20 Modern Wall Panelling Design Ideas for Your Dream Home (2024)

Have you ever compared your home to those in magazines and wondered what’s missing? The walls! Look around- your walls are plain and lifeless, except for a painting or a family portrait! If you are considering elevating your home’s aesthetic without spending a fortune, we have the perfect solution for installing wall panel designs.

Wall panels are a popular trend among modern homeowners for their ability to enhance a room’s look while offering plenty of practical benefits. Whether you like a cosy wooden look or a dazzling mirror wall, wall panels offer an easy way to transform your space from good to great. The best part? You don’t have to worry about cleaning wall stains or dealing with frequent dents and insulation challenges.

Does this sound interesting? Well, keep scrolling to learn more insights about wall panels, different types of wall panel materials, installation and 20 top wall panel design trends in 2024.

What is Wall Panelling?

Wall panelling involves covering your walls with different materials, such as wood, plywood, concrete, PVC, metal, glass, and mirrors. It is like adding another layer of beauty and protection to your home’s walls. Wall panels can range from simple designs to creative designs that lend texture and dimension to your interior spaces.

What are the Different Types of Wall Panels?

Wall panels come in various materials and designs, each with distinctive charm and advantages. Let us now look into some of the popular choices for wall panels:

  • Solid Wood: Wooden panels give your home interiors a traditional and warm look. They come in different varieties, such as fluted panels, beadboard, raised, Shiplap, and 3D panels. Wooden panels are known for their aesthetic look and durability but can be expensive and often require high maintenance.
  • Plywood: Plywood panels are great for homeowners looking for the classic wooden touch but on a budget. However, they are not as durable as wood and are susceptible to water and termite damage.
  • Concrete: If you fancy an industrial aesthetic in your home interiors, concrete wall panels are a great option. They are durable, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance. Conversely, concrete panels have limited design options and require a skilled craftsman to achieve the desired perfection.
  • Metal: Metal panels add a modern touch to your home. While they are fire-resistant and durable, they can be heavily prone to dents, scratches, and fingerprints.
  • Mirror: Mirror Panels are quite popular for creating an illusion of space and adding a modern look to the interiors. They look quite stylish and create a uniform lighting effect by diffusing the available light. However, mirror panels are delicate and require heavy maintenance.

20 Latest Wall Panel Designs to Explore in 2024:

If you are tired of fixing your wall’s dents, stains, and ugly patches, it’s time to install wall panels in your home. These panels reduce maintenance efforts and transform your space into a dream home. Scroll down to explore the Top 20 wall panel designs that are trending this year:

1. Fluted Wooden Wall Panels:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Try fluted panels if you want a modern wall panel design for a bedroom. You can easily recognise them with their vertical grooves, which add texture and visual interest to any room. Typically, fluted panels are made of wood, MDF, or Plaster of Paris, depending on your desired look. They also come in a variety of shades, including metallic and shimmer. Mixing them with plain wooden boards, wallpapers, or even plain accent walls improves the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors.

2. Crown Molding Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Add a vintage touch to your home interiors with the crown moulding wall panel design. These beautiful panels feature intricate patterns with different types of moulding corners and create a smooth transition between the ceiling and the wall. The best part is that you can customize these wall panels in a number of colours, ranging from greys to yellows and reds. Choosing crown moulding panels is an effortless way to give your space a timeless charm and create a sense of grandeur.

3. Wood Abstract Geometric Design Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Check out this latest wall panel design, which features abstract geometric patterns to give your space a contemporary look. These panels boast clean lines and symmetrical designs using basic geometric figures like triangles, rectangles, and squares. They add visual interest without overwhelming your room. You can ensure better durability and timeless beauty by choosing high-quality wood. Play with different patterns, colours and materials like wood and metal accents for a stylish finish.

4. Metal Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Metal wall panels are quite popular in commercial spaces and modern residential buildings for their modern aesthetic. They are also commonly used in exterior applications for their durability and weather resistance. These panels have a sleek and smooth finish and come in a range of colours, starting from classic steel to chic rose gold. Metal panels are ideal for covering up the walls around elevators for a concealed and seamless look. You can also use them in living rooms or lobbies to make your architecture look stylish.

5. Concrete Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Concrete wall panels are one of the trending wall panel styles that add an industrial look to your space. They are widely used in office spaces and industrial-themed residential homes where a distressed and aged look is preferred. These panels often feature different textures and intentional imperfections that mimic the natural weathering process of concrete. The shades of grey add depth and character to your walls. Concrete panels require minimal maintenance and are quite long-lasting.

6. Wood and Metal Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Here is one of the most popular black wall panelling ideas, which brings a timeless combination of wood and metal. Black adds sophistication and luxury to any space, while gold metallic accents create a striking contrast. You can create an accent wall with this kind of wall panel that creates a beautiful focal point in your room. It is an easy way to lend a boutique hotel-like appearance to your home and create a high-end sense of feeling. The panels are also customisable in terms of patterns, colours and finishes to suit your style.

7. Brick Wall Panel Idea:

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you plan to add a cosy and warm look to your home, brick wall panels are your answer! They replicate the look of real brickwork without the roughness or weight of the actual bricks. You can easily install these panels to create a rustic, loft-style aesthetic. There are also a variety of brick panels to choose from, ranging from the authentic brick-red to whitewashed and distressed look. The best part is that these panels come at a fraction of the cost compared to real bricks, making them a budget-friendly option.

8. Kids Bedroom Wall Panel Idea:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Velvet wall panels are a great choice to enhance the visual appeal of your kids’ bedroom while making it safe and comfortable for them. The soft and plush texture of velvet creates a warm atmosphere while reducing the chances of injuries to children. Also, velvet panels reduce noise and help in creating a quieter environment. They are available in various colours and patterns to complement your chosen interior style. You can use them as a headboard or as an accent wall to add extra comfort to your child’s room.

9. Luxury Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Make your home interiors stand out with the addition of Memphis wall panels, a perfect combination of luxury and elegance. These panels are known for their bold colours and geometric shapes, which bring a sense of creativity to your space. They are also perfect for creating a focal point for your living room or lobby. These panels often combine different materials like wood, foam, and fabric, providing insulation and artistic flair to the room.

10. Kitchen Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you are tired of looking at your unsightly kitchen interiors, it’s time to give it a makeover with kitchen wall panels. These panels are great for backsplashes, wall coverings and even accent walls. Along with lending beauty to the interiors, wall panels protect your kitchen walls from splashes, spills, and stains. They are available in various materials, colours, and patterns to suit your tastes. The major advantage is that you can easily wipe off the stains with a single swipe, making them a highly practical choice for wet kitchens.

11. Half Wall Panel Idea:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Add style and texture to your home interiors without overwhelming the room using half-wall panels. These panels only cover one side of the wall, either vertical or horizontal, creating a balanced and elegant look. You can choose various materials, designs, and patterns to match your interior theme. Half-wall panels are also a budget-friendly option to cover up the walls in high-traffic areas, saving time and money. You can match it with a vibrant accent wall or install wallpaper to create a beautiful visual interest.

12. LED TV Unit Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Transform your entertainment area into a stylish space with the addition of a modern TV wall panel design. The most popular idea is to combine a luxurious stone like marble with a rustic element like wood to create a harmonious look. The opulence of the natural stone makes your wall into a stunning centrepiece and draws all attention towards it. You can easily add built-in shelves or storage units to enhance the overall look and functionality of the wall.

13. 3D Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you want unique wall panelling ideas, try the 3D wall panel trend. 3D panels come in various textures and finishes to create depth and dimension in your room. They are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and home entrances. You can choose from different types of materials like gypsum, PVC, MDF, or even eco-friendly ones like terracotta and bamboo. Each of these materials creates interesting textures and wall surfaces for different light and show effects in the room.

14. Rustic Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Rustic wall panels add a warm look to your interior space. They bring a natural, farmhouse-like appeal to the room and are great for living rooms, dining areas and fireplaces. Reused wood is a perfect option for creating these panels to make them more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. You can also customise them in various finishes like natural grains, knots, or distressed looks. Depending on your choice, you can install them in different patterns like strips, herringbone, or chevrons for enhanced visual interest.

15. PVC Accent Wall Panel Idea:

Image Source: Shutterstock

PVC wall panels are cost-effective for adding drama and flair to your home interiors. These panels offer endless possibilities for stylish designs that can transform any wall into a stunning focal point. If you want something minimal and elegant, try this white wall panel design with pops of colour using PVC panels. PVC panels offer high-end looks at a lower cost, are easy to install, and are all-weather resistant. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent choice for homeowners.

16. Staircase Wall Panel:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Wall panels are not merely for living rooms but are also great for adding personality to stair walls. These panels come in various materials and styles to complement the staircase design and the overall interior theme. Wood panels are a classic choice for adding some warmth to your home. If you want to experiment, pick eye-catching 3D panels or concrete panels that lend an industrial look. Each material offers its own aesthetic and functional benefits, including enhanced style, superior wall protection, and natural insulation.

17. Dining Room Wall Panel:

Image Source: Freepik

Elevate the ambience of your dining room with beautiful wall panels in various materials, patterns, and colours. The most popular dining room wall panels are wood, MDF, and PVC, which are quite durable and low-maintenance. These panels serve many other purposes besides adding to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. They hide the imperfections of your room and create a charming ambience for your family to enjoy a nice meal together.

18. Home Office Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Home office wall panels are a great way to add style and functionality to your workspace. One cool perk of installing them is how amazing they look on Zoom calls. Say goodbye to virtual backgrounds and flaunt your gorgeous walls with different types of interior wall panel ideas. These panels create the perfect backdrop for any video meetings and create lasting impressions with everyone. Experts also suggest going for Acoustic wall panels to help with sound quality so your audio is as good as your video.

19. Exterior Wall Panel Design:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Exterior wall panels enhance the curb appeal of your home or commercial property. Different types of modern wall panelling ideas improve the look of the façade and offer protection against weather and pests. While wood is a timeless choice, metal and glass panels are trending for their durability and weather-resistant properties. Choosing the right outdoor wall panel improves your home’s energy efficiency and reduces the need for frequent paint touch-ups.

20. Bathroom Wall Panels:

Image Source: Shutterstock

Wall panels add a touch of luxury and elegance to the most neglected areas of your home- your bathrooms. These panels offer a modern and sleek solution to your bathroom walls, which are highly susceptible to cracks and paint peels. You also have the option to go for integrated wall panel lights, which illuminate your bathroom and turn it into a beautiful space. The recommended materials for bathroom panels are acrylic and PVC, as they are moisture-resistant and require a quick wipe to clean them.

How To Install Wall Panels on the Walls?

If you are new to wall panels, this section will provide useful tips for doing the job correctly.

  • Choose the Right Panels: Choose the right material for your walls based on their usage and the conditions of the space around them. You can always consult your interior designer to make the right decision.
  • Prepare your Wall: Start with a clean, dry, and smooth wall. Remove dents, nails and paint peels and fill the uneven spaces with a levelling compound to create a flat surface.
  • Measure your Wall: Measure your wall to plan your layout and understand the number of panels required for the space.
  • Apply Adhesive: Wall panels often require a strong industrial adhesive to hold the weight. Apply the product on the back of the panel in a zigzag pattern for an even coverage.
  • Attach the Panels: Start from the bottom corner of the wall and press the panel firmly against the wall. Hold it for a few minutes until you are confident that it is stuck well. You can always use nails or screws to give additional support to heavy panels.
  • Seal the Panels: Use varnish or a sealing product to enhance the panel’s appearance and give it another layer of protection from general wear and tear.

Now that you understand that wall panels are a smart choice to improve your home interiors, it’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Choose from various materials, designs, and styles to give your space an amazing makeover. Take your time to pick the right wall panel designs and don’t forget to add your creativity to let your walls speak volumes about your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Why do we need wall panels?

Wall panels significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, conceal imperfections on the wall and provide insulation to the room. They also enhance the value of your property by improving its visual appeal and functionality.

2. How long do wall panels last?

The lifespan of wall panels generally depends on the material, quality, maintenance, and environmental factors. Panels made of MDF, PVC or high-quality wood usually last long with proper care and maintenance.

3. Are wall panels permanent?

Wall panels can be temporary or permanent depending on how they are installed. Temporary wall panels usually have an adhesive that lets you easily peel them off the walls. Permanent wall panels use nails and screws along with adhesives to allow them to stay in the intended place for a long time.

20 Modern Wall Panelling Design Ideas for Your Dream Home (2024)
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