week~ werc used to ,,~t!\h ­li5h handicaps , after which , k~en competition developed. Swede Erik­sun. League P resident, ~a}s memher­ship for the lirst half of the season is closed, but there is room fur more members during the ~e(:on d half of the season, which ~ tart s after Chirst­mas.

Christlllll! Pllrty: Preparations for the annual Christmil~ P artv have al­ready begun. 'n le Partr Chairman , R alph C. "\Veh nn, slI id the parr.,. would he held al the Eagles H ome in Elgin, although the exact dare of the fu nction had not been chosen. T he Christma.~ P arty includes Richard H ampton, Emelia Olsen , Virginia Green and O;\Vid Plummer on its commi ttee.

T ransportatiO/l Studirt: Two transportatiun studies are bcing run concurrently by the Bureau of Re­search and Planning. T hese studies are necessarv in orda to lIleet the compreheJlsi~e planning requirements of the 1962 Federal Highway Act.

Roy A. BeU , Director of the Lake Count\' Transportation Stud\" states that the project is on schedl;le with the tompletion of the hlture L and Use predictiun~ hy Andy P lummer, Stud\" Urban Planner. Ro\' predict~ that 'the st udy will he con;pl eted in November 1965, if all the c*ntribut· ing agencies cooperate w ith the State in the fin:ll stages.

The second study is the Joliet Area T ra nsportation Study wh ich is under the direction of Ralph C. \V"ehner. JATS has nearly com­pleted its data collecting proces;;es and the\, are closer tu their pre:dicted schedul~ than any prior study. Con­gratulations to l\ir. \ Viener.

NI'U. I Efllployrts: Mr. K arl P eter­mann , former £ngineer fo r the Vil1-age of Lombard , has joined (Jur ~ t a ff as a Civil Engineer lIT, with assign­ment to the D istrict Bureml of D e­sign.

An(irew Plummer is now em­ployed ~L~ an U rban Planner " with the L ake County Transportation Stud y. Andy is a tr;msfer from the Rureau (If Street Traffic, City of Chicago.

;Ur. Edll"ard Kali ll" rejoined our staff in June as a Civil Engineer II ;md is presently assigned to the Dis­trict Bureau of Constructi()Il .

'\ 'l r. Ronald Franci~kovich :md Mr. Richa rd Stenzel ha\'C he(~n el11-ployeJ a~ Civil Engineers r, "ft"r graduation from iHarquett<: U niver­sit\· ill .\l illl'aukec and the Unil'ersi t l' o( Illinois, resJlectivei v. .

.\l r. H enry Boesch , atte::ntled ;\"orthWNtern U ni\'ersit} and i ~ now elllplo~ed as an Engineering Te(.;h ni­cian in our Rureau of CO l1str u(.;t ion.

i\ Ir . Chestn MiUik~ll , retired Army Sergeant Re(.; r uiting Offi cer, is now our District Central Control Rarlio Operator-E. T . I r.

Other new employees :Ire J t:rrr Thomp~on , E. T . II ; :\lark A. Ken­nedy, E. T . I ; Robert A ylwa rd, E. A. I ; Lawren(.;e M arrin. E. A. r; Stanley J'd artin, E. T . IT ; and R arry Rlidmi , E. T. 1.

'Velcome and welcome back to all the above:: ell1ployee~ .

U"clt! S"'II : .\'it. John Snyder. L. T . 1. returned from the A rm\' and is back among the living w ith assignrllem to our D istr ict Hu reau of D esig-Il.

JU r. John \V. 'Ready, E. T. I, D is-­trict Bureau uf R ight of \Va~' , en· l iHed in the M ari ne Corp. Re~rve and is ~erving a minimunl of si.\ months at scenic P arris rsland. ;\forth Carolina.

Sympatiry: The OiHr ict anti I.A.H. E. members expre$s deep •. :st sympathy to the fam ily of John j\ . ShaneI1l[,Il. and condolences to i\1 r. ;Illd M rs. H. M. Burrud in th t: 1055 of her mother.

Til l! Hit ching Posl : ~Vl i ss Janet Yurs, Distr ict Bureau of IVl aterials Secretary, became lVIrs. GeMge Dor· sett on September 5. M r. and l\ I rs. D orsett spent their honeVlllonn tour­inl! the west and are nO\~' back home with Georg" t rying to aJjust to that nell" home cooking.

DIXON Districf Two

Cric~ of "Fore" and " M ore Beer" rang out over the wooded h ill .. of the Oregun Country Club as the R ock RiVer Chapter of the !.S. P.E. hdd


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (95)

Chapt e r Notes their annllal golf picnic Oil July 25 , 1964·, A Glpaci tr CT!;wJ enjoyed the ("vents uf the day as iHother N;lture [ended a hand by bringing out the su n to dry things off from the rain of the night before. Terry Bishop was on the public address S~"StC Ill t(l

"YVe!come" golfers onto rilc infamuus ninth ue. His liltin" yoke could br heard for miles, fol! (lwed bv the n" port of golf balls smacking from tree to tree to tree. The wurst' was in (ine s hup" , n n d a "err specinl "Thanks" to all tho~e respomihle for ~ponsorillg this fille event.

The annual picnic for the Dixon Chapter was held on Sunday, August 9. 1964, at Sillnissippi P<lrk in Sterl­ing. Ideal weather prevailed lmd the food was in alllmdan(;c. There were prize~ galore (lnd I!:lmcs for the small fry. Three softoall games were going on lit once; one fnr till"

gals, one for the men, and one for the younger ~e t. Fnr the non-sports­man there was an afternoon of carus and vi~iting. A most sincere " well Ilune " mUH oe given to Chairman Or­~·ille H eckman ,md 11is wife. not to mention committeemen Dave Lut­yens, Fn:d P ettiti. Treh Schultetus. and Chuck Rizmr.

The onn~ol gal/ picnic of Ihe Di~on chapter at Slnni .. ippi Pork in Sieriing, Illinoi •• on Ayg. 9,1964.

Juhn Ross has been having tmuble linding anyone who is willing to go

for a ride in his car. \Ve don ' t mind locking dogs in cars once in a ,,·hile. but when it comes to sparrows. this is ridiculous.

New faces in our cltrical and stcnographic staff: Sharyn Sp,tngicr, Lynne Ressclbcahcr, Ethel H udson N <lllcy Ostrander , Rosemary Ronnell and Joyce Logan.

Twenty young men from Ihe Di>irid 2 oreo hD¥ o I"k"n the lechniciDn training Coyro" 01 Ihe Univ"roity of Illinois "r.d groduoled on August 28, 1964. They have compleled their train­Ing and are o .. igned to District 2 a. engineering technicia n.. They sludied couro .. In mainte­nance, surveying, odvonud engin"ring mathematic., computation. and drofllng.

T HIRD Q U .... R TE R 1 964

Congratulations to the following (:m­plorees for their recent promotions:

ElIgill cerillg T fC"/icillll II Allen Hoseneilt.'r , Richard Brenner,

.M erville Brown, Palll Fleming. D en­nis Forbes, 'Valter Stroyeck, Robert Tenboer, D;'\viJ Trowbridge.

}:.·lIgiflu rill!l Tuhllicinl/ llj William Clal'ton, K en neth Dodi!­

let, Charles Hage. Orvillf Heckman. David Lutl"ens.

Ci1,il EII!lilleer 1 I Harrl' H~thke , Bj orn Kjolc. Gary

Lange, Roy Ylitall). Citd £lIgilll'l:r 111

John Aab.\' , Larry Rearm<lll, R ich­ard Hussan, J ohn Fritz, Fred Knud­~~)Il , Michael .VIirocha , Alex T'a isler, Cliff Rugh.

OTTAWA District Three

The Im:!l1brrship is looking for­ward tu the Annual Picnic to be held at Star\'t.'d Rock State Park on Sep­tember 13th. Compliments on a job well Jane Clay be directed to Chair­man Bill Ste~llbergen and his com­mittee.

As of this writing tile Annual Con­\'en rion is sLlre to he <I SUCCeSS, if ad­'·ancc resen'a ! i"ns an: ally illliiLal;uII. Looks like an attendance record; at iCHt as far as thi~ Chilpte r is COIl­cerned.

T he Title P.E. has recently been placed hehind the names of Quentin PIetsch , DOll Oldman and J oe Za-gar. CONGRATULATIONS.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (96)

Chapter Notes P~\St President and Honorary

I\'lember An T~etti is work-illl!; on some Dam P,oject in Sou thern Illi­llois. R fCt:nt PrfJ lIHJtirms l Ire liS FfJllrw.'s:

C.E. IV ~ Phil Gustin, Warne Kasza.

C. E. Ill- Leo Cullman, Norm Riordan, Ed Hatcher, Did:: Rohyans, Ron Rynke, \Vayn .... Coffer.

CE. II -Jerry Yendro, Usm:m Shaikh, Ron Gcdrt'.

c.£. I-Ralph Hossert. E.T. III-Richard , Schmidt, Jim

Stewart, Larry \Vilson, Ron \Vitek. Don \VoH, Maynard \Vundtr, Gor· don i\lIcyer, Verr.on l\ Iast, Jerry Kl ein, F ran Augus:yniak, J ohn Car­roll, John D uff), J erry Herrmann, Hob Blackburn.

E.T . II-Dan Gellric:!, \Vill iam Dever, Geral d Dt'rix, Lar ry Patchett, Lee l\l cc*mscy.

Recent ret urnees frum i\ I i!itary Service include Don J anka, Cot<:. I ; Dale Decker, Robert UI IlCkhuTn, r.T. II. and Larry Kelson, E.T. II.

Added to the fo ld in the past few weeks have hu'n Enginc(·ring T ech­nici:ms, Robert DeBord :tn(\ Ron J ohnson.

Lin k L isll'n;II9s :

T he golf P-Qli a-e about reatl l' tn turn in their hags for the Year. Cr Burns, Claude Hershey ~m\ Bob Blackburn have consistently ~hot in the 70's this pa~t £e~S!lIl ( they \\'on ' t play if it's any C()lder !) T he an­nual hook ~nd sI ict award was won br Art Dierstein - hand s down. Loolcs as if we'll have to rest on our bowling laurds for another year.

Sp~ak.i ng of buwling, Chairman Rolf Dc-moil usetl h's influence to gc-t the midnite shift again at the local lanes for the upcolll ing freaso ll.

The basketball team composed of "Coach" 'Vall y Kistenfeger's fi ve sons, now has a cheerleader I lH ary Kay born JUM 3D, 196+.

Equ all y proud is Rarr}' Hynd of tin: Desil!lI DqJilfhllcnt on the ar­rival of Susan Loui~, horn J une 5, 19/H.

Rumor has i t th at Section S of the Design Dep:lrtment has been re­activated to l\lilitary Ollty and will be d ~plored to the secretarial section for recon naissance purposes. . !


PEORIA District Four


Pooria's H igh\\',IY Office increased its working space about the end of June. T he State Police, who had been located in the same building, moved to their new District Head­quarters on 111. 11 6 east of German­rown. This is the fi rst time since the advent of Distr ict Offices in the early 1920's that District Four has had a homc- of its own. The:re had always bccll a nt'cd fo r space hut it now looks like there will be no proh­len,s for some time. Permanent En­gint'ers and Tech ni c i ans number aoout 120 but all will have adequare space.

In the rears of infa ncy the Dis­!Tier Office was loc .. ted in manl' smaller places which became i nad~­quare as th e Ilersonnc:l grew. TI,e first in 1921. W:1S in the old Apollo Theatre Bu ilding un M ain Street. f rom 1923 to 1925 the office \\',IS

above the Buick ft:lf,lgC on i\1 ,lin Street. From 1925 tn 1933, when located at 2]7 N orth :\lonroc (the D urO[ Buildi ng), ,here were :1bout 68 engineers and ~e\'en rodmen. A starT in~ engincer m .. de :th(JU[ $ 150 a month \\ hile a rorim;m made about SI2S a month. M r. T hen P lack wa~ district engincer and M r. D. :\1. Costello, districl e:ngineer since J an­uary, 1962, was jun heginning hi ~ career. Others, ~ta rtillg out ;,hout that time and ~ti ll with th e State are Kenn~' Tripp. H aro ld Buchanan , Harold Roehuck, Duke :\lills. Roh Scribner. Red Uhl. and Vern n ~rr.

In 1935, the office moved to 1028 South Adams Street. It wasn't long be fore a need for sp"~'e inst;g3ted the planning of :t new bllild:ng to he located on i\ft. Hawley Road. In l\1ar, 1937. the move was made to the. building especially uesigned for H ighway Office purposes. A photo shows the office at that time.

J ohn 1vlatt 'son took over as dis­trict engineer 0 11 Au~ust 1. 19-16. \Vith expanding h:ghway programs the build ;ng required an adJit ~on in 1955. There was some g rumbling the \I inter of 1955, as the engineers had to work in the tlraft" mainte­nance ~heds throughout the office construction perioll. A recent photo shows the: office as it looks today.

One man \\'ho saw man}' changes through th e years with the State from

;\lay, 1930, to i\ l ay, 19-12, is Roben N. Anderson. From IVl a)', 19.J.2, he worked fo r :t contractor for two y~ars then for Austin Engineering Co. until his return on J ull' h t th is re.ar as a c.E. lIT. -

Lee recei\"ed his su rveyor's license this spring. Dick Criddlebaugh , Joe Vespa and Chuck Goodale recei" etl their P.E. licenses in :\I a)'.

D ave D ruHd left D istrict 4 to work in Design for the Blow- Knox Cu. ill l\!attoon, l ll;noi~, at the cod of J une:.

W illiam K. Smith wed Miss Sharon Snider at the :\rferhodist Chu rch of Dalev illc, Indiana, on Au­gust 29, 1964.

Thc ,Iistrict golf team of Rurn· ham, M almquist , Coffman and Liv. ingston tr ied valiantly hut came back em pty hamlet! at the annual LA-H. 1':. golf outing at St. Andrews.

Peoria's annual LA. H. E. dinner meeting was held July 13, at Vona· chen's J unction. The guest speaker was Mr. C. L. Dancey, the editor uf the Peoria j(Jurna/ Star.

On J une 3. Larry Durroll and wife we:rc: b les~ed with a boy, .H at­thew Lawrence.

On i\Iay 25th , T eddy and Donna Strausbaugh were bltsSCd \\' ith a boy, Ernest Edward.

On J une 9th . Thumas and Carol Kal fa metros had a girl, J eanne M :!rie.

On J une 27th. D :ck and J oyce W nnddl had a dnugh ter, Kristin:! l\1a rie.

Elio Suau and committee are plan­ning a membenh:p dri ve for the I.A.H .K in Peoria.

On August 8th, a family picnic was held fo r all of the engineers, techn icia ns and secreta ries of District -t at M ineral Springs Park in Pekin. Al ~I oine he:!ded the afternoon fes­ti,·it ies.

On Scptemrer II , I 96.J. , D uke M ills held the 29th A nn ua l Fi~h Fry in conjullct:on with I.S.P.E. at K~en­l:md Park. Duke h:ls org:mi1.ed this \\'dl·at tend ~(l occasion for qll ite a few )ears now, with this being his IlL'!. H e "ill retire at the: end of the rea r.

Sylvan GO~ lIett wou ld like lO ha\'e everyone circl e the 19th of Dc­cemhcr on their calenda rs for that is the date of the annual Ch ristmas Party to be held at Exposi tion (lar­clens.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (97)

Chapter Notes

PARIS Di!>lrict Five

Bj' FK£[) K. STAAl'S N ell' Assi~ta nt District EnJo!inccr:

i\lr. J ohn C. ~lu !grew. f()fmcr Dis­trict Engineer of :\Iaintcllance , was mlllled Assi~t:IIH Di~t~ict Engineer, effective M ay 16, 196·t :'Ilr. l\lul­grew, a native of V('rmilion County where he atten!\t'd grade and high school s, l!ttcnJe.i Illinois Collt'ge at Jacksonville and the Universi ty of Illinois. :\Ir. i\lul~rew beg:1n his


Cil.fccr wi th the Distril't Fi\,t: oRice of the highway departmen t as a jun­iur h 'ghway engineer in Septl'mbcr, 1937. li e Ins serv('d continuously in the District 5 Rurelus of Dcsi~, ~1 aterials, Local Roads, ConstnKt:on and .I\ ! aintcna nce. He is married to the forme r Ruth V. Gillison ilnd they have Iwo children, John J r., a senior in th e College of Law at rhe Univer­si ty uf minots, and Eli:c:ah~th ' \nn, a senior :11 Paris H igh SdlOOI. :\Jr. M ulgrew, a registered profes~iona l

engineer, is a memher of the Iliinois Association uf H ighway Engineers. Elks and St. :\ l ary's Church.

Promot'ons: O n J l1ne I , 196+. Mr. \V. 11. \<\'001ley was appointed Acting Di~trict M ainten:mce Engi­neer. Mr. \Vo(lllcv u t~nded the University of Alab:l11~a and the Uni­versity of Illinois. He begun his car«r with the IlI ino:!' D ivisioll of H ighwa}s on Nov. 25. 19+6, (l l1d haS wurked ~:untinuoll.dv with th .. D istrict Rureaus of Design, Con­strHction, r.Qclli Roads and 1\ l ainte· nance.

1\lr. C. A. Hightuwcr was appoint­ed D istrict En~ineer tlf Research and Planning on J ul~' I, ]96+. H e at­ttlldel] Bradley University and began work with the D ivision on Aug. 22, 1938. and has had expe rience ill the fl ureaus of Traffic, 1\Iaintenancc, 111'.­sign. and u Jcai Roads in addition to RC:iearch ami Planning.

On June 1, 196+, M r. W illiam F. Pattun was llppointecl Assistant l1is­triet ElIj!ineer nf :\'la intenance. i\ l r. Patton. a gr:lduate of Rose Poly. technic Institute in T erre Haute, In­dian:!, bC'gan Ilork wilh the D ivision of Highwa~s on Au~. 1, 19-1-9, and has I\'orked continuousl), ill the Bu­(ellUS of Design. Constructiun allli ~ I ainten ~nce.

i\1r. l1unaM J. J uh nsol1 was ap­pointed Assist:l nt D istrict Engineer of Research and Planning on J ulr 16, 1964-. .Hr. Johnson , a grruiullte engineer, heg'n work with the Di· vision nil J ul,. 5. 19;0, and was (;eomctrics F.ngin~~r I\·i th the D is­tr:ct Bureau of D esign prior to his appointment. li e also has hlld addi­tional uperience wi th t he Dist rict Bureaus of M aterials and Construc· tion.

!VIr. William Kennedy, Assistant Right uf \Vay Engineer, has been promoted 10 a CE·V with the Hureau of Right of \Vay in Springfit:l d, ef­fective Sept. 1. 196-1-. 1\lr. Kennedy, a graduate' of Purdue: Uni\'er~ilr, has \\·orked in the Distr:ct Bure:ws of Desi~n nnd COlI$tructiOn in addi tion to R ight of \Va~·.

On Jul~' I, 196+, M r. Walter A. Newlin was promoted til a D istrict :\Ja;ntennnce Field Engineer. A graduate from the university of Illi­nois, Mr. Newlin hegall \\·01'1, in the IJiwict on Feb. 20, 1956, and has worked in the Bureaus of Design and Construction.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (98)

Chapter N ot e s Mr, Fred K. Staats, on July 16, \li::Nell y, :1 graduate of T exas A& I\'I ,

J96.f, was promoted to Assistant Dis- began work with the Divisiun on IrictEnginct'Tof Rij!ht of\Vny. :\I r. 1\1 a) 2. 1925 , and prior to hi" ap-St:t,lts, a graduate of Rose Poiytt"ch. pointment as Dist r iCT Lnginccr of nie Institute , began hi, highw:l)' ca- [{esea rch nnd Plann ing, he worhl! feef with thc Bureau of Re~arch ill the Bureaus of DC3ign, Construe-and Plann ing in the Carbondale dis- lion lind ' laintenanC(', tr ict in }\ugust, 19.J.9. Priur to his NF.W· FACF,$ : Ruger P. Hcnd-aPllointmcnt. he hH' \ worked in the erson, James C. Ueker, Rubert A. Paris Dist rict in the Bureaus o f De- Longfidd, NOfm,m V . \Vh ite, Rich-~ign and Local Roads. ,Lfl l M . SchrocdrT and Ronald E.

RETIREJ\'IE:"TS: 1\l r. C. U. Smith. Frank l!:. R elltschl~r 11 re-\kNelly, D isn iet Engineer of RI"- centh' ret urned fwm miliIan' leave. sea rch and Plannin!!, retir('d on jll ly Rogc'r Dar. James K. :\l ei~~heimtr . 2-+. 196-+. nfter 1110 r(' than 39 \'e~rs Vincl"nI P. J\tk i n ~ . Th(ltna~ L. On-with the Di\'ision of Highw:lrs .. :'Il r. i-:en and Robnt L. Plunk returned

from educntiOnal IC:l\"c luring the past fel\" mon ths.

UIRT HS; Valerie Lmn was born to M r. and M rs. \Valt~r P\l rtt ll on j ul)" 9, 196-+. :\<Jr. and M rs. Dal e Edw:uds heca me the proud parents of L.1nce Rradford on .'\ U}!. 1, 196-+.

VACATIONS; Mr. and M rs. Rohen Shaw and famil y recently re turned from a tour of the Rocky \ l ou ntain States and California. 1\lr. and .\-lrs. Don \Va~oner and daugh­lc, ~ visited the Ydlu ..... tonc Nntional Park. Grand Teton Xational Park and the Rl:u:k H iIl$ during thc b~t nn) \\eds in jut)'. T he' \Varren

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~



WGI""""rl .. Gnd W,,"r Tr .... lm.nl. S"w".""" ""d s.wog" 1,eol­menl, Storm DrCli~"g ., flood Conlrol , SI,eel lighting, lond o.vel<>pmenl Sludi ... Subdivi,lon., SwImming Pool., Highwoy., 8<idg ... , Indu' I'iol Wen'''. Suilding>, Founda tion., s.. ..... yi .. g ond Mop ping.

1315 W. Wood St . Decatur. Illinois








FIUI Ne tlonal BenIo: Bldg.

CO .... 90 1~ 101 ,1,,1 Culy",... A,do.. ond Slr UCluro l Plol" - All

Spedfi<olio",. " "info"'ln9 &0 .. , WI .. M ... h, Co.ling., 8<idge

ond Poying S .. ppl, .... CARLYLE. n.LlNOlS

1&1 J"fferson MEMPHIS. TENN.



G. H. ALLEN, Inc.

PHONE 429·7482




Vin ccnnes rndiana

C. H. ALLEN. P.E.. President

Illinois Contractors' Machinery, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS FOR ..•

LeTourneau.Westinghause - Adams - Arrow Manufacturing

Erie Strayer - Buffa lo Springfield: Rollers and Compactors

Koehri ng Division: Shovels, C rones, Backhoes, Draglines and Pavers

Elmhurst. Ill. Rte, 83 & Madison 5 t. Sub. pJooQe TErroee 4·7100 Ch!tOlio pMDe TUxedo t-0871


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (99)

Chapter Notes Alieff f<!.mily left recently to visit the \Vor!ds Fair, Connecticut and Maine. During the latter part of J unc, Frank Rentschler and family roured the Smoky lHuuntains and ~e\feral Southern states. '\If. and .\1rs. Carl J acohsen and (laughter re­cently returned from a visit to Ni-3gar;1 Falls. The ea;t coast has had a consid erahle amount of attraction this summer as l\lary Jo .\ l orrison and son, Richard Stcl'ens and family, \Vilbu.r \Vot){:Is and famil y visi ter! the \Vorlds Fair; John vVitters and family visi ted Washington , D. C., and the Frank Seeber famil y visited Maine al1,1 New Brunswick . 2\Ir. ami Mrs. Connie Allrges,; to be dif­ferent traveled to Denver, Coioral\o Springs, and the Rocky 2I. l ounta in ;-.Jat:onal Park. Bill Kennedv ;ma family recently left for a visit t~ Con­necticut, and, according to Hill , ther are supposed to obtain considerahle experience in c,tmping out.

ANNUAL PICNIC: On Sun­day. August 2. 1964, the annual I.A.H.E. picnic was held in the air conditioned American Legiun Home, in Pari~ . Approximl1tcly 150 were in attendance lind a suffi cient supply of nourishment was pruvided by the cummittee composed of Bud Shdledy. Hub McKinney, Jim Geekie and Dave Cobb.

NEW PROfl£SSrONAL I<:N­Gl:"1'EER$; Congratulations are in order for the new registered profes­sional engineers, Richard Stanhope, Robert .VIcClinrock and Thomas P . Shafer.



Dt'Jign-CfJNSlrUclioll: Paul Deg­ner has recently been appointed as One of thl: pushers in design, replac­ing John H ine, who is now the Assistant Design Engineer. Cllrt H ubban sanctioned in design but ac­tually the district utility man replaced George Moberly in Construction. and has since been made Assistant Construction Engineer. Geor!!;e .Mo­berly ha5 moved uptown to the Bu r­eau of Traffic. Bob Loomis, Right of Way Section Chief, in design has his crew Wi nlcm , Blinkem, :lnd David) busy turning out plats :lIld descriptions, all masterpieces. But Macchio, and his "crack" crew hav­ing finished up the Interstate Cost


Stud y. are nuw working on a stud)' from Kc1\erviJle to l\'lt. Stl'rling. George .'Vl eador in Traffic became father again , a girl Nancy Ann horn .I ulle -t. Boys on construction are Jack Canedy ~till finishing lip mis­ceJlaneou~ work on the hypas~. Gor­dOll Roughley in Nl organ Countr on the iMauvaise Terre job, Les \VinslolV on the TaylorviUc hypas" :\ Iyron Haynes building on 3nl Street in Quinqo . J oh n St uemke at L incol n on Limit Street, H arol,j Olsen in Ru~hvilk and Rob Pedigo resurfacing 011 96 do\\"n in Calhou n County.

The COllstrw.; tion and Mate.rial (iepartmem wen: ill a stand still ior it week , with their ~enetary Norma gone. but now that she is back , thing~ aTe hack to normal. Harold Olsen, Scott Lewis. Ken N ewton , and Bob Elliott made their annual trip to SUlllmer dal' camp. Phil :\ladonia has reccnd}; qualified fu r the City Golf Tournament. but unfortunatcl~' Dean M.etcal f did nnt quite mah: it.

Those re(ently leaving the di,trict for greener PilstUTl'S are J ohn Clark , Jim Dunham , Dean II,Ijetcalf, Bill \\7ilki ns, Dean Oabu , and Bud Hates.

RighI 0/ WilY: The bo\'s in R.O.\V. are busy with app;aisals, negotiations, and paper work in Ad:IIllS. C hris tian. iVTorgan, Pike. and Sanj!amon Counties. i'l.1ost even'one in R.O.W. has had thl'ir \,aca'tiQn , ou t the largest and longest would hal'e to be Ed Foutchcs month trek to thc west cOast-first class too. The quest for better understanding Qf real estate problems is calling the RO.\V. crew back to the University of Chicago for more, highly technical training during September and O c­tober.

R iJf arcJl tf Planning: The whole crew, plus summer help , has reallr been working to complete all the require(i traffic counts this summer. [ve.n with the heavy wurk: load , David Turner fuu nd time to marrv one of the sweetest you ng things i;l the di~ trict, Judy Eldridge, at MD­de~to on June 27. Bud McCafferty's finally found time for another babr. a daughter, Sally J ean, born August -t, and in the midst of all this hap­piness iVl r. Burris took a couple days off to have some minor sUIgery.

Maintenance: As the dust clears

in :Vlaintenance, we find Ed Rroub as Assistal~ t IHaintenan(:e Engineer. Hob Tarr field Engineer in the Springfield area, Nick Szal}() field Engineer in Quincy, Jame~ Santo arelli. Bridge Engineer, alld Ken Newton as equipmcnt man, who also has a fell' other dutiC$ thruwn in for good measu reo The snow removal project" this winter prumiscs to be better coordinated with the installa­tion of a ncw citizen band type of radio system in the dis trict


Our newe~t addition, the iVlicro-111m Section , has been growing hy leaps and bou nds for the past fe\\" months. The following personnel ha~·c ht'rn ~ddcd to aid in the work; C heryl Lynn Baile~', Richard L. Bell. Catherine f . Harris, Richard E. :\'ll'},cr, Florence Stewart, Janet U1ack1cdgc. Karen Lee and Frances Zimmerman. The micrufilming work has been progressing fairly rapidly. One district's plans , which were da ted front the 1920's to the present time, have been cOJllpletely mi.:co-­filmed. Essentially, that is the pur­IXlse of thi~ section , microfilming all highway plans for each district from their earliest plans to the present time. Thi~ data is recorded on rolls of film for future use.

The lIlinoi~ Pavillion at the Kell" York \Vorld 's Fair has an exhibit com:erning our State Highway Sys­tem. This exhibit Kas designed and built hj our ahle employees. It was ~hipped to :"Jew York City where it was installed by \Vi!liam :\11. Smith and Juhn H. Recker, J r., hath of this office. At the present time, the" have completed an exhihit for the' Illinois State Fair, which can be seen in the Grand~tand for Ih('. duration oi the Fair.

Richard E. Lange has joined O\lr engineering staff as of June. H e and his family reside ill \.yilliamsville. \Ve!come to Aerial Sun'el'.

Furmer employees \\h;) haH re­turn~d for another su mmer employ­ment arc ·Mii;S Katilv Nunneman . :\'Iessers. \ Villiam Loafman and Russell \Veaver. They will be re­turning to their respective universi­ties this fall. Morris E. Fletcher, who has been with the section for two years, will also b~ returning to college this fall.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (100)

Chapt e r Not e s Our t wo Concordia College stu­

dents, who have bern with us duri ng the past year , have both graduated and received their calls to the minis­try. Allen H ast inKs received his call from two churches near Alexandria, :Vl illll t Sota, which is his home state. P aul Allen \ 'Vishani, left for Anti­och, California, which is near Sail Francisco, and his hume state. \Ve wish at this time to extend the " \VeI­<;ome hand" to J oh n Hargroves an­Other part time employt:e frum Con­cordia College.

l'vIonday, Aq!;ust 17, Shirley Behymer :md Su~an Fox will Jom the M icrofilm Srctiun. Best oi luck to the two of yo .1.

We held our annual fami1r Spring picnic on J une 13th a t L ake Spring­field. H ~ d a good turn uut for this event , :lpproximaccly sevC'nty people of all ages enjoyed the festil'ities.

W IAHES Springfield Chapter


Another year for \ VIAHES has begu n, :Mrs. Robert W albaum, Co-

Chairman of the Commission On In­ternatiOnal Visitors presented our first program by giving an inuodudion to this nelV organization by presenting a film "Fritnds At :'I1y Door." Mrs. \ V. C .. McIntyre and Mrs. J uhn K ane and cOlTImitttc gave the inter­esting program for Ju ne at the \Vash­ingtoll P ark Pavillion.

Old man weather rained out the tour of tht Lincoln M emorial Gar­dens for our J uly meeting. H owcver, the rain didn' t dampen the spirits of the c __ trd players - fun was had br all, including the banana spli ts served as refreshments b\, Taft·s R C5-

tlllnmr. :Urs. Ruben T~rr <lnd :\'irs. Juhn H ine were chairman and co­chairman of the event.

Our l\ ugust meeti ng II'as held ~t the Elks Club, with 1 'frs. Lawrence \ Vort and ;\ Irs. Kenneth F errari pre­~tnting the program .. Mrs. R. \ V. Seabrigh t gave a very interesting talk and exhibit on "Shells As Scientific Phenomena. "

The new ufficers :lTe really in the "swinl?;" of things now, and wish to

C1H,:uurage liS to attend the many new and different programs planned for rhe new year.

EFFINGHAM District Seven

fly J 1:\1 CAI, lH)ON"

A golf tollrn~ment was hdd at Indian H ills Golf COline, ~'dL Ver­non. District 7 was the host with j{Uifels fn)m Districts S, 7, 8 ~nd 9 participatinK. Fifty-nine players had a good time un all 19 holes. I t \\"as reported that a new high water mark: was set a t the rond on Nn. 16 hole. Does anyune have any halls lef t ? "Gouir Tees" ilnd t WO crying towels were presented ior high scores. ( NanHs withheld). T he tcam from District 9 won the trophy for low team s:ore. J im Sawyer irom D is­trict #8 receiv~d the low nct t rophy . AJld th<lt old " Pro", A rch Hlacbrd fron; District 7, staggered off with low scratch.

New teclmiCill em]lloyees at D is­trict 7 arc A ll an H erman, CE I : :\,Iax Wolf, CE I ; Emil B eals, E1'

For the ultimate in traffic signal efficiency, get ELECTRO - MA TlC® VOLUME - DENSITY CONTROLS


Intersections, where it is essentia l thaI the right of way be

apportioned with a bsolute maximu m efficiency, can best be signal ized with Eleetra-Matie Vo lume-Densi ty Controllers.

This type of control ba la nces the green street volume a nd role of flo w againsl Ihe number a nd length of time ears

wait against the red light. Both Two-Phase Model l 022N,

and Three·Phase Modell 033N are available.

f or details, write or call

Ex<:iusiVQ Distributor in minoi. for:


C hicago 2, Illinois Tel.: DEarborn 2-5696


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Chapter Notes I II ; Hllrold Lane, ET II; lind Charlt'S Gouveia, LA I. Geo~ge RcifL, CE I I. resigned to

lIccept employmen t with the ConSl'r~ \'ation Depanment, and Qtto :\'la}r, CE III , resigned In :ll'(;ept emplor­ment with Rurr:1lI of P ublic Roads.

A son, ChrislOpher \Va} ne, was born M ay 27, 19M, to ]\l r. iLncl :'Ilrs. Keith Hem.

A WIl, David Cha rl es, was born M ay 28 . 1 96.J.. to ;\Ir. anti :Hrs. Ch~r l f'$; Hr1a ~('h .

A thughtcr. M ich! ll e Reorc, \\'as bo~n in ~·tay to )\lr .... ud :Hrs. Glen StaTw;l lt.

Tht' nllrm al spring love bllg bit rhe th e folluw ing who were married rccenth' :

\Va}:Tlc Clausius to the former iH iss Annette PiontEK un .J une 20, 196+.

J ames \Vinklcr II I dll~ fUflllt-r ~l iS$ Dott} Ro:>well un J une 20, 196+.

l\1:ax \-Volfe tu the former :\ l iss Judy "Iodges on AlIgU~1 15. 19M.

James J:lcoh!O to the: furmer i\J iss Rurma Lee :\J idkiff on J unt" I~, 196+.

R ich'lrd MetheneI' to the former :\ Iiss Linda Lee in july.

New membe rs to I.A.I-I.E . aTe ]\Jax ' VolfC", All an Hernlan , and Emil ne~ls,

This is the season for vacatiuns anu D istrict 7 cmpluyet'S have b~n 011

the 1I10ve, T he ;.lilc Bloat! and J ohn Sills families visited the: Worlds Fair. The Rill Cox f:llllily eojo),el! a t rip to Yellowstone. David Smith and fam ily vacat ioned in Florida. T he ~echre:it famil y visited fhe ~outhwest. l\'lr. anu :\ I rs. RoJ' Lieber traveled into North Carolina. The Fuesti ng familr enjoycil a trill to Pa\\' Paw. tH ich. Hobert Stanley and sons went to the National Boy S,,:OIlt Encamp­men t in Pen n. :\ I !LX Lamb famih' took a t rip In W }oming. Jack KIa;' and famil), visi ted Yello\\ stone .. M r. and .\I rs. C. P. M ath), went to the Pocono .\ ! ountains in Pennsdvania. T he Harold Dolbow famil" rral'eled to Texas. The Il ,lrold \Vear fam­iiy Ilcnt fishing in M innesota. T he U on Raney fami lr took a trip to Pittshu r~h. l\lr. and M rs. Ruel To­pel \\"C~nt to New Orklll5. The: Fox fami ly tr;'ll'ded to Texa~. T he J im Calhoon famil y took a trip to Ne­braska.

\Ve extend our sympathies to Mr.


Th," pause all,", th," 9th hole 01 'he " oil tou'noment held loy the EfI',nghall1 chaptg, of I"HE ot Indion HHit Golf Cou .. e 01 Mount V.'non.

Sherrod .\ l tClu rc for the death of his father.

An expans:on program has bcJ!un on th e Di~trict I l e~dqua rtcrs build­ing to provide much needed space. The new bu ilding is til be construct­ed to the north of the presen t build · ings.

The Jilly meeting uf I.A.H.E. was hdd at the Holid:lI' Inn with 33 members and gUdits in attendance. The after "inner prOl1.ram was pre­sented by Mr. Robert Prosise, an inspector for the State Bureau of Narcoti o;. l\1r. P rCtsisc presented" very informative progT;'I1l1 on th~ prob!ems of regulating the usc of narcotics in Illinois.

Congratula tions to Keit h Betts and Jim \Vall for receivin~ thei r Regis· tered Professional Engineer's License.

EAST ST. LOUIS District Eight

Re~earth and Planning By Gil . .\rJF.VF.R

J ohn Danzer and family vaca­tioned the l:!s t tllU \\'t'cks of .luI), touring tile Northea.~t. H i~hli~ht~ of thc trip were the worl ds Fair ;'I t

New YorL:: anJ the Ho)' S,,-"Out Jam­boree a r Valley For~. Pennsylvania.

John G odar player-manager of the Alt-'Vood i\ lerchants, Illinois State Champion Softball team, will have hi~ team in Decatur August 22, 196~ , defending this title and look­ing forward to making the " \Nest Central Regional." That tourna-

ment take:: p!;\Cc from Sepumbe:r ~ to 7 at Aurora. lllillois. H e: then looks forwaTiI to tral·clin6 to C:lii­fom ia for the \Vorld Championship pl:troff the last of September.

Rescarch and P lanning has the H onor of having two Ch:tmpion~ on it's staff:

Glen H . Sawrer- 196+-I .A. H .E. Golf Tournament D ist ricts; 7, 8 and q-I.o1I' net scorc.

Larry E. Wucst-196~ 1 -.A.H.F:. D istrit-t 8 Chess Champion.

Larry K Wuest-196~-1.A.HX complcted his slimmer of field work with two weeks at Camp Ripley, M innesota. T his will be his las t slImmcr camp un less he: decides to take another hitch in the Na tional Guard.

Rig ht of Wo y By j OH:-; \VI :<J:-. tN(;

R i~ht 01 \Vay has gained five new empl o~'e~ recen tly. T hey aTe: Charlt·s Vadalabene. j r- rrr Imming, Rick Knchigian, Paul M eyer, and J im Dahill. \ Ve are sure gluJ to have these men tn supplement Ollr

harn work in/;!; crcw. T erry Monks, E. T. I, wh" waS

tranderred from Design It) Ril!;ht of \Vay sel'eral months ago i~ 1e:I\'­ing to /0:0 to school. ,"Ve hate to SCI' Ilim go, bll t wish him Ilick.

SCl'eral of the frllas have gtlne on vacation trips that are worth" of mention. Terry l\·ronks, Tom H es· dra of D esign and a friend of T O/ll's un T uesdil)' ,\'by 30 decided to l~a\'e


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Look for this insignia!


CONCRETE PIPE for Permanence

Member companies manufacture

CONCRETE PIPE in accordance with nationally recognized










ILLINOIS CONCRETE PIPE ASSOCIATION 221 Norlh LaSall, S treet . Chicago. ill ino is 10601

Phone Dearborn 2·3101


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Chapter Notes Thur~d;\y e\'enin~ .J uly 3 for Rocky Mou ntain Nation,lI Park, Coioraliu. Terry reports that the scenery w as bC:llItif ul hut til!.')" ~ut tired of it aitt'r a day :H1d a half. L~aving the park: they navdcd to such exotic places as Jacksun, \Vyoming. Yel­lowstone Natiunal Puk , when~ ther l,icweJ such spectacles as Olcl Faith­ful, Grand Cal' non of Yellowstone, Yellowstone L"ake, the UpprT anJ Lower Falls. th e Paint Pot ;,nd manr others. From there they wlonr to l\lotillt RlI~hmurc for a brief I'isit then ba.:k: home All this hap­pened in six days.

Jim Barnet! and :amily went to \Viscunsin un vacation in july. Jim says that although he didn't fish very much he still hrought back hi ~ limit. We will have to discoullI this story slllncwhat, after all it is a fi~h tale:

Ron Zi~ka ;md his family went on a camping va..:ation that took [hem to Canada. T hey ~tupped in variuus places in M ichigan anJ \ViscOl:~in includin g Mackinac island. The un· beliellahle part of Ron's 5tory is that he admitted not catching any fj,h.

Don Lambert went to Dal' tnna Beach , Florida. He claims he didn't do anything hut lay in the beach and get a reriRic sunburn including the bottoms of hi~ feet.

:\rfr . Kettenhofen told the fdl:ls that were going to the State Fair that he would like a wuvenir. Some­CJn(' hrought him a nv( foot bull whip to hang in the oRice. It is still too ,;o(m to see if production has in­creased.

Maintenance I1J' R Oil DKt;:lDIOND

The summ('r is now coming to an end and Ollr tnnjur summer oper­atiun of mowing is nlso coming to an end. Th e drr weather this sum­mer has helped to make our j"b of Illolving easicr. A5 we park the muwers, \I-e will bq,;in 10 check out uur snow n:nlOval equipment in an­ticipation of the fint m ow uf the II·inter.

All vacation~ havr. heen had or are being taken at this time. Ed Janku\\"Ski. Fit-1d Engineer, was the first to take his vat:at ~ on. Ed bought a new Old~mobil~ nnd traveled in st\'le with his famih' to \ 'Yashin)!: to l1 , Ii.C. K ext to v;;carion \\';1 5 Rav !\ l axwdl , As~istant J\'laintcnancc en-. gineer, hc ,lnd hi~ family visited with


rd<l.tivt's in Texa~. Dale Kluhr , Field Enginetr. went to summer camp for two weeks which he said was 11

vacation for him. At the pre~ent time i'vlarion Norri~. wlaintenam:e Engineer, i~ camping in the OLark~ with his family. Du(Uty Lo uks, Bridge Engineer, is also on vacation <It thi~ time. however his \\'herea· bout.~ art: unknown. Our other two Fidd Engineers. Bob Kilgo ,Illd Bub Drummond will not havc a vacation to repon on sin(;c they arc leaving us. Rob Kilgo is taking a leave of ah­sence to rcturn to the U niversity of l\'1i$~ouri at Rolla where he hopes to obtllin II .!Has t er' g LJ egrec . Hob LJrummond is re si gning tu take a position with Falstaff Rrew­ing Corporation in their construction llepartlllell t. "Ye are also losing one of our technician~ in the ofli.ce, Roger \Yatson. H e is taking a leave of ab­sellce to go to .V1is~ouri Uni\'ersity at Columbia. l\iissouri, where he will work towards a degree in Civil Engineering. There haven' t been all \' names mentioned as replacement~ for the ones leavinl!. however, wi th the next issue of tbe magazint'- we will supply you u'i th some names.

Design By B ARRY KOLt.:l1 E

The T riple-D Goif Club, i.e. tht· De,;ign Du·nur Duffers have been c*ntinuing their cilrly morning: gulf tilts with coffee and donuts being the take home prize. These bra\'e souls mal he found an\'\vhcrc from the Eb~wo()d ]Vlountains to the Grand \I l(rai :; Plateau driving their white pellets toward the 6:00 A.M. horizon.

At times the matches become su Jemand ing that "hate climpaigm" are organized. These campaigns ae­ttl" !!\, consist of talking- one's op­ponet imo defeat. \Ve hupe that ~hC' games will cominue with only minor violence and alI that good sportsman­like stuff.

Participants in these early Illorn· ing ca pers arc IVl artin Frey ,md Fred llartclsmerer who usually (;ompetc aJ!ai nst Frank Ruppert and RlIrrr Kollme.

Into each life some r:lin muSt fall. $0 it is with the De~iKn crew who in tht' pa~ t three months have lost one vcry old friend and one very young­friend. Not that he is (.Id in \I'ars. it jll:<t seems like \\'e have k;IOWIl him for n long time. Anll the void

created hy the rctin:mcnt of Joy \V. Dull will not be tilled complerIv for some time to COll]e. Cungratula tions, G od b1cs5 rOil . and come back to S1.~C us often. ~

The yuung frie nd \\'e lost was a sacrifice we all were forced to make in (lrder to bring new life into the world. l\larjorie Strom resigned in June to tend to herself and the chi ld she i~ expl'Cting very soon. As a per­sunal favor to us we think that, if its a bo)' , she should naille it Frederick DOnald J olin Richard Glenn BarTl' .Hartin Robert Otto E dward An'­thony Thom,lS Laurel Herman Franci, Ronald Farrel Randel Oscar Jerry Alan Delois Kapildt'u Rowan Carlos Stram. If its a girl, wcll­lIvlartha Sandy doesn't ~()llrld too guod. anyway!

Another lo~s-o nly temporarily, we hOJle----i~ that of ou r Associate Edimr. Phil Corlew, who has re­rurne,1 to ~chool on a ft:llol\"Ship to further hi~ education.

On tht" lighter sid~. if that's possi. hie in the D rafting Roum, we're ~tilJ w()ndcring \\"h05e little bitty fore ign impo rt got kicked in the pants by that great hig fire engine. II seems th(' red monster was out for some air after a shuwer and just llidn't ~ee }<'r;mk arou:HI that drop of water on the windshield!

\Ve were all thrilled at the pre;;en­ratioll of that n~\\" song that', sweep­ing tllc uffice: " HUlllewre c ker Kraus" bl' \Vho Didn't Tell His vYife H e \Vas Going To T he State Fair. This \\"a~ the most excitement we've hat! since the " Great Credit Union Robbery."

Congratulations are ill order to Jerry Lavelle and Alan H enderson for obtaining the Professional En· gineering licemt", to H erman Rizzie fOr obtaining hi~ pilots license, to Richard Brawn for his promotion to Mr. Dull's old job (we're sure thi~ job carries with it some kind of ;\ title, but who kno\\"S what it is), and to N<lnc~' l'd organ , Erstly on tht· oc­casion oi her recent marriage, and secondly for being ahle [(J kt"ep up widl the work load . ~ew~ aIm h,IS reached liS that

Don Roismenut'. has pun:hased, or ~hall \\'e sa)' buught the mortgage OIl

a new h {)m(~ in Rdlevil le's Dorehe~­tn Village The story is that the Ill ~lrtgagr wil l bl;' retired ah()llt th ~ ~;1I1l1: time he i ti.


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Office: 1415 Point Avenue, ROCKFORD, ILL. Telephone 399·6511


Hot-Mix and Cold-Mix - Asphalt Mixtures

Furnished and Constructed


18111 Street Gnd Inditma Ave. Phone: TRoJan 7·1160 1819 W. 1191h ST. THORNTON, ILL. (CHICAGO PLANT)

~NGINEERS mcCarth'J Ymprovement Compan'J


. , .. co: ,,,"7

2/)allcnporl, Jowa

Peoria Phone 699-3956 Address: R. R. No.6, East Peoria, m.



OHlc" ond P\(lnt Located 2 mUu Eas t 01 EOlt Peoria on RI. US 24


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Chapter Notes And so the rain~ h:ll'~ passed onr

and nuw the skI' is clear. except for a f{' w rcd dots 'which appear on the horizon every now and then.

Maferials Deportment

The bowling season has just started and fmm alJ indications our hoys afC ,til ready to get in there and make a ~ood showing this year.

Since the last issue uf the JII;lIu;s Highl1.!nY F:l1gilll'er, Mr. ane! Mrs. Tom l\tlcCa rthy have become the proud parents of a beautiful bah\' girl. She was born July 11 , 196+, and is named Di:,"e. Congratula­tions to Tom and his wife.

J ohn anJ Sonj:l Bnulch just came hack from two weeks in Canada wher e they did a lot of fishing and generally had a w()ndcrful time.

I t seemed like h:llf {JU T dcparnm:n t Wtllt to summer camp this rear. Mar­lin Veesaert, David Whitt~ , lind Fred

Richardson went to Amw tamp at Camp l\'lcCoy, \Visconsi"n. T erry Castill~r and Dan Stukenberg went tu Air Force camp at Scott Air Base; With some flying here and there. Of ClJur:;e they all had a wonderful tim;-.

As a dosing note it may be said that everyone from J\llatcrials hold a good rime :It this yel\r~ Engineer's plClllC.

Trgffic Depgrtment N ew,

Two members of our Department hecame proud parent~ on the same day, Jum· 30. M.L and IVI rs. Gene H eil had another girl , ll ichdle Lynn ,md .'\1r. and .vIrs. Dick Han· miln had their first child , a girl \Vcndv Beth. \Vith both Dick. and Gene handing out cigars, the office was a cloud of smoke for a couple of days.

Dan H lIlliullg tunk the !Jig step and got lll:1rricd on J \lnc 25. .\ lost

of the oflic~ was on hand to help ct"lebrate and ~ec that Dan didn 't back down. D an and his bride then left for the 07.arks for a wcek.'s honeymoon. \Ve're hoping that he will still be able to get out occasion· ally to bowl wi th the Traffic De­partment team.

Speaking of getting married , we arc all wondering when our Secre­tary, J oyce Ragus, will latch onto someone. From the stories we hear it appears that she could sell her life story to an afternoon "soap opera." At the present time she is consider­ing trading her car in on one a little fas ter so that no one can hear her out of the parking lot at night.

The golf bug has bitten seve ral from the T raffic Department. Frank Cattaneo, Dan H ulliung, iVIike Kuhn and Bob Jones romprise a four~ SOme that pial' every week. So far I\() course records han been broken, but its good exercise anyway.

construction castings

Patterns for 20,000 different Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Castings for

High wa y-ht u n i c ipal-Bu iJdi ng_l ndustria I Communication-Public Works Airport-Utilities-Transportation

Write for free copy of 220.poge

Catalogue "R," Fourth Edition


of sound quality ..• solid valu • • ••


' fOUNDRY COMPANY . NEE N A H , WI 5C 0 N 51 N ~ii1ti,ta.iHdtitr

5445 N orth Ne va Ave. Ch ic ago 31, Ill in o is


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Chapter Not e s \VI; han~ all had a greater feelio)!

of security the past few weeh dc­spit~ thC'. fact that Ed Gikrease :,md H :trold Ruffner have been at ~·li1i­tary Summer Camp. Ed i~ II member I)f the Air N ariona! Guard 11aIHI and assures us that ther arc prepare(l to plar while the fighting units hoard their planes.

CARBONDALE District Nine

By ,.y. E. STAI,I..." .... X

It finally happened. The Di strict 9 Bureau of Design no\\" has a female technician. M rs. l\-larv Girton, E.T. III . has joined Carlyle Sims' design ~ectiun and is lending her feminine touch to the quire aCt1I'C design of Route 148 bc(w('c n Zrig-ler and Christopher. It 's a pleasant siJ::ht aher all these ,"cars of atw (uts and whiskers. ,"Vho knows, this mar be tile l~ginning of a new era in hig-h\\'ar design. GOtH! Juck to rou, .\'!arr .

Other ntw emp10rcrs si nee J unt are as follows: Rrx H enly, F..T. I; Eugene Beard , E.T , 111; Tom Stephens, L.A. J ; Roh Ruziek, C.E. I ; Kenneth Broekin~ , c. r.. I j Don R ightnowar, C.E. L \-Ve regret [0

report that Richard L. Hu\mes, C.I-:. I, and Virgil Stea rns, F..T. Ii, have resiJ!;ned ttl s:oek tmplo) ment elsc­where.

The Critical Path Seeti,m has been strengthened by tilt permanent addi­tion of Roy H arris. After sever~1 rears experience in construction, Ror is now in charge of all Critical P~ th work wi th able assistance from vari­ous members of the dcsiJ!;n squads. After a couple of months in tht Hu­reau of Research i n Springf ield, Lo fton A tnip has returned to his downstairs desif;n section. Th is crell is kc:eping 'Iuite busy with Rou te 13 cast of .:\IIarion and Interstate 57 in PuLlski County.

Bill :'-tilathews h~s heen appointed to the position of Distri ..: t Railroad I nspector. Another bu~y fellow is Stan Aydt, who has becomc the chief ".1 ack of AU Tradt'S" fo r the Design Enl(inet:r and his assist:mt$. Glenn Staley. a valuablt :lIld t.'I;Jleritnced man in d~sign for the p:l4 ~e\'erRI rears, has rrcentlJr been tr:msferrrd to the Bureau of Construction and is now nus}' on Interstate 57 in Pubski County. Kent P iper, Im'ally known for his tennis esc"!Jllt!es, ha~ been


perrnanentl,f trall~fc rred to tnt Bu· reau of T raffic.

M. R. t.all'rence and his dl'sil!ll crew na\'C just finished work on a set of plans pert3 ining to drainage corrections un the t'Ompleted portions of the Interstate. One Ilar item sug­gested was " FiIlinl( E.'I(i~ting Ground Hog Holes."

'Vt' understand John Andrew is the name chosen for the semnd ( hi ld of fllr. and M rs, Larn' Shoudd, '\1r, and Mrs . .'\1 Garre~n and :'I l r, and 11'1 rs. Don (,rammer arc also Ihe proud parenlS of lIew baby bo},s. Congratuilitions are also in order for Don Shelton and Ralph Coffey II"hn have succe;.sfullr passed thcir P.E. exams.

Con~tru..:tiol\ season is still going strong, anti Arnold Lenzini is mil­stantly looking for additional men . R. L. Blllke is e~pecia ll" !Jusy 011 In­terstate 57 directing extra sections sillee V. K. C. Lieb~cher is in G er· many all a month's vacation and Da[ e Usher has heen hrought into the of­lice to fill the vaca ncy created by Roy Harris' transfer to design. Bob Perry has heen tr:lOsferrtd to M ~te· rials to ~ssist Dale Railey in Soils.

Speaking I) f Materials, mngratula­tions to Lester Holcomb. who has been promoted to the pOSition of As· sistp. nt D ist rict 1\ I ate rials Enginter to fill the \'acancy created by the re­tirement of E. G. Ross. \Ve wish Les the best of luck, but know the congenial personal it)' lind silent effi­cienc\' of " Hambone" Ross will be sordy missed, The iVhte:rials per­sonnel are anxiousl}' awaiting the completion of the nell' labor:ttorr and office building. Occupation plans are set for early this fa ll.

The Bure:1II of Right of \Vay is pe:rking a[onJ!; as usual. Sidnq­Smith, busy buying land in Gallatin County. s~rs Shall'nee[own i~ 3 fine old to\\"n. Palll T urner, rec('lltly transferred from Design, has had a rough time with the J ohmton City and Carbondale Couple johs, Gale G erstensch!ager was off lI'ork for a fell' days when he I.-'Ontacted a minor but incOlll'enient' disca~e which no one bllt h(' can pmnounce. much less spd l. Incidently. we underst3nd that Galt' and Roh Smith have had trouhle driv­ing in other D istricts. ,Vha! hap­pellC'(1 to that front fentlcr, Roll? Doc Feuquay, :I summer ~tuc!ent in R.O.W., likes the 1I'0rk hut hOj)c.~

th e: workload will b(' I{'SS when he return~ to the back-field l\1 the Uni· versit), of I llinois this fall.

Tht: Rureau of :VlaintC'nance is on thc air nOI\". Base Station KS I 764 hegan operation on August 13. 196+. All M aintenance personnel have been busy preparing alll[ presenting the first series o f J\laintenanCt Training Pro~muns. Tabulation of qur:;tion· naires indicated the prOf;ram bene­fited :111 ill\'olved,

CHICAGO Distrit:! Ten

[ I has het'n less than two years ~incc Chicagoland ell ! the ribbon Open in)!: thl' Dan Ryan F::xprt'SSlI"al'. ~!I\\" 11'1' arc read}' to uncover an· other supcrhighwar-The Soutlm'est Exprcssw,'r·

During the rush o f acn\·jt\' can­nec[(',1 with the construction of thc "Southwest" our !1un:au uf Con· Hfuction has undergone quite ;\ face lifting, It all started when "Elmer" rcsigncl\ and decided to collect a p:1)' check for his efforts rather than just donating his sen-ices. A fter milch speculation over his replacement, but little surprise, Frank I·lan~ford emergell as the nn\' Engineer (J f

Construction. Finishing a dooe sec· ond was energetic Fred Ludke who was appo:nted Assistant Dio;trict En­gineer of ConstnlCtion.

E veryone wishes the nell' chiefs lou. (If luck in their ncw po!\ts-no duuht they'll need it.

\Vith the promotion of I hnsford and Ludke, came [11'0 vacant super· visor slots j from th~ \':lcancies emerged Fritz Janitch :Ind \ 'a1 Gas­('or as the new "enforcers." Both of these bol'$ cu rrentlr ha\"C~ their hands full seeing to it that the S. W . dead· line is met.

Another nell" invitcr to the Thu rs· tlar IV or more club is J oe Peck. \Vhcn Joe isn't requisi tioning new Halt' cars and tran.~its he i~ busy huildinl! bridges in the north"'l'st corner of the cOllnn·.

'Vhen the press ·of the Suutlll\'(:st i~ o\·er. ~nd with the Ognl.'n·Ciccro I)(HdeTlcd fina[]r complelrcl, perh:lp~

the cries for personnd from the other (\epartl11enh nn Ix hea rn,

\"tll , at le3.51 In can hope.

I.A.H.E. Go[f Tournament I)i~trict [0 lI'a~ again host to the

A~~\u: illti()n memht'rs :llld tht'ir friends (III Ju\~ [I , 196~ at till" 1)1.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (107)

Chapt e r Not e s Andrews Golf and Counu) Club. A record crowd of 5.j.J pla~ td golf :Iud 750 enjoyed prime rib of bed :md steak di nncn.

The golfers startell, or fl1ther tried to s{;In at 5:00 A.l\I., hut the morn· ing fog hung around until uhrr 5 :30 A. M . \Vc :ITC going to h:n'c to fig­ure a war lO gel the' su n up earlier ne'Ct reliT or bo rrow a couple o f jets from O'Hare to blow il awa\'. \ Vllile on the suhjcrt of weather: we ar­ranged through J ack l\·J urra~' of ~ ' l1rray lind T rcttle to give us a brief shower ill the afternoon to wet down the c()u rse for th"$c hot ~hllt players from peA.

In spite of [he almost unbC"lievable play b}' District 10 J im Takahashi's tearn , F.lgin rallied ami again (Ook

home the golf trophy. The wmmit­tee was headed by John ~ l u rphr and thanks to the linn hllnd of Starter Joe r;oodfriend the odd 135 fure:­somes teed off in good order. The fine Italiall hand of J ohnn} J ohnsen II-as evident throughout the da~ ami en:ning. \V itness the thoughtful signs he had placeel so taHefull~ arOlHlt1 the course. Our chapter pre;;­ident, Jerry H oppen ra th. lost his voice announci.ng the door prizes and 15 now rCC<1vcrlng.

\Ne were hOllored to have OUT Di­rector lorenzI' and hi$ Admini,tT;(­tive Assist:l.nt. Chew!T Nerko, play golf and ~pend tlU' evening with us.

\Ve are confident that :Ill had a good lime and hope to :<ee the mem­bers and their friends next ~-C'ar.

ASCET Meetinq

A special ASC F:T regiona l II1ftt­

ing to :cs.~is t in the iorm:uion IIf local and ~ t ;ttc chapters has Iken ~t for Octoher 2.J. at the Biltmore H otel in Dayton, Ohio. I ntere~ted ell!!i­neering- techlliciall~ from all Central Rel!;iun states - particu larly those from Ohio - are invited to attend. 'I'll!" meeting has been ~chcdulcd a~ a r!'Suit ()/ escalating interest in the purpose :lI1d prog rams nf the Ameri­can ::iociety of Certified Enj!int"cring "'cchnicians.

The metring will gel undt'rwa}' at 10 ;00 a.m. with alI ASCF.T national officers, as well as repn:st"ntlltivQl of the Ohio and N al ional Sodclics of Prufes~il)nal Engineers slated to be in attenda nce. Discussions lI"i11 {~ewrr the g03 1 ~ and current progress of ASCLT , with 5pec.:ial emphasis on the procedure and steps necessary for the formation and dc\'c!npment of local chapters.








10E TUCn:R, MlMouti Repre,enrot""e PHONE - laGRANGE Ot. S .. '369 ROBERT SCHREMPf'. Sal .. ReprelenloUn PHONE _ MOUNE 782.833S M. H. CELANDER. Sal .. R.p .... utat;,'e PHONE _ MOUNE 764·8450

H. W. "Duke" NORTON. Sal •• R.preseDlotl .. e PHONE - OTTAWA HEmp.tead 3·0572 or 3·1543

Phoue 761·$541





Rockford Blacktop Construction Co. Bitumi nous Macadam Paving - Bituminous Appl ication - Pre-Mixed Patching Materia l

Pa rks and Private Drives-Grading-Gravel and C rushed Stone

_ ... >-1 ••• ",'.IoD 51 .. Lo .... Park, 111. Pboue - 877.7.75


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (108)




I.A.H.E. Hosted by


Flying Carpet Motor Inn 6465 Mannheim Rd .• Des Plaines, near O' Hare Airport



heat meet- persoll.\l. Audio-v;suj\! equip­ment, even cloe«i-circuit TV. 225 &,\1 .... 1 roolTlll, f ree TV and ndio . Dining room (and

1 Most Connnient l lutln Only 20 minul4!ll from 1AX>I1 by Northwetll Exl'l"ft&W8y. Toll­way ea; t just 3 minutee away_ !-' ree limous ine ser vice to O' Hs re for your n y.,,",

2 Complete Muliar Facilities Nine meetinlt' rooms ... right for any !li~c II'roup Ull to 600

separate Coffee ShO\I)

3 Resort Attractions co*cktai l lou n ge, piano ber. Jndoor "nd outdoor POOIIl, 9·hole day I ni te roll toul1lol!.

Skating. tennis. he.lth !OpAlI.

All on our own premife.! We're large enough to handle big meetings, yet email ,rouP" get same pel"9OfUl l lIUenli()r\.

FLyiNG ~Q;PET The modern MOTOR INN with Ihe Minl'uet

6465 N. Monnheim Rd. , Des Piginel, III . elg.8.1 Ig O 'Hare Airport


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Jenkins, Merchant & Nankivil Consulting Engineers

Municipal Improvements Highways & Airports Power Development Traffic Surveys Flood Control

Gas Systems Waler Systems

Sewerage Systems Induslrlal Planls

Recreational Facilities Investigations and Reports

801-805 East Miller 51. Springiield. ru. Phone: 217-523-5694

Consoer, Townsend &Associates Consulting Engineers

Sewoge treolment, sewen, storm d ra inage, flood conlrol ~ Waler supply a nd treatment - Highwa y and bridges - Airports - Urban renewa l - Electric a nd gas transmission lines - Rote studies, surveys a nd va luations - Industria l a nd institutional buildings.

360 East Grand Annue Chicago 11 . Ill inois

Robert Hofmann & Associates Consulting Engineers

Re'll.tllred Profe .. long] En9In ••• 1 a nd Land Surveyor. R"9!.ttl rlld SlnIeturO! EnqlD •• rl

106 River Street Dixon. Illinois Pho. 284·0641

320 N. Fourth St. Rockford. Illinois

Pho. 964·2897


Walter E. Hanson & Company ENCIN EERS - CO N SU LT AN TS

Registered Structural and Prafessional Engineers. Bridges and Gra do Sepa ration Structures.

Da ms. Soil T esa and Founda tions. Roads a nd Streets.

1227 Soafh 6th S\, Springfield. Dlinois

Phone : 217·527-2566



... Bridge and Grade Separations

... Roads ond Streets

... Municipal Improvements

1622 South 5th Street Spring-field minola

De Leuw, Cather & Company Consulting En9ineers

Public Transil Traffic & Parking Highways Urban Renewal

Subways Railroads Municipal Works Port Development

165 West Wacker Drive, Chicago 1

Bo. lon Buffala Newarlr. Olr.lahoma City San Fraud lco

New York WO:lhJnqlotl.

Johnston, Westenhof/ and Novick, Inc. Consulting Engineers


Soils Mechanics Waterfront Structures Railroad Fa cilities

Bridges Foundations Airports Traffic & Parking

Municipal Engineering

18 E. Ja cboa Bl"d. Ch1caqo ~ , IIlIno!.

111 N. 7th St. &0.1 SI. I..w.'-. 1I1ll1ois

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Consulting Engineers

Expressways - Highways


Complete Civil Engineering Services

Phone: 217·528·5619

755 So. Grand Wesl Spring-field. Ill.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (110)

jUJt jn 1un The t[uict little freshman co-ed

from the count TV wai on her first coll rg(' d:ue. and th rill ed hcyond II unk She JjJn't wa nt to appt:3f cou ntri fied; she had put on her pret­l ies t dress, J!:ot a sophiniclucd hair-uo and was all prep:lred [0 tal k undr r­stand ingl), about music. art liT politics.

f-I CT hem look her tI) a 1Il0\' ie , and then to Ihe favori te colleg"c cafe.

"Two I~ers , " he toitl the waiter. She, lIot to be outdone, lIlu rmu red: "The sallle for me."

/\ very dejected man wHlked into a res taurant nne morning and sa t dowlJ at arable.

"[ want two eggs fried verr hard, IWO slice~ of toast burnt black: :Ind a cup of weak, lukewarm coffee," he told the waitress.

"Arc )00 ~ure that's JUSt what }'OU

want?" she asked , amln:eu. " T n the lencr." T he waitre:;s expinineJ to the chef

and managed to get the man exactly what he had asked fnr.

"Anything else, sir ? , she asked ,l'i

she put the order on the table. " Yes, now sir down and nag lIle.

I 'm hnmesick" I "~ ==-----::::c:-:--:-

;JII," hrusnn-" Hildad, do you knolV that tomorrow will be the twell ty-fifth anniversary of our wed­ding ?"

C!tlClt Bildnd-" Yc don' t say so. W hat about it?"

h 'rusnt/-"1 thought maybe we ought to kill them two Rhode Island Red chickens."



Tlililad-" How in tunker c:tn you blame them t\\"o chickens for what happened twenty-five rears ago?"

11 IJrI (pointing to cib"':lretre-elld on A.onr) - "Jones, iR this yours?"

J Olin ( pl easantly) - " Not at all, sir. You saw it fir~t."

IPi/I'-" I've b«n asked for a rrfrr­enee for our last maid. I' ve said she's lazy, un p uncttw l and impertinent. Kow can r add anythi ng in lu~r

favor ?" Hilsulmd-" You might say that

she's got a good appetite and sleeps well. "




3015 North California Avenue, C hicago 18, Illinois INdependence 3-1 220



Distributors of the FRECON, Inc:. " LlN· MIN" Spray Applicator Aut omatic Sprayer fo r Bo iled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits


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.. Prac..sl Caps and ~Ck' ur. slabs in place. Botti ar. set In pilina, and pr.­cast plankl .r. hung in pace .

•• . at surprisingly low costs.

Specify the life expectancy of poured abutments with Nelsen precast back-up and wing planks .. . custom made for variable depths and pile spacing.

Nelsen Precast Bridge Units and Features •. •

Back~up and wing slabs

Span Lengths ... 12 ' to 40' in standard precast lengths.

Loadings ... H15-S12.44 and H20·S16-44 with or without wearing surface.

Tolerances .. . depth }i;; length M; in 10',

Pos.s ... meet or exceed AASHO requirements.

Precast Caps .. , dowel holes, crowns, and leveling screws are provided for use with aU types of precast caps.

Transverse Bridge Slabs ... precast complete with crowns and leveling screws . . . for long span structures and heavy-duty temporary bridges.

ct.ampO'ljIn, MI-1'.0.10. 24S

fl 2.4181

.. View under completed bridge showing b"ck·up slabs. piling, precast caps,.nd P' &east deck spans.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (112)

HOllie of the National Boad Test •••


AI a special lesl Irack near Ottawa, tbe supcrior perform­ance of concrete pav(:rnent was dramatically eslab· lishe(i in the S27·llJjJlion 1"\ nti Olla] Road Tt.:sl, spollsored by th'e American Association of State Highway Offi· cials. Rolling day and night for two years, trucks wilh loads up to 5-1- tons subjected test pavements to 17·mil· lion miles of travel.

Ottawa takes lis cue from Road Test results. Since 1962, whell Road Test results became available, all new pav­ing in Ottawa has been cOlJcrete, such as Sherwood Avenue shown here. Concrete will stay clean-looking And att ractive. It is laid flat to Jlay fiat. Concrete's light color for better visibility at night and its skid-resistant surface provide e:dra safety, too.

OTTAWA , ILLINOIS, has long been known

as a \vide-awake, progressive com­

munity_ Scene of the first Lincoln-Douglas

debate in 1858, thi s attract ive ci ty of

22,000 has taken full advantage of its matchless location on the famed Illinois

waterway to become a key gateway to com­merce and recreation_

Chosen as the site of the National Road

Test, OUawa recently played host to hun­

ill-eds of scientists and highway engineers

from all over the world who visited tlus

most significant pavement test of aU time. The superior performance of concrete in

the Road Test has not been ignored by local Ottawa officials_ Vilal to their new com­

munity development plan is a continuing

concrete street improvement program. Con­

crete's low maintenance and long life pro­

vide true economy for taxpayers both today

and in the iuture.

OTTAWA PLANS INDUSTRiAl DEVElOPMENT -As a service to Industry. civic leaders have created GreaterOttawa, Inc. Industrial Park, a not.for-proflt development to be served by smooth-riding, long-lasting concrete pave­ments_ Ottawa's excellent location on and near key roads, waterways and railroads makes it an ideal Industrial home. Concrete Interstate Routes 80 and 55 provide easy access to Chicago.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (113)

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (114)

J. L. CAUIOU"', Edifor

ELGIN O. S. Pl-U ~HU~, A!IIoc. Ed., M,~

D. 1'. F~fEDlfCH, AlSoc. 811s. Man., Mag.

DIXON ROQ~~T R. Cuu.u:s, A,soc. Ed.

OTTAWA BAHY Hn.·o, As5(lC. Ed. and

Rut. Man.

Office 61 2 South Second Street, Springfield, lIIinoi$


Fus K F. SCHOTKA Ant. Editor


\VA LTtIt KUSE, AllOc. Ed.

Jn5EPIi VESPA , A"~oc. Rlil. Ed. R .. u . PII D. SUTHER I.Asn, !\~sO<.

Ru ~. Ed.


FR~O K. Sn .. H'lI, Auoc. Ed. C. \V. KtItHY, Assoc. flus. roo l all .

\ V. E. TlIllLKY, Assoc. Hut . Man.

K. A. JOII"$£N Assl. Editor


R. B. flI!U.llT, Anoc. BUI. Man.

EFFI)lGHA1I,' JUt U (,:ALHOU I"', Ih ..oe. Ed. Gu.y BolO!!, A'loo;. Bus. Man.

EAST ST. LOU IS P. ;\1. COHEI\', Assoc. Ed . j. D. RoULCH, ASloc. BUI. l\·1 Dn.

LAIlIlY GofIDAIlD Managing Editor anJ Executive Secrela f )'

C .... RRO ~' D/\ LE

H. C. KUW • ..-rH ..... S5(lC. Bus. .Matl.



G~ORG! IIA(:EsAun. ,h.oc. Ed.

TIIOMA5 hElllICUOli. As!l()('. BUI. Man.



M u BUIlCETI', Pru. J OIll"' M£LTOI"' , V. Pru. GAYI ,oN SMITH , Rec. Sec. RO\' H AUlS, Fin.. S«. RAY HUCHACKU. T.eal. LoFl'OS ATKIP, la.. , Oi •. CHuru H A(:II., Alt. Oi •. SOli MCCOIlloIICK, Alt. Di •.


A. M. KAT?. Pru. I . \\' . MllKllT, V. P'e!. C. G. COPENHAVU., Rec. See. O. C. Oeu, Fin. Sec. H. \V. Sout-.e.s, T.en. C. M. IIATHAWAY, Oi •. j . E. H~LL, Oi • . e. E. l oHN§i)s. Di •• M . E. HY!u, Di •.

NOTICE Tb, opinions expre" ,d lo Ihl'

maqad .. e are Ilot ne c.- , grlly the ,,1, wl of the LA.H.E.

LAllU OUTI'O"", S«refa ry


JUlES E. SISI.Q" Pru. P. L. DouGHERTY, V. P rn. j . A. SEVI ., Ja.., Sec. O. E. I.oI.EI"'TZES, Trta~. ). L. CALHOUN, Oir. ROY A. HELL, Dit. :-i!lL r.'I OJl. roN, AI!. Oi r. ARTHUIl A. R AWEII.. AI!. Dir.

PARIS G .w!"!; E. LASE, Ptel. j . O. BESSOS. V. P ru .. C, D. LATHA )! . S«. Tre.,. J. \ V. \V lTTeu, Oi •. DONA LD E. \V AGflOl<ER , flit.

EAST S T . 1.001S Gr.!'!s H. SAWYU, P,N.


Ous FOLTZ, Pre •. Roou. COSGItOVE, V. P.e~. ROLF' OI'!~t OI .I .• Sec. I)ASSY R r.A ... ·W, T t n s. I)Qs OUl!.!AS, O i •. \VAYSe KASZA , [)i •. RAI.PH CHUOO, Alt. Dir . OICK DUNAVAS, Alt . Oi •.


J"CI: E. FIlANK, Prn. Eow,,"!) R. GU:IJ'Z lI, V. Pres. R OllEaT E. PoW!LL, Sec.

R(U E. SECHU:5T, T.en. Au,,", T a YON . lJi •.


LUTU. L. R IP KA , P rn. K !HS!Tl1 \\'.100:-:0;, V. Pru. Raoul' E. i\IcCUMUu" Sec. \\'ILBUII. F. SU·IP, Treas. ElWIS S. B£S5E1lU. oit. L AWUNCI \V. Dtrrros. I)ir . 1i ! Ii'l\' C. B .\SKIF., 11t .• Alt . Oir. JOIIS E. HAII.LAIOO, Alt . Dir.


ROBEIT E. CUVEH, P rn., jOlls R. Ross, V. Pru. ItU. PH O . n).VT~, Src. J OIiS' ''', RASTle!, Treu. Fusx F. ScHOTll:A, oir. T EUY R. BI.5110P, All. Di • •

ROIIUT \" . D RU1Ut OSD. V. Pre~. F'~mu.lCK \V. B AItTEU )lEl'U,


Cor. Sec. CHAItI.U B. Buss, Fin. Set:. OSCAIt N. LAUEN, Trn •. ( .AUItEl . D. BUGlI!, Oit. L. CUL SCHI,08SU. Oir. RrcHAlD L. BROWN. AI! . Oir.

GElAl.D H OPP£NIl.ATII , Prn. LUTEr DICKU:I(JS, V. P ru. DOH un B UD KA, Set:. HliAS K.t..IPPEL, T.en. GWIl.G!'! SsoPu:, Fin. Set.

jOSIPIl P ItOI.A, Dir. K. A. jOIlSSOI1, Dit. f.1Tz JAKITCH , AI!. Die. L~\\'1E"C" P . GIAN S' ! r n,

(\I f . Di • .

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (115)

Edi /0/'1'''-

LET'S GET MOVING The fo llowing paragraph is the preamble to the constitution uf thl' Illinois Association of l-l iKhwa~


" The objects of this ASSOl.;ation shall be 10 promote fellowship and cOoperation among its mcmht"_rs; In co­l-'OUTage the professional impro\'emen t and advancement of iu membt'fs; to promote the social and ectlnomic welfare of its nlt~mbers; to advance the professional rating of H ighway t.:ngin<'t'rs; to promote the professional reputation of the Illinois Highway Engint:ers b)" the intC"fchange of technical knowlrdgc in H ighway EnginN."ring- and by the foste r­ing of Irue enginl't':,ing ethics; and to promote the public iotNt'st a.s affected br tht' St"f"icr::< of the highway Ellginet"r~."

There are cleven sp<X:ific objects mcntitmed in thc preamble. J\ Iftoy of the (Jbjt~ts have /lot had enough coneen­trnted effort expended on rhem .

In addition to the abjtets listed in the Preambk our A~sllciatian hilS II Progran: to advance the illtcrest~ of our mr.mher~ :Ind the ~tanding of the Illinois LJivision of H ighways as it is affected b) Stll te Engin eers and Teehnieian~.

Thcrt~ is, in addition to the objr.ctiv(""S described in the Prell lllbl~ Imd the Prngram, a list of dutie~ and re­sponsibilities of the l<~xecutive Secretary.

The 1965 Prt)gram ( nM yet offieiall)' approvl"d) and the duties uf the Executive Secrl'tary arc shown 011 PaKe 2.

\VI! have a hne Preamble to our collstitution, an outstandin~ I)rugram and an excellent list of Duties and Responsibilitics for an Executive Secretary. \Ve have an Executive Senetary, 10 chapters and apprQximareiy 1400 members. \Ve must all wurL: together and push ou r pwgram to fulfillment.

As II starter, the ·' I11inois H iJ1:hway EnJ1:inccr" suggests that thl" Buard uf Dirn.:tors a.nd t:ach o.:haplcr con­sider se rioLlsly spon~ring, with Association funds, a trip for two I!ngim":(' rs Iu a foreign coullt rr or til certain areas in Ihis country for a pt:rind of thr~ weeks. The pUfjXl:k of such a trip wuuld be the gathering uf infu rmation relating 10 highway desi~n. constrtll'tinn lind maintt:nanct in othu eoun trit-s ()f states, the handling of traffic and othl!r matters which perlain to highway cn~incc ri ng; and, of course. "10 promutc the reputation uf the Illinois H ighway F.nJ1:inecrs."

It is further recommended that some of this infonnation be gathered with the ai(1 of ph()tographs and movies. It would also be desirable ttl ha\'e a report, prepared b)' the engineers, ready for publiciltion in the third or fou rth quar­ter of the lIighway Engineer M aga7,ine and that this rl!port or a similar report I"w givcn :H the yearl~' convention of the Association.

It is also suggested that thl! t:llginl!ers who will m<lL:c: this trip, be chosen on " merit basis. The objt:ctivt:S uf the Il linuis A~cii1.tion of H ighway Engineers <IS d6Crihed in the preamble, could be the ha~i~ fnr determining whu will be chusen.

The re is, of murse, the problem of financing a program of this type. ThC'rc have been Other financial prob­lellls which have been solved such as the cost of conventiom, the cost of publishing a magaz.ine, rhe cost of eJl1ployi n ~ a legislative ad~·ise r and cost Ilf employing an executive secretary. Con~idrrab l e planning and thought is req uired to place an}, new idea in operation.

Actioll is nrrd,rI Oil <;biectiflu '4 thi P"amb/" tilt P rOf/rlllll /I/Ili I lu Dillies find R,sp0n$ibilit;n of Ihe Ex­,rlllit,,. Sun/ar}',

j. L. C.

FRONT COYER This new modernistic building will house all the division of highwoy offices which are presently scattered at different locations in Springfield_ Ground has already been bro~en and contracts let.

The 11111"10111 Highway Engineer III puhlillhed quarl.erly by the illinois A!I&OClntlon of Highway Engi-1"I1lI!11I, Inc ., at 612 South Second Street. Springfield, illinOiS. Phone 217-544_2t01. Sub!ICrlption rales: $2.00 per year to members. Single copies, 50 eents. Speclat ls!iues. ,1,00. POI!tl.lle paid 11.1 Springfield. !lIlnol.. Application to man at Second ClllS!i Postalle rale' I, pending at Sprlnc:fie1d, Dlino~.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (116)

612 South Second Street Springfield, Illinois Phone 544.2101 Area Code 217



A. An exttutive di rector may he retained b) thr Buard of D irec­tors as a full time employee of the AssClciation. The duties of the executive di­

rector are M follows: J. Manage th e IA H J:: State office

and conduct thl' routin!' husiness of the Association .

2. l'\,lnn:tKe the businloss IIffairs of the Illinois H ighway Enginccr. a Ijuarterly publication. Solicit <lniell:s, item~ uf interest and ad­vcrtising for the magazine.

3. Supervise one or mure assistants who are expected to perform routine duties.



The following itlms l""ClIlstitutr the proposetl program of the I llinois A..~­.sociation of H ighway Enginccrs which all chapters will be requested to approve and prrs<;nt to the Hoard of D irectors. The proposed program contains several points as prt$(':ntrtl in the old program. The Planning and Programming Committee ;11 tilt" direction of the State Bon rd due to the development of new ~i tllations created b)' changing eondi tiun~ (lifer a n:view of the old program and feel that its re"ision is necessary as listed below:

P oint I A R etu rn to D ivision of H ighway persouud the Design and Construction of State H ighway project-..

P oint 2 A strengthened In-Service training P rogram expanded to in­clude tmining of administ ration for :til administrative emplorm>.

P oint 3 A Pu blic Relations section within the Division of H ighwa)'s_

P oint 4 A continu ation of the Per­sonnel Advisor)' Committee.

Point 5 The fi ll ing from existing Di\·isiun of H ighway's personnel of vacancies in higher level posi ­tions and of newly created highl':r levI':! positions.

P oint 6 Conformance to the job specifications of all of the positions







OCl.'dop programs of act ion, both within the Association :Ind oll tside, which mar be to the in­terest and wdfar~ of the associ· ation. Development uf programs for obtai nin!!; new members. Coordinate thc activities of local cha pters and comm;Urts of the State OTI!: :llllzat l on.

Call attention of the proper of­ficer~, commitu·(· mcmb\'rs and uther mt:mrn: r~ affected by the action~ and rc(!uests of ti lt.' State chaptt"Ts.

Present talks before variou~ OT­

)!:ani1.ations c'I(pl:lining the broad field of hiJ!I1\\'ay engineering. Prepare articles, other liter:tture

lr.aRCL" and r.xpoundi ng

in the District and in the Central Office.

Point 7 The continuation of regular par increases on 11 merit basis.

Puint 8 A State participation health insu rance prOl{ram for Stale em­ployttS.

Point 9 Adetluatc biennial appropri­ations to insure that the State em­plorees Reti remt'nt System can op­erate on a sound (inanci;.1 basis,

Point 10 A concentrated campaign directed toward the procurement of graduate engineers, thereby, main­taini n/i: th e Division of H ighways lit IIJp st rel1!!."th.

Pvint 1\ The basis of hiring g rad­uate engineers, chemists, and engi­neering technicians is to be the applicants' educational background with no e.mphasis ~i\'cn his poli tics.

IAHE principles . 10. \Vork wilh legislators, inwfar

as possible. so a~ to add the ... oice of the highway engineer to the recurd on bill~ that are of interest mutually tu the pu b­lic :llld the: hiJ::hwar engineer.

II . Participate in the promotion of variou!' educational and public rclati()l1~ acti\"ities such as En­/;!inetr's \Veek. vOcatiOnal C\lU rl ­

scling, profes~ional den·lopment and unit).

12. Ar r:mge all details for meeting~ of thr Btlard of Directors.

13. Rt:alrd and distribute the min­u te:; tlf meetings of the Board.

14. :Vl ainuin adequate r~ords.

15. Assin officers In p<-rforming their duties.

Point 12 Due to the tremendously increased work load of Di vision personnel, compensatinJ!: time off is to be allowed for each Saturd3) and Sunday, or Holida~' worked.

These aim::. can be accomplished only through the adoptiun of these specific objectives lind hy the appli­cation uf a continuous effort toward their accomplishment.


J ack Licata, Carbondale--Chairman L. D. Herger, East St. Louis

M. E. Hyers, Springfield Don Old man, Ottawa

E. A. Trron , Effingham (S Ubjl'Ct to additions, corrcc.t ion$,

clarifications, amplifications. and ap­prvval ,)f chaptl':rs: Editor)


Design Clnd Supervision Foundations - Strud ures • Highwoys

Flood Control

108 West Lake Street Chicaqo 1. Illinois 87 Valley Road Montclair, New Jersey 1190 DlxweU Avenue Hamden. Connecticut 140 Cedar Street New York. New York


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (117)

The 28th Annual Conven tion of the Illinnis Association (If H i~hway Engin«rs was held at the Flying Carpet 11oto r Inn on O ctober 30 and 3 1, 1964. The Chicago Chapter being host to the Convention pTe­sided over an affair which will long !~ rcmeml}!'Tcd br thOSe" who at­tended.

The Convention began on Fridar afternoon with Rl"gi$tration in the Flying Carpet Lobby with Justin Grady in charge. The fe:;tivi ties started on Friday evening with :t tour of the U nited Airlines Opera­tions Center which wa::. attended by 180 members and wi\·es. Upon re­turning from the tour the Conven­tioneers gathered in the Kismet Room for Ihe Friday night ;\'Iixcr. Thi~ ronm had been dc{;Orated under thl' di rection of Rob Lorentz :md his able staff. Bob should be com pli· menred on his H alloween decor a::. thf Chicago Chapter received many fa\'urabk comments on th~ deem­ations. The crowd of 350 danced to the music of the Hucksters frOIll 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. a1d during which time they weTe ('njoying n.::freshllH'nt~

furnished throu~h the courtesy of the Asphalt I nstitute.

Satu rday morning bl:gan with cof­ft"e ,lnd rolls in the Kismet Room for 350 early riser~. The Al en's Busi­nr.ss Session began at 10:00 a.m. in th e Allaclin ROllm with th t: introduc­tion of J amrs Rell ;l~ pn:siding of­ficer by J er ry H oppenrath, Com'en­ton Chairman. M r. C. A. Benowicz, District Engineer, thcn J!;a\'e an ad­dress of wcicome. which was fol­lowoo with an adclress hy Chief H ighway Engineer, ]l'1r. Virden E. Staff. The remainder of the meeting was taken UI) with rep~)rts of the various office rs, chapters, and cnlll­mittet$. 'Vhile the men wen'; attend­ing this meeting a number of the women journered to the Oakbrook Shopping Center by bus.

The Ladit:$' Lunchoon be)::an at 1:00 p.m. :md was attended by 153 ladies in the Kismet Room. Aftt:r their meal they were then enlight­ened 35 10 their lind their husband's horoscopes by Katherine de J ersey, notoo Astrologer, who spoke on " How To Be H appy Though M llr­ried." The planning, preparation, and decorations were h~nd!ed by


Carole Blo ... I1I(luist. Rose Hoppen­rath, and Evelyn Thomas.

As the weather was warm and balmy nlallY guests were able to en­joy th e recreational fa cili ties pro­vided by the M otel, such as "pitch and putt golf". swimming. etc.

The M en's P rofessional Session bej:!;lm at 2:00 p.m. in the Alladin Room with J ames Bdl introducing i\ I r. Ut!\)r~c Shanahan. Assistant Chief Hi~hwa)' E ngineer fL~ the P re­siding Officer. Director Francis B. Lor!:n7- opened the meeting with an address on " H ighway Safety." This WilS fo llo\\'l:lI in turn b), P rofessor Ellis D annrr of the Uni\'ersi ty of Ill inois, pinch hitting for O. T . Ban­ton on "The Acti\'ities of the Illinoi,; H ighway Commis,;ion." Mr. Ralph Brown, Engineer of Planning from Springlield, concluded the session with his SUhjL1:[ of "1972, What T hen ?"

The Saturday e\'ening balllluC't in the Kismet Room was precrded b)' a co*cktai l hour frOI1l 6 tu 7 p.m. ~ponsored hr the Portland Cement Association and the Illinois Concrete Pipe Associa tion. A mcal of prime rib of beef and trimmio~rs was \ierved to 427 nlembers ami gUl:Sb, The after dinner cerCnlonies were pre­sidl'd o\'er oy Kenneth A. Johnsen. These ~rrm\lnics included a few re­marks by Director Lorenz allc! thf presentation of retircrnl'nt ci tations by Larry Dutton of the Pemi;! Chapter. The 50Ciai paT[ of the Con­vention then came to an end with dancing to the music of H enry Br,m­don ~nd his Orchestra until 1:00 a.n1.

On Sun(i;.y morning the quarter!) meeting- of the Board I)f Directors br.gan at 10:00 a.m. in the Alladin Room. T his meeting was adjourned at 12 :30 p.m. and the 28th Annual CU!l\'ention of the Ill inois Associa­tion of H ighway Engineers became historr.

Thl • uutlltand ing s\lec~lI of ou r convention can an i\' be attributed til the District 10 eo~mit[ee headt!d br its president Je.rry 1-{oppcnrath and assisted in a mo~t able manner by Ing Bloomquist. KerUl)' J ohnsen, Carl AnderltOn, and D Oll M anak,

Congratulations all ~ job well done!

TERRA-SCIIUT' Refraction Seismograph

"SeB:l" 0 100 foot depth


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Prolile and ripPHility of rock Elentin an~ exlenl . , subserlne waler Thicknus of lI .terl.1 str.h ... depth of rock Lmlion ud sile of md and gmel depasils ECDlamlcs 01 ~ilkway rcute Ilcltions, power lines

and uder"IIRd .tilities



.:" ...... . .,.0 ... . , ...... u .......

.,." .. " .... 0 .. .: ' ... ".: ... coo", 31 2 .6._!t!tIlQ

.,. .... lTV .. .. ' 9111''''3\-:1l711

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (118)

Bright white, smooth as silk . .. after a 12,227,500' traffic count!

BBTTER BRIDGE DECKS Ii" thin IVBarlng cou rse of Wyton to resurfa ce and pro­tect the deck means lighter weight and fewer drainage problems where curbs and gutlers are involved . Wyton color match mai ntai ns concrete color con tinuity, eliminates checke r board effects.

NEW I WYTON COLD PATCH Concrete color matched to e liminate unsightly black patches .

Write now for new data Qn saler, smoother, brighter highways with Wylon color VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORPORATION

330 East Grand Avenue · Chicago 11, Ill inois

1. , ... tlIO"ol ~fI.r"."'.'r.o: V"'lul l.t .... Il.".1 Corp" c .... . ~. 0 . ... INT. PI ............ ..,. •. '.W.I.

Auoel", .,..,bO/; "'m.fI~.n Road Build.,. ... ,,,,,,,;.tlc •• Nillon il 8i,uminOliS Cc"~ '"11 "'nod,tIOll VU$lCOI. CHEMIC"" CORPORATION

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (119)

AFTER 1972 WHAT? introduced in the Congress to ex­pand the Interstate System to 60,000

By RALPH D. BROWt.·, JR. , Engineer of Planning IIJ inois Division of H itl lnV3)'S miles. t> I rrespective of any decisions to

What is so magic about 1972? It action of the Legislature and the augment the Interstate System, there is a milestone in highway transporta- Governor who established the lIli- will be a need for fully access con-tion in the United States. Some of nois H ighway Study Commission. trolled freew<ll's on major routes to tht'! other milestones are 1916, 1944, The highway users of Illinois are supplement the National Interstate and 1956. fortunate that this Commission has System. Some of these fru-ways are

In 1916 the fi rst Federa l-aid been formu lated at this time. I am now being planned by our neighbor-Highway Act was passed by Con- certain that the report of thi ~ Com- ing States amI will retjuire us to con-gress. In 1944 the Interstate System mission will be a giant step toward sider providing a similar facility was conceived, and in 1956 the con· placing Illinois in the fordront of across Illinois. Other freeways may struction of a complete Interstate planning for 1972. be rdativdy short connecting large System of 41 ,000 miles was made a I am sure vou would all like to traffic gr,nerators within the State. part of our National domestic policy. have me be a-ble to layout a nice. In any event, planning and feasibility Finally, 1972 is the }'ear in which clean cut set of predictions Jor after studir.s fllt a supplemental freeway the Interstate System will be com- ~1972. r wish I cou ld , but it i~ system shl>uld stan immediately. pIt ted. It is also the year in which not that cas)". However, all exrunin- Some of the States that have for~ the revenue~ that arc being collected ation of trends frOm the past and mulated plans for full y access con-from the highwuy users to complete conditions of the present will divulge trulled freeways are: the Interstate System will expire. arcas that must be considered by top No com prehensive plan has been So, I suppose it is only logical to say level highway management and by developed in Illinois although some after 1972-what? While this is a elened officials with some indication specific routes arc in the design stage catchy phrase and is in the best tra- of alternatives. and othe r~ arc under construction as dition of M adison Avenue, it leaves Some of these areas are: full freeways. Undoubtedly, this fa-a lot to be desired and to a large ex- I. Highway System Classific.1- eet of highway cla.,,'sification will re-tent misses the poin t. The point is- rion ceil'e ca reful attention of the High-1972 is coming, it's coming fast-are 2. Urban Congestion way Study Commission. we going to be ready for it? 3. Le\·d of Hi~hway Revenues As important as freeways are, we

If anyone is of the opinion that the 4. H ighway E:..pcnditure Esti· cannot overlook the fact that 80% completion of the Interstate System mates of the travel in the United States is will solve the highway transportation a. Operating: and main- being done on roads not ineluded in problem in the United States or in raining the present sys- the Interstate System. Parenthetic-Illinois or ill any of the urbanized tcm ally, we have estimated that 78% areas in IIlinois, he is sticki ng his b. Removing obsolescence of the travel in Illinois will be on head in the sand. It took from 1944 on the e): isting systtm non-Intcrstate highways. Even as-to 1956 to make the Interstate Sys- c. New Highwa y Con- stlming a substantial increase in the tern a reality. The gestation period struction Interstate System (if it does come) , was 12 years, It is now 1964, and 5. H ighway Standards the overwhelming majority of motor-with 1972 only 8 yeaTS away we 6. Highway Safety ists in Illinois will still travel most hl\\'e no time to lose in determining There is no doubt that there will of the timt on our conventional rural what the future of the highway pro- will be considerable agitation to ex- state and local systems of roads ;lJld gram ill to be. pand the Interstate System. As the on our city streets. 'With all the

Of one thing WI: can be certain. public becomes accustomed to travel- empha.~is and publicity given to tht: There will be a highway progrrun. ing on these high speed freewars, it Interstate System and other free-The increa.;;;es in population, motor wants more of them. This is partic- ways, we cannot ignore the fact that vehicles and travel, :llld the appalling ularIy true in the more populous our present highway system is the accident and death rate on our high- pans of the coun try where the con~ real "wori horse." way and street systems wiU require ,·entional highway system has be.<:ome Here, tOO, we are faced with the a continuation of ou r hii!,"hway pro- clogged with traffic, frequented with problem of classification. \Vhat can gram. Our concern should be what tragic accidents and ~rscd with ob- r~alIy be ~ tough about classifying lintl of a highway program a re we to solescence. At the present time the hlghwars? Don't we have c1assifi-ha\·e. This concern is widespread. It Bureau of Public Roads has req'uests cation now? \Vhat's the matter with has been felt in the Congress. In for 10,000 miles of Interstate high- it? fact, a resolution was passed by the wars beyond the present 41 OOO-mile Let's examine the basic concept of House directing the states and the statutory limit. A bill was'reccntly highwa)' dassification. A generally

Bureau of Public Roads to conduct i~;::===:~~~~~~~§~~~~~=~=~~~~~E~ a study of our highway systems and M iles of Frecwa)' Plann ... l Increase he State Itt S I to report to t e ongress by 1967. n ers ate upp cment li l Over Interstate

This resoultion failed to come to the California 2,177 10,073 AOM of the SC!late before adjourn- West Virginia 385 970 ;.~ ment. There are indications that the Wisconsin 453 1,649 . Rureau of Public Roads will embark Michigan 1,078 2,897 3.6 on such a study under present au- Ohio 1,483 4,310 ~.~ thority. In Illinois concern over the lowli 711 1,217 . highway problem is evidenced by the Missouri 1, 105 1,754 1.7 >.6


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (120)

accepted objecti\·c of highway classi­fication consists of two major ele­ment.~:

I . The grouping of highways so that the legal jurisdiction of each group is a.~igned to the appropriate IC\'ei of government.

2. The estab l ishmen t of it

frame\\'ork lor effective high­way system planning.

When the State H ighwar System :L~ we generally know it, was formed, it was not too difficult to c1assi f}'. At that time the idea was to "get Illinois out of tilt' tHud", to connect the eitic$. :lnu to gi\'e the State " network that wuulrl move goods and people. Thi s was 11 Quantitative ob­jective. Our basic objectivt is still the same-to movc goods and people. But it has hccomc complicated bv introducing a seri~ of qualitative factors. /low do we move goods and people?

Our prcdecessors were able to ac­complish theiT b:lsie objecti\'es with­out being confronted with the com­plications of traffic volumes causing congestion and accilients. They were not l"Oncerncd with \'ehicles capable of operating at 100 mph. The}' were not faced with sprawling suburbs which sp.1wn the ubiQuitious "com­muter" who considers his automobile much mort: a pan of his personality than his lIeatly folded handkerchief in his breast pocket. So now we must dctermine what kind of fncility are we to furnish? \Vha is going to u~ it? What kind of l'ervicc is it going to providt:? And finaiJy. wl,a i~ go­ing to pay fllr it? And w ll a i~ going tl) uperatc it?

Even after we have determined a classification hast:d on go\'ernmental jurisdictions. we are still faced with a problem. All State highways are not alikt'. All County highways are not alike. [)o wt: classify State high­ways based on the scn 'iee thel' are intended to perform? How do we know that changinR land use, ~().. nomic developments. or population shifts will not change the t}'pe of sen'ice thfl'C highways must provide? \Vhy should not rraffic volumes be the criteria for classification of high­ways? After all, traffic volumes in­dicate the relative imponanCtO of highwars. How call we classify high­ways in order of descending priority and ignore the behavior of driver~? I n other words, ~hould we reduce de­si/!n speeds on luwer classes of high­ways, therehy reducing emots, and ig­nore the habit of drivers to ope rate as fast as condit ions will permit?


\Vhat can we afford to build or \Vhat can we afford nat to build?

These are questions for which we must find answers before we can whip the problem of reclassification. Believe me, there arc real and honest differences of opinion on these tIUCS­

tions. H ow would yau answC'r them? The United States like the rest

of the world to a greater or lesser degree is becoming urbanized. In 1960 our population was nearly equally divided into thrC'e paru. One cunsisting of the residents of M etro­pulitan Areas of over one million, the second. residents of cities between 50,000 and [,000,000. The third in smaller cities and tile rural areas. The rural and small town population is declining suhstan tially, the smaller J\1etropolitan Areas are not growing as fast as the large Metropolitan Areas. However; the real growth has been in the suburban areas sur­rounding the larger ci ties.

This pattern is evidenced in Illi­nois by the growth between 1920 and 1960 of these counties:

County Cook DuPage Lake St. Clair \Vinnebllgo Madison Kane Win Pwria

Increasc in Kumber Per Cent 2,076,708

27 1,339 219,371 125,989 118,836 " 7,794, 108,7+7 98,706 77,334

68.0 644.2 295.3 92.3

130.7 110.2 109.3 106.2 69.2

These growth trend~ will re~lIlt in a continued increase in traffic in urbaIl art:as uver an increasing num ­ber of routes, with fanta.~ticall}' hit:h concentration on a limited number of high-capllcity routes. Unless devel­opment of our urban highway sys­tems is done orderly and recognizes the tOtal community and its objec­tives, urban congC$tiun can ellsi l,. become 5t rangulation.

Transportation in the urban areas IIOW is more than the simple move­ment uf r)Cuple and "oods. It must provide access to that home }'ou want in pleasant surroundings. that neigh­burhood school. that newly developed shuppin" ccnter with ade<luate p:trk­illl; fa<.;i! i tin, ,IlIU dIal upportunitl' to put the family in a ca.r and pile out to the nearest park, golf course, or vacation rcsort. Obviously this multiplicity of facets to the trans­portation problem requires th at ur­ban highways must be " part of a coordinated network. A network is not developed block at a time. It

must be the result of an overall plan. Vlhetha we like it or not, we

must fact' the fact that the tradi­tional urban planning of project by project, hcility by facility, street by street is a thing of the past. 1 f high­way engineers do not accept this new trend for planning for transporta­tion, }'ou can bet you r last cent some­body else is going to usurp your right to do highway planning in urban areas.

This has long Ut.en recognized by the Divi!>ion of Highways as cvi­d("flc(:(/ by transportation plans rotng­ing from the mammoth Chic.ago Arell T rllllsportation Study to plan~ devduped for cities in the. tl'n to fifteen thousand bracket.

However, plans of this kind must j·e continually reviewed for them to be tffecti\·e.

This brings u.s to the next step. Our transportation plans must now be broadened at their base. They mU$[ be founded on a comprehensive continuing planning process. The accompl i~hment of this objective as a basis for urban transportation plan­ning will provide the only rea l way to detennine what the urban high­way program will be after 1964 ur 1972 or 1990.

\Ve arc now at a critical stage. in this endeavor. \ :Ve. have bccn thrown a gauntlet br the Congress. W e must accept the challenge.

The Federal-aid Highway Act of 1%2 provides that no highway proj­ect will be approved in any urban­ized area of over 50,000 population after J ul}' 1, 1965 unless tllat project i~ based on a comprehC'nsivt! planning process carried on cooperatively by the State H ighway Department allt! the loca l agencies.

Illterplct li tions of that Ac;: by tht' Bureau 01 Public 'Roads state that the comprchensi\'e planning prOo:e'l3 mu~t include:

I. Econom ic factors affecting development

2. Population 3. Land use 4. T ransportation facilities in­

eluding those for mass trans­portation

5_ Tra\,d patterns 6. Tenllinal and transfer facil ­

ities 7. Traffic control features 8. Zoning ordinances, subdivi-

sion regulations, huilding coees, etc.

9. Financial resou rces 10. Social and community-value

factors, such as, prcservation of open space, parks and rec-


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (121)


reational facilities ; preserva­tinn of his torical si tes and buildings; envir on men tal :\ln~nities; and aesthetics.

"Vhen we speak of revenues avail­able for a highway program after 1972 w~ n:ltu rally consid~r th~ sou rces:

I. Federal aid 2. Vehicl~ reg i ~ lration fets 3. Motor fuel lues

At the present time Federal-aid hig-hwa)· funds atJocat~1 to Illinois amount to about 180 million dollan annuall)' or 53% of the total revenue availahle to the Division of High­w~rs fnT' ~1I highwll.)f purpOl';e~.

:.,rotor vehicle rcg-istration fccs avai lable to th~ Division and the State's share of .\1 otor Fuel Tax is nbout 157 milliun dollars or 47 r l,l of thr revenue nvailable.

Under present F~dN~I-aid H igh­Wit)' Acts we can expect no appreci­ablt! incrt':t.-.e in this sllu rce of rev­enuc. In fact, after 1972, the pres­ent I nrcrstate allocation will be no longer avail able. In that event F~d­~ra l - a id hi~h\vlIY funds could revert to the so-called A BC !;ystcm at a l('vel of about 41 million dollars.

Rased on past experience we can expect an increase in re\'cnuc from motor v~hicle regist ration to be about 30 million dollars to ~ le\·e1 of abour 1.50 million dol lars in 1972.

\Ve can also anticipare that 1\totor Fucl TlIx revenues may increase to a h,' \'d of about 186 millions wi th 65 millions as the State'!; share.

Now whitt will we be doi ng with theS(' revenues in 1972? In the fi rst place we can expect II sharp increa~ in the operati ng expenses of the D i­vision, particularly in the fields of maintenance and traffic control, as the I nterstat~ Sy~tem is completed.

6 reGsons why

These high-speed arteries relluire a Quality of main tenance not experi ­enced in the past. The public ex­pt:CIS this quality, fl nd W~ must ht: Jln:pan:d to provide it. All opemting cost:~ of Ihe D i"ision have doubled in the last eight rears. It is not un­reasonable to expect this increase to continue [ 0 about 120 million dol­lars. This increase in operllting costs ~s somew~at g-reater than anticipated IIIcreaS(:s H1 revenue.

Therefore, W~ Clln expect no in­cre:t."<: in State funds available for retiring the deficiencies in the high­way system.

/!. d.iscuSl;ion of highway r,wenuet< and expenditu res must include con­sidcration of possible changes in Ft':d­eral-aid highway legislation. At pres­ent, States must furni sh mutching funds in the afnOunt (If 10% for [n­terstate and 50'1'0 for the ABC sys­tem;., this retluires about 55 million dollars annua)))' from State funds.

There has been some speculation aoout changing the matching rario if there is an extension oj a p'rogram of the character of the I nrerstate ilfter 1972. For example. the ratio of 7.5-25 has been m~ntioned. This increase in State matching funds wt'lu ld amGunt [0 31 million dollars annualh· in IllinGis. Unless addi­tiGnal Stall.' revenues would become a\'ailablr-, Illinois would not be able to come up with thcse additiona l matching funds. I t is, therefore, ob­vil'lus that the future of all), Illinois highway program will be dependent on the "straws in the wind" at the National level.

The last few years have seen sub· stantial changes in highway design and construction. T he concept of full access control, the fi nd ings of the AASHO Road Test at Ottawa,

the use of continuously rein forced concrete p:lVement, the developm~nt I'If elect ronic controls on construction equipment arc just a fcw of the de­vt:!upmcnuo. ~o doubt the nc:xt few rear~ will see these tools rcfim:d a.~ wdl as the use of others which a re now just an idea in some enginee r's mind_

Highway design itself must be die­tatrd hl' the type of \'ehides that we may expect on the road. Automobile and t ruck manufacturers are oon­stantly spr-nding millions on re5t!arch and develupment. The life of the vehicle is relatively shott in com pari­son to the highw::ty. \-Ve are tiel;ign ing highways today which we expect to be used by vehicles th~tt will not be manufactured for severa! years. Since improvements in vehicle per­forlllan cll are rapid, we m\lst alw expect dllSign standa rds to im prove to he compatible with the vehicle. \-Ve can certainly expect operatinft' ~ pt·t:ds 10 increase. "Ve must the re­fore take a sharp look at our present design practicl$ now based on vehicle ,,()Crating data over JO vears old.

We can eX"()C(:t higher design speeds. In fac t, AASHO is new de­veloping geomet ric dcmen ts for an 80 mile per hour design speed. Cer­tainly we must do ex tensive research on d river behavior in Grder to be ahle to properly balance our highwa\' IIe~igns, .

Highwa), design and. safety are so doseh' related that we cannot dis­CUS!. 'them separatel)'. There is no need to prc\\Cllt accident statis tics to this g rou p. \Ve are all keenly aware uf the trngic human and economic losses involved. We arc not making su ffi cient progre~s in the field of highwar safety. \-Vhat can we do as highway engineers? 'Ve must con-

.. • . . CE·CO· LlNE Traffic Paints Have Been Adopted by FIYE State Highway Deportments!

1. Eru ptlo. oll., ' I, ' r e,!stallU to trafric obrosloll. 2. la ,., wor .... lIlt ., all all t .,pn of povill, , ,,rfoCH . 1. No ..... dilMJ or dlscolorotioll wltell applied 011

ospl .. :ott or " lttI",llIo., " ,riace,.

Containing new Resins and the finest commercia l oils and let new records for servicea bility every day.

4. !topid dr.,!1I9. fr •• of trodciltt , w hell properl., .p_ plie d.

S. No eakl1l9 or , .... 1111. III ttte e_ tollle" . 6. (a l II., applied w ith elthe ,. "ruth or sprov.

wlvenls CE-CO·UNE Traffic Points ore continuing to

Tested and approved by State laboratories, hund reds of thousonds of gallons have being wtisfactorily used by the Illinois 51ate Highway Deportment. Compare it in Prove to yourself why. on your next troffie point order, you should-

been, and a re eurrently octuol side-by-side tests.

SPECIFY CE-CO-LINE TRAFFIC PAINTS Write, Wire or Piton. for filII Information - TODAY!

CELUCOAT CORPORATION 6161 Maple Ave. • St. Louis 30. Missouri

F01J R TH Q1J A RT E R 198 4 1

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (122)

stantly encou rage drive.r education. ' :Ve must cond uct extensive research into driver behavior. vVe must be receptive to any idtas that the public proposes for highway safety. If we have to screen a hundred crack-pot ideas to find one really sound, it has been worthwhile_ We must do much more research into the causes of ac­cidents. And lasdy, we must make use of information we now have availabl e. I n every highway depart­ment we are collecti ng tons lind tons of accident records. What arc we doing with them? \Ve must utilize

ou r accident rCCQ rds. W e must de­termine ways and means to use these data, to coordinate them with the environment of the highway, the ve­hicle, and the driver. I am certain that much could be learned by such a simple ex~dient as a field exami­nation of .serious accident si tes.

' Ve can build highways, we can maintain them, but can we provide a safer highway? I think th at this is a real challenge.

I have today hit some of the hig-h­lights of problems facing the high­way engineers of today for the fu -

ture. My no means h a.~ the field been cu lti vated. Each series of problems generates others. With the comple­tion of the Interstate System in 1972, I can foresee the: puhlic demanding better highway service as a baekbone to our National economy, to make urban lh'ing more desir,.ble, to pro­vide more opportunity for recrea­tion, and to make the automobile our servant :ather than our master by eliminating urban congestion and the reduction of accidentl!.

This is the challenge of 1972-but we better he at it today.

New Study 01 Water Shed Hydrau/ics On Septembe r 3. 19604 . Illinois Concnte Pipe A!!oc:ialion 8ponsortd a ~em inar and

field trip d ireeted by Dr. V. T. Chnw who leads the IIydraulic, Departmtl1l of the Univeraity of Illinois, pertaini ng 10 new rc!ea reh recently commenced to iovutigate the buic lawl governing How of surface watn o,'u drainage basim, About 100 lIigh­way Engineers and Consulting En/V neer! a ttended the proceedings at the Urbana Lincoln MOfOr Inn anu the University lab. F'oll(" .. ing is a summary of lect ure gi.'en September 3, 19M.

The Natioll!tl Science Found ation has granted funds to the University of Illinois to irwestigat!: the bllSic laws governing fl ow of su rface water over draina~e basins through cnntrol­letl e.:(pe rimentation. Th is researeh, under the di rection of Or. V. T. Chow, has proceeded through the de­sign lind development stage and is presently in the construction stage in the H ydraulic Engineering Labor­atory, University 0: I llinois, Urbana, Illinois.

Recent interest by many people has led to II re-evaluation of pro­cet!ures and methods presently being employed in the dcsign of major and minor drainage structures. The pro­per evaluation of the design Row to he used in anl' st ructure necessitates a better understandi ng of the flow distribution ; consequently, studies of the type presently being conducted by Dr. Chow will lead to such an underst anding of the basic phenome­non of flow of waler in watersheds. M odel studies as such lend them­selves well to studies of large major structures and ute.nsive flOod pro­tection measures_ For the day to day design problems, individual model stud ies tend to be uneconomical, but more reliable basic studies under con­trolled expe rimentation will produce in formation for establishing design c riteria,

I nterest in models, nevc rtheless, has led to much impro\'metlt in the basic analysis employed by designers. A summary of modd approaches listed below ind icates the wide man­ner nf approach u;;ed in satisfyi ng the rigid demands of desi];:'n;

Study of Wotersheds By Models

I. Physical Models 11. M athematical M odels

A. l/ ydrologic M oddl I. Nonstatistical models 2. Statistical models

a. d~/~rm;n;stic models b. nocluutit models

R. J-l,.dromt!chnniu Jl10dds I. Overland flow hrrl raulics 2. Open channel hydrau lics 3. Watershed hydraulics

C_ Elutronir j)lfo(ltis

The urea of primary concern in present research a[ the University of Illinois is cl assified as Watershed H ydrnulics. This particul ar ap­proach will be of primary concern to many professional areas, not the least of which is that of culve rt de­sign and highway drainage. Con­sider:uion of the many factors in­vol\'ed in planning experimentation in W atershed H ydrauliC! requires extensive planning of instrumenta­tion.

In gcneral, the significant factors or variables contributing to the vari­ation in fl ow of water over a water­shed may be grouped into M O

categories: hyd rometcorological and physiographical. The hyd rometeoro-100cal factors include rai nfall inten­sity. duration, tirnf: anel !l1l1le'!' di~­tributions, storm movement, raindrop size and termin al velocity, etc. The; physiographic fac tors include basin area, slope, shape, soil type, infi ltra­tion, land use and roughness, storage capacity for channels, overland flow, and reservoirs, etc. T hu s, the ob­jective of the planning and design

T. E. Horbovgh. A .. i,fonl Pro jec:1 In¥ .. ligo­lor of Bo,le Woler Sh..d Hydrou(iu ond Dr. Y. T. Chow. leader of Hydro ... r.u Oeportme nt. Uni¥lf.ily' 01 UIi .. oi ••

is to provide the desired eontrnl of thr:se many variables within ranges of experimentation.

During the past year many plans h;tve bet:n studied and analyzed at the University of l ilinois to obtain a satisfactory procedu re for properly con t rolling the many vari ables which may influence the runoff from water­sht"ds. A small study was unden aken ill the Hyd raulic Engineering Lab­oratory to properly evalu ate thr:sc proposals and attempt to formulate criteria regarding the necessary ac­curacy of the proposed laboratory facilities ( pictures indicate rhe model uscd in this study) . The final plun was one which consisted of four main componen~:


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Follow the Magic Asphalt Circle for more and better roads - at less cost

For the road-builder. modern Deep-Strength· Asphalt construction offers two important financial advantages.

First, because Deep-Strength Asphalt pavements have a lower first cost (often by as much as 50%) Qnd a IOll'er

annual cos,, including maintenance, they help to conserve road-building tax dollars. Second, modern Asphalt pave­ments also help to increase the number ofraad-tax dollars collected 1I';lholfl increasing laxe.f. Here's how:

',) Every extra mile of (oud built with Asphalt construc­uon-savings is another link in the state road-tax chain tbat could not otherwise exist. For more paved road-miles invite motorists back on the road and induce them to travel more miles annually. More mileage uses morc gaso-

line. And every additional gallon of gasoline sold means addi tionaJtax revenue to maimain and bui ld more paved road-miles to stan the circle going again.

What this all adds up to is every modern Deep-Strength Asphalt pavement is actually a rt>\'enue producer as well as a rel'emle user. That's how moocrn Asphah construction gives you more roads as weI.! as betler roads-longer­lasting, safer, stronger and smoother-riding. And this is another reason why inch-for-inch and dollar-for-dolla r. modern Asphalt pavement is your best road investment.

*A.lphalt surface on Asphalt base

THE ASPHALT INSTITUTE t9S1 Uni,'cr5iIY An:nuc. SI. Paul , Minnesota 55104

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Pic"" .. 01 , •• , model .... hich .... 0. (onllru~Ied in ord.r 10 1 ... , perlormonce 01 modul .. ond ""' .... inlo.ma,

Ijon lcolCHmu lcote d ... ign ,rit.rio lor d .. ign 01 propOJed loboro lory fodl .. i ....

1. I nput Asscmbl~'

2, Receiwr Assembly 3, Output Assembly -k Process Con trol A .... ~mbly

The development of a satisfactory method of producing thl" input or rain fall has bet'!1 (If c.:onsidcrable importance in allowing control of the input assembly which is to be accom­plished by means of a Cflmputcr. The input assembly will consist of cover­;Igf' o f an a rea of -W ft x -W ft with modules (2 it x 2 ft) which contain polyethylc.ne capilJar)' tubes (see pic­tures) . Tiles.! tubes allow formation uf raindrops of ,Lppr(lximate:i)' 3.2 mill. The m()(lule which is mad!' of plui/;!:Ias is airtight durin/;!: operation and responds in~tantancolis ly won­off controls directed or means uf n variable positioning valve. Each \'aive controls fOlLr modules, an area


of 16 square feet, thus the entire in­put assembly will consist of 400 modules controlle.] bl' 100 varia hI!' posi tion valvcs,

The receiver assemhl\' is to be con­strllCted such that its s~rface mav b<: modified in roughnes~. shape, siopc, permeability and other etisential con­siderations. The inflow or rainfall upon st rilcin~ (he basin or recei ver assembly will proceed to the ourlet and subs~fluen tlr be measured to 0ve a time d istribution of runoff. commonly called a hydrograph,

The pruce....... control assembly is udignr.d sHch that it can alter all 100 valves individually and independent of each other in a period of thirty seconds, T"11 settings may he ae· complished thmu/;!:h use of a variable position v:L've. Thus, desired storm patterns may be produced and altered for exlwrinlt'ntal purposes, The proc-

CS!j control i!$scmbly also ft-cortis and stores the IIutRow measurement and upon com pinion of any given experi­ment, intlow and out Row may be primed out in usable form,

With th., capabilities of this labor­atory appar:4tus, many problems, the solution of which could not have been previousl)' attempted, may ht. within the Tt'alm of the rcsearch('r in hrdrol<'lgy. The ability to dupli­cate tilt' samr stunn with var~'ing pyhsical witl('rshcd parameters will allow dct('rlllinatiun of the more ~ip;nitic:LT1t variablc-s inAw'nC'ing tl", runotl from water sheds. 1 t is hu('lt'd that with I~e completion of thrS(' experiments, a sui table amount of information will be obtained to het­ter enable the engineer to predict tht beha.vior of "flow of water from watt'r~hrds."


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, ,




6217 Nesbitt Road PHONE 845-6421 MADISON 5, WISCONSIN

Virt/en Stall Speaks At 1964 Highway Convention .Mr. Chairman, M embers of thr

rHinois Association of H ighw:ll' En­gineers, Distinguished Guests and Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the time of every fourth year where there may be sollle arguments over the qUe!ition of equal platform time which in most ca.;;.c.~ is lIscd to convey information to voters. And 1 undcr~tand that Director IArenz has dcmanded equal time with me to address this group in thc afternoon. I do not look for­ward to litigation ;11 this case. Since the H atch-Act precludes dissemin­ation of political opiniun to em­ployees and since this group of cn­gineers is totally indoctrinated in the Division of H ighways. about all either of us can sa}' to \,ou is " Vote fo r Engineers." .

I am privileged to h ~\\'e been in­vi ted to attend this twenty-eighth Annual Convention of the Illinois ttisociatiun of H ighway Eng-ineers and I am pleased to have this op­portunit\, to meet with and talk to this large group of the Engineering and Technical staff of the Division of H ighwa)'s on matters of mutual interest.


During the past 10 year period we have um.l t'rtakcn 0111' of the most phenominal and prodigious public works programs in the history of the world. "Ve have seen a revolution tak e p[~lce in the methoo,. of highway design, construction, maintenance. and traffic control operations. Thi~ change has generated the enormous work loads that have been imposed upon the highwar engineering and contracting industries of the nation.

I am sure that all of you are aW<lTe nf the fact that J am referring to the 41 ,000 miles of the National System of Interstate and Defense H ighways which is schcdule\l for completion in 1972 at the colossal total expend iture of mc)Te than fony­one billion ($·H ,OOO,OOO,OOQ) dol­lars.

The Illinois Division of H ighways has the responsibility for the design, construction , alld maintenance of 1.630 miles tlf this ~ational H igh­way system.

' ¥c arc now at the approximate mid point of this ~heduled sixteen rear progr:nTI which began in 1956. The National program is reported to be approximately 011 schedule and

I ,ml pleased to info rm ),ou that I l­linois is one of the leading States in the ohligntion of avai lable highway funds and we an ticipate no um,ur­mountable obstacles ill the way of completing the I nterstate system in 1l1inois on schedule.

Some of you m;IY not be aware of the. presEnt status and progress that has been made in Il linois on the In­terstate system of highways. There­fo re, 1 will insert a few statistics pertaining til accomplishmrllts as of October I, 1964:

completed to full or acceptable standards

completed to stan~ darets :tdequate for pre~nt traffic

under construe· liOn

right-of-way ac­quisition au­thorized

i\·1 ile­age

+l- 1.3




Per Cellt of T otal :\1ileage






IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (126)

engineering au­thorized

no work begun

T otal ~1i\cs

390.3 e



23.9 6.5


e p ublic hearing ior location have been hr\d Qn INA miles of this total.

In addition to the accompl i~hments on the Interstate System, we have obligated all available "ABC" Fed­eral Funds for the improvement of ilighwa}'s on which du~se funds arc eligible.

I n order to correct any misconcep­tions that you may have developell com:erning our need for additional highway improvt'lllent funds~ T wish to point out thllt matching the avai l­able Federal funds at the c:stablished ratios along with all of the other various financial obligations that must be paid from thr: State Road Fund leaves the "cuphoard some­what bare" for the impro\'ement needs of the other highways of tht' State Highway Srstr:m. H owevt'r, we have improl'ed sizable sections of tht:Se highwa)s with one-hundred per cent State funds.

The accomplishlnents of the pa~t and the anticipated accomplishments of the futur~ do not haphazard ly occur th rouJ::h "main strcngth and awkwnrdncss." T hey arc the TI':~ult of the planncd, coordin ated, and co· operative efforls of lar~~ groups of dedicated peopl~, such as this grou p here assembled, at thc local. Statt', anti Federal gove rnmental levels working in cooperation and harmony with thc many con:petent CQntractoN and related industrit'S performing services in the highwflY field.

To perform in share of these se.rvict'S the Illinois Division of H ighways, as of September 196i , had a total of 8,806 monthly salarit'd people on its payrolls. Of this total , 3,891 were assigned to thc engineer­ing and technical staffs. The re­maining 4,9 15 were assigned to the many nolltechnical tasks that must bc performed in the administration and operation of an activit}, as large, varied, and complex as tllar of this Division of the Department of Pub­lic W orks and Buildings.

The Technical and EngineerinK ~larr is ..:omposed of the following:

1,38i employees classified as Civil Engineers


18 employees classified as Elec­trical F.nginN' rs

112 employees assigned laneous professional such positio~ as

to miscel­tasks in Chemists,

Landscape Architects, Research analysts, and U rb:1II Planners.

1,863 employees classified as En­gineering T echn icians

~ 1 i enlploy~ cla.~sified as Engi­neering Aide.>

97 emplo)'l'es classified as Techni­cal Advisors

f\ comparison of the present en­gineering and technical staff with thosc of the pa:;t two years shows no appreciable increase in the num­ber of engineers although the.re is a :;ubstantial increase in the number of technicians alld other non-engi­neeri ng classifications.

The ratio of r .. "hnici;t ll;o to engi­neers h a.~ steadi lv increased since the development of the Engineering Te..:hnician Training Program in 1957. Since that time more than 1.000 tcrhnician:; have CQmpleted the training programs and were assigned to du til'S in the several dist ricts. However, there is much to be ac­complished in economy and efficiency by further (':xpansion in the use of technician~ for sub-professional as­sigmnents. It is planned that th~ forces will be increa.~d throughout the Dil'ision as qualifil~d personnci :lre al':lilt,b!e.

b:arJI' in 1963 a revision in the poli\y 'with respect to reti rement in the engin{:cring and technical staff required the relinquishing of specific SUI)ervi""ry positions by encumbcnts upon attaining the age of 65 rears. Th IS procedure resulted in quite a l:Ir{te replacement of personnd ill high level engineering positions dur­ing 1963 :md 1964. However, this t~' pe of replacement can now be plan­neu in advance and we believe this rolie)' to be sound and , in general, will result in benefits for the Divi­sion and the affected emplo) ecs.

The demand for graduate engi­neers :lIlU Ilualified technicians is ap­parentiy just as great in 1964 as it has been in the past several years. There arc hundreds of representa+ riveil from industry and governmcn­tal agencit:..~ l·isiting the major enb-i­nee ring collegcs and universities to interview prospective engineering graduates and technicians fo r em­plorment. The competition is in­tense and starting salarics hal'c been incfta,ing with I:flch graduating class.

WI" must maintain emplo]'lllent incentives such ,L'i career and pro­fessiona l opportunities, adequate sal­a r i~s. and comparable fringe bene­fits :It acceptable levels if we are to compc:te with other agencies in tht! labor markets for competent recruits

to our pt!rmanent cngint!Cring and technica l staffs.

Sfory -II/fentivt/ A Personnel Advisory Committee

has Ue~n functioning in this Divi­sion since 1951 for the purpost' of making as.~igned st\ldies :md furnish­ing recommendations concerning per­sonnrl matters to the Chief H iJ!:h­way Engineu. ReeauSt of retire­ments, new appointments to this committee have recently heen made and it now consists of the following personne: :

Mr. Ell is D anner, Professor of H ighway Engineeri ng, Chair­man. University of Illinois

~Ir. ROj.!;er F. Nushaum, Deput}' Chid H ighwa}' Engineer. Chi­..:ago, Illinois

Mr. H arry H anle}', Enginet!r of Rir:ht-of-Wa)" Springfid d. Illi­nOIs

Mr. W. S. Krau~, District En­ginttr, East St. Louis

I take this opportunity to praise the work of this committee. :lnd cx­prt:s~ my appreciation of their help and the excell~nt manner in which the}' hfll'e performed thei r a~igned task s.

Salary recommcndations made by this committee to the Chid Highway Engineer have received the aPI)rol'al of the Dirt'ctor of the Departmcnt, and salary adj ustments have been gran ted to the technical and engi­neering staffs :IS prol·ided in the pay plans. Thesc salarics are, in most position classifications, compcri tivc with indust ry and arc compa rable with those of other e(luivalent State H ighway orKanizations.

! nvestigations arc now being made and data collecttd for the study of salary levels and posi tion classifica­dons that will be recommended Jor the usc of the tcrhnical and engineer­ing staffs during the Ilext bicnnium (July I, 1965 to June 30, 1%7).

1 have had the pleasure of meeting with committees of your Associ:\tion to d iscus.' su bjects of mutual interest. Such informal discussions art very valuable for orienta tion of the prob­lems of ~pecial interest to the mem­bershi p of your Association which re­Qu ire: the attclltion of the Division Illanaj:!cment.

Adequate personnel ~ tafh are of prime importance, however, they alone do not insu re an effi cient and satisfactory operatinn of tht many CQlIlplex activities associated with this Division. Research and develop­ment of new and more efficient meth­ods in the application of engineering knowledge and skills, including the


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For Every Purpose

For Better Farming For Concrete



Kammerer Concrete Products Co.

7106 N. Golna Rd. - P. O . Box 327 Peoria, Illinois

Manufacturers of Plaln Gild R.lnlo,.,..! CoaCHI. Sewe. cmd CIII ... rt Pipe. A .. cdkLb1e willi ~ Mortar, Ma.lle or Rubber GoUel Joiatll. HlqbwClJ' Marke ... p.eclUl Monholel, Calch JI.cuII ....

c:md 1tI1.t..

PHONE ua~671

Midwest Fence Corporation

GUARD RAIL Chainlink Fence • ROW Fence

Delineator Posts

815 N. Kedzie Ave. Chic:oC)o 51, 111 .

SA 2·6616


Trucking SUMace ACJ9reCjot. GradinCJ

ExcavatinCJ 5eal Coat Fill Moteriol Mine Service




Highway and Regional Planning Studies

Highway, Bridge and Grode Separation Design

Storm and Sanitary Sewerage

Land De!ign

Surveys Construction Supervision

20 N. Wacker ChlcaCJo 6

333 N. Ninth E. St. Louis

lOLA STONE & MATERIAL CO. S.ote Inspected Crushed Stone & Agricultural lime

MINE LOCATED SOUTH OF lOLA, ILL. Pholl.: LoulnUi. North S-4'l88

D. J. MOUNT. SR. D. J. MOUNT. JR. Pho",.

CelltraliO S31-3!5f Pholle

So!.m 5"·1868

Howell Asphalt Company

e c. .........





\010 H. 13lb Sl _ P,O, Box 31 - ADams 4-8877

Piont ADam. ."S55 Maltoo .... IIUno'-


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latest ut've!opmcnts in equipment and tools, must be utili7.cd in Ollr daily operations to achie\'c the !?Ollis we h;l\"c estahli~hed.

[[linois has always taken a leading role in the development and \Itiliza· tion of new ideas and techniques in its highway activities. \Ve have im· proved efficiency through the me of photogrammctry in atrial surveys, rit'ctnmic measuring dc\'ice.~, elec­tronic computers, data processing srstCIllS, electrostatic reproduction processes, newly dc~·elol>r.d highway materials, critical Ilarh methods of scheduling and many at/wr features. The manpowf'r ~11I1 tim,. s~v;n~

techniques and dc'-ices must he IIscd to speed up our opcrationl\,

To betlt'r serve the transpOrtation needs of the Division, State OWllc.1 cars are hcing pooled in the Districts and replnccil in mall)' instances with ~pdial purpose equipnH'llt that will ~ as,"~igncd Oil the b'L~is of the trans­portatiOn requirements. This stanc!­ardization of autom(lti\'e \'~hiclt!.~ will I('ad to a more efficient use of Ih!:! State vehicle fI!:!t·ts on official hll~in('ss.

I wish to remind )'ou that ilw~ti­gation br the HouS!: P ublic ' Vork:. Suh-CfIll1l1linee of tht· U. S. Congress illft) the netivities of State highway ag!:!ncics where F~d('ral Fund~ art: im·o\vcd are continuing. \-Ve do not know when or where their next in­v('Stigation~ !Hay occur. \Ve must krt·p IlIlr "hollse in order" and adhere to established rultS and regulations in our activities. "\Ve must be alert and observant for questionable ac­tions that might refl{'Ct upon our integrity as well as <lthers clol\e1y associ,lIed with or t:tking part in

highway operation!!. "Ve mu,t enr­ci;;e diligence in the performance of our duties and responsibilities to eliminate cart·It·s>: error and undesir­able criticism~.

I t is verv difficult to maintain dose checks on all areas in which these: undesirable opcTlltional irrrglll:lritics mOl)' occur. H owever, with the co­operati,,!' efforts of all employees thes.- occurrences of poor work per­formance will ~ eliminated or at least redu(:ed to a minimum.

Since littlt" information has Ix'"en rtleased conet'rning the llew Division of Highways Office Uuildin~, dl:S rna}' be: an excellent opponunity to I!ive rou a progress report. The building will be located to the west of the Interstute 55 bypass :md \~:\st of U.S. Route 66 ncar the Old Ro­chester Road on the north :tnd Linn Street on the soulh. ,Ve have pur­ehaSt'tl ,LpprVXimlltely 80 acres of ground. Plans have been developed and a contract has ~en awardt"d to a loc.11 Springfield contractor for construction of the ba.o;cm('n r and founda tions. I t is hoped that the bal­.mee of the contract will be awardetl in carly J anuary. The huilding and improvements will cost nearly '$7,-000,000. This will he the first op­portunity for the State to house the majority of their central office op · erations in the same buildin(!. Then' will hI' three stories above ground anti one story below ground. It is eXpt'ctt·d that this buildmg and th .. associaled landscape, which includes a small hLkc, will cenainly enhance the .. a~t and southea. ... tern section r.f Springfield. Since purchasing this land, fe'al estate \'ailll'S hllVc sky­rocketc·d. This indicates that others

have the SRme views with respect to the future of this particular a rea.

There has been a suggestion that the auditorium in the new bui ldin:; h<-- considered ;u; a memorial audit()r­iULll dedicated to thc man)" eng'inee rs and other emplort'cs who have or \\-ill have b,;v(,J1 a life time of service to thc Division of H ighways. Al­though no /inal plans have been made, the mattcr is h('in~ sincerely considered. Vl e expect to call upon your organization at some later {late for its r:t.XlrmnelHlations in thi;; con­nection.

In closing, I tah- this oppllrtunitr to congrn.t:ulate your A~W("iation :lnd to e.xpres.s Ill)' appreciation and grat­itude to your membership for their outstanding work pt!rfocmance and profcssiollal clln tributions to thc ae­complishmenrs of this Divisit'lll.

May I wish you a very pleasant and ~ucccssful convention.

Goddard Sptaks Larry Goddard, our executive sec­

retary, was a guest at our Non:mbcr meeting held at the CI('aring Club and in a pre-mc(·ting eon flab he sub­ge~ ted the A"sOCiation su pport a bill raising the salary of the directors of the various state agencies. I n the C:lS(' of the Department of P ublic \-Vorks and Huildings, the Directc)r makes. les..~ mone}' than several ()f the engineers under his supe rvision-an o.b\' io,!s awkward and unsatisfactory SltU:ItlOLl.

After dinner, Larry told of some of the thin~s his office has benL t ry­ing to :u.· .. "ompiish on its own and in coopt-Tation with the State Em­ployees' Association which necessari l\' has many of the snme goals as ou-r group. Although much of his work



3015 North California Avenue , Chicago 18 , Illinois INdependence 3·1220



Distributors of the FRECON, Inc. "L1N·MIN" Spray Applicator Au tomatic Sprayer for Boiled Linseed Oil and Mineral Spirits


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (129)

cannot be mcasur~d as yet, he ex· pressed confidence that the ground work laid for man~' impon;mt pro' j!rams mar bear fruit. State partici­pation in health insurance and in ~ervjct' cd\lcat;on art' two Ilrogmms for which he was (>uthusiastic.. How­ever, at the same time, ~lr. Goddard stressl,d the need Ilf our Chapter's su pport in the form of !t·tters; and tdegrams to intl'rcsted ll'gisl:ltors when such bills art' before the legis­tatu re. One tlf the prime reasons the State 's panieipatioll in the health insurance bill failed last Sbl:;i1tn was ~eausc of the apparent lack of sup­pOrT h)' the in tere~tcd partics u:!.

"Vith the Chaptt:r showing a pro­fit of approximately $600 thus far in 1964, President Hoppcnrath told of s~ndi ng the monel' in a Ch:lpter sponsored Christmas Party for the children.

ill ,mbusni{l Null '¥itll the comin~ of the New

Year, perhaps it is t;mr. aj;!;ain to look toward tht· llC"ed flf a hight'r membt'rship for nur C hap!!!r. A gen­tle urging mal' be all that is nI'!Ces­saT)' 10 bring more of our ft'llow technicians and enginl"<'rs into our associ:lt ion . Thc l.A.H.E. trit'S to do for u~ what wt' cannot ull fOf

our!lt'lves and with adequate r('pre­St' lltation wr can prove to be an in­fluential hud},. Thu>c who seek [0

S:t\'C $15 a ycar in dues delude them­selves with a fal"r (cononll'. If \\'t'

do not 10tlk out for ollTsel~l'"S-who wi11?

Congratulations and good luck ;lfe in order for the II!!\\' Chapter ufficel'S--wilocvt'f !It('v m;l\ be.

We hnrw: the ~huffiing of person­nel due to the dose of thc record breaking constructiun :\r.flS()n h:t~ fouml no one unduly discontent.

Rem('mber fellas - variety is the spic(' of life.

t".r)' 0,,110/1, Secretor)' 01 I" HE, p.e .. nl1n9 " retire",ent u.tificote to ani of the mony .lIi .... honoree 01 Ih .. conYlnllon.

f.om left 10 .ight 0" Oi'lCto. lo.en. , George Sho""I.o/l, Auio.onl Chief Hig"woy Engin ...... , C. A. Renowiu, Oi,ld<1 10 En9inu" and Woynl Wallace, Olst.lcl Enginee, 10. Ih .. Porllond

Cement "'"oclol;on .

..... rt. John Tho,"ol, M,). J"r)' Hoppen'oth and Mr!. 1'0 6100mqu1l1 01 1S'6. Cony,n lion.


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IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (131)

Director Lorenz Addresses IAHE Convention



I t is a gn:at pleasu re to be a guest at this 28th annual convention of vour aSl<OCiation. Thi~ is not the first time 1 have been privileged to join you on these occasions .. Many of the members here tonight arc part of the vl;ry Cumpctl'nt engineering personnel of our State Division of H ighways, so it has been nt"C{'ssaTY fo r us to get to~cthcr frc1lurntiy in the line of duty on construction of state road­ways and other rdated projects. This afternoon, h\)",'(:ver, we Can rei'l.\: be­cau&(! I don't thi nk we have to hold any official conferences.

I'm &Oft of back on home terri­tory today because of the location of th is meeting. Sel'cral years ago, as an Ilttorncy for the. city of Chi­cago, I worked on the land acquisi-

OrrU)I!a or Til" GOVJCRNO"

S" " I "'O~ I ELD

0 " 0 Ku • • • OO· '.U 8

Itr. Cul .I. . Andtinon, CllfJ.taIID

.IUDII 17, 1964

Il.l1nob .I. .. oob~ion ot Hi""...., I~I" CI\1c., o Chapt.er JOO l cirUl St.et. Stl'll~ Cldcajo, llliftou 606l0

0,,11' Itr. J.ncIenlonl

I\. .... n ry IdJlcl or Y~ to 1Il1\.end. an 1Jlrlt.a. ~1G1l to lira . l im ... ancl _ 1.0 join TOW' .I.nooiatim a~ d1.nnel' on Oe.tobn )1d, in c:onjunct.10tl viti! :fOUl' 26th Annual COOl'ellUon.

Itn . b .... 1' and I ",re1. tha1. priol' c~~­

..-rl1.1 tor Ula1. ,nllin, vlll prenn1. U t .... bei.nc: with YIN_ We hope Ut.t. :fOU v1.ll. IU>d.Irl 'l.alld O\I.J' 1nabil11.y \0 ,~\«Id.

8 .. \ wi,t., tDl' a ncel • • tul Con .... n~ion .

Si ne , rll;(,

GMI. "


tion negotiations for nearby O ' Hare Airport, the largest ilir terminal in the world.

The theme of my remarks here Wa:> selected for me. r t was sug­gested that J discuss the liubject, "Safe!}' on the H ighways", a prob­lem with whieh you engineers and many Other public agfncies have been dealin~ ior a long time. 1 suspect that the need for copi ng with high­way tral'el hazards actually began when some smart roman decided tu build a road instead of cutting ;. rathwar through the jungle, and it has kept 011 growing since that an­cient era.

\Vhen we look at current estimate$ of the expected increase in highway travd on.:r the nc.'{t few years, we can readily see that this problem is going to be with us for a long time ahead. It will keep on getting bigger and requiring the lw.st that engineer­ing talents and skill can marshal to combat it. It has bt:en forecast that by 1976, only thirteen years from now, there will be ncarly 230 mil­lion people in the United States----­nearly one quarter more than toda\'. :\,fotor vehicle registrations, accord­ing to tht: U. S. Rureau of Public Roads, will reach I H million- al­most half again the p1'(,:$cnt total­and yearly highway travel is expected to soar by almost 60 per cent and above today's volume, which pre­sen ts the somewhat astronomical prospect of one trillion, two hun­dred million vehicle miles annually.

H ere in . Illinois, we have been making progress in the continuing bat tle to reduce the toll of death and injury on our highways. T he Na­tional Safety Cou ncil reported that traffic (Ieaths in the nation increased about 11 per cent during the first ~t:vcn months of 1964 as compared with the §imilar period in 1963. 1n TlIinllis, the incn:ase for the fi rst eight months of this year has been 10 per cent. The council's statist ics further affirm that our record to date in 1964 is better than that achieved by other industrial st<ttt$ in the mid­dle west where higher rates of traf­fic fatalities have prevailed. AgaiJl, duri ng: the three year period, 1958 th ruugh 1960, the average death ra te in Illinois per hundred million ve­hicle mi!e$ travelled was 4.96 but for the th ree \'ear period, 1961 through 1963, th is-figure fell to 4.80.

All branchc.~ of l!linois gOVl'T!l -

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (132)

Il1cnt which aT!: ufficially cuncerned with reducing this toll-and there are twn in the Department (If Public Works and Buildin2s-are excrtin2 everv effort to reverse the trend in the -number of automobile accidents and fataliti es. Last May we initiated a special pro!!,ram to eliminate ;'h i!;!'h accident" locations wherever ther ex­ist on the Illinois Highway System. Engineers of our ten highway dis­tricts we re asked to make an immedi­ate review of all highways on which greater than normal ha7.ards existed. Generally the existence of these high­accident locations or sections, involve older roads which h:l.\'e outlived their capabilities of serving traffic safely and efficiently. A nation-wide su m­mary of what is being accomplished toward the overall objective, lists Il­linois as among the ten early states to move projects up on the s<;hed ule for these safety reasons.

Constituting one important for­ward stride in this field are the seg­ments of our 1623-mile allotment of interstate highways which have been completed and PILt into scn'ice. Thus far, they have occn a tremendous fa ctor in reducin2 safetv hazards. As most of you are ;;ware, "at the COI1-clusion of the current constnlctioll !;eason, we will have reached the specified half-way mark in complet­ing this huge projC\:t. Operation of the portions now open to traffi c, ac~

cord ing to surveys made by engineers of our Division of H ighways, dem­onstnltes the gratifying fact that il­linois residents in 1962 anll 1963 saH~d approxmiate\y [3 million dol­lar~ in motor vehicle accident cosl~, a total which includes wage lo~s, medical expense, I'werhead ctlst of in­surancc and pr(lperty damage. Rut evcn more importtm, during the SII1TIe two-year period, the inbuilt safct~, characteristics of these inter­state roadways arc credit with saving somc 200 Ii ves and also being respon­sible for more than 3,000 pcrsons es­caping in jurr and the avoidance of mOTe ·than 3.000 accidents. T hat is a resu it which can ne~-er be expressed in dollars and cents. It is emphasized the more when we considt' l that the good reco rd has been achieved de­spite the f;1 ct that whi le interstate roads comprise only 10 v"r cen t of all higiJways, they ca rry at least 20 per cen~ of the total tr~lffic volume. As we continue to complete Ou r por­tion of the interstate system, and our extensive statewide exprcsswa)' proj­ects, thi s record i~ bound to improve. tn tefms of safety, the public will benefit to f\ greater degree because


more tr:tvel will be by way of th!,ce mod~rn transportation facilities. The demands upon city strcetS, COUIl ­

tr roads and convcn tional highwf\)'s will lessen. ,"Vi th congestion cascd. accidents will be less likely on ~ ta",l ­ard road$, too.

Frreways, br the i ~ nature, implv ce rtain safety featu~es wh ich are !lot found on othcr roads. H ead-on-col­lisions arc nluch less li kely bt'eame there af!;: ~parate roadway-s for t ra­vel in ea.;h direction. All entranc(:s and exi~tl> are designated, and there i~ no access between th.e highway and thc roadway. Acceleration and de­celeration lanes channel traffic with­out interference with the bst-movinK through lanes. Particularly impor­tant, is the fact that pedestrians an~ denied access to the fre~wa\' bv fenc­ing, and must crQl:s over· or· und er the freewal' at ~pecified intervals. This safeguard alonc eliminates a terrific risk wh~n we consider that a pedestrian's life expectancy if he tries to cross an l11 inois cxprcsswav hap­hazanily is estimated at so,~ething under twenty sc.'cond s.

Of COUBe, :Ill these features make it easier to drive and harder to have an accident on a freewav than on an ordinary street. ·But there will al­ways tx: the human element. That is ~lInething which we never will be able to control. You enginr.ers arc designing, and the buiJ.-it'fs arc con­structing, fi rs t -cla~li roadways which incorporate ~vrry knoWIl mechanical device to re.luce or entirely eliminate the traffic hazard . Yet when it comes to the operator I)f a mOtor vehicle. there is no such thing a~ " inbuilt" safety. That'~ exdusivcJr his respon­sibility. For example, there. is no more clearly marked nof more easilv observed warninl{ symbol than th~ "stOP" sign. Ncvcrtheless, violations of this basi..:. re~lation contin ue to rank sixth in Illinois among the ma­jur or contri b\lting circ*mstances to mOtor accidents.

Our traffic experts estimate, and I think with abso lute accuraq', that 85 or mo re per cent of all highwar accidents, includ ing btal Onr.s, arc c:msed by the driver's laxity in ob­serving the rules of safc operation. eNtainl)' the state and other agen­cies at all levds of govf'rnmf'nt in I Uinois. have left ntlthinj! undone to

give motorists maximum protection as far as humanly possibl e. A new state law beeaml· effective last J uly requiring that all 1965 model auto­mobiles be equipped with safety belts. H ere again, the employment of this highly protective device is voluntary.

The belts arc there, but there is nnthinj! ttl compel the driver and Other (Jcc.upants of a motor vt"hicl~ to u~r th em as the\' sho\lltl. \Ve COin only hOlle that th-ey will.

I t seems evident to m.·, and I think to all of you, that the q\lcstion of highway safety is receiving: more se rious attention now than it ever has, and properly so. As olle out­standing instance of this ~alutary

trend, delegates to the recent annual convcntion of the American Auto­mobile Association went on record to advocate that the staks, rathrr than the federal Government, assume the rcsp<:lnsi bility for rCj{ldat;ng safety equipment and devict:s for automobile<;. Among state measures, th rough legislative enactment, which the convention delegates recom­mended, wr.re laws against the sale of harmful brake fluids ; establish­ment of standards fOf new tires; pre­vention of re-grooving old, used tires and ad(!{Juate stand ards fOf brake lini ngs.

I mentioned earlier in these n:­marks how construction and use of interstate highways in Illinois havr slashed the death and accident toll in our s tat~. One of the major proj ­ects, and one to which virtuallv all rou enginr.us hrre toda)' contributed substantially. was tht' recent comple­tion of the Southwest Expresswa\'. One of the distingu ished speakers ; t the recent dedication of this huge project was Mr. Rex \Vh itton, the Federal Highway Administrator, he described this [97 -million dollar im­provement as the best he had seen thus far completed on the 41 ,000 mil~ interstatt system, and eaJl~d it a marvd in engineering and its com­pletion in th t'; short space of 18 month~ a ma rvd in construction. The.: fedr_ral , state, county and city govcrnm('nts all cooperated in aceOiTI­pli~hing this remarkable f{' at and we arc very grateful tn all the engincch and workmen who designed and btl ilt th is modern facility, as well as the other segments in the interstate net­work of ()ur state hij!hway systenl. You have all done a great job.

Th~ ever-growing probl~m of safe­t}' on ou r highways is not a humorous (In<, , but since we an" in the midst of the annual football competi tion , it might not bc· inappropriate to d(lse thcse remarks with a brief seawnal ant~cdute , which has nothing at a II to do with anwml: at this conv{'!ltinn. It t>eems that ·the star quarterback of a big college team was on the brink of btoi ng ruled ind igible because he


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (133)


had ht c: n fallin~ down pretty bad ly in all of his courses. H owever. emcr­gency arnngemrnrs were made for him to take s~eial II'ritt~n c:xrullina­rions in a last minure effort to pull him through and keep him on the team. Such examination w,LS given by his professor in psychology, whu later remarked w a fellow professor :

"There was only one question on the eXaminati()n paper, "what have you gutten ()ut of Rlr cour-sc?" H e answered it by writin}!, " not a damn thing." That was absolutely corrcc.t so I gave him a grade of 90."

" Rut why didn't you I!ive hil11 100~" Il:lk"d the profc::\SOr.

" Because," replied the first, " he misspelled 'damn'."



After exactly .f2 rears o f service with the Division of H ighwa),s, Ar­dis Smith retired on Octohrr 15, 1964, from the PllSition of Assistant District Enginttr of Dist rict Ninte, Ardi~ was I'mplorrd with the Di­

visiun of Highwa~'s on October 16, 1922, a.~ a Junior H ighwa~' Engineer at CarOOndalr:. Ouring the first sc:.v· ('ral yt:4trs, he t\erved in both Desig() ilnd Constructiun It!; in strum('nt man , inspenor, resident eng-incer, and chief of survc),. In 1936, :\'1r. Smith was appointed Tra\'elin~ Fielll Engineer in Construction and II rear later was promutcd to Construction OfficI' F.n­j!iner:r. In Dccemht-r of 1939, Ardis wa;; appointed District Construction Engineer. In JUlie. 1953. hi' was pro­moted to the: position of Assistant District Engineer, the pos.i tion he held unti l his recent retin:mcnt.

:\1 r. Smith is a native of Arkans.iS. being horn and raised in Little Rock, H e r!:Ceil,ted his coll r-g:e education :It

the Uilil'euit\" of Arkansas. obtain­ing <t R.S. D~grce in Civil Engineer­ing in June of 1922. Ardis is a Registered Profcs."ional En0n~r "nd II membr:r of the Ill inois Associ­ation of Highwny Eng;nccr~. H e i~ a veteran of \Vorld War l.

As I'et, Ardis has 110 definite re­tirr:ment pl<tns except to j u~t rest and relax for awhile with his wife at his home at 2111 Elm Street in jHurph}'~boro. The Smiths have twO chi ld ren, both of which are now mar­ried and have families of their own.


~ A. .. , ' ,'lee

fi12 Soutlt So<on4 Str ... S!IrinIfiokl. m ....

'1'I'>c Motloubl. I'ratlCl.. I. Lor ..... Di."'«OC_~. of ..... U .. __ I ..... u.alll9. _ 1005 _ 300 .orth 'Ut. ,u_ e1l.LealJO. llUQoh 6OUO

1:11 to.IIdt ot tM 11l1Do1 ...... oci.don ot .i<J_,. aftlJi_n, .. 1.11. to I"tlnd to yO!.> OIlr _.t .1IlCir. t1l.....,. . lor tl>e ~Irbl coopention _ ",rll.-.:I ... 1I.1r1l. rOlltdbutM t-~ .. l,. 1n aaJtLngo 011.1' 28th ann"ll · __ tlon tl>e but 1 ... 1' .

It il ai.ffl.""lt to ~.tll,. .apr ••• _ '. 'P?r.chtion to _" ill hi9h phre. of ... tl\ol:ity ""'" lay _dde _lUpl. probl_ !.II ~" to d.vot. thd " tta. in .... 1' blh_lf, th. nby _ltlplyl.., • nd . pi"lt o t ,.a_. hip.


.'.lr. Mills was horn January I, 1900 and raised in Mt. Pleasll.n t, Iowa by pious Methodist parents. H e was a priv:He in World \ 'Var I.

e."l A. """.r_ Ch.1rau ""091'_ e:.-1tt_

Then in 11122 he j!raduated from the Univen;ity of Iowa with a degree' in Civil F:nginceri n~.

.Vl r . .'vl il1s has workr-d for the I llinois State Highwar Depart1lle:nt since 1922, except for si)( rrar~ when he WOIS Superintr-ndcnt OInri Engineer of the PicasuTr- Driveway and P;HK District of Pwria, including the M u­niciplll Airport, during wh ich t llne he WliS instrUJl1('ntai in transferri ng the respi)nsib'ilitr ilf the airpMt from the Park District til the Ai rpnrt Au­thoriu'.

As -an cn)!;inl"tr fur the State H igh­wny Department. fnur ye~rs wrre spent in tht" :\hitf'rinls Dr-:>anmellt and his work cnrrir-d him o\"r-r most tlf the Stat:' of Illinois and P:lrts of .'.li ssouri and \Visconsin.

In 1926 he was transfer red to the P("oria District and worked in prac­tieall\, all assignments (If road and hridit· building. including sur\'c}'~. de!'ign and construction, and at the pre~nt time has the tide of District Engineer of Local Roads and Streets. This Hur~.1U has charge of the' de-


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (134)

RETIREMENTS 5:i~!.n . con~truction, and maintenancl' of county roadll, township roans, and dty streets in ten counti~ extending frnm T azewel l COunt\' on the east to the .1l ississippi Riv(':r on the west. Th<: expenditure fur this work amounts to approximately SC\'cn and one-half million dol!ar~ lmnuallr. This work re~wir('S contal.:ts with man}' county and municipal officials.

Civir Rnpfillribilifin

In lQ+R he prepared thl' ZoninJ! Ord inam:c for the Village of Peoria H eights ami has heen Sl"Crctary of the Zoning [junl'd of Appeal s since that time.

H e has been \)11 the Pctlria Height~ Sdu)I)1 Hoard fur fiftCt'n rears, ont. year which he was President and cleven years as Sec.retary of the Board of Education.

H e attcndf'cI scI'eral mectin~ of thl' Peoria Engineering COllncil at the time of its inception and fOT mallY ye:l TS was :1 delegate to that organi7.:uion, and when Chairman of the Civic Affairs Cilmmiuce he per­formed Sl"veral invc~tigations and made rC'Com Jl\tIlJat;""~ to the- Cit,· Council of Peoria and to the Peori~ School Ho:m.l. H (' is a Past Pr\'si­dellt uf that urganization and has

preparN a hIstory of the Peoria En­gineering Council.

For 28 ~' ears he h,l$ supervised and cooked fish at an annual fish fry for the enginl::er~ in the Peoria area.

II e is a Registered I'rofessional Enginter and Registered Land Sur­veyor.

O"gulI;::r;otiQns: American Legion, Elks, .:\.'l asonic Lodge, )'lohammed Shrinr, Ulinois A~sociation of H igh­way Engineers, Illinois Society of Professiona l Engin«rs, Association of County Su~rintendenl~ of High­ways and is Secretary-Treasurer ' of that organization.



Wal ... WOfh and Wal •• ' ..... ,m.nl. S •••• ag. and Sewog. T.eal­menl. SlO1'm Drainag., Flood Conlrol, SI,"t l ighlinll' land Deve lopm.nl StudiM, Subdivillon., Swimming Po"I" HlghwoYI, I ridgfl, Indullriol Wa"., 1 ~lIdlngs, Foundation., SU ....... Yin9 a nd Moppinll.

1315 W. Wood St. Decatur, illinois

211 No rth a.e. Il . Tin.! Nalla .. a l aenk Bldg.

COrrYII"t&d M.l01 C~lv.rls, Arches ono:l Structural Plaia _ All

Specificat;on'. I!';nfo.ci nll lon, Wit. Me.Io, Co,lings, I ridll.




161 I.If.rlon MEMPHIS. TENN.



PHONE 429-7482






Vincennes Indiana G. H. ALLEN. P.E., Pmident

Illinois Contractors' Machinery, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS FOR •..

LeTourneau-Westinghouse - Adams - Arrow Manufacturing

Erie Strayer - Buffalo Springfield : Rollers and Compactors

Koehring Division: Shovels , Cranes, Backhoes , Draglines and Pave rs

Elmhurlil. m. Rte. 83 & Madison St. Sub. phaD. 'TErnoe. 4-7 100 Chiclll91l1 phoDe TUndllla-O"1


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (135)



Allen J. McClintick after 3-l rear~ of continuous :oeTvicc with the. I llinoi~ Division of Hjghwa~'s in District 4 will retire on DCl-cmber 31, 19~. Al started hi~ career in 1925 with WestinKhouSt- F:lcctric Curporatinn in P ittsburgh aher attending Rradl C'y University, University of l11innis and Carnegie Tech. Early in 1931 Al joined the' technical forces nf the Department as a Junior H ighway F:nj!ineer and Te(;alls that he was the onh' native Pcorian for many rears among the tllKinccn ill the District.

Aftu ~rvillg his appn:nti{~cship in the Bureaus of D~sign , \1aterials. and Construction, he was transferred to rhe Hureau of :.Haintcnance as Office and Permit EngineC: T, which position he held unlil 195\. At that time, the Bureal! of Traffic was born ana Al was prmnotea tu Allsistallt District Traffic Engineer. from which positiun he will retir\,:.

AI is a Registered Profes~ional Engineer, a memlH"r of the 1Il inoi~ Association of Highway Lnginecrs. and has served on many of its COIn­

mitte("S, including those for the con­V("ltion Ilt P~oriu. A 5 vct, Al hn .• no definite Tt'tirt'ment plans ' t'Xcept ttl just rest and relax for awhile with his wife, Ida. Their home ;$ at 927 E. Elmhurst in PC(lria. To be­footloose anti fancy-free and to tra­vel to some of tho!'C placts too far awal' for vacation allotted tilll(, is AI's desire.




Effective October 16, 1964, James )0'. I'ewton was promoted [0 the po­si lion of Assistant District Enginttr of District 9 to lill the vacanCI' cn~­ated b" the rr.tin:mcnt of 'Anlis Smith. - Mr. Newton accepted (' Ill­ploYIll('nt with th(' Division of High­ways in Septemm-r, 1949, and has $Crved fifteen con~ecutive l'ea r~ sinct~ that date. all in District 9.

Jim received hili oollel!;e education at 'Vashin~ton University of St. Louis, receiving a H.S_ De~rec in Civil Engineering in 19+9. H e ae­etptcd emp!o~'ment with the Division uf ~ il{)1\val's immediately after grad-uat1()ll.

After a few years' experience in Construction and Resea rch. j im wa..~ appointoo to the position of ;Vlain­tcnance Fidd Enl{inccr in 1951. Re­maining in i\1ainttnancc, he became the. As·sistant Di~trict i\1aintenance F:nl!inccr in 1960 and the District

. iHaintenanet' Engineer in 1963. He hcld this position until his rKent promotion to A~sistant District En­.,neff.

:\'1 r. Newton is a Registered Pro­fessional Engineu and a membtr of the Illinoi! A~~ociation of I I ighway En0neers and the Illinnis Society of Professional Engineers. He is mar­ried to the former :\li5s Gilda Thompson of Murphysboro. and has two children, jimmr and Cherrl. The Ne.wtons reside at thc: ir beauti­ful new ru ral home just west of the Highway Office in Carhundale.


ELGIN District O ne

The. December meeting of the El­gin Chapter of I .A.H .E. wa .. held at the Ember's Oil Thursday, Otttm­bt!r 10, 1964. Chapter elections were conaucted that night, the results of which lire:

President- john P. Friedrick~ Vice President- joseph Seyl Secretary-Robert Hrune.Uc Treasurer- Allen F. Gunderson Director-Rol' A. Bl'1l Alter nllte Director - Patrick

DO\lgherty Also reviewed, discussed and voted

on at this meeting was the twdve point I.A.H.E. proposals that are to be presented to the Board of Direc­tors at th(ir next conclave. The gen­eral fedinKs of the members of the Elgin Chapter was that nil twelve points wefe beneficial to the general good of the District, and that the passing of any part of the progralll would be advantageous to the high­way department.

Since it is customa ry fur the newly elected president to huy a drink for everyone, pt:ople meandered toward the co*ck t:lil lounge after thc meeting and the new pr(>Sidellt. in "True Friedrick Form" did buy (I drink for el·eryone. The result was one drink and sixty-three straws!

Thanbgiving day will long be re­memhered by Don Lorentzeo of our Bureau of De8ign for it was on this day that he chuse to concede his free­dom to l\lfi~s Joyce Olson with an engagement ring. We all wish them much happiness. )'1a1' all thei r prob­lems be litt le one5i!

)'l r. Don Schietzelt of the Permit Departmen t, and his wife, Evtiyn arc the prout! new parents of :tn adopted baby girl - Amy. Christmas this year was especialll' happy and the new years hold many joyful exper­iences for the entire fami ly with their new addi tion. Congratulations Don and Evelrn.

The District Bureau of Permits and the District Bureau uf Materials has bL'Come "knotted" in the sense that Mi~~ Susan J. Hartley, Permit Secretary bt:came the bride of Mr. Arthur A. Raeder, Assistant Engi­ne.::r tlf the Bureau of Materials, in Octobt·r. The district was very hap­py to sec Art lose his bachelorhood IUld ('nter the life of "Trials and Errors." Seriously, their co· ..... orkers


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (136)

New Addition To Elgin, District l-Buildings


· , · •

j' ;,

" • l I I

... , , ... ...,..

wish them the " Best of Everything," in their new endeavor.

Christm as, Christmas, Christmas! ! The fcmm~ of District I wen: entertained at tmother " \Vhim-bang Christm as Party" sponsored by Black­top Roads Company. Mike Childs and Ruth O'Connell do a most won ­derful job in th~ organization of th('ir annu al Femme Part)'. A good time is had by a ll and we would be dis­appointed if they ('.ve: thoul-:ht it wasn't appreciated .

The los.~ of one is allother'~ gain. :\:l r. Inl10 Rasina, Civil Engineer 1. has requested a temporary transfer from Di~ t ri ct J to District 2. -The reason, silly as it may sound : M ar­riage. H is future b~idt', K an ey Gleason, has only to fi nish one scmes­ter hefore she will graduate and teach school in our area. This is a switch­usu ally the wi fe wo rks while [h~ hus­band goes to school. Good Luek to the newly weels and hu rry back to Oistrict 1 for the 1965 construction sea:><>n, lnno!

\Vith the Guvernor's appro val there will bt a January le ttin~ for the addition to the District I Office. This project will COS t $850,000 and is expected to fulfill th e District de­mands until 1975.

Th e new construction will double the prescnt usable floor area and will be nTchitecturall), compatible w ith the exi$tin~ buildings. In addition to




construction of the wings there will he extensive remodelling and rehabil­itation of the existing offices.

Olle uf the new wings will lx­adjacent to the maintenance storage area. The sign shall witl be in this new wing and will be capable of pro­ducing any ~igll used by the H ighway department.

TIll' pr('scnt sign shop, lucated cast of the main building, will be con· vcrted ttl the materials lab. This move will m) t onl)' give matcrial~ ext ra spacc but al!'O easier accessibil­ity.

The folluwing hun.::aus will be in the other new willg, wh ich is eMt uf the main bui ld ing : Traffic, M ain­tr-nallee, Loc:Jl Roads, :M :Jlt rials lllld Research and Planning. Long ago (':Jeh Bu rcau Chief was asked to t:Sti· matc thc future ncr-ds of his depart· ment and from these estimates tht: sizc and design of each bureau was dett:rmined. All the rooms in this wing will hal 'c dcm(lUntable parti. t ions so that readjustments can be made for unexpected del'clopments.

Tht .Bureau of D esign will add the Construction nnd Local Road Offices to thei r prt5('nt offict: and will ell­large the Design Room hy removing the east \V311. This :tdditioll will be cunnected to the new wing bl' mtans of an enclosed catwalk.

The Burt:au of RO'V and tht: District Administrative offi ces will change places. The ROW Bureau will take over the District Adminis·

t ralive Offices and the Conference Room whilc the Administrativl' of­fices wi ll mov~ across thl' hall to the ROWand Materials Offices. Sou nd confusing? W cll, by repanitioning and r~g rouping these offict'S an effi­cient and cconomical pattern will re­sult.

A new cvn fcrencc room will be located in the pl t:Sent Administrat;,'e Services Office, while the Services Of­fice will move directly below its pres­ent location. The new cunference room will be ablc to seat 120 pe<lple, and it will be possible to partition this room into three separate areas when needed.

A new !,-,ohcc room that seats 100 people will be in the new wing. The function of the new room ,,,ill be thc same as the old room , serving the elllploy«s dUTin~ their hreak.'!. although thtre is a possibi lity that a hot plate \t:nding machine will he availah l ~. The old coliC(' room will be a storag~ arca and the outdoor ~at­in~ area will now become a patio.

\Vith a J anu ary letti ng. it won' t he lonj::: before the afor('mention im­prO\'t:ments become :t realitr. This pmj~1 i! nnothcr eXlunplc of Ihe pmficicncy and foresight of the E lgin Distric.t.

Sorinl-'The Christmas Party will he held on Dccember 17 , 1964 at the Eagles Count!'}' H ome in Elgin. Ralph C. Wiener, party chairman. is busr organizing the function. The cost of thc part)' w il! be considerably


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (137)


Chap te r Notes less Il~r person this ye:IT, but the food :md f\ln will be the saine. Let's hope that the Anonymous Letter \Vriter does not gel inspired. again.

The turnout of the Elgin D istrict for the JAHE Convention waS tn~· men dOllS. The Hospitality Room , that was sponsored by District I , was always crowded. Herb Herb«k and DOll Lorenzen deserve the credit for a successful Ilarry since they w cre the prOm<l l e r. lind org-nniz."r!'. The Chica~o chapter produced an excel· lent convention. The Elgin chltptrr cOllgratu!ate~ them.

n&U'/ing-Thc Bowling uaguc will finish the first half sea.~n on December 22. Althoul!h only nom­inal Cilsh prizes an~ given, in lieu of the banquet, competition is still high. As of Dect:mber 1st, thrc('. teams were tied for first place and another rerun was (mil' several points behind in second. Good natL red bick.ering ex· ists within the league, mostly abou t alleged ~andbagging. One player is rumored to consistently bowl 165 maimaining a 135 avcrage. For shamc Dick!

DIXON District Two

On Octobe r 24, 1964, th e ROADHUILDERS of Dist ric t 2, an "oldtitners" organization, held a dinner meeting ill honor of H arold Bowen. The dinner was held at rhe Lincoln Mano r and attended by. 36 members of the g roup. After the dinneT. the mccting was Carried on at the Highway Office where Mr. Rowen showed some excellent pic· tures of his tour of M exico. Othe r members of the Highway Dcpnrt­rllCllt who knew and worked with l\'lr. Bowen were invited as ~u('$U to Stt the pictures. Approximately 70 employtts of the Highway De­partment and their families enjoYl·d H arol d's pictures. H arold had spent nearly seven months touring Mexico earlier this year and had an excellent (."overage of the interesting points lind scenic spots of :M exico. The evening was enjoyed by all.

The 1965 Community Ches t Drive has been concluded and our organization madc a \'cry fine con­tribution to this worthy c:w~·. Con ·

tributiom hy this District amounted to $2,·H8.50 of which $2,285.50 has alreatl)' heen paid. This demonstrates that the employees are vitally con­cerm:d about community affairs. The' drive could not have been a success without the cooptmtiurl of our em­plo)'ttS.

N/'W Arriv(lls: A boy /lamed Da­vid for Mr. and l\ I rl'. Roger Rob­bins.

8,· the l ime )'ou read tb i$, it will be history. The annual christmas dinner dancr. will be held on De­cember 5th at the Lincoln l\i(anor. It sound~ like the committee is plan­ning an ~njoyablc evening.

The State of IUi.nois is providing a t raining program in various sub­jects for State employ~. \Vc now have cl:I!iSCS in Business English and Rapid Reading. These classes are held once a wt:Ck for 10 weeks at the High SdlOol. If the employees satisfactorily complete the course, a State Certificate will be prrscnted . There are 16 employees enrolled in the Husi ne$s English cia;tS and 9 em· ployces enrolled in th~ Rapid Read­ing class.

For the ultimate in traffic signal efficiency, get ELECTRO - MA TlC® VOLUME - DENSITY CONTROLS

Intersedions, where it is essential that the right of way be apportioned with absolute maximum efficiency, con best be signalized with Electro·Motic Volume-Density Controllers. This type of tontrol balances the green street volume and rate of flow ogoinst the number and length of time cars wait against the red light. Both Two-Phose Model I022N, and Three·Phase Model I033N are available.

For details, write or call

E.rch~,h'. DI, trlbulor In 1111"0'" for;


Chicago 2, Illinois T 01., DEarborn 2-5696


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (138)

Look for this insignia!

CONCRETE PIPE for Permanence

Member companies manufacture

CONCRETE PIPE in accordance with nationally recognized specifications:









ILLINOIS CONCRETE PIPE ASSOCIATION Ul North LaSllile Streel • Cl1lclIgo. illinois 60&01

Phone DEarborn 2-39GB


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (139)

Chapter Notes On October 29 and 30, classes en­

titled Planning For Retirement we re held a t the D istr ict Office, These sessions wefe designed to help em­ployttS start planning for a happ}", active retiremen t. There were 25 employees in auendance :tt these meetings.

--O""T=T=-A""CW-'-A-­Oi$lrict Three

' I'h,. 196.j. IA H E Convention held at thl" " FIring: Carpet" M otor i nn drew a substantial Illet\1bership from Ottawa. F rom all rCI}CIfts the:: con­\fe lll ioJl W:I~ a succc~s and cV('r},lxxIy enjoyed du~ Il.c tivitics. One:: chapter member stateu he enjoyed himself so much, he WIIS going to make it a poillt to attend nexI ),ears conven­tion!

The "midnight" bowling league at the local lan~ has proved to be a success again thi !'> year due to the efforts of Rolf Demoll and Chai r· man "V ally Kistenftger. \N t hope these ambitious bowlers will become as organized as last years so that the State C hampionship remains in the Onawa C hapter.

On \Vwnesday evening. October 14, 1964, :It the EngLl1('Cfs Rod and Gun Club C lubhouse a retirement party was held fOf T erry Smith. Ar­r:mgements were made for a steak fry with all the trimmings. The onl}, "catch" \VlIS everybody had to fry his own, but this pro\'ed to be im­".1:lterial as everybody had a good time.

A dinner meeting was held at the P rairie Lake H Ullt Club, M arseilles, Illinois on M onday, November 30, 1964 with 60 membt.rs present. T he al ter dinner program hOnored A. D. i\'lc Reynolds and Frank Papineau who have reti red.

RrtirrmrnlS TERR\' P . SMITH

After 37 )'eal'5 and 6 months with the Illinois Division of H iJ!hwars, M r. T erry Smi th re tired in Septem­bt.r of this year from the pos.ition of Oi<;tri('t Enginrcr nf Rl';;ta r('h and Planning.

;\ I r. Smith was born on September 4. 1904-, in ~ I ayfidd, Kentuck},. where he attended public and private schools. He was educated at the University of Virginia and Missou ri School of M ines, Ht: reported for work in District 3 011 M arch 7,

F O U Rt H QU A R t ER 1 914

1927: the District Office at that time was in tht"" btISCmen t of the O IJ Clifton Hotel. He worked in De­sign and as a Construction Engineer fo r fourteen years, Tl'rry was mar­ried to BianchI' "Vri~hl in 1932. They had th ree chi ldren, Sandra, Sail}' and Terry, J r.

II\ I 9.J. I he was promoted to Dis­trict Engineer of Research and Plan­ning. which position he held untit retirement, txcept for military le:lve in 194-3-1945. during which he served in the Navy Sca-Bees as Lieu­tenant, then promoted to Lieu tenant Commander, hi~ ;;ervicc being in th e P acific Area.

;Vtr. Smith is a Illl'mber of the Presby terian Church. Illinois State E mployees A';s"Ociatiun. J lJinois A..­sociation of H ighway Engineers, il ­linois Society of Proft$..~ional Engi­m:ers, is a Registered Land SUf\'l'yor, member of Loc~11 M asonic Order, Elks, and American Legiun Post 33 of Ottawa. 1\'lr. Smith plans to con­tinue to make his home at 9.J. 1 Chris­tie Street, Ottawa, Illinois.

AI.I.B~' D. :\kR£y!\'OLOS

" :\Iae" was born on Novt:mber 2, 1897 in H opkinsville, Kentucky, where he attended public schools. H e attended the Tri-State College of Engineering. graduating in 1921. " I\l ae" worhd one year for the Ken­tucky Highway Department.

M r. M cRrrnolds bCKan work in District 3 in 1923. From 1924- to 1928, he worked for the \o\'e~t Vir­ginia Road Comm ission. In 1928 ht came back to work in District 3 and COntinued on surveys alld plan design until 194-2. From 1942 to 194-3 " i\lac" worked for the Chicago Rridge and I ron Company in the Seneca, Illinois. LST shipyards. I n 194-5, he came back to work in Dis­trict 3 as a Resident Enginee r on Construction, H e continued in that capacity until 1955, when he trans­ferred to Design where he worked on surveys and preparation of plans until his retirement.

,\1 r. \ 'Ic-Rt"")'nolds m arried Doro­thy V. Park on November 19, 1925. Thc}, have three children and four grandchildren.

H:\fac" i~ a member of the First Methodist Church, JIIinois State Employces fusOCintioTl, Illinois As­sociation of H ighway Engineers, and is a registered Lalld Surveyor.

" M ac" pla.,s to continue to make his htlille at 1956 La Salle St reet, Ot­tawa, Illinois, but !ta)'s his surve}'in~ will kttp him from bein!! totallr re­tired.


Frank was born Oil D I..'Cember 2, 1896 ill Pax[(m, Illinois. H e n ­tended public schools there. In 191 5 he began work with the Centra l II­linoi~ Utilities Com panr in Paxton. [n 1916 he was promoted to local manager and held that job until August 17. 19 17 when he was in­duned in the Army. !VI r. Papineau ser\'>;:"d well d\J rin~ \·Y.\·Y.I and at the time uf his disch arge on July 22. 191 9, he hdd the rank of Ser/.:e:mt. I~t Cla~s.

After military duty, Frank re­turned to work with the Central il­linois Public Service and held the job until 1930 when he was pro­moted Assistallt to the Division EII­gineer.

In 1933-34, Frank was cmploroo by the State ' ,Vater Su rvey. }~ rolll 193+ .. 1935, he was employed by U_ S_ Dcpartl1lrnt o f Labo r in Ford Coun ty. From 1935- 1936, Frank worked with the P.lV.A District Office at Gibson Citr, Illinois.

~1 r. Papineau began work for th ('" D ivision 01 H ighways ill 1936 and h:lS worked in Research and Pl an­ninK until his retirement on D eCem­ber 2 1, 1964-.

Frank was awarded a 25 year ci­tation ill 1961.

1\1 r. P apineau married J'vIaric H acher on June 6, 1920. Thry have a son. Rohert and 2 grandchildren. Tht'r arc membe rs of the Epworth l\'l ethodist Chu rch.

Births: M r. alld Mrs. Cliff Adams have a new baby boy. This mahs fivl'; boys for the Adams fam­ily. Cliff should talk to W ally Kis­tenfegcr about acquiring a cheer .. leader for [he basketball team.

NrwsJ' NnL's : Ron Tavernaro and fami ly are [raveling to Kansas Ci ty for the Thanksgiving H olidars. J udging from past performanCeil, this :;hould result in a happy August, 1965.

Sad Nt'U·s: On Friday, November 20, 19M, Larry Griglione was killed in a twu car cra.~h ncar W atseka, Il linois, on his way home afte r work. Our heartfelt condolences to his fam­ily and fri end s on th is t ragic accident.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (140)



Office: 1415 Point Avenue, ROCKFORD. ILL. Telephone 399·6511


Hot·Mix and Cold·Mix - Asphalt Mixtures

Furnished and Constructed


IIht Str • • t QDclla.dl_ An. PMae: TRolaD ' .7. 10 1819 W. lItth ST. THORNTON. ILL. (CHICAGO PLANT)

ENG t ""II:Eltlii m cCarth'f Jmprollement Compan'f


., .. ,,~ , •• 7

';l)av.nf",l, J owa

Peoria Phone 699·3956 AddN .. : R. R. No. 6, Eaat Peoria. Ill.



OffIce Gild PklDl J.oeat-.l 2 mil .. Eal t oj (;all P.oriel OD RL u s 24


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (141)

Chapter Notes PEORIA

District Four

B1' W Al.TER KEE:-;' E

The su re sign of the wimer sea­son is being hl'.;lrd arouml the office; the sounds of bowling ~C(lrcs, team 3vuaKCS, and high avuaKCS. Only four weeks of the season have gone by a t the new alley, hut the prt:-st'a­MIn prediction of Erv Hcsserer's Dc­sign team being in lolst place is hold­ing t rue. T ed Stnusbauj!h is light­ing for the top of the low five. The top five is \ Vnndel! 177, Ch risman 174, Urooks 171 , Humphrey [71, and Sted 170.

Dave H umphrey not only has II

bowling scure to be: pruud of, but 11

baby girl, E vin M arie, born til his wi fe, Rachel, Oetoher 19, 196+. Brenda Kay WMra!1 bowed into 1964 em August 27 to Gerry and Bevt'rly. Suzanne M arie ~ be· came a joyous addition to Don and Kay'!> family on Au~st 25. 1964.

H appiness mllst come in twOS, for Charier Barton was married to Gay Simpson at the Fi rst Haptist Church on Ot:tober 29, 1964, and was ad· vanced to a C.E. II un December l ... t. Others to be congratulated on becuming C.E. II 's are Edward Council , James Shar, and Charles Salldburg.

Vern Barr became District T raffic Engincr.r J uly I, 1964. M el Smith became Assistant En0ncer of Local Roads 011 October 1, 1964. Con· J!ratulations to both o f rou!

Men reccntl), hired in Di~tric t ~ arc: Lyle Looger. E1' I - Robert Erwin, ET I- Ronald Voight, ET I-AI H ultgren, ET J ( back from military duty)-Robert Powell, b:T 1 ( back from military dut),)-Larry H all. ET II- Dave Lockard , CI:: I -Annette SaYre, CE I- and Stt've Van \ \Tinkle, eE II. Stcve h:l ~ a M aster of Science in H ighway & Traffic Engineering degree from TtXllS A & M University.


"Mrs. Annette Sav re perhaps has the unique distinction of being the firs t woman ci\,;1 enf(ineer to work for the Division of H ighw'IYs in the State of Illinois. She started work in R.O.W. design on October 5, 1964. Annette graduated from Brad-

construction castings

PaMerns for 20,000 djfferent Gray Iron and Ductile Iron Co,tings for

Hiqhway-Municipal-Iuildin9-lndustrial Communication-Public Works Airporl-Utilities-Tronsporlation

Write for fr ee copy of 220.page

Catalogue "R, " Fourth Edition


of sound qualify .•• solid .alue •.•

eenah fDUIIOn CO.'An


Ch icago 31, Illinois


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (142)


Chapter Notes Icy University in JUI\~, 1962, but elected to carc for her childr{:n, Kim and SCOtt , full time until recently coming to work in the Peoria office. She intends to join the I.A.H.E. and later become a P rofessional Engi­neer.

Elio Suau recently c(Jllductcd a membership drive on behalf of the I.A.H .E. and happil)' announces the addition of fifteen new men. On the other hand, we :If(' losin!,; Henr)' Chan, ~istnnt Engineer of :\latcr­ials, who is lea\'ing December 15, 1964 and will work in the Chicago area.

PARIS District Five


Promotions & Trans/us: 011 Aug. 16, 1964 Robert M. M cKinney was promoted to the position of Field Engineer with the Dist rict Bureau of Local Roads and Streets. M r. McKinncy began worJ: in the Dis­trict on Oct. 7. 1959 and has wo rked in the Bureaus of Design and Con­struction.

:\'Ir. W arrl"n B. Alieff was ap­poi nted Dist rict Mailllcnance Rridge Enginee r on Sept. 1, 1964. He be­gan his ca reer wim the Division on June 22, 1951 and has had experi­ence in the Bu reaus of Design , Traf­fic, Research and Planning, Mater· ials and Construction.

J oe E. Goodner recently transfer­red to District 10 and Charles. E. Hicks, Paul T . Fleming and Ronald E. Smith were transferred from other districts.

]\IN.U Fous : Armu r M. DiJlner. M arion E. Webber, Patrick: }. Re­g.m, Leland G. Elting and Robert K. Svendsen.

LMfJt: George \V. Conklin and David L. York recently returned from military leave and H erbert W . Linne retu rned from educational leave.

Those emplo)'ces depa rting on mil­itary leave include: Rllnald G. Dem­min, J ohn C. :\100n, ~nd J ohn M. Egan , and those who are continuing their education are Vincent Atkins, \ :Villiam P. Rurrd l, Rnge.r E. Day, David B. Holobaugh, Robe rt A. Longfield, jam('s K. Meisenheimer, Thomas L . Oetgen, Robert L . Plunk, James O. Shrader and J ames C. Veker.


R r:s igl1(lli()l1s: Paul W. Ramsey, Frank \:V. Cheatham and W illiam G. Gillen recent ly departed for greener pastures.

New l'r()/t'uifmal Ellginurs : Con­gratu lations 10 Thoma.~ H . Scheck, who recently passed his registered professional enl{i m:ering exam.

Births: On Oct. 20, 1964 Jeffrey Allen was born to Mr. and :\'irs. Clarence \:Vakefield. Kenneth Carl Seeber joined the F rank Seeber fam­ily on AUI!. 24, 1% 4. Michael Her)'1 \-Vhite was born to Mr. and Mrs. Rob White on Sept. 15, 1964. T odd M erk le T eresi is a recent addition to the Cha rl~ A. T eresi f:Jrnil y.

St:hrJlJling: During the last part of Sept. Don Johnson attended a 2-week comprcht'nsive urban planning semi nar at Northwestern University and at the s;!me time, Harold Allen :md Fred Sta:tts attended an ap­praisal seminar at the University of Chicago. -----


Bridge Office

By P Al· HOC£\'I!~:N AND


DrporlUrts : Melv;n Tamashiro left September 4th to join the M a­terial Research Section, Department of H ighways, Hawaii. Frank Tiley resigned October 2nd to accept a posi tion wim Ralph C. Hahn & As­sociates, Consulting Engineers, Sp ringfield. W e wish the best of luck to both of mese men in thdr new positions.

Birt"s: Rrian Keith en tered the live;; of 80bby and Carol Chilton on August 28th, and Rarbara Ann to \Valter and Peggy Perry 011 Novem­ber 3rd .

Engngt.lIIents : On August 31, Robert Zander bec..1me engaged to Patricia Totoraitis. P at is emplored by me Ill inois Youth Commission and makes her home in Carlinville. No date has b~n set for the wed­ding.

Ch:lTlotte POWt'TS hIor:ame r-ngaged to Gene M cCormick on Octobe r 2nd. Charlotte is employed in the Payroll Section of the Division of Highways and formerly lived in Buffalo. The), wil! he married Feb­ruary 13th at Earl Park, Indiana.

If? t'IMings: The marriage of Jo}'ee MarQuudt to Larry W nnlcs.<t was 11

family affair-that is they both work ill the Hridge Office. The ceTcmon}, took place at the Trinit)' Lutheran Church on September 25th. A re­ception fu llowed for the immediate family.

ViS;/Qrs: Nilofer Imam, from Pakistan, is VISltlllg her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Nabi Fakroddin. She plans to stay for six weeks.

Cr;n!trrncn & J\.!t:r t ingl: ~'r;kc Oz}'urt attended the Prestressed Concrete Conference in W ashington, D. C., September 20th to 25th. George Fischu and J im ' Vavering represented our office at the \-Vdtling Inspection Conference held at Pur­due Universit}', 'Vest Lafayette, In­diana. i'\ovembcr 13th and 14m. Gordon Hen;ol\ and Emile Samara each presented papers to the Fourth Annual Soils Con ference at Spring­field, November 18-19. Their re­spective topics were: " Method for Pile Selection and Usa~c" and "The. Infinitesimal Slice :M ethod of Sta­bilitr Analysis."

C ('1/{',.al: Sheridan Pulley, son Ilf Carol Pulley, has enrolled in Eastern Illi nois University at Charleston. Sheridan plan~ to pursue a career in Law.

Everyone ree~ved a real chewing from Bill Baumann and Carl Thun­man on Frida)', October 9th 1 A de­liciouli ehocnlate cake, whipped up b). Rn nny Kapshandy, was enjoyed br all the troops. T he occasion-a joint celebration of Bill's and Carl's bi rthday, Octuber JO and 13, re­spectively.

The theatre has eaptu red t\\'o peo­ple from me Bridge Office. Par Hogcl'ecn h~d a part in "Gigi" and Vcysel Ozoguz plarcd in "Twelve Angry Men."

John IJcn'lOn, S()n of Gordon and Corri ne Benson, placed sixth in the State Livestl)Ck Judging Contest held at Champaign_ J ohnn)' was en­tered in tough competition, however ; the top five, representing Illinois, went on to win first place national!)' at me Kansas City Royal Livestock Show.

The Ted streak that just passed by WlL" I raj KllSpar in his new '65 Che­vellc M alibu!

Speaking of livestock , ask Everett Rush about his. On second thought --don't!


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (143)

Chapter Notes "ridge Office: mc.n arc really on

the movc---in more wa"s than one. Phil Isenberg has retiT'cd from the: menial chores assexiatcd with home ownership to the more mundane and aerie heights of a Town House Apartment, H enry Sinnock has left the Pa.sfield Apartments in favor of a ranch house in su burban Lamnert Lane. Rudy Sandoval be.lieves in going all the way. The Sandoval! are moving to f{rcene r (and larlZer) pastures on an eiRhty-acre farm they have purchased ncar Cantrall. W e' re not sure about Rudy :lI1d M ary, hut tile kids and horses arc bou nd to love it!

Several engincen are continuing tho r ~tudics through rhe University of Illinois Extension Division. Burn­ing the midnight oil in C E 465 " Be­havior of Structural Metal M em­bers" atc: John Clark, Morris Gan­aden, Russ Garrard, Tom M cCor­mick, Jim Pence, Dill Somme-r, Dave Spon~ler, D ick Taylor, Tom W i 1-

Iiams and Abdolal i Vakil-Mozafari, The course is taught by Prof, F.. H , Gaylord, Jr,

8ureau of Moteriol$


It certainly is good to see Paul Cogan back with us again . A lot !)f

us may have been neglectful in visit­ing with you P au l, but we can enjoy having rou wi th us back at work again. W elcome back, Paul.

\Vell , as with the usual summer, many of us were all the road. Bob Del lert anti Hill n ailing doing their usual liaison work with the district mate-rials en~neers. Hob Colern:m was alj;Q wearing down the pa\'e­ment surface between here and C hi­cago doing a lot of j ustification work.

Hob Hennen of the Il ituminous Lab. is looking forward to his re­tirement. H e is building a new hOll1e in Arkansas. Bob said thaI it will be

completed withill the next fcw months.

Rill and Nonna Carr art' also in the proce~ of building a ncw home. Ri ll is kr'pt busy ( for a change ) look­ing for the best in bui ld ing supplies. Guess we Co1n't blame you, Bill. In­cidentally, it is in the vVestchcster Division. Now r ou knuw where he will be hanging his hat.

Thc leavi ng of the su mmer help hll~ brought II lot o f new f:JcC$ into the labs. George Maier and David \ Vhe:lt are tne new technici ans in tnc ceOlent Jab, with James Steer a new man in the Physical Lan. M ary Ryan is the- new typist in the Chern. Lab. \ Ve wish to welcome ),ou to the Bu reau of Materials.

I KUcs.s everyone knows we havc some sh:LrpsnOOters, or should I say duck shoote rs, in thii Bureau. Gor­don Thomas, C harl ie Mcinty re, and J ohn Ebtrs havc been visiting the duck blinds ludy. I hope that is all they visited. Ray Dunnington vis-








JOE TUCXER. Miuouri Rep .... ntaLl,.. PHONE _ Lo:GRANGE OL 5-4368

ROllERT SCHREMPF. Sal .. Re:pr .. eI1LatiTe PHONE _ MOLINE 783·8335 M. H. CELANDER. Sal .. Repre .. ntcztlT, PHONE - MOLINE 764.8450 K. W. "Duke" NORtoN. SclH aeprea.nLall,.. PHONE _ OTTAWA HEmptL~d 3.(1572 or 3. 1543

Pliou 762-5541




Rockford Blacktop Construction Co. Bituminous Macadam Paving - Bituminous Application - Pre-Mixed Patching Material

Parks and Private Drives-Grading-Grovel and Crushed Stone

IllS W •• lebat,r Dr~ Rockford. Ill.

Pho,", - 877·7475


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (144)

Chapter Notes iter! Colorado in mid October and did some deer hunting.

Larry Dod)!c is still recuperating in the hospital. I f at dl possible, why don't some of you men drop b}' to sec Larry, o:ven for a few minutes. I knuw that thefe arc'. still a few old faithfuls that still make it a point to visi t the sitko

, ·Valt Dombrowski WiI$ hospital­ized for a short time. Glad to see fHU back at work nnd feeling better.

Hill Miller, a fonner employer has rt-[urnt'd to work in the Engint:cring Office.

Gary Ernst is on 1I 6 month mili­tilry leave at Fort I\.nox. Kentucky. Left, Right. Left. Right j pick up that step. Ernst.

I would like to take this opportun­ity in wishin~ everyone a very )" Ierry Christmas and a ver)' healthy and prosperous N ew Year.

Bureau of Design

B:r T . RA Y ). ! ASlANKA

Trfllls/I'ru: LYNN TAYLOR was transferred from Local Roads to the Road P!an~ :md Contract Sec­tion on Scptr.mhcr 16. He is a grad­uate of Springlirld H igh School, class of 1960. Before the ch:UlgC, he had 3 summer's cxperie:nc~ with the State. H e attended Illinois CoUe/,."C in Jacksonville for 2 rears, then studied one semester at Kansas State Uni\'e:rsity. Lynn matriculated last at the Uni\'ersity of Illinois where he W,L~ a student for nne year. He intends to complete his education and obt::lin his degree in the very near futu r~,

Births .- It was Au/{u5t 26 when th e: ductor dapped JULIE AJ'.IN on the hoo!'t:y alld she anrounced her presence: in this world. The weiKh­in showed a healthy 7 Ibs., 9 oz. The proud and happy parents are JOHN and ' l ARGO ORU)'!.

(l rnrml: Everyone was glad to see Art Evans baek on the job after his illntiS.

"LINDSEY ROLLS 647." This is typical of the ~purts lu.;adliucs DEN;.JIS LINDSEY has br*.n making in the local gazette Intel),. "Lindsey Tops City Keglcrs" with !I sin!!."le high game of 234 in a 643 seri6. H e has made the news Iline times since Sr.ptembcr I with srort's of 585 or bettl'r. H e will go to the ARC Tournan1\'nt :tt Minneapolis-


St. Paul 00 April -l- and 5. This is his fifth year ill the Ie:aguc:s. His abili tv ami efforts have netted him 13 trophi~.

I.A .If.E. Ccmtlrnfion Nrws." It was unfOrtunate that mure engi nee rs were not able to attend the very en­lightenill!! Convention last month. The Chicago Chapter went all-out to put 011 this great show. Each ~es· sion and program was fiUed to ovcr­Rowing and en thusi:HticaUy "artici­pated in.

LARRY GODDARD, our I::x­r:cutive Secretary, indicated that a health insurance program would be received favornhly. A bill has been pr~pared with sponsors ready to pre­S("nt it to the State Legislature. H e bdievtS that thl" I.A. H .E. will grow til the point where it will requirr a full·time staff tu handle its affairs. I t is also his intention to make the publication of nur magazine self-sul)­porting through revenues obtained from advertising. He is ulready within a few dollars of achit"ving this.

PROFESSOR ELLIS DAl' ­NER gave a report on the work he­ing done Ill' the Illinois H ighway Stud\' Commission. It is making a stud~; of tlUT entire highway system in which 2860 various governmental agencies are in\'olved. A Summar)' Report, to he prepared b)' the Com­mission, is tn be presented to the General Assembly in 1967. This re· port is to cover such subject~ a~ clas­~ifring all systems accordin£ to It!\'el of services and the agencies invoh'ed : determinin/{ the needs of each type of system i practical and realistic methods of financing i hi~hway ad­ministrative agencies; specific prob­lems such as moving and relocating pr:eple in urban areas, and ktl'.ping in mind the problr·ms of all transpor· tation systems, not just highways; and how to ohtain Federal aid in funds alld technical assistance,

RALPH RROWN , En~neer of Roadway Planning, presented a dis· (tlurse on what lies ahead. \Vhen the I ntf:rstate Sr5tcIll ill completed in 1972- what then? There. will be a highway pro/{ram; a continuation of studies and improvements. The sum ­mary Report to the General Ass~m­bly will divul~c areas that will ha\'c to be considercd i highway ~ystl"1l1 classification, congestion, revenue, removing obsolescence, highway

standards !tnd safety. H e also said that the Inte rsta te System is to he extended to 60.000 miles in the fu­ture ; that planning and feasability programs should be started now. The Illinois Higllwl\r Study Commis­sion's studv will be the Statc's best stud\· of the areas mentioned above,

FRA NCIS s. LORE~lZ, Difl'C­tor, spoke nn Sa fety On T he High­wars. H is look into the future in­dicate;; th:H there wit] be an Mti­mated 230 million people in the United StntC5 in 1976. Along with that, about II i million automobi les will be registered hy then. No one has to think twice about the proh­lems these will bring for the High­way Division. particularly in Safety.

It was nice to learn that we arc: workin~ for one of the best hiKhway d~partnlcnts in the. country, one whose operations other cnj:tincer~ strive tn equal.

Aerio l Survey Section BJ' H. C. H EINE, J R.

On Saturdn), Novem~r 21, 1964, a young deer slayer left for the woods to stltlk a deer. 1\1onda)' morn­ing he brought the head of a four ­point buck tu ~how us. H e was vcry d:uoo about getting his first dec:r. In th(: melee, he fo rgot to mention the fact th,lt his sc:rond child was horn on that Suu rdav about ten min­ute; :dter he had returned from the dcer hunt. That's what would he called rerfect tim ing.

Our office howling team has been ill fourth place fo r the past several weeks. \ ,Ve afe seven poinu out of second place. T he team is now clowil to five members. John Becker. Jr., Orvis Dalbey, Donald Eastcp, H . C. H eine, Jr., and James ·Wheder.

Our Chief, H. L. Brantley had a weeks rest cure at St. John's Hos­pital thi~ Summer. Right now, he and Ai rs. Rr:mtley are: on a two­wceks vacation heading for Hot Springs, Arkansas and points \Vest.

Some of our F ield Engineers have been husy stlrveying the buildin£ site of our nt:w Offiee Buildi ng which will ~hdter tht Springfield H ighway Division Personnc:i . It is ptanoeli on being a four·stor)' Office: Stlitding and will be \'isible frmn Bypass 66 and FAt -55.

At this time, our Personnel is looking forward to the Thanks~iv. ing Holidars Rnd ali>O t.o our C h rist·


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (145)

Chapter Notes mas dance to be held 011 December 19. \Vc wish to extend our most heartfelt greetings to all of lllinois Highway Division Personnel. May all of their wishes b(' fulfilled.

Bureou of ConsTruction


Robert Schmidt, Robert Apple­man, John iJierkes, and Ralph Dun­can an: a~,;emhling data, notes, pic­[ure~ and examples ill preparation fur the annual Construction-Materials ~zninars tel he held in each District starting about the middle of J"nuary [965. The seminars arc held each year to discuss the construction anti materials problems' of last season and to present remedial action to avert repetition of the same problems ill the new \'ea r.

Donald L. Lamb and Edward K. Woodman, both of the Bureau of Cunstruction, have made application for membership in tht IABE. Don is a CE II in charge of the COfe Drilling SectiOn and has becn with this l:Ju n~au since 1961 . \Vood v is a ET 11 and is the Uu rtau's st;ltis­tieian. In addition to the many re­pOrts, records, and maps that he maintains. he is a walking source of mi;;cdlaneous information and prac­tical jokes. Woody has b~en in the Bureau since 1951.

Construction News Bjl 'W'AY~E BRIOOS

EffeCtive August I, 1964, ]. L. McCumber, former Construction Enginccr, who has been at St. John 's Sanatl)rium sincc January 2, 1964, was given a leave of absence due to illness. ' .

C. F.. Johnson was promoted from A"l>istant Construction Engineer to

Construction Engineer effective Au­gust I. 1964.

C. E. Taylor has finshed his jobs on R()utc 29 and is now working as Construction General in the office.

J . T. Davison is now FAS Super­vis<lr in the District.

These mcn are now working on final estimates:

J. E. Canady, J r. ~ Inters tate Signing and Fencing

L . E. Winslow-'I'arlorville By Pass

]. C. Stuemkt-Lin.lit Street at L incoln

1\1. H. H aynes ~ 4th Street at Quincy


H. A. 0Isen~Rt. 24 Rushville to Ripley

R. E. PedigO-Rt. 96 Belleview to Mozier

P. P. 11adonia~Dearborn Strcl·t in H avana

V. C. Rcichle-Rt. 121 at La­tham

The followillK resident eng-ineers arc sti II Oil the job:

D. H. Paoni~Bridge over South Fork near Rochester

R. L. Turner~Bridge o~'er Flat Branch ncar Taylorville

R. D. Brown~U.S. 67 lIear Vir­ginia

T. G. Steinberg~Rt. 104 Jack­soilville to Chapin

J . G. Quinn~Rt. 104 Pawnee to Kineaid~Joint State and common­wealth Edison Project

A. G. Roughlc)" resident engineer, i~ hmpitalized due to a ~crvice con­nected injury incurred on the Jack­SlJllvillc to Chapin job.

OtJII'I" Nt'i./,'s : Bill DeH art in De­sign is still active on the Critical Path Program, although the prog­ress does not scem as dramatic as in the past.

Bud IHacchio and his co;;t stud y crew. Abbott, Frank. and Niehelwn are still laying lines and preparing plans, occasionallr even pn:panng material for hearings.

Chuck Nelson is now the district Utility man, replacing Curt Hub­bard .

Bob Lcomis h:L~ a new crew in his right of 'Val' t:ndeavon;, "Pete Ka­pusta, Vern Reichle, and Adolf YIantei, repbcing \Vinkem , Blim­kem, and .NO<!.

Ed Brooks, Assistant Maintenance Engineer, and Donald Fahs, Assis· tant Traffic Engincer, recently spent thret· enjoyable d!1},s in Montecello attending a management clinic.

Right of \V;lY department with John McKibbin. Ed Foutch, Bob Mander, and "Vayne Briggs back from the University of Chicago are busy, as usual, now w(lrking on the Central I llinois Expressway, and Clarence Darrell Edwards has bce.l\ active in court action in three coun­ties.

Hill Harrows in Research and Planning has had his hands full with 9 new male employees and 8 new female employees, who are c.onduct­ing cxtensi\'e studies and imerview'$.

Juyce Mclntyre, maintenance Sec-

retary. reccntly r!;signt'.U. as the l\1c­lntyrcs afC smlO to become parents.

Con~truction Secreta!)', Nonna Sutton , a natural for a sweet job, has opened "Su tton's Sweet Shop," and is now taking orders for peanut hrittle.

And finally, just today the Dis­trict W ;IS vi~ited hy twl) downtown experts, Dean M etcalf and Bud Rates.


On September 20th , the \VIA­H e's Organization celebrated its 5th Anniversary Tea in the home of our president Nfrs. Edward Brooks. Being on Sunday, from 2 ~30 to 4 :30, it was a huge success, with many new wiv!$ joining our membe.rship.

Mrs. Zolton Rethy was ch airman, with Mr •. Ellis Huteh~wn and com­mittee as;isting. ~lrs . Rethy made a vilriety of delicious Hungarian pastries, :ncluding a hcauthllly dcc­orated anniv('rsarv cake.

All agreed, the tea was a delight­ful mcctinf!; of new and present mcm­bas.

\Vith leaves falling and the cool brisk winter weather setting in, our October mceting was held downtown at the Sc(,:urity Fcdcral fluilding. Thc program was presented by 1\1r5. J ohn Licbman~a book review on the Control of the Population Ex­pl()~ion, cntit lt~d, "The Vine and The Olive," by :Vl argaret C. n'Ulning. Cllairmar. was 1\1 rs. H . I. Shively, assisting was Mrs. A. Noel Jamison.

I n preparation for the Christmas Holidays, the November meeting w as held at the 'H oliday 11111. Mrs. Jack Harman gave a dt:monstration on " H ow to make D ectHations out of Odds and Ends." M u. Robert L(}()mis Md Mr~. W . ]V1. Marshall were chairman and co--chairm:m of the event.

We are looking forward to many more informative and interc~ting programs for "65." We wish you all~Happy 'H olidays.

EFFINGHAM District Seven

B), JI'" C.U.HOON" New c:hapter officers for 1965,

de~tecl ~t tht: Decemher 9, 1964 meeting arc Edward Greihu, Presi­dent; D a\'id Smith, Vice-President; Ross Sechrest, Secretary; Arthur


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (146)

Chapt e r Not e s Fuesting, Treasurer; Kenneth Will, Sgt.-At-Arm5; Don Kenneaster, Terry M iller, Keith Betts, Charles knight, and Bobby KeU as Trustees; Ray \Vente, Director.

New technical employees at Dis­triet 7 nrc James Ernst anll Richard Rabe r CE J's_

Lost were Ron Mou nt, CE I I I , to the tluarry business, Bob Powell, CE II , to a northern Illinois con­tfuetor, Samih i\1u:;:;ullun, CE II I. and Otmar Speth CE I to the lJur­eau of P ublic Roads.

New M embers tn I.A. H.E. are Gerald Mathy, Jack Johnson, and J ames Ernst.

A dinner meeting lVas held at the Holiday Inn on OCt. 14th with twelve members and eighteen Kuests in attendancc_ After the dinner a short business meeting was held fo l­lowed by slides of a trip to the Worlds Fair by Nile Blood. I am surt' the program was enj oyed by aU in attendance.

We e..'\:tend ou r sympathies to l\1r. james binkhell er, past presid ent and past director of our chapter, pres­end}' District Engineer at Elgin for the death of his mother.

New family additions to report are a d:lUghter, Julie, to M r. & M rs. J erry Broom and a son, Michael , to M r. & M rs. Richard Dietzen,

EAST ST. LOUIS District Eight

Design First of all we wish to extend our

congratul:itions to five member;; of ou r team who have added to the number of exemptions they can claim from Uncle Sam each April 15th. Our fri endly American Indian, K. P. Yadava now has his second son, Ravi. Also, its been a big mon th for the letter " H .I> Besides heari ng a lot about football, Bob H arms, Chuck Hudson, Alan Henderson and A]il H asnain all had girls--or we should sar their wives did, one each.

"Ted" Ellicott, the " Little Old Brewmaster ," says that after an evening on his pri:te home brew, )'OU

awake the next morning with a taste in your mouth like a covey of quail had roosted there all night.

The "Game of Kings," better known as ch~, has taken on a new dimension wnmn-er a J!:roup of ou r __ '""" .. ~ _ "I'hc game: is ..

originally intended to be played by two individuals who match wits and ~ kil1 against each other. The games we watch , however, have an air simi­lar to that of a haseball game. The contestants have the roles of man­agers of the teams, and do have the final colIscnt on what play to make.

The spectators, known as kibit­zers, can be. hea rd eternally shouting "Take his bishop!" "Trade him knights!" " Fork H im !" and other ~imilar remarks. Once the move has been made, the comments change tu "Whadya do that for, knucklehead?" or "1\'"ot thllt one, ),O U idiot!" or even to " Now there's :t pregnant move for )'a 1"

At any rate, we all welcome the idea of more Spci:t.1tor pa rticipation in the somber game of chess. Kibit­zer's motto for utmost enjoyment: " H olle:r 10udt!S t and be wrong mosl­cst !"

And to anyone who's silly enough to read this, best wishes for a Bics!;Cd Christmas Season.

Research e nd Planning

The Research and Planning Dt':­partmen t has been a rather bus)' place since the revisioll and rc-inven­tory program started . But this pro­gram ha. .. not stopped Keith Q ':VIaI­ley from vacationi ng in Las Vagas. !"'::eith promised to break the bank, bu t we arc expecting him to return on a empt)' tank of gas and a pair of glasses, as we hear the sights are very exciting there. \¥c havc re­ceived two postcards and so far he is staying above the table, and over the hump.

Recently M al Graham and wife journeyed up north to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit their daughter. \Vhite there, M al finally took every­one's advice and wellt to H ell, in 11ichigan .

Our Leader and Chid, john Dan­zer, got his scouts together and pre­sented the Cava1c:tde of Scouting. While he was gone he had an un­fortunat e thing happen. :\'l al Grll­ham suddcn l}' got drastically ill and was rushed to the hospital. We are very glad he returned in good con­dition.

Right of Wa y

Right of \ 'Va), has added £\'1'0 new emplo}'ccs and lost two. The two

new ones are--Robert Phillips ·who formerly managed a iar):te lumber compan}' and Charles W ells an ex­apprai~r for F. H .A. in Louisiana. The two lost are - Jerry Imming who went to work for Anheuser­Busch Brewery and Jim Dahm whom U nde Sam chose to bolster the staff of Fort Leonard Wood for the next six months. \ Ve can all hreathe easy now, with jerry looking ovt' r our I~r and J im watching ov('r ollr cOlin try, what else of importance is tht' re to worry about.

The "Old Fishermen" an "unor­g:mization" consisting of ;' \Vhitie" Her~t'f, Charlie W ells, John W in­ning and Ron Ziska hdpl:u end a long drought in southern Illinois by going on a fi shing trip several weeks ago. Over fifty days without so much as a heavy dew and we pick the weekend of winter's first man· soon. Thanks to Charlie Well 's southern methods of fishing we had enough fish for a good meal. Charlie also had a fi shing almanac with help­ful tip~ but we came to the conclu­sion it musl only be good for Lou isi-ana.

Ron Ziska is back [0 telling fish stories, or maybe I should say duck stories. Ron claims that he killed four ducks with thra: shots. Rick Kaehigian has a shotgu n for sale, ';it'5 in perft:ct shape" says Rick, "except for a missing firing pin, a broken stock and a blown out choke."

Four members of our staff have furthered their knowledge of ap­praising in the last few months. Verne \oVeber and f,\~ih i tie" Berger wen t to Chicago and took courst: N umber I given by the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers. Two weeks later Frank Lockerby and Ron Ziska took course Number 2.

Dick Flaugher a retired member of the Right of W ay staff who has bet:n keeping in touch with us re­ports he is going to do somethi ng about this oa.~ ty winter weather, he is goirl lo: to Floricla ann isn't !.:oming back until April.

Last but not least something about our " bowling team"? A comment by Cha rlie W ells sums it up fairly well -" we have too many rollers and not enough bowle rs." I hope all the nasty remarks about them spurs them into action.


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (147)

Chapter Notes Traffic News

A couple of members of our D c· partm('nt and their wives .attcnGl"o the recent LA.H.E. convention. 1\1r. & Mrs. H arold Ruffner and Mr. & Mrs. H arvey H offman thorou~hlr enjoyed their wet:ke.nd trip to Chi­cago.

This seems to be a good time to mention the progress of the Traffic Department Bowling Team. Har­old Ruffner, Tony Leone, Hob J ones, H arvey Hoffman and Gene H ei1 form the team which is cu rrendy lead ing the Highway Department League by a CQup]c of games. \Ve' re hoping that by the time this article is printed, we will still hay!:'. the lead.

On October 21, the Traffic En· gincering Association of Metropoli­tan St. Louis held a night meeting ;tt

Augustine's Restaurant in Belleville. This was one of the rare meetings held hy this organization on our side of the river and most members of our Department attended. G eorge Shan­ahan, Assist,Ult Chief H ighway En­gineer, was the main speaker and gave a talk on tht organization of the Highway Department.

Se\'eral of the Engineers from Traffic arc also planning to attend the 1964 Illinois Traffic Forum on Dec. 3. This confertmce is sponsored bv me TlI inois D ivision of the AAA. Automobile Club and the Illinois Municipal League. Several very fine speakers are on me program and we are looki ng forward to a very in­formative conference.

One member of our D epartment will be leaving soon. to defend our country. Mike Kuhn has joined the Air Force Reserves and is expccted to leave for act ive dut), at the end of January. Since Mike will only be in for six months, we arc hoping the Air Force will recover.

loeol Roods Qnd Streets

Vac:ltion~ are tht big news items from this office, as follows:-

Pauline (our secretar)') and J erry H urwitz ( Engineer of !vIarerials ) returned from a November vacation at Miami Beach, Florida.

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schwaab are planning a Florida vacation, lare in November, at Clearwater Beach.

J erry L ieber has returned from an October vacatiOn at Titu~ville, Flo r­ida, near the Cape. J erry visited rel-


atives and toured the Cape's Missile complex.

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Burg headed W est in September and vacationed at Las Vaga..~, San Francisco, Disney­land and points in between.

Mr. & M n. Louis Burg and Mr. & i\1rs. James Taylo r were privi­leged to attend the LA.H .E. COIl­vention, recentl r held at the Flying Carpet l\Il otor Inn, ncar Chicago, l liinois.

CARBONDALE District Nine

By "V. E. STAJ,J,;.' .... N It's this time of year that finds the

D esign D epartment with plentr of " nuts and bolts" work on its hands and only the regu lars available to crank it out. \ ,Vith summer students and their work now history, and with the extended construction sea­son keeping the an ticipated ex tra helpers in the field, it has now boiled down to one engineer per job, and one draft.~man fM e~·er}' four jobs, if you're lucky.

The untimely ami shocking death of Rar Buehacker, District Estimat­ing Engineer. left quitt a valuahle and important posi tion to he filled. Bill Schwegman has been assigned the position and will handle all de­sign work for that section also:

The Design " Front" office has been quite bu~y getting the final alignment of fnterstate 24 in readi­ness. Various public hearings and meetings with the State of Kenhlckr have devdoped a line which can be called final, although the Lofton At­nip Section continues to work on cost estimates for new alignments and variations of old ones.

As preliminary work on 1-24 con­tinues, the Dave IVlyers su rver party hali been busy pushing the agreed line across the Ohio R iver into Ken­tucky. River crossings are the true test of the " woodsman" aspect of the su rvey crew and this one is n() ex­ception, as a portion of the line goes through Fort M assac State Park, quite a heavily wooded area, bu t quite scenic.

Vvork continues on F.A. Route 14, from Carbondale east to Carter­ville, 11 much needed improvement. The addition of the south lanes will allow the heaviest tnwelecl highway in Southern Illinois to grow with

Carbondale, Southern Illinois Uni­versity, and the surrounding ar~a .

Su rvey work has begun on the ad­ditional lanes f rom Carbondale to Murphysboro also, in anticipation of construction in the very ncar future.

Active design COntinues on F.A.l. 57 in P\l laski County by the Atnip section, while the Carbondale Couple and a Tamaroa section are keeping M . R. Lawrence and his group equally bus),. J 031: Rui"" of thill ~ce­tion recently became a pap.l, the father of a baby girl.

Several new faces to the Design office include Gene Beard, D on J ones, and P aul Rasmusen, all of whom have been assigned to Lofton Atnip.

J erry Westerland and Rodger J ackson have been transfered to field su rvey parties from the office work.

"Wimpy" Shelton and " Big Hear" Lawrence were quite fortunate to

attend several matches in the "Vorld Pool Tournament at }ohnston City recently. Pool seems to be a win ter substitute for golf as the chief topic in the men's washroom.

Due to the ve ry dry weathcr that has prevailed. construction season has been going strong. All paving on l nterstate 57 in Fr<!.nklin COuntv h,L~ been completed. This will enable a seventeen mile stre tch to he opened soon. In Pulaski County earthwork on Interstate 57 is almOSt to grade. On this job Earl LeFevre is filling in for Ed Bottom, who recently un­derwent a.n operation. The new bridge at Golconda has been opened to traffic where Ralph Coffey is Res­ident Engineer. A new section of pavelllcnt in Randolph County has bccn opened to traffic where Bob Zieba was in charge. The first con­tinuously reinforced pavement in this district is being built in Williamson County where Chas. L. Miller is Reside·nt Engineer.

Dale Bailey and Ed Ripley spent a very educational (and enjoyable) week while attending a Soil-Cement Seminar ~ponsoH:d by the Purtiamj Cement Association. Lester H ol­comb, AS5istant [',,1aterials Engineer, is spendi ng his "spare" time super­vising the construction of his new home.

The Bure.au of Right of W ay is still buzzing over local football re­S\!lts. Th e annual Carbon-


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (148)

Chapter Notes dale-:\·l urphysho To j!amc duced more comment than


usual with twit ~etari~ heing wi ves of J'vI urphysboro coachrs. Incidently. one of thuse effi~ient ;;ecrera ries, M idg:e Graeff, has recentl), moved into her new home and ilH'ites every­one to drop in for a visit.

Ethan " Buzz" Elliott, Sidney Smi th, and Rohert Smith recendy r~­turned from the R.O.\oV. Appraisal Courses a t the University of Chi­cago. J ohn H aagul: recently com­pleted two major transactions. H is wife gave birth to a bahy girl- to go with three boys, and he p\irch!l.~ed a home in H t:rrin. Many ()f the R.O.vV. personnd arc in the midst of anuthcr cust st udy brought un hy propn~cd changes of I ntcr~tate 24 alij!nmcnt.

Vacations have been the fad re­cently. ]. L. Burnett traveled thruugh the \V est; F rank \1 ayhall has been dm::k: hunting, playing go lf, etc.; Sidney Smith is building a horse (?) barn; Tom Gilchrist ramhlt:d to and th rough Florida ; and H arold H of~tc.tt(~r followci hi ll wife around at the various anti(Ju~ sales. Hob Smith and Alex Zcdialis arc saving

their time ro move inro their !lew homes.

We all congratulate Paul H . :\1il­ler, who was recently promoted to

the position of Distri~t Maintenance Engint:er, filling the \'acancy created hl' the promotion of J ames Newton. Roy Gibson has al~ been transferred to the Bureau of ).rlaintenance frolll Construction. All the ]Vlain tenance Field Enb';neers bave been busy pre­hl:llliug tht: "arious naining pro­gr'Ufl$. Everyone shoul(1 be well vt"TSt:d 011 both "Fall" and " \Vinter" work now.

Becau~ of the Carbondale Area T ransportation Study, organized cunfusion reigns in the Bureau of Research and Planning.

TIl(' Bu reau ()f Planning in Dis­nict 9, in cooperation with J ackson County, the City of Carbondale, and Suuthern Illinois University, is presently gathering information by means of home interviews, roadside interviews, and interviews with truck owne rs to update the 1958 Lochner Report. The Bureau 1I0r­mallr l-ollsisting of n ine men , has grown to mure than double this number, including ttmpOrarr and regular empluyees. The regular em-


ployccs \vcrc bcgged, borrowed, and stolen from other Bureaus.

CHICAGO District Ten


Chicago has had its turn at host­ing the Association's allnual cOllven­tion and has \\',\lked off with top honors. Everyone of the four hund­red plus Co!wcntioners seemed to have ~ great time and walkcd (Iff siuging praise!> tu thc Chicago com­mittee who did all the work. ( De­tails of the convention can be found ds:ewhe.re in this issue) .

Before leaving the convention, I believe you all will be heartened tQ know that the association is working for an increase in the sala ry brackets which. if enacted, would raise the range of a Cc I I r, for example, from the prescnt %75-$875 to a new range of ;5750-$1000. The propo!iC:d bracket changes for the other grades may be obtained from anyone attend­ing the Saturday business session, A wdl aimed program of less tangiblc goal~ was also proposed by the Plan­ning and Programming Commi ttee.

Virden E. Staff, chief state highway engineer, cago was transferred to Springfield to succeed Shan-ann(}unced di~trict office as well as general head- ahan. (Iuarters change>; Dec. 22, which were effective a..'i '1'wo new offices have been <!stahlished with of J an. I. headquarters in Springfield. R. E. Howermaster

The chanJ;:"cs werc made in order to strengthen will head the bureau of ad ministrative services. T he other office, to be known as the office of public rela-

downstate areas where much of the remaining work tions, will b, hCilded by George E. Schuppe of on interstate routes is located. Springfield.

George H . Shanahan of Alton was transferred District 8 cngi neer \¥ill iam S. Krause of East

from assistant chief highway cngin<!cr at Springfield 51. Louis was n:assigned to the position of exped iting

to special a.~signment$, including an operations re- enginecr of construction in rile East St. Louis com-

view of Southern Il!inois distric ts. plex. Roht:rt Kronst of Chicago was transferred ff()m

Roger F. Nusbaum of Glen Ellyn, former depu- Assistant District 10 engineer 01 expressways " ty chief highway engineer with headquarters ill Chi- C hicago to District 8 engineer a.t E ast St. Louis.


Water Works, Sewerage, Bridges, Street Improve- EXCAVATING AND DRAINAGE ments, Airports, Valuations, Rate Investigations,

Highways, Surveys TELEPHONE 442-0253

S1I Main Street Hillsboro, Illinois P. O. BOX 793 DANVILLE. ILLINOIS


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (149)


Jenkins, Merchant & Nankivil Consulting Engineers

Municipal Improvements Highways 6: Airports Power Deveiop:nen! TraHic Surveys

F100d Control

Gas Systems Water Systems

Sewerage Systems Industrial Plants

Recreational Facillties Investigations and Reports

801 -80S East Millar St. Springfield, lli. Phone: 217-523-5694

Consoer, Townsend & Associates Consulting Engineers

Sewage treolmeol, sewers, storm drainage, flood conlrol - Waler supply and trealment - Highway

and bridges - Airports - Urbon renewal - Electric (lnd gas transmission lines - Rote studies, surveys

and valuations - Industrial and institutional buildings.

3&0 East Grand AWI "loIe ChicQ90 11, Illinois

Robert Hofmann & Associates Consulting Engineers

Reqistered Prole .. lonal Engln •• r. ODd Land SW"Ieyolll Reqllltered Strllctural EnQlneer.

106 Rinr Street Dixon, Illinois Pho. 284·0641

320 N. Fourth St. Rockford, Illinois

Pho. 964·2897


Walter E. Hanson & Company ENCINEEIIS - CON SULTANTS

Registered Structure I cnd Prefenionol Engineers,

Bridges and Grade Separation Structures, Dams, $oil Tests and Foundations,

Roods and Streets,

1221 South 6th St. Springfield. Dlinois

Phone: 211·521·2566



... Bridge ond Grode Separations

... Roods and Streets

... Municipal Improvements

1622 South 5th Street Springfield I11lnois

De Leuw, Cather & Company Consulting Engineers

Public Transit Traffic & Parking Highways Urban Renewal

Subways Railroads Municipal Works Port Development

165 West Wacker Drive. Chicago 1

BoatoD Bulfolo Newark New York W ... loIo'l ton Oklahoma Cily Scm f'«mdat;O

Johnston, Westenhoff and Novick, Inc. Consulting Engineers


Soils Mechanics Waterfront Structures

Railroad Facilities


Foundations Airports

Traffic & Parking

Municipal Engineering

28 E. JackaoD BI.,d,

Cbloo'Jo 4. mlDola


212 N, ,til SI. &ut St. Lou1a. lIlil10Ul

CRAWFORD. JlURPHT G TILLY. iDe. CODsultiDK lIDgiDBers 755 S outh G1'and A venue, West Spl-1ngjield, Illinois 62704


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (150)

jUJt in 1un She-'TIll afraid J can'! afi()Td

that operation now." He-uNo. I t looks like you'll

havt' to t"lk about yuur old one for another ~'(';(r."

One hunurccl men and twu wom!:n cooks wt're employed :!.t a C:maJian lllmlx-r camp. The owner, a stickler for business-like procedure, wrote to hi~ fort'man:

" JI,'I nkc your report>: hrid :1nrl Sllapp). Don't ",a~ te word_~. Givt' pr('Ci~ figllTt·s. T ime is 1ll(lnt:y. Re­membt'r this."

Till" foreman's next monthly re­port rcat!:

" L :lSI mOllth tWI) pt!r cent of th r. Ilwn marr;t'd 100 JX'T cent of the women."

Offict'r ( to man pacing ~id~walk at 3 a.m.)-'·\Vhat are rou doing ou t here ?"

Gt'ntleman - "I forgot my key, Officl!r, and I 'm waiting for ffi)' chil­drcn to C(Jffie home and let me in,"

A fus:;:y old 1;1(11-, un her waV to Nt!w York fo r the ilrst time, ann;)yed the conductor hy her many q\l tstions.

"Conducto r, does this train SlOp in Grand Centra! Station ?"

" :\ladalll, there will he a terrible wreck if it doesn ' t. "

• ~t;. in ·CIl\S$ ~ I ~ 2 to -S boon requITed. Jt-


tn1X' pb.,tI~, tet l'Icttlally low.,...

ntfot 18.. NI. oomp~ve

iD ,-_ readY­P~ at O'H.b) lat.maQ~ ..

'(8 _!(eli br f.st, elftcie,« Aeld Sllrvb. WaU. Qr ~De fo4q. A- pnMtuet ,,1 ~ .. d AIdT

~';it·! a •• on. vt R. Ctatt 6 ~

r-!~i;];~;eo.S1'IIUCTlO" C_IC.U._ . f tIIInp, 11II .... :.~1!.=· =~::!:!~~

\Vaiter-"Yes si r, we're vrr)' up to date. Evcry thing !It'fI' is cooke{\ b" e1et:tricitl' ." 'Oiner- ';'] wunder if \ 'OU would

mind giving thi~ steak anotha shm.:k ?"

Sume tilTH' ahe-r the la~t war. ~vcrll! men in a bar mom wen' dis­cussing One of the baules,

A licu tt!nant, tellillg his lersion of it, was interuptcd h~' a fonller cap­tain, who c:) rrcetN him 1m several puints. He, in turn, was contra, dit,tt'_d b)' :a II1:m who claimed In be a m:ljor anti told a difh:n:llt stury. Pn:st'mly a fourth m lHl spoke up.

" Gell tlt:lIlen, 1 was in that (iJ!!ht. Perhap~ 1 can rl'ff(~~h you r mt'morics a little." And he gave a Quirt but prrciSc: account of the action.

" 'vVhat was yuur Tank, ~ir?" asked tht bartender?

" I W,IS a private," hf" replied , pre­paring tu leal'e. " How much d!) I owt rOil T!JT tht drinks?"

"Not a thing, sir, not a thing," said the bartender. "Yuu're the very first privatt I '\"e ever met. "

" 'hen a ~roup of women got on the car, evcty seat was atread)' oc· cupit~d. The conductor noticed a man w ho seemed ttl be asleep, and, fearing: that he mig:ht mis.<; his 5U1p ,

he Jludgcd him and said: "Wakc up! " I wasn' t asle-ep," the man pro­

testel!. ":-':Ot asleep? Hu t you had rour

C~'l'$ closed," ,, ' kn!)\\,. I just hate to look at

ladies standing up in a crowded car."


IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (151)


... PrecIS! ceps end blCk-uFo slabs In place. Boltl .re let In pillnll:, and pr.­cut plank' ". hung In p leI .

•. . at surprisingly low costs .

Specify the life expectancy of poured abutments with Nelsen precast back-up and wing planks ... custom made for variable depths and pile spacing.

Nelsen Precast Bridge Units and Features •.•

Back-up and wing s labs

Span Lengths ... 12' to 40' in standard precast lengths.

Loadings ... H15·S12-44 and H20-S1S-44 with or without wearing surface.

Tolerance • .. . depth }i'; length U" in 10',

Posts ... meet or exceed AASHO requirements.

Preca,t Cap •... dowel holes, crowns, and leveling screws are provided for use with all types of precast caps.

Tran.v. r •• Bridge Slabs . . _ precast complete with crowns and leveling screws . . . for long span structures and heavy.duty temporary bridges.

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (152)

" .. " a

c " 0"" ec~ o-~ _ €= ­o <0 •

::: .. . ~ .. ,.., .. "'0 . - " :iNc....


For the McLean Chicago Terminal, they specified concrete pavement and cement·treated base

The all-new McLean Trucki ng Company 'ferminal at 8ridgeview. Illinois. i!> one of the largest motor freighL terminals in the nalion I)focessing enormous amou nts of cargo to a nd from major marketK in the Midwest, the East and lhe SotlLh.

Aware of the need for dependable pavemcnt.<; serving the im mense 123-door terminal, designers wisel y specified concrete a nd cement-treated base. These pavement materials were selected pri· marily bec.."lUse of t.heir ability to carry repeated he:lvy wheel loads. Long ribboru of concrete dolly pads are surrounded by acres of cement-treated base lOPped with a bituminolls wearing surface. The results: :1 la rge paved ~,rea that will remain level and unrutt.ed for many years.

Concrete and cement-treated base-used sepnrately or togNher-are the preferred choices for paving roads. street,>. shoulder;;, airports, and parking areas. To<by's designers know that concrete and cement-t reated base provide more durabili ty and strength per dollar. WdLe looay for addi·

. tional information.

They made it possible The McLean Chicago Terminal , lIhown above, is a tribute to modern freilil:ht terminal desiKn . The following organizationll made it a reality. OWNER :

Malja Corporlltion (Real E~tate Sub~idia ry of McLean Truck­ing Company. Win~ton·Salem, N .C. ) ARCHITECTS, t;:«GINP:;l!!~ :

Ralph Stoeuel, Inc. , Chicago, 1II. CE NERAL CO:-JTRAC'roR : T be r.l1ington Miller Co., CbicaiO, m . PAVING CONTRACTOR: Ready Pa\'ini, Chicago Ridge, Ill .

PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 111 W. W",1I1nlton St.. Chicaao. llilnoi. 60602

AM orgQNi.a/;on 10 impra" and .~Clld /lie UHf oj eoner.k

IAHE Fastlane 1964 - [PDF Document] (2024)


How to learn ECG fast? ›

10 Steps to Learn ECG Interpretation
  1. Learn the Basics of a 12-lead ECG Tracing. ...
  2. Determine Heart Rate on the ECG. ...
  3. Determine Axis on the ECG. ...
  4. Learn Abnormal Heart Rhythms. ...
  5. Learn Chamber Hypertrophies and Bundle Blocks. ...
  6. Learn Acute MI and Ischemic ECG Findings. ...
  7. Learn the Everything Else Including Atypical ECG Findings.

How to check if an ECG report is normal? ›

You'll notice that when the machine is turned on, it produces wavy lines on a piece of paper. Those lines represent the electrical signals coming from your heart. If the test is normal, it should show that your heart is beating at an even rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute.

What is the full form of Litfl? ›

LITFL. • Life in the Fast Lane.

What are the life waves of the ECG? ›

There are three main components to an ECG: The P wave, which represents depolarization of the atria. The QRS complex, which represents depolarization of the ventricles. The T wave, which represents repolarization of the ventricles.

Can I learn ECG online? ›

Advanced ECG online course is suitable for a range of healthcare providers (RNs, LVNs, Medical Students, Doctors, including student nurses, paramedics, and support workers. It is 100% online and is ideal for busy healthcare professionals to be completed around their busy schedules.

Can ECG detect heart blockage? ›

An ECG is a great test to analyse heart signals and can directly or indirectly help spot heart blockages or artery issues.

What are the most common ECG abnormalities? ›

The most common ECG changes are nonspecific ST-segment and T-wave abnormalities, which may occur because of focal myocardial injury or ischemia caused by the metastatic tumor.

What 5 abnormalities can be found on the echocardiogram? ›

An echocardiogram can help your doctor diagnose several kinds of heart problems, including:
  • An enlarged heart or thick ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart)
  • Weakened heart muscles.
  • Problems with your heart valves.
  • Heart defects that you've had since birth.
  • Blood clots or tumors.
Nov 27, 2023

What does life in the fast lane mean? ›

phrase [usu in PHR] If you say that someone lives their life in the fast lane, you mean that they live in a way which seems full of activity and excitement but which often involves a lot of pressure.

What is the full form of CLTM? ›

Passing the Certification in Neurophysiologic Long Term Monitoring (CLTM) exam is a goal and milestone for most Registered EEG Technologists.

What is the Fullform of PMOA? ›

ICC Anti-Corruption Minimum Standards for Players and Match Officials Areas (PMOA) The ICC developed Minimum Standards for Players and Match Officials Areas (PMOA) in the early 2000s in support of the Anti-Corruption Code.

What is the most life threatening ECG? ›

Ventricular fibrillation (V-fib) is the most serious arrhythmia and is a life threatening medical emergency.

Is my heart OK if the ECG is normal? ›

A normal ECG usually excludes major problems. However, if someone is suffering from intermittent palpitations, it suggests that there's an intermittent heart rhythm disorder that may not be picked up on an ECG when the patient feels perfectly well.

What is the new technology for ECG? ›

Recently, a new technology has been developed to help facilitate arrhythmia detection. The TAGecg® Wearable ECG Sensor is a wearable continuous ECG sensor that can record ECG data for up to seven days.

How long does it take to learn ekgs? ›

EKG training programs can take 3-6 months or up to two years to finish. Some employers may prefer candidates that complete an EKG training program.

What can I do to pass my ECG test? ›

There are some things you can do to help you prepare for an ECG (electrocardiogram), such as:
  1. wearing a top that's easy to take on and off.
  2. not putting body lotions, oils or talcum powder on your skin before the test.
  3. not eating a heavy meal or having caffeine before an exercise ECG (stress test)

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